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Thank you Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Kristen for your comments.

Chapter 56

Heath was still holding Kyle close who was no where near close to calming down. “
Ky, come on mate, it's okay . We are here for you. Those losers aren't going to go anywhere near you.” Heath whispers, pulling Kyle close in and hugging him tightly. 

"Heath, it's never going to be okay again, don't you get that. It's over my life is over. They’ll kill me I know that they will." Kyle sobs and cries loudly, It was a heartbreaking cry and it broke everyone's heart. Casey and Denny hugged eachother, Caleb kissed Haley on the top of her head to help her calm down at the sight of her distressed boyfriend. Brax stared at his little brother who just refused to let go of his other brother and Ricky and Bianca just stared at their brother in law just wanting to pull him into a big hug to comfort him and make the pain go away. 

"Ky, they aren't going to touch you okay. I want let it happen, you are my little brother and no one is going to hurt you." Heath whispers into Kyles ear. He needed his little brother to see that these jerks werent going to hurt him again, they weren’t even going to get anywhere near him. 

“Can you come with me for a walk please Heath, I want to get out of the house but I'm too……… too scared to go alone.” Kyle admits and sits up and stares into heaths eyes with his own. 

“How can I say no to those eyes, sure buddy. Hey can Brax, Casey and Caleb come as well, knowing that if they ran into Jake and his stupid crew they would have more of a chance of taking them down. 

“No, just you.” Kyle whispers, begging Heath quietly and hoping that he would say yes, it's not that he didn't love his whole family it was just that he had had such a weird sense of safety when he was around Heath. 

“Okay mate, let's go yea.” Heath smiles and lightly ruffles Kyle's hair. Heath and Kyle both stood up and exited the house and started walking to the beach. 

“What if they come for me  again?” Kyle asks looking at Heath with a worried look in his face. 

“If they go near you, I'll give them one of these.” Heath smiles and raises his fist. 

“You don't know how big they are, they'll probably even crush you.” Kyle mumbles and kicks his feet against the grass making it sway a bit. 

Heath puts his brother in a head lock and noogies him. "I'd like to see them try, I'm very protective of you Ky, and who knows what I'm capable of if I'm pushed.” He laughs but stops when Kyle panics. 

“Let's go Heath!” Kyle yells and tries to pull Heath away. It was Jake and his stupid crew, he just wanted to get away from them. 

“Huh?” Heath asks as Andy approaches and ruffles Kyle's hair in a friendly manner. 

“Hey Ky, how are you? Wait, Heath that's them.” Andy smiles but turns angry as soon as he sees Jake and his crew. 

Heath turns and sees Phoebe standing with five big guys and he could tell that Kyle was not kidding, they were huge. 

“Hold him.” Heath instructs pushing Kyle into Andy lightly. He started walking towards them and could hear Kyle yelling in the back. Andy had a firm grip of him wrapping his arms around his chest. 

“No! Heath stop! Lemme go Andy.” Kyle yells and tries to wriggle his way out of Andys grip but he just can't, Andy gulps silently as he held his arms around Kyle's chest he could feel that Kyle had lost weight, and not at all in a healthy way. He looks at Kyle's face and could see it there as well.

“Not happening Kyle and when was the last time you ate properly I can easily lift you.” Andy asks as he lifts Kyle's off is feet and pulls him further away from Heath and the monsters who had been hurting him. 

“Please Andy, they’ll hurt him. I know they will and then they'll hurt you and then they'll kill me.” Kyle begs as he starts struggling to get out of Andys grip again. 

“Heath knows how to handle himself trust me.” Andy whispers. “Now when was the last time you ate properly?” Andy asks again as he hold Kyle tight so that he can't get himself in danger. 

“Properly, since Jake got out! Okay, and I force myself to be sick whenever I can. That's why I've lose weight okay! So laugh it up.” Kyle roars and tries to runs at Heath to stop him but is in too tight of a grip.

“Kyle! You need to eat!” Andy yells as Kyle continues to wriggle in his arms. He was ademant to stop his brother from hurting himself.   

“Andy I've got to stop him, so lemme go.” Kyle barks and pushes against Andy but once again has no luck. 

Further towards the beach, Heath had approached the group of people who he wanted to smash. 

“Oi you Jake?” He hisses approaching them and staring at Jake hard. 

“What's it to you?” Jake laughs and shoves Heath hard. 

Heath clinches his teeth in anger, these kids were really big punks, these kids showed no mercy and was really seeing just how miserable they could have made Kyle's life. 

“You're done making my brothers life a misery okay! Keep away from him or me and my other brothers will retaliate. And we won't back down, so leave! Now!” Heath yells staring hard at them all.

“Oh, what brother are you! The brain dead or the Daddy.” Jake laughs and shoves Heath hard into Issac. Heath shoves Isaac away from him and stands in the middle of all of them. 

