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  8. 1. Donald Fisher 2. Bobby Simpson 3. Pippa Fletcher/Ross 4. Ailsa Stewart 5. Michael Ross 6. Damien Roberts 7. Marilyn Chambers
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  11. Damn, I didn't think I would find someone as punchable as Hunter or Andy, but Colby fits right in. I mean, I already didn't like him and I really couldn't stand his scenes with Bella last year acting as if he's best for her when the best thing for Bella is to get at least a hundred miles away from him, and he was just despicably manipulative with Taylor, but now he's just plain despicable. He keeps on bragging how he's protecting his 'family' when all he does is think about himself, when he's the one who's gotten all of them into this (I know Dean was involved and that shouldn't be ignored, but at least Dean is showing some standards). I don't even know if he knows what his endgame is with Taylor or if he's just continuing it just to have a go at Angelo. Just by his arrogant behaviour recently I would say it's the later. He basically guilt-tripped Bella into leaving his relationship with Taylor alone by saying she's never on his side, (oh yeah Colby, like you've done so much for her), and outright threatens Ziggy with Dean, with Colby fully aware of how Ziggy still cares for Dean. I was honestly hoping Ziggy would have slapped him in his smug face (no worse than what he did to Dean before). I think one of the worst things about this is that only now Willow and Dean have really woken up to the kind of person Colby actually is. I would wonder why exactly Bella was walking in the middle of the night just to come across Colby and Taylor but I'm just glad she caught him. I actually rather enjoyed her toying with Colby, acting as if she doesn't know he lied to her again, but The sooner he gets caught, the better it will be for all involved, especially Bella. I guess that makes sense in terms of story, but it doesn't help that Thorne is really getting hard to watch (I mean, I already found him rather unlikeable last year too, but now it's somehow worse).
  12. Well, it's not like Dean or Bella's gonna climb up on the diner roof anytime soon and yell out "Colby Thorne is a murdereeeeeeeer!"through a megaphone anytime soon, are they? They're gonna milk this as much as they can with Colby doing the whole "I am Invincible!" before the hammer blow.
  13. The Paratas adopted a policy of "Don't ask questions about us and we won't ask questions about you" as far as Colby was concerned, although now that there's a rift between Colby and Bella, they're starting to suspect there's more to it.I only suggested Bella moving in with Ziggy and Mackenzie because things are getting untenable with her living with Colby, I don't think moving in with Nikau is a good idea, and I don't think living with Irene did her any good, so I think that's the best option for her.No need for Willow to move in as well, she's doing fine with Irene and Jasmine.As for "the secret", Ziggy doesn't even know that Bella knows. Tane came over well here, doing his best to sort out the problems between Ari and Mackenzie.I'm not sure whether I agree with Ari or not.I can understand him not liking Mackenzie keeping things from him, but when he said they should have talked about it, I was left wondering what good that would have done: They'd probably be where they are now.Mack moving out so they're not all living on top of each other seems like a sensible solution. I'm getting more and more tired of Colby and seriously hoping he gets caught soon.He's not just manipulating Taylor now, he's manipulating everyone.Bella and Willow really need to open their eyes: I was bewildered that they actually believed his latest session of lies about Taylor.I think Bella was smart in not confronting him when she discovered the truth because he was never going to listen, but then the promo suggests she does that anyway.He's not just with Taylor for information now, he's actually getting off on pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with increasingly risky behaviour.It's like he's addicted to getting away with things.
  14. Since I've been watching the show there were only two recasts - Hayley and VJ and tbh I didn't like either. Elle was talented and beautiful, but she stayed for a very short period of time for me to get used to her. Also, I know that they wouldn't and shouldn't cast anyone based on their look, but Elle and Rebecca looked completely different. At least they could've cast someone with blonde hair, or had Elle dye her hair blonde. Even when Bianca went from blonde to brunette it has been done gradually over time. Tbh I found VJ's recast funny. One day he was a kid fixing motorcycle with Brax, and few weeks later he was grown up having a baby and getting married.
