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  4. It is now 18th Jan in Australia but still 17th here, so happy birthday for yesterday H&A in Australia. The first regular episode had Matt chatting up Carly on the beach with Lynn. Carly takes Lyn's thunder from her after Matt asks Lyn to her his surf jacket zip up. "I'm Carly" says Carly to Matt, "I'm sick" says Lynn to Matt.
  5. Great chapter Glad Mrs Molloy let Sophie stay with Bobby and Frank. What is Al up too trying to get Sophie back? Update again soon
  6. Thanks Red. I'm becoming ever more nervous about writing each chapter, because I don't want to sound repetitive, but once anyone gets trapped inside their own head in such an awful way, it becomes almost impossible to not only recognise the good things around them, but that they deserve it. As a result, Evie's making a lot of bad decisions right now, and even though she still cares for everyone else, who can notice something's up, but not the full story, which complicates things. She can't recognise anything she did before as good or what she's going through as serious, yet she doesn't think s
  7. Thanks for reading Chapter 486 Morgan Residence- New York Roo drank her coffee as she looked at the card that was attached to the flowers that Donavan sent her earlier in the week about meeting her tonight at 8pm at the Marriott hotel. She looked up at the dress she had hanging on the closet door and the small overnight bag she had on the floor. All week she wrestled with her conscious about whether going to meet Donavan was the right thing to do. All week she walked around on egg shells at the office anticipating Nancy walking in, or t
  8. Hasn't Bella accused Colby of being Ross Mark II before? There are some differences, Colby let Bella go to school and have friends, the exact opposite of Ross. Ross may have 'raised' Colby, using that term very loosely, but Colby was always fighting against him, defending his mum and Bella, which Bella, Dean and Willow would confirm. Colby may have got away with keeping Bella with him while she was a minor, wasn't he appointed her guardian(?) but now she's an adult nothing or no-one can stop her. Besides wasn't there a time not that long ago where Bella was desperate for Colby not to leav
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  10. I know, but anything is better than nothing. I would probably be the first to say it’s a terrible recast just like the new Roo, but at least we would still have Bobby on our TV screen.
  11. You can't "recast" anybody! They will be detected as FAKES, I mean look at "Pippa". She was a prime example of that. And Roo. Another fake with no resemblance to the real one.
  12. Alf's episode count this week:Three. While they didn't know for sure, Mackenzie and Ari pretty much guessed in the previous episode that Colby didn't know Bella was going, so letting him know via an invite to the farewell really was asking for trouble.Thorne once again demonstrates that he might claim to be the son of a police officer, but it was Ross that raised him and it shows.Much like Ross, he was treating Bella like she was his property and wasn't allowed to leave him, resorting to blatant police corruption in order to get rid of Nikau.(I wonder if it's crossed his self-centred mind
  13. 33 years and the sole remaining character from the original pilot episode. I think Alf moving to Merimbula is the best compromise all round and the only way for his marriage to survive but I don't want it to happen.
  14. Bobby being recast would not have been good for me, I'd just think of her as "Not Bobby". Like the recast Cody in Neighbours was a fake. If Don Fisher was still a head at SBH today, no doubt the lippy students would reply with "OK boomer" to Flathead when he admonished them lol. Don is too old to put up with such crap now from pupils anyway.
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  16. I must admit, I’m quite enjoying seeing Colby’s World gradually fall apart. It’s a shame, I liked the idea of him being a cop getting away from the River Boy World but they’ve given him the reverse of the typical River Boy story - the good River Boy gone bad.
  17. Yes, my previously ignored question was answered - thank you Ari! She must have laid her hands on her birth certificate and another proof of identity to apply for it. To be fair Mac doesn't know Colby doesn't know, she was just assuming he knew because after all she doesn't know what has been going on. I can completely understand Ari not wanting to invite Colby to the barbecue and would he want to go anyway? Tane and Nik won't be putting out the bunting either. From what we saw there's a showdown between Nik and Colby with Colby telling Nik Bella wasn't going anywhere, not that he can s
  18. So, bit of an impasse between Alf and Martha.Whilst I think he's being stubborn, I find it perfectly reasonable that Alf expected them to live together once they were married, and I'm a bit bothered that Martha's reason for maintaining her own house isn't solely because it's her home now but because she wants her "independence": Choosing to spend big chunks of your marriage away from each other because you don't want to see your spouse all the time isn't particularly promising. They should have discussed this beforehand though instead of Alf assuming Martha would move to Summer Bay full time.H
  19. I couldn’t help thinking during Alf & Martha’s argument, what’s keeping Alf in the Bay really, his businesses manage without him 6 months of the year anyway on and off.
  20. Voicemail can be a pain in the arse. No guarantee the person's gonna listen to it!
  21. I'm thinking as we saw Tori in her jimjams she and Christian did make it to bed. They may be dedicated doctors but not I think that dedicated. That was quite a date, from doing yoga on the beach, back to the Morgan's, Tori making or rather not making dinner, all light hearted, no pressure or expectations. Christian seemed happy to meet Grace again and looked very comfortable with her. Typical big brother reaction from Justin the next morning with him not wanting to see Tori and Christian in perhaps a state of undress. Justin must have had a comfortable night as he showed no signs of
  22. It's funny, that scene where Angelo told Bella about Colby and Taylor was reminiscent of the scene when he told Roman about Aden and Belle all those years ago. I have to admit, I did find it quite amusing the semi mind games Angelo has been playing with Taylor i.e. asking her to spend the evening with him when he knew she had planned to meet Colby and turning up just as she'd left Colby the next morning asking her to have breakfast with him. I think Willow summed it up perfectly - Colby thinks he's untouchable. He was so deluded even when Bella point blank told him Angelo knew he was se
  23. The one he looked at was just the two of them with Dean's car, so was presumably a memento of their 'trip away'.
  24. What she's done isn't fair to Dean but somehow I can't bring myself to dislike Amber.I wasn't expecting to see her today but we got a sign-off from her, at least for now.I'm not sure what the significance of those binned drawings was: Did she throw out Jai's drawings of Dean? But then we saw her unloading the bike Dean bought him so... The fact she seems to have taken Jai away from Francesca as well as Dean makes me think a bit more kindly of her. And I'm very sorry we didn't get to see the look on her face. Alf and Martha spend the episode bickering like the old married couple they are t
  25. Classic Innuendo with Both Docs today but that didn't last long til Justin suffered a turn...
  26. Rosetta's plan has gone up in smoke, very professional that having a blazing row in front of the rest of the team, I was being sarcastic, btw where is the sergeant meant to be to be, I know Rosetta is a detective but it's still his station. We all know why Colby honed in on Taylor but it would have still been very insulting for her to be told by her own husband that was the only reason Colby took up with her. I would have smacked him one. You knew where you were with Gene Hunt and he didn't have a wife that he could use to gather evidence - illegally. There.is.no.evidence. It's going to
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