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  1. Chapter 16 Heath’s grip around April’s bloodied slick wooden form suddenly felt very alien too him. Ironic really that given that most of the beings stood around him were in fact just that alien, Chris and Tori stood just behind him. “Thanks for the text about Billie’s baby Justin” Tori said, Justin breathily shouted his reply. Tori smiled and felt a sudden sadness for Justin, throughout all their time on this planet Justin hadn’t really mastered the language of these humans bless him. Tori was just thankful Justin had been lucky enough to date such a self importance self centred show off such as the world famous Phoebe Nicolson. Phoebe had been so wrapped up in herself that she never really listened to the nonsense that sprouted from her boyfriend’s mouth. Amusing and cruel as it might be Phoebe had sounded barely any different to Justin when she sang. Maybe that was why Justin had liked her so much they both a problem with breath control. Chris patted a panting Heath on the back, while Irene with years and years of cleaning up yucky messes and spills in the diner ran to mop up the drops of blood from Heath’s dripping baseball bat. Heath had swung April into Bianca’s face as she had come for her final biting attack at himself, Chris and Tori. Looking back on it now it was like the two Scott sisters had finally come to blows over him, and secretly Heath was very happy that April had won the well fraught fight April had always at the end of day always been the prettier of the two. Alf turned towards Tori and nodded. Irene gathered up her mop and bucket and went to stand next to Alf. Tori stepped forwards and as for everybody who was watching her it suddenly dawned on them at how remarkably normal Tori looked. The young doctor had no stand out features, yes she had beauty and nice hair and a sort of calming penance about her, but she just looked in that moment like a blank canvas totally forgettable in a crowd, she was just too normal too human, that was until she opened her mouth looked up to the roof and howled the loudest deepest fog horn manly howl ever to made by a any woman ever. Tori’s small mouth had doubled in size allowing it to open very, very wide. Justin stepped forwards and started to witter away in his nonsense shouty breathy language everybody stared the guy was passionate and really committed to what he wanted to say but nobody had the slightest clue at what he was waffling on about. Justin stomped his feet hard and threw his hands up above his head as VJ, Billie Chris Heath and even Alf shot him a look as if to ask are you alright. Justin looked around for Brody but he was too far gone with cooing at the cute little alien baby still clamped around Kyle’s nibbles to even notice Justin getting rather outraged. Justin gave Tori a quick tap on her shoulder stopping her mid fog horn howl and muttered something to her and then stood next to her looking sweaty and sheepish. Tori tried to clear her throat before she spoke but it was no good the deep tone to her voice couldn’t be shifted, meaning when she started to explain what Justin had been saying her voice sounded just like she was doing her best Barry White impression. “JUSTIN WAS JUST SAYING DO NOT BE AFRAID. I AM JUST BREAKING THROUGH THE SOUND BARRIER. I AM HOMING IN ON THE MOTHERSHIP’S DOCKING STATION.” Tori boomed in her manly alien Barry White type voice, she then tilted her back up to looking at the roof and continued her loud wailing signalled homing call to their home planet. “What are you saying what mother ship what is this crap?” Heath asked Alf looked to him and said rather half heartily.. “We have been right flaming galahs myself and Irene here we have flaming failed to stop these munching zombie wombats.” “I still have April here give me five minutes with her and.. well you know Heath said winking. “No Heath its time for us to be flaming wusses and run away SummerBay is doomed.”. Ireland’s alright though darl they haven’t infected there quite yet.. Mummy Morag wants us home though she was never any fun always strict” Irene said looking grumpy. Alf took his big straw sunhat from off his head.. Irene stepped forwards and smacked a spoon hard off the top of his shiny balding head Alf’s head spilt open to reveal a big red shiny button which simply said blast off. “Oh yeah I do like to press myself a huge red button” Chris said jumping forward. Tori stopped her moaning closed her gaping mouth and went back to looking as normal as can be. Chris pressed the big red button and watched as Alf’s head slotted itself back together then there was a rumble and a bang and… SummerBay house lifted above the ground and hovered there in midair before blasting itself into the great beyond.
