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  1. Oooh is that Brody there at the end showing a interest in Catherine? Looks like a break up is on the way for Ruby and Billy though because Catherine doesn't seem too keen on a girl on girl affair with Ruby.. Oh I didn't realise if Billy were to go back to his home planet he wouldn't be able to come back to Earth that's some twist. Look forward to more
  2. I thought they were talking about Nate/ Tori and Reily I thought surely that wouldn't boost rating
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  4. Nobodys crazy enough on this show haha thanks for the feedback everyone
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  6. Hope you all enjoy this.. Chapter 10 Kyle walked bemused watching Heath with a certain amount of amusement. The world really was going all sorts of tits up crazy here Take Heath wearing a very unusual orange an Indian silk girly scarf. Kyle would have sworn that it could have all part of some bizarre dream. Maybe the result of eating too much prison mush they called food that stuff did taste quite dodgy. But no it was all true Kyle could tell because of the fluttering tickly feeling of silk billowing backward and brushing him lightly on the nose causing him to fight back the urge to sneeze. Heath turned to urge Kyle onwards towards Nate’s motorbike, which Heath had already made a mental note of putting his own stamp on reclaiming the bike as his own. Maybe he would pimp the bike out abit with sliver studded skull wheel arches. Not to mention wheels with a little more tread to them.. It was time to roll with the big boys now No longer was its aim to pansy about making doctoring home visits, now was the time to feel the force with a true biker at its handlebars. Heath smiled smugly as he wandered amongst the zombies bashing their heads in left right and centre. April was being a dirty girl today; she was becoming covered in Zombie muck blood and gore. Heath mounted the bike, and Kyle smiled. Here was his chance to mess with Heath here was the chance to get all touché feely with him and scare his poor brother out of his tree.. Kyle swung his one leg over the bike and that was as far as he got before he was tossed backwards, and was replaced by a overexcited zombie who just wanted to sniff up Billie’s scent, which wafted its way from the silky scarf that Heath wore around his greasy neck. “Kylie what the hell?” Heath groaned as the zombie pushed its rotting face intensely into the folds of the beautiful realms of Billie’s goddess scent, she really was turning out to be like the Mother or Queen of Zombies amongst the walking dead. “Kylie, Kylie what the????…KYLE KNOCK IT OFF” Heath yelled as he twirled around sending April around with a almighty thunderous crack.. “Oh god Kyle I’m sorry….” Heath watched as what he thought was Kyle’s head go smack itself off the size of a prison electrical fence. “JESUS HEATH ARE YOU OK?” Kyle yelled as he ran up to him holding the advancing zombies at bar with a discarded crossbow curtsey of one of the fallen prison team of swat guards. “Just get on you idiot and don’t go shooting me in the back with that god dam crossbow..” Kyle jumped on the back smelling the scent of Billie as he and Heath drove away from the prison. Katrina Chapman let the door of her squad car slam loudly as she stood eyeing up the house that than triggered its silent alarm. She walked slowly hearing the gravel go crunch underneath her police issued heavy boots. There was a reek of death about this place, Kat could smell the fear, she was just that switched on that alert. Kat was the best in her field. Kat was surprised that she hadn’t made it up the ranks of making it to the Sheriff of Summer Bay as of yet. What on earth was McCarthy holding back on her for The fact that he may be busy being dead and all was no excuse not in Kat’s humbled opinion and Kat was anything if not humble. Kat whipped up her six bullet chamber pistol from her holster as she witnessed Hunter running at her breathlessly. The sweat that was pouring off of him had Kat slightly turned on and as Hunter grabbed her, Kat couldn’t stop the girly heat of flirtation from flooding itself throughout her stunning model shaped body finally the flirtation built up heat came to rest at her eyebrows which started to flutter uncontrollably as Hunter looked at her with wide eyes. “Kat help me arrest me please I’m safer in jail than out here I…” “Oh Hunter please control yourself” Hunter grabbed Kat by the shoulders and started to shake her. No listen to meee Mom she was murdered right.. and then I killed Josh