  15. Hopefully Nick doesn't take Julie's decision the wrong way. Good that Bobby managed to get Sam away from the Waltons. Lots of things coming to a head...
  16. But is Mac really close to Willow and Ziggy? Tbh I never got that impression. Most of their scenes/ conversations/ storylines were based around Dean, Bella and Colby. They never (not that I remember) had girly scene like Roo/Marilyn or Leah/Tori have. It was always about 'the family' - Mac trying to get back together with Colby, Willow advising Mac how to deal with Bella, all Dean's issues, etc. It's always been Willow, Dean, Colby and Bella and Ziggy lately (since she moved in with Dean). Mac never got to be part of that group even though she is Dean's sister and was Colby's girlfriend. Like when Willow celebrated promotion or Ziggy had divorce party she wasn't invited even though she was there both nights. I think the writers should make an effort to develop friendships like they used to. Maybe Mac and Ziggy will become close now that they live together, they have good chemistry. I like Mac and Ari too.
  17. Mac is friends with Ziggy. I like their friendship a lot, it feels natural and not forced, maybe it's because Sophie/Emily socialise a lot IRL and get on so well that their scenes just to me come across that way. I like Mac/Ari together too.
  18. Mac hasn't been dominated by men as in being controlled but her storylines have, her struggle with her dad, uniting with Dean, her on-off-on and finally off relationship with Colby, the game playing with Ari and Colby, now Ari and on the side lines Tane. Has she a close female friend apart from Willow? I do like her with Ari though so not one of the ' a lot of people'.
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  22. I think Tori's character has run her course and hope she leaves next year. Penny McNamee is lovely though. I like most of the divisive characters... Ziggy, Dean, Bella, Jasmine, John. I find them more complex, entertaining, fun, interesting and intriguing to watch. Ryder is extremely overrated and so bloody irritating/dull. I much prefer Nikau. Justin is slightly more tolerable when he isn't around Leah or Tori, gawd I loathe those two harridans. I'm liking Dr Green already, he has chemistry with Tori, she deserves some happiness, but I hope she doesn't bring down his character. Jasmine deserves some happiness, hint hint. I hope 2021 will be a big year for Willow. Sarah Roberts is so underrated and I am loving Willow/Ziggy's friendship. The writing for Mac is so inconsistent, one minute I like her, next I don't or not sure, but again loving her friendship with Ziggy and I much prefer her away from Dean even though they're siblings. Hoping the show mixes the character interactions next year. I'm bored of seeing the same characters interact with one another, the show needs to give some cast members, who rarely get the chance to work together the chance to work together more, but with a logical reason in terms of the storylines. For example i'd love to see Jasmine interact with Ziggy Justin with Ari Leah with Mac.
  23. I'll stick to the current characters lol. The sun doesn't shine out of Dean's rear end. Bella's one of the best written characters on the show. I'll never get over what John did to Trey. Mac and Ari are dull as dishwater. Ari and Marilyn should get together. Dean and Ziggy were better off as friends.
  24. Oh, dear, oh dear... Poor Emma. Michael should NOT chuckin' stones in his equally fragile glass house. Carly's really become such a bitch. If she can't cope with Chris , She'd be suicidal with her own baby! Amendment to me having read this page Bridget needed to hear the truth Looks like Greg's Quest is on.
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  26. Yes the Angie Russel storyline was great and Kate really showed her chops defending Nick. It's a shame Jade was sort of thrown together with Seb as an afterthought when Nick left and Kirsty got back with Kane- I feel like the writers just didn't know what else to do with the two of them. Her exit wasn't great either. Expelled from school, finding out she's not Kirsty's twin after all and doing drugs with Duncan? It just didn't line up with her character over the previous 4 years. At least she wasn't killed off though I guess. I agree- her daughter is gorgeous and Kate hasn't aged a single day. In some of her husbands IG pics she still looks 18.
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  28. The Hayley recast was just weird. The girl who took over was great, don't get me wrong, but it was done too quickly for it to be remotely believable.
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