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Marry Me?

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it really means a lot. Sorry it has been so long, school has been hectic. 

Chapter 61

Caleb and Kyle walk back into the lounge where Brax is now leaning against the couch. Kyle was unsure what was going on but he didn't like it. His current happy mood was plummeting and he knew that he would end up flipping at his family, he didn’t know what they were up to but he knew that he would explode. 

“Ky, we’ve been talking and have decided that we want you to go to group counseling. We searched it up and found one on in an hour in Yabbie Creek, your Dad and Mum are going to take you.” Brax sighs knowing full well that Kyle would not like it and would most likely try and escape. 

“No.” Kyle huffs and folds his arms over his chest. 

“We found this in your room while you were outside talking to Caleb.” Brax sighs and holds up the letter he had written just before his suicide attempt.  They had been through his room! He was an adult they couldn't go through his room. 

“You went into my room!” Kyle yells. He was furious he had been fine and now they had ruined it all by going through his personal stuff. 

“We had to, we are so worried about you.” Brax sighs he needs his brother to see that they were worried about him and that all they wanted was for him to get better. 

“So that gives you the right to give me no privacy!” Kyle screams. The letter was for them for after he died not after he didn't die. 

“You wrote it for us!” Brax barks at his brother suddenly getting too angry. 

“Yea for after I died!” Kyle yells back.

Everyone freezes they knew that this is what it was from but it hurt so much more coming out of Kyle's mouth. 

“Please, Kyle we need you to come back, the real you. Not the damaged one that we all know is in pain. But to do that you need to go to counseling.” Brax begs, his voice had lowered and now it was soft and quiet.  

“No way! I’ve already told you I am not going to any counseling sessions! I am fine!” Kyle yells and heads towards his room only for the doorway to the hall to be blocked by Heath. he instantly stops knowing that he has no chance trying to barge past Heath. 

“Sit down Ky, please we need you to get better.” Heath sighs as he makes sure that his brother does not get past him. All they wanted was for Kyle to get better and for that to happen he had to get it all off his chest, He also needed to know that there were others out there that were struggling as well so he could know that he isn't alone. 

“Not happening.” Kyle huffs and tries to go out the other exit only for it to be blocked by Ricky. She was wearing a worried glare, but at the moment he hardly noticed he got that look a lot that sometimes he thought that that was just what she always looked like.  

“Come on mate you need to get better, they will help you do that. We wouldn't make you if you didn't have to. But at the moment its the only thing that can help you.” Ricky sighs knowing full well that whatever she said wouldn't be good enough and he would want to get away from her as well. 

“Leave me alone.”Kyle hisses couldn't they understand that he didn't want to go back to the councilor after what happened last time couldn't they understand that. He walks past everyone and opens the door only to be faced with his parents. 

“Sweetheart please get in the car.” Pip pleads as she stares up at Kyle and grabs ahold of his arm trying to get his attention so that he will listen to her. Kyle holds it in, the son in him wanted to get in the car to make his parents happy but the victim in him just wanted to fight and not go.  

"I don't need this.” Kyle hisses lightly. He didn't want to go. couldn't they leave him in peace he was perfectly happy until they organized this stupid trapping
idea. Sure he knew that he would panic if anything happened but at the moment nothing was so why should he talk. 

“I’ve had enough of this.” Marcus grunts. He points his finger at Kyle and starts to do things the not so nice way. “Get in the car young man.” He orders loudly as he puts on his fatherly voice, the voice that Kyle always listened to. When he was younger Kyle was a good boy and always did what he was told. he hardly ever got in trouble but Marcus knew that he would have a harder fight with an older Kyle especially after everything that he went through. 

“No! I’m not a kid anymore. So you're not the boss of me.” Kyle glares. Why did his Dad think that he could still boss him around? Sure when he was younger he listened then but that was when he was a kid.

“I’m going to be your father till the day I die. Until that day I will be in charge of you.” Marcus hisses lightly down at Kyle, he hated growling at him especially since he knew that Kyle was going through some tough stuff but he knew friendly wasn’t going to do it. 

