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  2. I loved Jasmine/Robbo together. Sam/Jake worked so fantastic together, loved the complex, fun, dynamic, interesting, divisive dynamic between the two characters. Tane/Ziggy definitely have more in common than he has with Mac, they're both wild, free spirits and can be unpredictable at times, but Ziggy has matured a bit and Brody cheating on her with Simone really devastated her and now she's broken up with Dean over the Ross issue and Amber/Jai, so she's back to square one, but coping the best way she can and getting on with things better this time instead of wallowing in pity.
  3. I've been watching the show since 2003 and there were a lot of actors who started with very limited acting skills but improved as the time went on. IMO Sam is the one who has improved the most. When she started her acting was very wooden and it always looked like she was trying to remember her lines, but she has improved a lot since then. H&A and Neighbors are considered to be 'acting school' for a lot of actors. I didn't like her character with Robbo because she would come off as very immature and nagging (especially during his time with AFP), but since he died the was a part of very well written storyline about grief and obsession and her acting was great. I do enjoy her character now. I also like Tane and Ziggy together, I think they're good match.
  4. In the scenes that Sam Frost has with Penny, James and Ada I actually think she's been out acting them. Sam has been amazing and Jasmine is one of my favourite characters, she's complex, flawed and what I like about her is that she's fun and what you see is what you get, she isn't holier than thou. I'm enjoying seeing Ziggy/Tane interacting more.
  5. 1) Sally Fletcher 2) Miles Copeland 3) Jack Holden 4) Martha McKenzie 5) Gypsy Nash 6) Ailsa Stewart 7) Ric Dalby
  6. Red Flags should naturally be flying (Stand-up Rows, Pull-apart Brawls, shouting then clamming up when some people enter the room) but the rest of the Bay seems oblivious.
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  8. I agree that she's got flirtatious personality and that the way she says things might come out differently, but after their talk at the beach right at the beginning (where she made her position clear) she made a few questionable decisions - getting into the fight, giving him grief for sleeping with someone else, purposely trying to make Tane jealous, approaching him on multiple occasions to flirt, not to mention being called out by Bella for being jealous, being called out by Dean for the way she looked at Tane, being called out by Amber, telling Ziggy that it's disaster waiting to happen and pausing when Ari directly asked her if she wanted to be with Tane, etc. I just think you wouldn't do things like that if its just platonic relationship you're after. As I said I think she has got feeling for both of them, and liked Tane's attention, but chose Ari as he is more reliable. However now that they will spend less time together I hope this storyline will just go away. All three characters deserve better, and it's been going on in circles for months now. With Ziggy and Mac living together I don't really think it's going to be a problem to keep Colby's secret. Ziggy pretty much dumped Dean and stopped discussing it. So unless Bella or Willow move in there there is no need for it to be mentioned at the Farm house. I was a bit surprised that Mac didn't really push to find out what really happened between Ziggy and Dean, but then again she was always kept out of everything that group does even though she's Dean's sister. I'm also surprised that the Paratas and Mac are not even curious about what is going on between Bella and Colby. They spent days looking for her and Nik with literally no explanation, I mean they got some vague explanation from Nik. Now Bella left home. I would find that very suspicious especially because there is active murder investigation. I don't think Bella and Nik are ready to move in together, but I think Nik has taken the roll Colby had in Bella's life - being the one she can always rely on. She was always close with Dean and Willow, but Colby was her number 1 person and now is Nik.
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  11. I think Mackenzie's just got a naturally flirtatious personality: She pretty much talks to Dean the same way! It seems to be like she bluntly shut Tane down every time he said anything suggestive right from the start, it's just the disparity between what she said and how she said it could be construed as a mixed message. It feels like a long time ago when they had that conversation on the beach where Tane accepted she was with Ari and decided to back off. So I think the line's been drawn, it's just a case of them working out a way to go forward and whether avoiding each other completely is really the best way to achieve it. I think she enjoys his company and maybe she's trying to get him used to interacting with her in a platonic sense.Giving him the job at Salt seemed to be at least partly down to helping out Ari by keeping Tane on the straight and narrow. Maybe she hasn't handled it as well as she could have done but she's made her position clear.
