Shannon has to deal with her public humiliation. Flirtatious fun at the boatshed brings disaster for Shane and Angel.


Shannon finally opens up to Donna about her tormenting nightmares. Curtis and Jack bury their differences as they unite against a common enemy.


Jack sees Fisher’s forthcoming 50th birthday as an opportunity to exact his revenge. Shannon agrees to work with Donna to unearth her childhood drama.


Shane and Angel’s wedding plans are destroyed when tragedy strikes. Selina says a tearful farewell to someone special.


The residents of Summer Bay are shocked by news of Angel’s tragic accident. Shannon takes the first step towards overcoming her childhood trauma.


Shane faces the harsh reality that Angel may never walk again. Shannon suspects Donna of betraying her secrets to Michael.


Shane unleashes his anger on Alf, for putting Angel in hospital. Shannon is finally able to identify the man in her nightmares.


Rob criticises Shane over his treatment of Alf. Selina is surprised by the identity of the mystery Valentine.


Donna decides to teach Irene a lesson. Angel and Shane wait for test results while the threat of Angel’s paraplegia remains.


Rob avoids placing himself in a vulnerable situation with Donna. Angel may have forgiven Alf, but can he ever forgive himself?


Shane finally forgives Alf. Donna turns down the beachhouse in favour of a better offer.


Shane’s joy at securing an apprenticeship at the boatshed is overshadowed by Angel’s condition. Donna and Jack are caught in a compromising situation.


Angel’s attempt to walk leaves her lying helpless and frightened. Laura leaves Jack and Curtis high and dry.


Angel begins to sink into despair. Mary cleverly edges her way into the Stewart house.


Angel may yet lose what is most precious to her. Laura drops a bombshell on Jack.


Angel is determined to fight for her son and Jack learns his lesson too late.


Angel’s determination to walk is tempered by some sound advice. Alf puts his money where his mouth is.


Mrs Harris carries out her threat. Selina learns about compassion and the wisdom of age.


Dylan finally knows the truth about his relationship with Angel. Rob is angry and disillusioned with the education system.


Fisher puts his foot down on Shane’s building plans. Jack watches horrified as Laura and Curtis embrace.

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