because you let him go for murdering my mummy how could you, you bitch, how could you? But never mind that now their back my Mom with a big gaping bullet hole in her head .how is that possible? And Josh oh my hairs so floppy and silky and wavy Barret his back too and… Andy he should be down there somewhere too and… and … I can’t find him and you would think that a guy with a giant pair of scissors sticking out his chest would not be that hard to misplace but he is Kat he is…” “Hunter I’m sure it will be fine we can go back to the station have a doughnut.” Hunter’s eyes widened as he felt the coldness of the metal from Kat’s handcuffs elope around his wrists. Kat then pushed Hunter forwards but not until he could drag her back towards the basement. “Olivia’s down there I have her tied to a chair and Tabby she’s with her and.. Josh and Mom they look slightly hungry and ready to eat them.. I need your gun Kat I need to save them well Olivia at least.” Hunter was then sent into a state of shell shocked deafness as Kat shot her grand total of six bullets off into the horde of zombies, who had obviously been attracted by her sexiness and don’t mess with me attitude. Kat stared long and hard at the end of her smoking gun not quite believing she had aimed so carelessly. Hadn’t she classed herself a sort of trigger happy sharp shooter? Who never missed a shot? A deadshot if you will. Well she hadn’t lived up to her own hype that much she was certain of. She had missed all her attended headshots and the walking dead corpses of the hellish demons were still limping towards them. “OH CRAP HUNTER RUN” Kat yelled. “I can’t run I’m handcuffed I can’t run in a mad panic without using my arms to balance myself I would fall flat on my face if I tried.” Hunter then felt the shove as Kat lunched him through the open hatch way to the basement. “YOU WILL BE SAFE DOWN THERE” Kat yelled down to him as Tabitha rolled her eyes at him. “See what running to a cop acting like a big baby gets you Hunter you back down here handcuffed very useful” Hunter watched as Josh and Charlotte started to circle around him.. Hunter could see one way out of this and that was convincing Tabitha to get Olivia to toss over her hair clip he could pick the lock of the handcuffs with that. Kat stood above and screamed and to the relief of everyone watching on the bus Kat’s screams were cut short as a bazooka soaring rocket left nothing in its wake but her smoking boots “My Gawdfather darl I don’t think that was a zombie even Blind Freddie could see that” Irene said “You’re quite right Irene I could see that indeed. Alfred my good man I think that was your town’s hard working law in forcemeat officer.” Freddie said giving Alf’s badass bazooka a stroke. “My flaming word well i killed the Sheriff...but not the flaming deputy I have always wanted to say that” Alf said getting up from the highest hilltop in the caravan park Lets go see young VJ.”
  7. Up untill Evil Evie turned out to be Smithy I was finding her quite hot is that wrong? Cut Josh a deal say yes Josh for the love of God say yes sounds like his way out So jump like a kangaroo at that offer I should Brax getting in a huff about Kyle trying to kiss Ricky and she saying Well you were dead
  8. I never liked Charile and I don't like Kat either I say bring back Jack I can't remember him as such as a useless cop
  9. Thanks for all your comments Here's my next chapter Chapter 8 “Impressive yes?” “My Gawdfather love what is that?” “My bazooka” “God save Ireland” “Well go on woman tell me what you flaming think. You can flaming stroke it if you want” Alf said He gazed upon the glorious weapon with great pride. Irene was lost within her own little world too. The fact that she found herself stood inside this wide open space that was situated underneath Alf Stewart’s Bait Shop, access having been granted by a secret passage, that she was shocked to find amongst the smelly maggots and other such desired fishing bait that swung from hooks. Irene couldn’t help but feel a little of unease she didn’t feel like she had just stepped into Narnia and if it so happened she had her childhood bed stories had been nothing but lies. Alf turned towards her “I doubt I can save Ireland from those galah’s out there, but Summer Bay well that’s my flaming duty” Irene watched as Alf walked over to a keypad on the far corner of this most bizarre styled bunker and watched as he punched in a pass code. Alf stood back, and Irene watched as his eyes glinted with childlike joy. The walls of the bunker seemed to shrink in on themselves and then were replaced with new panels on each