“Look at him, he's the brain dead, can't  even read can you Heathie.” Phoebe laughs and holds Jakes hand in her own. 

“You're a mean piece of work aren't you Phoebe. I don't know what my brother ever saw in you.” Heath glares back at Kyle who was trying to push himself away from Andy. 

“Awww how cute, look at him. And you know what he saw in me, he saw that I was hot and that he wouldn't find another girl that was willing to deal with him.” Phoebe laughs and gives a small mocking wave to Kyle. 

“You're a monster Phoebe all he ever gave you was love and you just threw it all back in his face. My brother is so much better than you and how dare you make him think that he doesn't deserve you. You don't deserve him. He is a great kid who I know is always going to be here for me and my family. So back off. And you….. you're dirt. Mud… filth. How dare you treat my brother the way that you did, the way the you are. What he ever do to you aye or are you all just sick in the head.” Heath hisses at his little brother and motions Andy to bring Kyle closer. “So apologie.” Heath snaps at them as Kyle gets to them looking terrified. 

“Sorry… that you are such a little loser that you have to have your big brother stick up for you. Guess things don't change at least this time it not a girl.” Jake laughs and high fives Issac. Kyle feels sick remembering the day that a young girl only a year older than him had tried to help him. 


13 year old Kyle Bennett was shoved down by Jake and cries lightly. He was terrified, no one was helping him. Kids were walking past but we're doing nothing. He was starting to think that there were no good people around even suddenly he heard a voice yell at them. 

“Oi, leave the kid alone, he's half your size. Look at him, back away or I'll tell the principal.” The girl threatens. 

Jake and his sick crew laugh, the threat doesn't bother them all they'll do is give a threat back. 

“You do that, and we’ll kill you and then him. And you're just proving what a loser he is. Being saved by a girl. Ha! And we thought that you couldn't get anymore pathetic.” Jake laughs and kicks Kyle in the stomach. He lets out a loud sob and the girl attempts one more time. 

“Why don't you do something productive instead of making this poor kids life miserable. Hey! I doubt he ever hurt you! Look at him, he's just a baby.” The girl hisses and tries to help Kyle up. 

Jake pulls out a knife and waves it at her. “Leave and don't say a word, or I will gut your whole family like fish.” Jake laughs. 

“How old are you?” The girl asks as she starts to back away and Kyle lowers his head. Once again he was bring left alone to be the victim to his bullies.

“16, now leave and if we get caught I'll go straight for your house.” Jake laughs and throws the knife to the ground only cms away from the girls foot. She sprints as fast as she can away from them and doesn't look back. 

Kyle lets out a terrified sob, he was once again alone and he didn't even know the girls name to thank her for at least trying to help.

End of flashback 

Heath boiled with anger at the sight of his little brother who looked even more distraught. “You are all a bunch of little punks.” Heath hisses only to get a hard punch in the gut that knocks the wind out of him. 

“Yea what you going to do about it. See ya little Kylie. You're more fun to hunt down, taking you like this is far too boring. See ya brain dead 2.” Jake laughs loudly. Firstly mocking Heath. Threatening Kyle and lastly laughing at Andy.

“Heath!” Kyle cries as Andy lets him go and he runs to his brother whom is holding his gut, he looked in so much pain and he knew exactly how much those punches hurt. 

“Ky, next time I call you a girl… can you please remind me that you took years of this.” Heath laughs lightly and turns to his brother who was wearing a genuine smile. 

“Na, its true… you're just a bigger one.” He smirks, as much as he was afraid he couldn't help but smile with the moment of brotherness that he and his brother were having, he knew that if he was going to make it through this, these moments were important. Heath had just stood up to all six of his bullies with five of them being bigger than him, his family loved him and would try whatever they could to hip him through this. He loved them for that. 

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Posted (edited)

Great chapter

Poor Kyle being builled and wonder who the girl that helped Kyle in the flashback.

Liked Heath standing up for Kyle against Jake and his crew.

Update again soon :)

Edited by Kristen

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I'm glad Kyle has Heath and the other boys in his life. They care about him a lot! Even Andy was looking out for him here :) worrying that he's lost so much weight and that he hasn't been eating. Understandable though.... He did sound a little more hopeful at the end there though, so that's good! Looking forward to the next update x

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Great chapter

Really intrigued about who the girl was in the flashback when she tried to help Kyle

Looking forwards to the next chapter

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Thank you Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ and Kristen for your comments.

Chapter 57

Heath and Andy walk Kyle back to the house. Heaths stomach was still hurting a bit and he needed a lie down, as soon as they get to the house Kyle walks straight up to Haley and kisses her. 

“I’m sorry.” Kyle apologies and runs his hand down Haleys face. Who smiles sweetly at him as well but slaps him on the chest. 

“Oww.” Kyle hisses lightly and rubs his chest where Haley had hit him. 

