Isobel leaves Fisher’s house in a fury. Curtis struggles to let the past lie. Will Chloe’s emotional blackmail break Jesse’s resolve?


Isobel is hiding more than Rebecca thought. Shannon warns Kye to stay away from her. A television interview portrays the wrong picture of Irene.


The ice between Isobel and Fisher begins to thaw. Kye flees as Pippa lays unconscious at the top of the stairs.


Things aren’t looking good for Pippa. Accusations fly when a journalist questions what really happened to Irene’s baby. Despite what he says, Curtis can’t separate Jenna from Laura.


Exercising his democratic right of freedom of speech, Travis lands in trouble. Jesse warns Chloe that buying his daughter’s affection won’t buy him. Curtis and Jenna make the first step towards friendship.


Time is running out for Selina and Jesse. Casey’s heart breaks when she sees Curtis and Jenna together. Fisher agrees to let Isobel run drama classes at the school.


After chasing her for weeks, Curtis fails to show for his first date with Jenna. Isobel’s teaching methods prove successful with her students. Marilyn has a surprise contender for the job at the salon.


Curtis has to choose between Jenna and Casey. A slip of the tongue could land Kelly in serious trouble. Joey forces Marilyn to make an uncomfortable decision.


Kelly realises she’s falling behind her medical peers. Chloe uses Rachel to make a breakthrough with Jesse.


Stephanie and Liam realise they are really meant to be together. Chloe successfully increases the rift between Jesse and Selina. Kelly’s disillusionment leaves Travis worried about his relationship.


Stephanie and Liam decide it’s time to move their relationship on. Selina realises it’s really all over between her and Jesse. Who is Jenna and what is she hiding?


Selina and Chloe cry over their lost friendship, but know it will never return. Curtis begs Jenna to stay. Shannon learns not to judge other people’s lifestyles on her own.


Selina begins to wonder what’s happening between Shannon and Lachlan. Stephanie and Liam are caught out after their first night of intimacy. Bert and Isobel prove love knows no bounds.


Bert accuses Isobel of being afraid of love. A bushwalking adventure turns to tragedy.


Liam loses Stephanie forever. Curtis discovers who Jenna is running from. Chloe and Jesse work on developing their friendship.


Curtis can’t understand why Jenna would choose Sean over him. Both Travis and Liam struggle to let go of Stephanie.


Jenna jeopardises herself for Curtis’ safety. Kelly wonders whether Travis is telling the truth about his feelings on moving to the city.


Marilyn has some startling news for Fisher. Casey risks losing another friendship. Selina has a change of heart…but is it too late?


Selina is in for a rude awakening when she tells Jesse she wants to get back with him. Marilyn tries to bring Fisher around to the idea of having a child.


Jesse hopes he made the right choice between Selina and Chloe. Rebecca fears she’ll never see her grandmother again. Curtis goes in search of Jenna.

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