  2. Love the fact that Josh and Kyle didn't put it past Brax to rat himself out because he needed more than toy cars in his life.. Hmmm Abit of foreshadowing there at the start with Bianca sending Heath all those happy baby and chocolate cake photos methinks Heath won't be there for a the 3D baby scan either.. I have never heard of those My 3D imagey isn't that great are they impressive? Oh yeah back to the chapter short the inspector clouseau in me says that something bad has happened to Heath.. Heath can step forward his time of suffering begins now Very good update
  3. Phoebe wouldn't be my first choice of person to tell my secrets too Brody better keep his close to his chest
  4. Thank you for all your cool comments Hope you like this one Chapter 9 In haste to Matt’s requested desire for a taco and he had found himself craving to breath and experience the freshness of outside world again Oscar bounded forwards with a slight skip to giddy excitement. Oscar had been confined to that one bedroom hidden behind the dusty old bookcase even since he had nearly run himself down with his very own taco truck. Oscar and Maddy had been pretty much lovers very own dream couple, having had gone into the taco business together. In the insane hope of it helping them both out. Maddy with her dream of one day becoming a world famous one armed acrobat with a hope of travelling with the circus and getting to see the world, and Oscar’s dream of funding his dream of maybe working for NASA and getting to actually fly a ship like the Star Trek Enterprise one day. Yes maybe they were blinded by how far owning a taco business would go to achieving and making their dreams happen, but they were both kids living on cloud nine at the time. Oscar never would have thought that he would one day pull into Hunter and Olivia’s dreamy undergrowth swampland to be nearly killed and nearly mowed down by his very own fast food truck and end up getting saved by somebody who became crazy when they were stressed out. Oscar hadn’t seen or experienced fresh air in a long while and here was a chance to maybe escape. The taco truck was old and rusted by now and it sat behind some spiky looking brambles. Oscar had heard the loud creaks of its doors as Hunter had often helped himself and would come to his study sessions with a mouthfuls of mushed up taco where if Oscar got one question wrong he would laugh in Oscar’s face treating him to a shower of half chewed taco. Now was the time for Oscar not to give two hoots whether Hunter discovered what X and Y would answer. Oscar bolted past everyone like he was a rabbit caught in high beamed headlights and ran for the huge oak pined wooden doors. The misted foggy air caught him off guard The sounds of the outside world had grown scary too to his ears. Billie’s screams carried far it seemed The sounds of her screams entwined themselves together with that of a apeman screams. Making it sound even more freaky and haunted to Oscar, as he gazed back. If Matt wanted this taco so badly he was going to have to venture out on this journey too, Plus Matt had a six foot boxing kangaroo to add to the bargain something that Oscar was sure would come in handy when fending off scary swamp ghosties and ghouls. Oscar motioned for him to follow him out. Oscar flinched slightly at the overwhelming sight as Matt and his kangaroo hopped outside. VJ watched with open awe as Marty Ash seemed to think it was a good and sport man’s like idea to jump about gloating that he had won the conker match. The fact that he had chosen to do so underneath a conker tree was ironic in itself, and with a certain brainwashed murderous axeman wandering about the trees at that very moment practising his tree bark chopping skills that extra shiny sharpen axe had found its way into the trunk of the low hanging conker tree in which Marty Ash danced his victory dance. John laughed wildly as countless amounts of conkers rained down bonking Marty Ash’s skull so hard that the apeman was now watching a circle of yellow tweeting birds spin around his monkey brained head. VJ seeing his chance to grab Luc ran over but he found Marty Ash’s grip around the little girl iron tight so with a quick glance over to Rennie, VJ watched as she seemed to have decided to take a mud bath and was washing beneath her armpits. VJ had a sudden light bulb moment at this sight and quickly ticked Marty Ash’s sweaty armpits not the most pleasant experience for VJ but seeing as it was for his daughter VJ ignored the ponking smell of monkey man moron sweat Marty Ash’s armpits until the ape monkey man fell to the ground laughing so very hard VJ quickly grabbed Luc and ran towards the screams of what he thought were coming from Billie. Oscar and Matt had wandered a far from the house one would think one would spot a huge taco truck out here in the jungle one would think it would stick out like a sore thumb, but everywhere there was just thick clouds of mist Oscar and Matt were blind Matt could only hope that the Kangaroo wouldn’t bounce itself off a tree and knowing their luck the tree would be the home to a hornet’s nest. VJ ran, Billie screamed she had been lucky though; a strand of her lustful hair had become caught in branch of a low hanging spiderlike tree. The quicksand was sucking at her muscular legs but couldn’t quite home in on its great sucking skills. Little bubbles popped as the sand seemed to choke at the effort. Thank goodness I train at the gym Billie thought as she thought she seen VJ standing at the bank looking worried. “Hold on Bill I will get you out” VJ called. Oscar and Matt came out of the trees looking lost and confused but feeling great relief at hearing voices, and then Oscar saw Billie and smiled. “Hey