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3. Sarah Lewis - 182 votes

Sarah Lewis was totally convinced that someone in Summer Bay had killed her boyfriend Felix. Both she and Felix had been seriously damaged by the use of crystal meth which totally warped their way of thinking. Sarah managed to play mind games with Kirsty, Kane, and particularly Dani; she shot Jesse, she hid a gun in Irene's house and also managed to convince her psychiatrists that she was responding to treatment. She finally held a group of Summer Bay residents hostage at Leah's house which ended with Peter in a coma, and Sarah having shot and killed someone before finally turning the gun upon herself. The Olympic cliffhanger episode is another which Home And Away fans will remember for a long time to come.

Louisa Hastings Edge played Sarah Lewis with a real conviction and edge, and had many of us hooked and intrigued by this tormented and troubled soul. She touched a cord with many who could see the tormented twisted world in which she lived and she evoked some compassion from viewers, even though she killed one of their favourite characters, Noah Lawson.

Here is what Bevan Lee, script producer 2004, Sarah's creator had to say about Sarah:
Sarah Lewis got in to crystal use through her dealer boyfriend Felix. Her esteem issues, caused by struggling with her bisexuality within a fundamentalist Christian home, led her to take refuge in rebellion through drugs at an early age. Turning her back on her religious family, she left home and moved from lover to lover, sometimes women and sometimes men, until she found the man she thought was her soul mate - Felix. Her over-use of crystal caused her to descend in to a paranoid state of anger against those in Summer Bay who she saw as responsible for Felix's death. She had to direct her angry grief against them rather than face the truth, that she accidentally killed Felix herself by injecting crystal in to his drip in the misguided notion it would bring him out of his coma. Although she had turned her back on her strict Christian upbringing, her twisted sense of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth led her to see herself as an avenging angel against Felix's "killers". Whilst in an institution she found a new lover in one of the female nurses, Eve. She broke out and brought her final reign of terror to Summer Bay that resulted in her own death and Noah's. Her ex-lover Eve then came to Summer Bay in the guise of Zoe and continued Sarah's misguided retribution.
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