“Please never do that to me again. Kyle I love you and I need to be there for you.” Haley stares hard at her boyfriend, not a sweet stare it was a concerned girlfriend stare.

“Sorry, I’m so so sorry LeyLey. From now on I’ll let you help me.” Kyle whispers and kisses her on the head, he then stares at her with his big brown eyes the way he always does when he wants forgiveness. 

“Okay Kyky. I love you.” Haley whispers and beings down Kyle’s head and kisses him. “Seriously Kyky, I love you and I cannot lose you.” Haley whispers and rubs her nose against Kyle’s. 

“I love you too Ley, listen I’m getting better, okay. Happier. I’m not going to leave you I promise.” Kyle whispers and leans down slightly to look Haley in the eyes. 

“You’ve broke that promise once already, please don’t break it again.” Haley whispers and pulls Kyle down for another kiss. 

“These two are as bad as Phoebe and Kyle.” Andy shrugs and then regrets it right away. “Sorry it slipped out.” He shrugs getting prepared to get yelled at. 

“That’s okay Andy. Phoebe and I did kiss a lot but I need to push them all away, espically her.” Kyle whispers and wraps his arms around Haley and rests his chin on her head. 

Heath clears his throats he needs to talk to the whole family about the run in with Kyle’s bullies or attackers, tormentors. Heath hardly knew what to call them. Kyle was a grown man. What could he call them. “Guys I need to talk to you all. I ran into Jake and his gang. They got released and Caleb, Ley and Ky aren’t kidding, these kids are huge. Jake punched me in the gut and if I’m being honest. It still hurts. We need to fix this, before these jerks kill the kid. They threatened and I saw the look in their eyes, theses jerks are pure evil, we need to work this out together, there’s no way that they will take all of us on.” Heath points out and grabs Kyle by the shoulder and squezzes it lightly. 

“What! No way, you’ll all get hurt. Just leave it okay. I’d rather have a babysitter for the rest of my life than have you guys risk your lives to save mine. You can’t okay Jake he will…. He will kill you all. I can’t have that. I’m fine okay… just leave it and please don’t go near them.” Kyle panicks, he didn’t know half the things that were coming out of his mouth but he was desperate to get them to stay away.

“Oh you’re fine is that another way of saying you are starving yourself.” Andy huffs. Kyle turns to him and Andy was actually slightly intimidated by him: he brown eyes were bludging and he was showing teeth. 

“Andy! Shut up!” Kyle glares the last thing that he needed now was his brothers knowing that he wasn’t eating properly.

“Kyle seriously, I knew you looked thinner, how much have you lost?” Brax asks staring down at his little brother with half angry half concerned eyes. 

“Brax… don’t change the subject… you guys are not going after them.” Kyle sighs quietly and tries to turn the tables around so that they weren’t talking about his health.

“Kyky what have we just finished talking about.” Haley points out wanting her boyfriend to talk about his health it was important and if it got too bad it could make it easier for Jake and his stupid gang to torment Kyle and it wasn’t healthy it was very unhealthy. She couldn’t let him do that to himself. 

“8kgs I think.” Kyle shrugs and rubs the back of his head but gets a hard stare from Andy who was the one that had picked him up. “13 kgs.” 

“Gezz Kyle, look I know that you are struggling and that what these jerks have done to you is going to take a long time to recover from, but look you can’t starve yourself, it’ll only make it worse.” Brax sighs and kneels down in front of his little brother and runs his hand through his soft brown hair. 

“I know. It’s just if I’m not eating I think about the food instead of the pain.” Kyle admits, he had to find a way to deal with the pain and having a distraction helped. But that wasn’t the only reason. Sometimes he believed all the things that Jake and his gang told him. That he was a baby, pathetic…. So he acted like it he starved himself to prove to himself that he was all of the things that they were calling him. He knew that he should be acting the opposite way but he couldn’t help it, his self esteem was shattered. It was going to take time to fully fix. 

“Kyle, please don’t do that to yourself. Please. You’re my kid brother okay. Sorry but you are the age gap is too large for you to just be a little brother and the thing about kid brothers is that big brothers are extremely protective of them, because in their eyes they are just kids. Kids aren’t meant to get hurt. In mine and Heaths eyes Ky. No one is allowed to touch you or Case. No one is allowed to hurt you and you are especially not allowed to hurt yourself. I won’t allow it, because I’m your big brother.” Brax whispers and grabs Kyle lightly and pulls him into a hug. Kyle rests his head on his shoulder. 

“Okay, you guys can help but don’t go after them intentionally, if you do you’re as bad as them.” Kyle mumbles and pulls away from Brax. 

“Kyle this is how i know, how we all know that you are above those…. Those….” Brax tries to find a word for it. 

