Most Popular Villain - 4 - Saul Bennett

4. Saul Bennett - 112 votes

Saul last appeared in 1999 as a ghost. Prior to that he had been shot dead in 1997 by policewoman Terri Garner. Saul had appeared several times over the years. He inveigled Selina into a cult commune when she was at her lowest after the miscarriage of her baby girl, Maddie. Although not explicit it was also clear he had sexual designs on Selina, and it appeared that he had a number of partners by whom he had children. He was the father of Joey Rainbow, who had left the commune in pursuit of an education. Saul and Irene went head to head as Irene supported Joey in his endeavours. Saul blamed Irene for what he saw as Joey's desertion of the commune and betrayal of his beliefs. Saul got his revenge when he kidnapped Irene's newborn baby Paul, the surrogate baby she had carried for her daughter Finlay. The baby turned up almost a year later, when the girl to whom Saul had entrusted the baby, Paul, had a crises of conscience and left him at the local church. Saul also kidnapped Selina on the day of her planned wedding to Steven. Even when he appeared as ghost he was trying to get his revenge on Irene.

Saul was one of those chilling characters who was played in an understated and spine chilling fashion by David Ritchie who had the uncanny ability of scaring the heeby jeebies out of you just by raising an eyebrow or just walking into a room. He made Mumma Rose look like a tooth fairy.

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4 Saul Bennett 112
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