Robbo takes Jasmine to the Shaw Farm. Bella is shaken when she learns Tommy’s secret. Mason enlists Tori’s help to apply for medical internships. Raffy gets her first dose on the new medical trial.


Mackenzie reveals her true agenda to Dean. Ben hits a stumbling block with the surf board order. Jasmine struggles to win the approval of Robbo’s parents.


Dean challenges Mackenzie’s plan for revenge. Ben’s fear of failing takes a toll on his marriage. Ryder is offered an exciting opportunity.


Colby’s attraction to Mackenzie forces him to consider his future. Ryder defies Roo’s wishes. Ben swallows his pride for the sake of his family. John comes to a heartbreaking realisation.


Ryder’s dedicated studying might not be what everyone suspects. Colby and Mackenzie’s date doesnt go to plan. Mac drags Dean kicking and screaming into her fight.


Dean grapples with betrayal and an offer that’s too good to refuse. Roo doesn’t get the desired result by enlisting Alf’s help with Ryder. Tommy makes a move on Bella.


Robbo is furious that Tori has gone behind his back yet again. Bella is being drawn further into Tommy’s web. Leah’s nervous about meeting Ava.


Robbo and Jasmine look into a house move. Leah’s relationship with Ava gets off to a rocky start. Mason makes a big decision.


Mason does some research on the Pilbara. Leah tries again to connect with Ava. Ben and Alf discover John might be doing it tough.

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