“Bullies, Kyle this is how we know that you are above those bullies, you aren’t aiming to hurt them that they aim to hurt you. This is going to end… I’m just sorry that we couldn’t be there for you when you needed us when you were a kid.” Heath apologies finishing Braxs sentence for him. 

“Have I told you what amazing big brothers you are.” Kyle smiles lightly as both Brax and Heath throw their arms around Kyle and ruffle his hair. 

“Not nearly enough.” Heath laughs and slaps Kyle’s face lightly and Brax quickly ruffles his hair more. He was apparently trying to ‘fix it’. 

“Kyky, please eat. I need you to be there for me but for you to be there for me, you have to be healthy enough to help me. To protect me, to protect everyone.” Haley whispers to Kyle, she ran her hand through Kyle’s hair and smiles sweetly at him she knew that if it meant protecting others Kyle would do whatever it takes.

“LeyLey I want to but I can’t. Starving myself is the one thing that I have.” Kyle sighs slumping his shoulders and looking at his girlfriend. 

“Do you remember when you were 10 and I was 9 and Ethan blamed me for breaking Pips favourite vase and I missed out on dessert and was sent to my room, so you snuck out half of your dessert and gave it to me, you Pip and Marcus’ perfect child risked everything to make me happy. You always risked things to make others happy and I know the part of you is in you, all you need to do is be that strong boy again. Not just for us but for yourself. Please Kyky, you’ve got to eat.”Haley begs she pulls Kyle close and rubs their foreheads together. 

Kyle closes his eyes, he remembers that day so clearly. He was so close to being caught. 


Ten year old Kyle Bennett sat down at the table sitting across from Ethan who was smirking knowing that Haley had been punished for something that he did. Ethan glares at him angirly when he catches him staring at him. “What are you looking at geek.” He hisses at Kyle who immediately puts his head down after being yelled at. 

“Ethan, leave your brother alone, now kids I know you all feel sorry for Haley but she is being punished so none of you are to take her up any cake. Okay kids dig in.” Marcus smiles and all the kids cut up pieces of cake and start eating, Kyle was a slow eater so he was slowly making his way through the piece of cake. He looked around everyone was distracted. Pip and Marcus were clearing the table, Bella and Jacob were watching tv in the other room and all the other teenagers were on their phones so Kyle quickly grabbed a napkin and wraps the other half of his cake up and puts it in his pocket of his hoodie, he looks up and luckily everyone is still distracted. 

“May I please be excused and go and see Haley?” He asks his foster parents hoping that the answer is yes. 

“Sure sweetie go ahead.” Pip smiles and smiles sweetly at her son who sprints up the stairs. 

“I swear that he took cake.” Ethan points out as he looks up. He loved getting his brothers and sisters in trouble and getting the perfect child in trouble was his absolute favourite thing to do.

Kyle knocked on Haleys door and walks in. “Shhh, look what I brought.”  Kyle whispers and pulls out the cake. 

“Kyky, you’re going to get yourself grounded as well.” Haley hisses lightly and pulls Kyle in her room by pulling his arm hard. 

“You’re worth it, but quickly eat up, Ethan will do anything to get me in trouble and even though he didn’t see me take the cake he’ll think of it as a way to get me in trouble.” Kyle smiles lightly. He sits on the bed and reads Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets that was lying on Haleys bed while Haley quickly eats her cake and throws away the napkin which hides all evidence of cake ever being there. 

Suddenly the door opens and Marcus marches over to Kyle and grabs him by the arm and yanks him up. 

“Did you take cake to Haley?” Marcus asks angrily. Marcus was a good man, but he punished when he needed to. Kyle shook slightly hoping that he wasn’t going to get punished. 

“No! I swear, I came up here after I finished the cake.” Kyle sighs and trues his best not to shuffle. If he was caught shuffling he would be caught lying. 

“Ethan told me he caught you.” Marcus points out, he stares down at Kyle, he was trying to read the young boys face. 

“Ethan always lies, please Marcus, you’ve got to believe me. All Ethan knows is lies.” Kyle begs, he knew that when his foster dad was mad he made groundings so much worse.  

“Okay, I’m sorry Kyle.” Marcus apologises and hugs Kyle tightly. 

Haley smiles lightly at Kyle, he was a great foster brother.

End of flashback 

“Okay Ley, you know that I’ll do anything for you, even things that scare me.” Kyle admits and kisses Haley, he had to eat and he knew that all he needed was a push in the right direction. 

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Great chapter

I hope Kyle listens to his brothers and Haley and takes better care of himself.

Liked the flashback.

Update again soon :)

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Aw, poor Kyle. Very sweet of him to sneak cake to Hayley like that when they were little. Hope he sees that he can't starve himself forever. It might make him feel like he has some control but he's gonna get very sick if he doesn't eat. 

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Great chapter

Liked the flashback when Kyle sneaked upstairs with cake to take it to Hayley 

Update soon please xx

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