“I haven't had you around for years and I haven’t had you to boss me around either and I’ve been fine!” Kyle yells at Marcus he knew that he shouldn’t have but he was so angry. 

“Kyle!” Everyone yells, they all knew that he was upset but fighting with his Dad was doing nothing. 

“Get in the car, Kyle. Last chance.” Marcus orders as he pushes Kyle towards the door lightly, he knew that he should be doing things the soft way but he couldn't not when Kyle needed the counseling this bad. 

“DAD! MARCUS!” Pip, Haley, and Caleb yell at the same time, they all knew that he shouldn't have shoved him, now Kyle was just going to react more. 

“I hate you!” Kyle screams as he shoves Marcus but does no damage to the larger man

“That's it.” Marcus barks he goes over and picks Kyle up by a fireman carry and carries him to the car. 

“Marcus!” Pip yells she knew that Marcus did this a lot to all of the kids and she also knows that none of them liked it. 

“Oi, put me down, Dad,” Kyle yells, he hated how his Dad was so strong. Caleb watched as Kyle struggled against their Dads grip but he knew that Kyle had no chance. Marcus used to carry two kids at a time when they were younger so it was hardly surprising that he could carry Kyle now. He had even seen him carry Oliver like this. 

“Dude put him down,” Heath yells as he hears his brother screaming to be let go. 

“Get off me!” Kyle hisses as he tries to shoves his Dads hand away from him. 

“Dad put him down!” Haley yells. She knew that Kyle hated being carried and as much as she wanted him to get the help she didn't want him to be forced to go. She loves him and seeing my yell and squirm was just horrible for her. 

“Haley..” Marcus starts. He knew that the two of them loved each other but he still saw them as children and didn't think that they knew everything about life. 

“Now!” She yells. Haley was not someone that you wanted to mess with an angry Haley so Marcus puts Kyle down and Haley goes rushing to him as tears fall from his eyes. He didn't know why he was crying. It wasn't like it was Jake or one of his stupid gang that was carrying him. It was his Dad. His Dad that loved him and would do anything to protect him. 

“Shhhh Kyky. Shhhh you're okay.” Haley whispers as she runs her hands through his hair and comforts him as he cries. She knew that he was broken so did everyone else she just hoped that now he saw it and knew that he really needs help. 

“LeyLey.” He cries and hugs her tighter. He needed this. He needed to know that he was okay. He really did need to see a counselor. he was sick of being scared. 


Phoebe and Jake were watching a movie in their motel room when all the others walk in and Isaac sits on the couch. “Bro, party tonight?” He asks, when they were in school Jake threw the best parties. Everyone came. Well everyone except for Kyle. 

“In a motel room.” Phoebe laughs. Sometimes she wondered if Isaac thought about things before he said them. “Dude we will wreak the room and then we’ll be kicked out and have nowhere to stay.” She shakes her head. 

“And? Jakes got the money to buy this dump.” Isaac sighs as he grabs a handful of jelly beans. “You've forgotten the luxury of having money living with that loser.” He laughs and throws one at her. 

Jake smirks next to her. “Yea babe how did you deal. He had no idea how people could live a great life without money. 

Phoebe shakes her head. Sure she didn't love Kyle or even like him, but his family didn’t need money. Sure they owned a restaurant but they weren't rich like Jake but still, they had each other and that's all that they needed she never got why it worked but it did. “They just didn't need money.” She sighs. 

“Awww cause they had love. Well isn't that adorable.” Jake laughs. 

Phoebe plants a small smile on her face and walks over to the jelly beans and pops one in her mouth. “Yea I guess but a bit more money could have been nice. A wee trip to Hawaii would have been nice but the most the loser gave me was a trip to Brisbane and his brother paid for that.” Phoebe smiles lightly. 