  12. I have no problem with her, or any other woman, being friendly with men while in the relationship nor I find something like that provocative, but considering that Tane is Ari's brother and that they already had a lot of issues (which she was well aware of from the beginning), she should have stayed away and put as much distance between them as possible (I don't think that would be too weird she barely talks to Nik). She was warned by her friends and family to keep him away, but she just ignored them and kept flirting even though she knew she wanted Ari. Tane is a player and if she told him off at the beginning, I doubt their attraction would develop to the point that it is awkward and difficult to be around each other. You can't choose who you are attracted to, but you can chose how to respond. Maybe she couldn't avoided him all the time, but didn't have to try and engage into conversation while he was on his own especially after he asked her for some space. It looks like she wants to be with Ari, but she doesn't want to let Tane go. Maybe she didn't intend to stay there permanently but she only started looking for another place after being told off by Tane, someone wanting to avoid awkwardness and conflict would've been eager to get out of there. I'm not saying that Tane is innocent in all this mess, but considering that Mac is the one who is in the relationship , she should've drew the line long time ago. I think that Mac and Ari work well together, and from what I've seen on social media they have got fans on their side. Tbh I'm surprised that Ari didn't suspect anything considering that few weeks ago Mac told him about her attraction to Tane. I don't think she is the character dominated by men, but I do believe that she's got more to offer then just being in love triangles. This is second love triangle in her first year on the show. I think that Ziggy and Mac living together is a good idea, however I wouldn't include Bella and Willow - last time only girls lived in that house 3 out of 4 died.
  13. 1. Brax 2. Heath Braxton 3. Casey Braxton 4. Kyle Braxton 5. Elf Stewart 6. Sally Fletcher 7. Bella Nixon
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  17. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Otherwise a sparse week, with only Leah, Marilyn, Roo and Justin managing three episodes. I'm afraid I disagree strongly with the above comments about Mackenzie. It's almost misogynistic to suggest that a woman can't be friendly with a man other than her boyfriend without it being construed as provocative.I don't think she's done anything wrong at all and I think it's assuming a lot to say she never intended to move out of Ari's: She moved in in a hurry having exhausted all other options, and fair enough she didn't immediately start looking for another place but she didn't stay longer than what was reasonable either.Yes, she's attracted Tane and him to her, but so what? They both know where they stand.She's committed to Ari and has never pretended otherwise, he respects that.And yes, she could make more of an effort to stay away from him, but I think there's pros and cons for that one, as today's episode demonstrated.If she makes it too obvious, then it just creates tension.I don't see why being in a relationship makes her "dominated by men".And I think her and Ari work quite well together and have seen views from either side.I'm sure the social media crowd will always find an attractive young woman to hate for arbitrary reasons: Last year it was Jasmine and people complaining about her being with Robbo. On the specifics of today's episode: I do feel sorry for Ari but he was assuming a lot expecting Mackenzie to stick around permanently.He doesn't know about the awkwardness between her and Tane of course, although he seems to be getting suspicious by the end.Mackenzie and Ziggy living together is a good idea, so long as Mackenzie can accept being on the outside with Colby's secret.(An even better idea: Have they got a spare room for Bella? I imagine Colby's twigged she's sleeping with Nikau given how many nights she's spent at his place.)It was what Ben and Maggie suggested in the first place, more or less. I found Marilyn insufferable here.Why didn't Alf and Ryder just walk out of the Diner? They do know they don't actually need her permission to leave? Roo and Owen...moved fast but I guess they're old enough.Ryder says he's lived with Roo a couple of years: It's more like three. I'm not sure what the social distancing rules are in Australia (Neighbours seems to have mostly abolished touching but they all seem a lot closer than two metres most of the time) but it was pointed out that you're allowed to get close to work colleagues if the work requires it so no rules have been broken.
  18. I recently did some insta sleuthing and found her husband Ben Field (who was a assistant director on H&A during her tenure there) is now the creative director for Hillsong TV & Film I believe. He has some pics of Kate and their adorable family on his IG. She recently completed a psychology degree and in an interview on a Hillsong website from 2017 she says she’d like to get back into acting. I believe they are both currently residing in Sydney with their 4 kids. She was one of my favourite characters and I was absolutely completely OBSESSED with her relationship with Nick Smith. Still love them after all these years and the sad way they split up. I hated those The Dorm episodes! I pretend her and Seb never happened. My ultimate wish is that she and Chris Egan (Nick) return to the bay (not impossible that he would return considering Irene is still there and Chris appears to have moved back home to Sydney per his Instagram) and they reunite. One can dream!!
  19. ^ Made me think of that Kelly Clarkson song from back in the day "Miss Independent".
  20. Mac has become very unpopular due to this story and the pairing with Ari has flopped. So sad to see a once popular girl be destroyed like this. What happened to the self proclaimed strong independent girl? Nope shes a girl dominated by men. Shame.
