Magazine - Character Spotlights

Character Spotlight - Nicole Franklin (Mar - Apr)

This month we look at Nicole and how she has matured during her time in the bay.

Character Spotlight: Tony Holden (Jan - Feb)

A look at 'hot dad' aka Tony holden

Character Spotlight: Angelo Rosetta (Jan - Feb)

Hero or villain? We look at the good guy gone bad

Character Spotlight - Melody Jones (Nov - Dec)

Melody Jones has divided viewers, so we take a glimse into her life and the comments by some of our members.

Character Spotlight - Rachel Armstrong (Nov - Dec)

Some love her, some hate her. We take a look at Rachel and find out what some of our members make of this increasingly controversial character.

Character Spotlight - Belle Taylor (Sept - Oct)

Belle Taylor has been with us for over three years - and what a rollercoaster of a ride it's been! We take a look at her time spent in the bay.

Character Spotlight - Larry Jefferies (July - Aug)

We take a look at new arrival Larry Jefferies, and find out what our members think of the trouble he's been causing since he arrived.

Character Spotlight - Aden Jefferies (Mar - June)

He's the bad boy with a vulnerable side but just what makes Aden Jeffries such a popular new character?

Character Spotlight - Sam Tolhurst (Mar - June)

We put the spotlight on one of home and away's most contraversial characters of recent times.