“Man I hate small towns. There’s literally nothing to do” Isaac sighs as he flicks on the TV. “Like seriously I’m surprised that there's internet connection.” He sighs and flicks through the channels till he finds an AFL game. 

“Awww is someone worried his tinder won't work.” Clark laughs and slaps Isaac on the back of the head. 

“Hey, I have the ladies to make happy.” Isaac laughs. He turns to everyone and winks. Causing everyone to groan. Isaac thought that he was the biggest ladies man in the world. 

“Dude the only lady that loves you is your Mum.” Jake laughs. 

Isaac had had the most girlfriends but never ones that lasted more than a week. He had had many one nights stands. “Hey, I’m sure that I have daughters out there somewhere.” He laughs. 

“Oh, yea and whose the Mums.” Carter teases.

“Your Mum,” Isaac remarks quickly. He had to come up with a smart answer to change the subject from him. This causes everyone to burst out laughing. The reply was so quick and that made to so much better. 

“Don’t bring my Mum into it. It’s already awkward enough that I’ve slept with your sister.” Carter replies quickly before he becomes the butt of the jokes. Now the room was filled with laughter. 

“Shut up, as if my sister would sleep with you.” Isaac huffs, His older sister had boys constantly after her why would she sleep with Carter. 

“Ask her.” Carter laughs, he hadn't really slept with Isaacs sister and everyone else knew that but Isaac didn't and this was hilarious. 

“Arghh gross!” Isaac complains and walks out of the room leaving everyone else laughing.

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Aww, poor Kyle. It's clear that he needs help, and I'm glad he saw that in the end, but I'm not sure that ambushing him like that was the right move. Marcus manhandling him also wasn't a great move, although it does seem to have done the trick. Nice that Hayley was there to protect and comfort him.

Is it just me, or was there a hint of regret there with Phoebe? Living with the Braxton's and seeing how much they love each other, maybe made her see how empty her own life is? 

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Great chapter

poor Kyle he really does need to get help but Marcus manhandling him isn't the answer.

Phoebe might be having regrets??

I hope Kyle gets the help he needs in the next chapter.

Update again soon :) 

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Great chapter

Aww poor Kyle!

Not impressed that Marcus manhandled him. Not a great move

Hope Kyle does get the help he needs

Really wondering if Phoebe must be having regrets somehow...

Update soon please xx

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver for your comments it really means a lot. Sorry it has been so long.  

Chapter 62 

Kyle sat down in one of the chairs that were in a big circle and Pip and Marcus stood behind him. There were so many different types of people there a Middle aged woman,  a handful of girls around his age, a young man that looked around his age right next to him and even a kid which made Kyle feel physically sick. Him and the young man were the only males. Kyle didn’t like this one bit. He couldn’t explain in front of women that he was raped! He just couldn’t, even the councillor was a women. He didn’t have anything against women but he just couldn’t talk about something like this. 

“Alright my name is Nancy Jones and I’m going to be here for you if you have anything that you want to talk out. I’ll go first I’m Nancy and I dealt with physical abuse from my then husband for 3 years until I finally stood up for  myself and left.” Nancy smiles lightly. It had been a rough battle for her but she had managed to get through it and know she was there fit others. “Before any of you start whatever is said in here is confidential. We are here to help you but you have to go through the process of letting go yourself so that you feel the power that it  gives you to fight that one true enemy. “ Nancy explains. 

Kyle twists his head to look at his parents. “I can’t do this.” He whispers lightly. Marcus stares at him lightly and softly smiles. 

“Yes you can prove that you are better than them.” He whispers just as one of the middle aged women stands up. 