Matt look Billie she’s oh no she shouldn’t be out there” Oscar said throwing his shoes and socks down to the mud and dashing forwards. He turned to tell Matt not to follow him and was surprised to see no sign of Matt or his kangaroo they had mysteriously vanished Oscar hadn’t heard any distress from them but he had been watching Billie so who could really blame him for misplacing Matt Page and his six foot kangaroo. VJ glanced across the bank to see Oscar standing there. “I can’t get to her can you?” VJ yelled. Oscar pointed down and VJ followed his finger and gulped there in the murky swamp water were giant mushroomed shaped toadstools. Try those VJ you used to play Super Mario right? I will try and go and find you a rope of some kind Oscar said before he ran off he waass hoping he would come across Matt too and as he gazed at the ground to see where he placed his running feet Oscar saw like claw marks in the dirt Something serious seemed to have happened to Matt. “VJ quickly they are sinking” Billie warned as VJ gazed towards the closest bobbing up and down huge floating mushroom. “Well this sucks” VJ said as he stepped out on the first mushroom and wobbled “Yes that’s because its quickland” Billie yelled back. VJ fell forwards smacking his stomach against another of the mushrooms. “Oh my hero” Billie cooed over to him. “Always Billie always” VJ said through clenched teeth while wincing from the pain. “Oh no, no dada make boo boo” Luc said clapping her hands and splashing him lightly in the face. “Here Dada you help Mama with this hissy stick” Luc said VJ took it without thinking about it and yelled “Grab this Bill” VJ yelled. Olivia and Evie hid behind Hunter, yes he may have just confessed to the kidnapping of Oscar but at that moment in time he wasn’t the scariest of the two psychos’ that Evie and Olivia found themselves with, John Palmer had made it back up to the house and he was wielding his big shiny axe above his head “Take your best chop John I dare you” Hunter spoke with a menacing tension that matched with the death like stare he gave the insanely wild eyed grinning John.
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  6. Haha this made me of those big coulorful POW BAM punches that showed up every time Batman punched anyone from the 1960's tv show
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  8. I might have to catch up with this killer Andy sounds cool to me haha.. Writers block if you can think of your ending and few like main key scenes in the story. You can work towards them helps with throwing twists into as well I'm not a expert though
  9. I would love to go there Haunted houses anything like that sounds like a adventure to me The view of a swamp too would be really cool better than oh look another mountain
  10. Thank you for all your comments I never realised that this story would bring so much talk of kangaroo's Chapter 8 Breakfast with all its highly fuelled dramatics of Hunter’s sudden banquet fits of outrage and flip outs had come to a end. John was nowhere to be seen so his role of being handyman as it turned it wasn’t very handy, so everyone just wandered or in Matt’s case hopped away leaving all the dirty bowls and dishes pied high on the long king’s banquet styled dinning table. Hunter had been guided away to a large red leathered chair where he so often sat pulling his hair out as he tried to study for the HSC. Olivia sat on his lap massaging his soft blond hair she could tell that her boyfriend’s stress levels were about to go through the roof. Olivia didn’t know why but the mention of Oscar had seemed to trigger Hunter’s insane Norman Bates styled outburst. Evie stood at the foot of the long and winding bookcase of the library area, and was rubbing her finger down the spine of large book. The book hadn’t only caught her eye because it spoke of Vietnam a place she wanted to visit one day, the book also stuck out at a strange like angle. Hunter sat gazing at her with a certain amount of sheer built up rage. Evie couldn’t help but think that Hunter wanted her to lift her hand from the book her fingers were ever so slowly caressing and walk away, and she was about to do that, but instead she had ended up jumping and pushing the book back into its slot on the bookcase. The thumbing padded floppy furry feet of Matt’s kangaroo had startled her, and now because of that the loud interlocking click that had been caused by the books movement had caused a deep rumbling causing the whole bookcase to quiver and shake. Matt rubbed at his stomach to make sure that the rumbles weren’t that of hunger pains, those cornflakes had tasted pretty vile in his new found source of kangaroo manky tasting teat milk. The bookcase opened revealing a large wide bedroom, There in the room there was a bed and upon that bed there was a startled looking Oscar, who looked at everyone with a look of scared emotion on his face, like he had just been caught watching porn or something. “Errrr hello” Oscar ventured to say he quickly glanced across at Hunter to see a look of fury on his face. Oscar tensed up even more as Matt and his six foot kangaroo leaped through the passageway to greet him, just as a dog would act to seeing and greeting new guests to your home the kangaroo seemed to be overjoyed by the sight of Oscar, it bounded about excitedly on its hind legs like they were pogo sticks. Matt would have greeted Oscar with joy if he wasn’t feeling like he was about to puke up everywhere thanks to the force of motion sickness he was feeling. Evie was next to run inside and went straight to showering Oscar with hugs and kisses Hunter stalked in behind followed by a confused looking Olivia. VJ sat in a clearing the smooth rock felt cold against