Most Popular Villain - 11 to 15

11. Kelli Vale - 43 votes
Kelly is a rather text book villain, arriving in the bay to wreak revenge on someone she thinks has ruined her life. Not a lot else to say really. She plots and plots and her revenge becomes even more cliched with each passing week, so in that sense she is serving a useful function as a villain. We doubt she will feature this highly the next time this feature is repeated. She has not got the charisma of Angie or Sarah, and in all probability picked up votes for being the villain of the moment.

12. Amanda Vale - 41 votes
Amanda is a mass of contradictions. Sometimes a totally self centred couldn't care less bitch, at others a person with a conscience who wants to the right thing but ends up doing the wrong thing. She has been involved in practically every storyline since her arrival in 2005, and the twists and turns of her soap life would be quite at home on The Bold And The Beautiful.(US soap - very OTT!) She has been entertaining at various levels and at one time board members described Amanda and Josh as cartoon comic book villains. They certainly had a certain comedic value. The thing about Amanda is that she is not one dimensional, so in many respects works better thatn Kelli in my view. One minute you hate her and the next you feel sorry for her. Amanda is played by Holly Brissly, who at times has portrayed Amanda as a vixen, a total bitch, a victim, a wanton, and has hammed it up quite effectively on occasion. All of which means she will probably be missed ,pore than people realise when she eventually leaves, as all villains do.

13. Brad Cooper - 36 votes
Brad was a psychologist/psychiatrist who was counselling Chloe after she had been raped on the beach. He seemed to be kind and gentle, and incredibly supportive. It then dawned on her when they were away for a week end that this was the guy who raped her, the therapist was TheRapist! (get it? tongue.gif) They were miles from anywhere and Brad had set traps in the bush to stop her escaping. Someone came to the rescue, but we can't remember who, it was a long time ago. Brad got caught in one of the traps and his leg had to be amputated. Prior to this Brad had framed his uni "pal" for the rape, and the poor guy was shot dead by Chloe's Dad. Brad was locked up and he then got his even crazier girlfriend to try and psych Chloe out. The scene which I remember most was Chloe huddled on the floor of The Beach House surrounded by mouse traps. It was chilling. The crazy girl friend was eventually locked up as well. Brad had quite a chilling expression towards the end of his reign, and worked really well as a villain because he had been on the show for quite a while before any one guessed that he was in fact the villain of the piece.

14. Josh West - 32 votes
Josh would get my vote on the basis of that awful goatee fungus beard he spouted when he returned as the arch villain and became Mayor. He started off as a good guy but some how got corrupted by money and power. A total slime ball if ever there was one. He was a worm, a maggot, a veritable sleaze. He sank to new depths in his quest to destroy Summer Bay. Some would have you believe that Dani Sutherland was to blame for Josh's metamorphosis into a money grabbing fraudster, whilst others blame the script writers. He even framed Alf, and Alf was sent to jail for a crime he did not commit. The moral is, if you try and do that you end up dead. As a dodo!

15. Duncan Stewart - 23 votes
Duncan Stewart! It is hard to imagine a more obnoxious and unlikeable brat than Duncan. How an earth did good old Alf end up with a son like Duncan? I am sure there must have been a mix up at the hospital and someone else went home with the real Duncan, who is living somewhere else with a fishing rod, saying strike me roan, and and calling his peers flamin' mongrels tongue.gif Duncan was quite a reasonable kid, but an accident in his childhood, which saw him leave the Bay for several months and his return having suffered from rapid aging syndrome, resulted in him turning from a normal Summer Bay kid, assuming that there is such a thing, into a mass of seething resentment and a total arsehole to boot. Amongst other things he killed some one whose name escapes me,(Ryan thinks it was a girl called Alicia) he gave drugs to Jade, he blinded Barry Hyde with a paint ball, and he drove a car over a cliff leading to Dom Flathead Fisher's grandson Seb being left paralised and in a wheelchair for life. He did return for Alf's 60th and at one point Alf suspected Duncan of causing Chloe's death. However, it seems Duncan had turned over a new leaf, which probably means we wont see him again.

Pos. Character Votes
11 Kelli Vale 43
12 Amanda Vale 41
13 Brad Cooper 36
14 Josh West 32
15 Duncan Stewart 23
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