  21. Clear @ 6.21pm. 49 deg ( realfeel 39 )
  22. I think that Mac is aware of the effect she's got on Tane, but it seams that she is the one who can't stay away from him. That's why I think she is the most to blame for this whole situation. She was happy to flirt with him and lead him on for months, she should've put him back to his place at the beginning and just not engage in any banter. The fact that she was in casual relationship with Ari is not an excuse, Tane is his brother. Then instead of putting Tane in opposite shifts at Salt as soon as she admitted her attraction to him, they kept working together, then she picked the fight with Amber because of him, give him the attitude because of his one night stands and at the end she moved in with no intention of moving out (as Nik said she's got the money she could've stayed at the motel). Also there were many times when she was kissing Ari while looking how Tane would react. Who does that! And once he asked her for some space, she kept trying to engage into conversation with him every chance she's got. Maybe she can't avoid him all the time, but she didn't have to go out while he was playing the guitar and simple 'hi' at the Surf Club would be enough. She might be with Ari, but I still think she is attracted to Tane. I really liked Mac when she came to the show, but this storyline really ruined her character.
  23. Obviously misunderstood your post, but I suppose it wasn't Willow's place to tell Colby why Dean and Ziggy split. Makes sense now that conversation, did he just turn up at Salt by accident then? Lose track of the olders ages - no offence Leah. Ada aka Leah doesn't seem to have aged at all but sadly Georgie - Roo - has. They - Bella and Nik - wouldn't have been living alone - which would have been tough, and Bella is used to living with a number of people. Good try there Nik cooking your mum's egg and bacon pie to try and curry favour. I was impressed a pie! Did he make his own pastry or was it shop bought? Both Ari and Tane acted very restrained when he first sprang it on them, but it did have to be addressed. OK Nik does contribute in his own small way - so does have a say - but Ari and Tane were more worried about Colby giving them grief because they were 'sheltering' Bella just as things had kind of settled down. Even though Bella has been spending more time at Nik's so maybe Colby wouldn't notice her absence you'd think after their latest argument he'd be at least ringing her to check things were OK. A few months back he got his pants in a panic if he didn't hear from her after a few hours. Nice chat between Ari and Bella who saw his point of view and decided to move back in with Colby. Just as well Colby doesn't know - yet - Bella and Nik have slept together, he'd be accusing Nik of taking advantages of her. Mac tried to find out what the heck was going on - why had Dean and Ziggy split up, where were Dean and Willow, why are you staying at the Parata's - but Bella wisely kept shtum, don't need anyone else knowing The Secret'. Talking of Dean going off for a few days John made the relevant remark what about his customers - not just for lessons but for boards? Ditto for Willow too, did she let Jasmine know she was going off or just leave her in the lurch? I don't know if Mac is aware of the effect she has on Tane every time she bumps into him, there is a small area where they just can't avoid each other, gym which is downstairs from Salt, Salt itself, beach and home. So good decision on her part to look for somewhere else but of course Ari won't want her to leave. Look at it this way Ari - you can look forward to having her stay over, you can stay over at her new place, adds a bit of excitement and expectation. Wow, Tane is pretty good on that guitar he was playing. Here's a totally out there thought why don't he, Owen and Ryder get together and form a musical trio? Nearly got confused with the time line there - Roo was waiting for what seemed like ages for Owen, though she was denying that she was waiting for anyone, Mac was still there and it appeared late, then she's suddenly at home but back at Salt Owen is there chatting to Roo seemingly at the time arranged. Had she really been there for hours? Next day when she was telling Marilyn about it why did she say "Your ex husband" when referring to John plonking himself down? After a lot of conniving and jostling e.g. getting rid of Alf who cottoned on and Ryder she got Owen all to herself. They were sitting pretty close if self distancing both at Salt and on the verandah - is it two metres in Australia? And wasn't Roo touching Owen's cheek when she kissed or didn't kiss him - so much for self distancing there. Was it just a suggestion there in the trailer Mac could be moving in with Ziggy? On one hand good solution Ziggy gets to stay at the Farm House and has someone to help with the rent, Mac gets somewhere to stay with plenty of room for all her clobber. But, and it's an important but, Mac is Dean's sister and Ziggy is Dean's ex who broke up with him because of Y-K-W which she can't tell Mac about. Plus when will Ziggy tell Ben and Maggie she and Dean are no more?
  24. My god, The Waltons are evil as and Bridget and Barry are even worse....
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