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  1. Is her movie out Worldwide? Its a horror supernatunal one right? Its a shame I thought she might have pulled through
  2. If Vinne came back so would VJ hopefully
  3. Ah Very good I had thought about saying something like this but thought I might get told off
  4. Oh right so this is sort of good news I thought Jessica was fighting on. Maybe she was put into a redued coma and they are hoping for her to wake up now?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. They need to build it up naturally and not stick two random people together who haven't even spoken too each other Ash and Tori even when they aren't fighting are soooo sickly sweet its painful Ryder Coco Pops or Raffy they could work on either of those two I think it would work out there. Oh and Justin's girlfriends need to stop leaving him so hopefully this new woman whats her name? Hopefully she sticks around. I'm not bothered about the show being at its roots just make the stories good.. But get rid of characters like Robbo now. Hopefully he goes or has a good reason to stick around please everyone don't just forgive him I expect to see him and Ash go surfing together haha
  8. They need to work on investing time and effort into building up relationships with the couples and not just have them breaking up or taking a age to get together.
  9. It seems a few of the cast arent having much luck latety Hopefully Cornelia is better soon
  10. Past, Present and Future

    I think I would class Raffy more mature than Tori So yes I don't think she will be that bothered about her moving in with Ash. Has Raffy interviewed Tori yet I can't remember? Maybe interview her before she leaves be abit harder to do so when she's loved up with Ash Oh Happy New Year too you..
  11. I would add Brody's drug battle to the misses I didn't enjoy that and John's childhood was quite silly I agree with Mason and Beth being a hit but for a totally different reason It was great comedy at times for me from Mason shaking Brody like a ragdoll that was a great scene Yep Scary Mick was a miss I agree with that too.. I would add VJ's exit to that done for shock vaule but didn't make much sense with Scary Mick leaving the day afterwards
  12. New year New Beginning

    You don't like Justin much do you?
  13. Matt Page - Alec Snow

    Phoebe should have stayed with Justin or became a really famous popstar. I'm sure she could have done both haha
  14. Ghost Sight

    So has Roman died and is that the final story in the series? It can't be surely? After all the villans that Roman has faced his killed by a car? At least Pete and Charlie had a happy ending. I have enjoyed your stories your a very good writer

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