of the different panels rested some sort of different automatic weapon. “Irene choose your flaming weapon and let’s teach these dirty mongrels a lesson” Outside as darkness started to gather a young man wearing a tux and dark black tinted shades held his hand out to shake as Alf and Irene approached.. “This is the Bait shop yes?” the man asked. “Who wants to flaming know?” Alf questioned as he held his bazooka close to his chest and Irene stood next to him holding a shotgun. “My name is Freddie the man answered not seeming to have noticed Alf and Irene’s top range first class weaponry.. “The Bait Shop’s closed right now” Alf answered back. “Oh I didn’t see the sign sorry” “Are you flaming blind?” Alf asked. Ah that’s the thing …. Here’s my card” Freddie answered back “When in a crisis call Freddie he sees all.. oh darl I hope that is true because we do find ourselves in a right prickle right about now” Irene said feeling hopeful. Freddie nodded his head and smiled. The undead couched down low some stumbling and falling face first onto the hard tarmac as they worshiped their one and only Princess Billie as she and VJ ran for the main house. Hunter had also exited the bus but he had headed straight down to the basement. He had been muttering something about a Tabby, which had confused VJ somewhat they didn’t own a cat.. Leah Zac and Sam still lurked somewhere within the house as VJ and Billie pushed the screen door to the house open and walked inside. “Mum?” VJ called. Billie tugged back on his hand as his call was answered by a loud moan soon after followed the sounds of dragging feet Leah had heard her son her little VJ and she was going to welcome him home. Phoebe gazed back towards Justin and Brody. “Look at them look at THEM MY FANS…. Ewwww get away from me Justin you smell that’s not a good aftershave for you I tell you now. I can’t be seen out in public with you smelling like pee.” “Jeez thanks Pheobs but hey listen I really do think you should have shower yourself in some too Billie said…” “Oh Billie, Billie, Billie she knows all does she? No Justin I have class I have.. “A death wish” Brody said with a smirk on his face which made Justin laugh and Phoebe frown. “I’m not going to rub any of Billie’s bodily fluids over myself, because you guys seem to think that my fans are going to turn out to be psycho’s if I don’t rub myself down with the essence of oh so angelic Billie” “Oh fine go ahead see how big of a fanbase you really have Miss I crave your attention all the time Nicolson” Justin having just reached the end of his teeter punched the button which allowed the doors on the bus to open. “Yaaaaaaaay my FANS HERE I COME” “PHOEBE” Justin and Brody both screamed out in unison as they watched Phoebe jump into the awaiting arms of the horde of zombies. For a moment Justin was glad for her it seemed that she was living the dream crowd surfing amongst the dead their dead arms holding her high and seeming to carry her throughout the crowd like a real rock star. Justin even smiled as he heard her laugher float back down to him. Phoebe’s laughter died down quickly though as she started to scream as the horde of dead hands and arms dragged her down into oblivion. Her screams that Justin told himself were the screams of joy were replaced with the sounds of zombies munching down on their chow. “Errr Justin you could have just broken up with her you really didn’t have to send her out there to become zombie treats” Brody said as he looked outside in the hope of finding Phoebe somewhere posing for a selfie. “She was always fame hungry Brody, and no she was so intense I couldn’t have ever broken up with her, and hey she might still be alive after all she’s Billie’s best friend maybe that will work in her favour.” Justin said shrugging Brody wasn’t so sure. “Phoebe’s dead isn’t she Justin?” Brody asked. Ping Justin fished his phone out of shirt pocket. “Maybe she’s even infuriating to those zombies down there as she is to the rest of us Brody maybe they won’t eat her…………..Oh…” “What, what is it?” “No you are right She’s dead here look.” Justin turned his phone around so Brody could gaze upon Phoebe Nicolson’s final ever tweet to the world it read… I’m writing this as I get mawed to death by you lot just love the Peoebester sooo much yaaaaaay hashtag bigger than Elvis. “Oh sorry Justin I….” “Ha bigger than Elvis that’s a hoot she’s not even trending. Apparently a guy who’s had a mishap with finding out he has a too short banana for his banana spilt is more popular than the legend that was Phoebe Nicolson or that’s funny” Justin walked back down th bus laughing to