Rhiannon Fish debating her Home and Away future?

Rhiannon Fish, the actress behind April Scott on Home and Away, is apparently considering her future on the show.

Home and Away'ss Rhiannon Fish to leave the snow?

Australia’ss The Age reports that the actress, who found fame on Neighbours before joining Home and Away in 2010, is apparently torn between renewing her contract on the show and pursuing an acting career in the US.

Fish told the newspaper: “I am coming close to the end of my contract with Home and Away so it’ss in discussion if I want to stay or go, although I am very, very happy to stay.”

“I want to stay but I also don’st want to look back and say what could have been. I want to see what is out there.”

She’ss encouraged by the experiences she’ss gained starring on both Neighbours and Home and Away, and hopes that Hollywood’ss casting directors will see it as an advantage.

“I think it’ss been a privilege to be a part of those and a lot of ex-Home and Away and Neighbours actors have done well. I hope going over there and meeting a casting director and saying I’sve been on Home and Away that they’sll think, ‘sthis is something to look at’s. It’ss certainly not a bad thing.”

If Scott leaves for Hollywood, she’sll be following in the footsteps of a number of Home and Away actors and actresses who’sve attempted to find fame stateside. Chris Hemsworth’ss career has gone from strength to strength since leaving the show, being cast as Thor in the movie of the same name, and later reprising the role in The Avengers Assemble. He was recently rumored to be a front-runner to play Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ryan Kwanten, aka Vinnie Patterson, currently stars as Jason Stackhouse in drama True Blood, and voiced Kludd in the 2012 film Legends of the Guardians.

Melissa George made headlines at the end of last year when she lashed out at the Australian media for continually referring to her role on Home and Away. The actress found fame playing Angel Parrish on the show from 1993-1996, but apparently wasn’st too pleased at still being referred to as ‘sHome and Away actress Melissa George‘s some 16 years later. Since leaving the show she has starred in numerous blockbuster films and hit TV series including Grey’ss Anatomy, 30 Days of Night and most recently as Sam Hunter in British spy drama Hunted. George later apologised for her outburst and made clear that she was proud of her Aussie roots.

Rhiannon Fish is also not the only recent Home and Away star looking to add to the long list of Aussie soapstars who’sve found fame across the pond. Axle Whitehead (Liam Murphy) and Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) recently filmed their final scenes, having both previously spoken of their dreams of work in the US. Earlier this month, Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton) also revealed his ambition to star in a US TV drama.