“Ever since my sons death, I’ve been finding it hard to fight back, my daughter really talks and my husband shuts himself in his office as soon as he gets home from work. I just don’t know how we can all get through it, everyday just gets harder.” The women sighs and sits back down she couldn’t say anymore tears were  falling from her eyes as she sat down. After that Kyle kind of zoned out for a bit all he could think about was Jake and his crew and what they were going to do to him when they got their hands on them. But he managed to pick up that out of the four girls that were there they all kind of had the same story it was either an abusive boyfriend or father with one girl even having an abusive step brother. Kyle couldn’t believe it. Why were there monsters like this in the world. Suddenly it was the little girls turn. Her story really tugged at Kyle’s heartstrings. Her whole family had died and that left her with a whole new foster family where one kid treated her horribly. Kyle looks at his parents it was a lot like the start of his story and as happy as he was with the family that he was given where everyone except Ethan loved and cared for him he knew that some families weren’t like that and she was just a little girl! His attention was suddenly grabbed when the other guy started talking. 

“I’m Beau and I’m 26 and up until recently I was engaged to my boyfriend of ten years…” He starts and Kyle can see that he is really struggle which only makes him not want to listen but for some reason he couldn’t stop “However last month my fiancée or ex fiancé thought that we should sleep together that night. I wasn’t up for it and just wanted to watch a nice movie and have a cuddle. Tyler was having none of this and pinned me to the bed and raped me. He’s a lot bigger than me and I didn’t stand a chance. I’ve never been so hurt in my life. It’ll take a lot to be able to trust someone again.” Beau sighs and sits down. 

Kyle freezes it was his go, he wasn’t ready! He couldn’t do this! He felt sick! He was going to puke! He had to get out of here! 

Before Kyle could do anything Marcus had given him a wee push so that he was standing up. In front of all these people that he only knew from under a five minute talk! 

“I’m Kyle, I’m 24 and ummmmm I ahhhh I’ve been……” Kyle struggles to get the words out, turning his head to look at his parents who give him a slight of to persuade him to keep going. Everyone had spoke they all had been strong. Now he had to be.

“It’s okay Kyle. We are all here for you.” Nancy smiles sweetly at Kyle wanting him to go so that it could be out there and so that people could help him through it. 

Kyle took a big breath and decided that he needed to be brave not just for him but for his family. 

“I’ve been harassed by the same group of people for over ten years. It all started when I was shifted up to year 9 from year 8. I was really smart so I was…… I was seen as a target. Ummmm they called me so many names and bullied me everyday.” Kyle starts but stops and tries to walk out but Marcus softly grabs him. 

“You can do this. I believe in you. You are a brave young man, you are strong and you can do this.” Marcus whispers in his ear before turning him back to the rest of the group. 

“Ummmmm I eventually told my parents but that was only after years and years after pretty extreme bullying that involved all the normal bullying methods but ummm there was one thing that was different than other bullying experiences. When I was 14 and walking home from school they grabbed me and….. they…. They raped me. My bullies…..they…..” Kyle starts but starts sobbing uncontrollably he hated telling this story. It brought back bad memories. This whole thing made me feel weak. But he knew that he had to push on. It would help him in the long run. 

“My bullies are years older than me and so much stronger. I couldn’t stop them. I could never stop them with anything that they did. When I told my parents I only told about 5 of the 6 bullies. I left out the girl. Whom I had a crush on.” Kyle sighs but takes a deep breath and holds onto his chest. “We started dating not long after. She was the live of my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without her but not long ago I found out that she dated me all these years for a joke so that when her boyfriend got back from getting out of prison he could torture me all over again and that’s what they’ve been doing.” Kyle cries as he turns to his parents and hugs them. He didn’t care what the others thought he just had to be in his parents arms. 

He hears no laughter so he slowly turns around. No one is laughing they aren’t even smiling. They all look shocked. 

“Thank you all for sharing. Now please eat something and have a bite to eat.” Nancy breaths out still shocked from everyone’s stories but mainly Kyle’s who can live with ten years of that. 

The other young men Beau walks up to him. “You’re incredibly brave you know that? You lived through hell and for so long. You are one brave guy to get ten years of torture off your chest.” Beau smiles lightly as he pats him on the back. 

“You too. It takes a brave person to admit that you were raped. I know from experience.” Kyle sighs as he picks up a sandwich and puts it in his mouth. 