himself Turning Brody paid witness to another scary sight…Bianca seemed to have become overcome with the need to grind herself up against Nate’s lap. Tori glanced over and muttered something before Bianca turned smiling and said dreamily “get a whiff of that pee filled odour of his so sexy” “Don’t take the pee Bianca” He is my peeing boyfriend” Tori muttered. “I’m sorry Tori what did you say?” Bianca questioned giving the pretty doctor a look of how dare you challenge me. Ping. “Hey hey don’t fight Tori I’m more than happy to have you give me a lap dance after Bianca. Oh look hold on a second Bianca I have a tweet, Oh its Phoebe oh….oh no get my first aid kit get my stethoscope Phoebe she’s been hurt and…….Ooooow Tori what was that for? “Nate I’m sorry I just had this sudden urge to slap you I can’t think why.” Tori answered as she glared at Bianca. Nate gulped it looked like the two women were going to fight over him. Billie screamed as she brought the Greek style muszaka dish down hard on Leah’s mangled and rotting skull not giving her much time to finish tearing a chunk out of VJ’s arm. “Billie no not my Mum” Billie kicked Leah aside and fell to VJ who was turning to the shade of greyness. “Oh VJ why did you go to hug her?” “I don’t know she looked ill” “She’s a zombie VJ of course she looked ill she’s dead.” Billie said cradling VJ’s palling face in her hands “Am I going die? oh Billie I’m sorry I never meant or expected my mum to try to eat me… I soooo wanted to be a dad I’m such a dork” Billie couldn’t help but laugh at VJ’s pitiful death speech. “Hey at least I dealt with my monster of a Mother in Law” “Hey that’s my mum you’re talking about…” “Oooooooh it hurts sooooo much Billie Bill, Billie Bill, Oh Billie, Billie ooooh babe are you listening to me I’m dying” “One second oh no Phoebe she’s just been eaten according to her Twitter feed” “Oh no way…. really well that sucks Vj said seeming to forget that he was at that moment at the brink of death. Billie bent down to kiss VJ he was going to turn soon she knew that and so it would seem VJ knew that fact too because he was really going for it with this final kiss as the hunger of passion grew. Billie was good enough to eat at the end of the day VJ had always felt she was too good for him. Billie felt her tears flowing their wetness upon VJ’s infected skin hissed and popped and then fell away leaving in their absence the smooth feel of VJ’s regenerated skin. “Wow Billie I’m ok I’m alright I’m…” Billie gazed upon the patches of skin where the flesh had started to rot away VJ had gained a new found perfection of health… “I healed you my tears they…. I can’t believe it” Billie said as she pulled VJ to his feet. “Phew good job I didn’t die” VJ said brushing himself off. “Yes it is you sounded like a right Mummy’s boy and do you know throughout all your whinging you didn’t say you loved me once?” Billie laughed pushing VJ playfully as she did so “Yeah sorry about that but hey I can officially say now that if there’s one thing that you would need to survive a zombie apocalypse it’s a Billie. Everybody should have a Billie. Oh and I do you know love you” VJ said smiling. Billie’s look of dreaminess at her boyfriend’s appreciation switched to horror as they heard the approach of Zac and Sam creep up behind them. Hunter stood before Tabitha Olivia tied to a chair behind her. “Well what’s the problem has she agreed to date me again yet?” Tabitha walked slowly around Olivia. “We have bigger problems than trying to force sweet sexy Olivia to date one of us Hunter” Tanilba answered coldly. “Oh we do Tabby such as? I have just seen a tweet from Phoebe saying she’s been eaten but other than that I say again what other problems could we have?” Hunter asked impatiently. Tabitha pointed slowly over the pit of bodies that had been Hunter’s real pet project Hunter gaped wide eyed as Charlotte King his Mother and her murderer Josh Barret arose from their slumber. Kyle Braxton lay upon his bunk Heath better hurry and soon the riot police zombies outside his cell door were banging to get inside and Kyle was getting bored Once boredom set in he often found himself trailing down his twitter feed but there was never anything good on there that was until he noticed Phoebe’s bigger than Elvis tweet Kyle laughed he had played many gigs with her and he had loved Phoebe but even he couldn’t deny she was a massive bell end. Then remembering where he was Kyle looked fearfully towards his cell door and willed Heath to appear
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  14. You could say you had a abit of a computer catastrophe