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  1. Very tall green ones Answers on a postcard I'm no tree surgeon
  2. And I don't want Hunter too be good so hopefully he goes back evil I still have hope
  3. I do find John's story really daft I think it even wins over Brodys story as my worse one. I have taken meditation for my Duke of Edinburgh award though so I have experienced all this you are walking through a forset before I just remembered always getting thrown out of class for laughing so much
  4. Or maybe you are the makings of a good detective
  5. Oh yes I never realised the fun possibilities that you could have with Luke going super soldier on Phoebe Jarile
  6. Thank you I'm here all week
  7. How do you make Lady Gaga Gaga cry? You poker her face Yes I know it's bad joke
  8. I'm finding I'm not really bothered about Brody he can stay away Oliva's idea was quite mad when I seen Hunter doing wheel spins in the trailer I thought they had gone to the race dirt track
  9. I will video it and upload it to youtube shall I? haha
  10. That was really funny That took the chat that someone might have with their family when they tell them that their gay to a whole new level I'm a vampire I'm going to tell my family that tomorrow see how they react Laughed at Justin doing his vampire transilvania accent it very dangerous to be taking the mick Whats eye teeth cool term though I like it Brody's fangs
  11. Thats true the worse that could happen is he might be desperate for the toilet
  12. I think Billie has far more pressing matters to worry about than Dr Beeson losing her job Nate and Tori can go amd whistle with their judgement Drinking in the long run will make VJ feel worse never the answer think of the hangover haha Again I can't help but find this all very amusing sorry if I'm not meant too
  13. Oh so the plot thickens so it looks like Mason might know Hope's attacker?
  14. Your job sounds fun Ah you see good job I'm here suppling the silly ideas
  15. I'm sure Mason would just blurt all family's secrets out anyways but yes he should check with Justin first I can't wait to hear Buddy's interview Totally off topic now from your story but I read in the Palm Beach thread that you have a aupair job whats that is it a kind of job in care? Good luck with it