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At the start of the 2004 Season, a brand new set of credits were introduced, using a picture frame style.

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A Video of the Set 1 Opening Credits can be downloaded here.
A Video of the Closing Credits can be downloaded here.

Opening Credits
Gone were the underwater shots, the 3d CGI Fish and the moving Character Boxes, Instead, the start of the 2004 Season brought with it characters in Photographic scenes in front of beach backgrounds. A stylish new Home and Away logo was also introduced. It's now in a glossy blue colour and uses the normal version of the Reporter Two font, instead of a customized version.  Now there's something I bet you hadn't noticed. ;)

The recap screen at the beginning of every episode has changed too. It begins with a shot of a footprint on the beach, which is immediately covered by seawater.

The recap is no longer in full screen like its' predecessor. Blue bars containing sea images are now displayed at the top and the bottom of the picture.

Closing Credits
The new 2004 Closing Credits begin with a deckchair in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. A person walks into shot and sits down in the deckchair while the credits are displayed screen by screen.

As the Credits end and the website address is displayed, the person walks off the screen.

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