“Yea. Tyler hurt me more than I could ever imagine but at least he actually loved me. Your girlfriend didn’t she did it as a joke. I hope that she gets everything that she deserves.” Beau sighs as he himself grabs a sandwich. 

“Yea her and her five jerks.” Kyle huffs as he sits down and points to the seat next to him to let Beau know that he wants to continue talking. 

“I still can’t get over your story. You’re like a tortured little soul. You are so brave. Please remember that. Not many people would be able to fight through what you have.” Beau sighs as he quickly grabs two glasses of juice before sitting down and handing one of the glasses to Kyle. 

Kyle takes a sip and swallows, he didn’t know why but he just felt like he could open up to this guy. “I haven’t really I’ve tried to kill myself twice. Once when I was in school and about a month ago. But both times I’ve had family to push me through it.” Kyle sighs and looks at Beau he usually he refused to look at anyone but there was something about this guy that made him feel less nervous. 

“Sounds like you have a great family.” Beau smiles nicely. He himself had a great family who were all very supportive. They were all there for him. 

“Two families actually I grew up in foster care after my mum died. My brothers didn’t know about me but when I became part of the family so two families. My foster family when I have two parents, eight siblings well technically nine but one was never really a brother. One is my best friend and his sister is my girlfriend and my other family is my three brothers but technically two because one I’m not actually related to and they have girlfriends.” Kyle explains. He knew he didn’t have to but he just felt like it. 

“Sounds complicated.” Beau smiles lightly and turns to Kyle who’s also smiling lightly. His family was complicated he stopped arguing about that ages ago. 

Pip walks up to Kyle and kisses him on the top of the head. “Sweetie, it’s time to go we are meeting the others, they all want to hear about how it went.” Pip smiles and turns to Beau. “I hope all goes well for you.” She smiles as she kisses Kyle’s head once more before walking over to her husband. 

“Can I have you number, I’d love to catch up again?” Beau asks as he shuffles awkwardly he hated asking for things like this, it was so awkward. 

“Sure. Here I’ll put it in.” Kyle smiles lightly and quickly puts his number into Beaus phone. 

“Will you be back next week?” Beau asks, he was planning to come and thought that Kyle might want to come as well. 

Kyle sighs lightly, he didn’t know getting all that off his chest was hard but now that he had and people knew his story and didn’t laugh at him made him feel slightly better, maybe he would. “Maybe, I don’t see why not.” He shrugs and walks back to his parents. “I’ll text ya.” He smiles and waves his hand slightly.  

“You are such a brave boy.” Pip smiles and pulls him into a big hug. “Now let’s go get a bite to eat.” She smiles and gives Kyle a kiss on the cheek. 

“Yea sounds good.” Kyle smiles and walks out the room with his parents. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea it certainly made him feel better. Maybe he should stop being so stubborn and actually listen every now and again, 

“Good cause I’m starving.” Marcus laughs and pulls Kyle into an one armed hug. 

Kyle laughs lightly. “You’re always hungry Dad.” He laughs out loudly but groans as his Dad messes up his hair. 

“I am proud of you Ky, you’ve taken the first step to becoming the old you again.” Marcus smiles and they reach the car ready to meet the others.

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Great chapter

poor Kyle feel so sorry for him.

Glad Kyle went to counselling and was able to share with the group what happened to him over the years  and maybe even found a new friend.

Update again soon :) 

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I'm really glad that Kyle opened up like that, and that he feels better after. It was very very brave of him! Seems like it helped for him to hear Beau's story and know that he's not the only one to go through something like that. He's not alone. 

Beau certainly seems to be a good influence on him. He even ate! And agreed to go for more food afterwards with his parents. That's pretty big!

Maybe it's just me, but I kind of felt like Beau was hoping for something more there with Kyle (not that I blame him!). I know Kyle said he had a girlfriend but a boy can hope, can't he? Still, nice that he's made a friend. He could do with more of those.

Looking forward to the next chapter! 

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