Home and Away Locations

Information on many of the outdoor locations used to film Home and Away.

Plan on visiting Australia?

Make your trip even more exciting and visit many of the locations that Home and Away has filmed at over the years. From essentials such as Palm Beach (the real-life home of Summer Bay) to less well known locations such as the location of Josie's Brothel, we have details of 95 real life locations that any true Home and Away fan needs to visit.

If you're not lucky enough to have the time or money to visit these famous locations, take a look around anyway and impress your friends with your improved knowledge of the workings of the show.

  • Quick Route
    Looking to see some of the real life locations used in Home and Away, but are too strapped for time to journey around them all? This trip plan should take you around some of the main locations in the quickest route possible.
  • Guided Tours
    If you have only got a few hours to spare, and want to find out more about some of the main Home and Away locations, then a guided tour around Palm Beach and the surrounding areas could be the best option for you.
  • UBD Reference
    For each location we've listed a UBD 'Sydney & Blue Mountains' page number and grid reference. Purchase a copy of the map and find out exactly where you're heading.
  • Google Earth Placemap
    You can now virtually visit all of the locations listed here using Google Earth! Download the Google Earth Placemark (Right Click and Save As), drag it into Google Earth, and you'll have access to many of the locations featured here.

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