his butt cheeks. But other than that the day was turning out nice and sunny. VJ’s meaty sturdy conker showed great promise of certain victory as it dangled from its strong string. The string looked to be forged from a very rubbery and stretchy jungle like weed. VJ sighed he had watched Marty Ash circle and beat his chest for a number of countless surreal minutes now and it was growing tiresome. Rennie sat hunched over next to VJ and every so often tilted her old haggled eyes upwards to roll at Marty Ash. Luc sat high gazing down at them from upon high amongst the branches of large coconut tree. “Me Marty Ash best conker fighter ever VJ rolled his eyes but was suddenly taken by surprise as Marty Ash sent a almighty striking earth shattering shot to his conker. “Oscar what, why are you here? I thought you were a ghost or something?” As in a way to answer Evie’s question Oscar let out a yelp of surprised fright as his face was treated to a cold watery long lick of moist foulness as the long pink tongue of Matt’s kangaroo worked its way down the skin of his cheek. “Eww kangaroo slime” Oscar moaned. “If you think that was bad dude you should try sitting in it It’s gooier that a chocolate cream egg in here” Matt called from the depths of his pouch. “OSCAR YOU ARE ALIVE” Evie yelled happily. “Of course he is” Hunter muttered. “You knew but Oscar died ran down by high speeding taco truck.” Evie said “Did somebody mention taco’s?” Matt asked popping his head out of the high rising kangaroo pouch. “Hunter pushed me out of the way and…..” “Then I made everyone think he was dead” Hunter finished. “Why?” Olivia asked. “You of all people know what I’m like when I’m stressed out Liv. I turn bat**** crazy and this is all down to you anyways” Hunter said glaring at her. “What why is this my fault?” Olivia said glaring back at him. “You have been nagging me to work harder on my HSC, and I’m not brainy like you. I’m brainy in a different way yes, in the way of plotting my revenge against people thinking as psychopaths do and that takes a lot out of me It takes a lot to be unhinged and seem normal and have friends. I haven’t got the understanding to be able or care to take silly things such as exams I needed Oscar’s help” Hunter said. Olivia wandered over to him and pulled him into a hug. “Hunter kidnapped me so you would stop nagging him about the HSC Olivia and the worse of it all was he said if I didn’t agree to help him he would destroy every piece of Star Trek merchandise that I owned. Its taken me years to collect all that stuff” Oscar said gazing up at Evie’s stunned expression of anger. “So is somebody going to go fetch me a taco or not? Matt asked as a way to ease the tension VJ swung his conker but to his horror his conker came away worst for wear Marty Ash laughed. Billie crept through the swampland glancing quickly behind at the muddy trail of muddy footprints she had left. There were haunting sounds of whispers blending themselves into the murkiness of the dark dank feel of the frosty early morning air… There came the sounds of a light angelic sounding voice with it, it carried songs of delight and hope but at the same time of dread. Billie could also hear what sounded to be conkers smashing into each other from somewhere up ahead in the distance The conker smashing sound was followed by a deep like monkey laugh. The Galah monster named Phoebe watched the pretty girl from the depths of her lair. Phoebe was angry, the human they called John had seemed able to fight against her mind soul destroying control somehow, and wandered out here into the forest. John still had his readied shiny axe yes but the only thing he was murdering at the moment were trees. Phoebe wanted bloodlust not tree bark, she sighed watching as Billie walked into a pool of quicksand and started to sink. VJ’s conker was spilt down the middle and he watched in horror as it fell away from the weeded jungle string. “Haha you lost Marty Ash won” The apeman pulled himself quickly upward on a jungle vine and collected Luc from atop of the coconut tree and swung away. The splats of mud that Rennie were flinging towards him did not much to slow his pace. VJ had lost his and Billie’s beloved daughter he could almost hear Billie’s screams as he thought about it almost or now come to think of it were her screams real? Billie screamed as the quicksand tighten its sucking forceful grip around her slim built body she was alone and lost and without much hope of rescue that much she realised.
  11. I might be making this up again But I think it has something to do with Billie's ex Dean or was it Sam I don't remember which weren't they are drugs or something it was either that or Billie was being abused I remember Brax and Ash hunting for Dean down in the mines to try a find Billie or something like that Wasn't Brax framed for Dean's murder by Sam? As I said before far to many drug stories on the show they all kind of melt into one haha Well look forward to your next chapter
  12. Justin always sounds half drunk or stoned too me so its funny well it amuses me I like his character just for those reasons alone haha
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  14. Like Hogwarts by instead of becoming a wizard you become one with the kangaroo's or something I don't like milk at the best of times so thanks for the teat facts haha
  15. Haha to be fair I hadn't thought about the milk being warm..But as it turns out I got it right with it tasting bad...I remember back at college we could have little carton of milk to drink if we wanted them but they were always put by the window so on a sunny day they would go bad in the sunshine I can tell you there wasn't anything at all natural tasting about that ewww