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  1. Starved Of Fear

    No I'm sorry I should of said that was very wise of you to spot Naa its ok
  2. Starved Of Fear

    Thank you but you will have too stop being so flattering because I might just get a big head that might just burst like a balloon I hope not I'm not writing this story for the next 27 years
  3. Starved Of Fear

    Oh thats clever of you to spot
  4. Starved Of Fear

    Thanks for your comments Chapter 2 Brody Morgan’s mind consisted of many imaginable thoughts and fantasies and often his wistful mind created characters of sheer wonderment and intrigue. In truth Brody did this as a way to be able to cope with the realisation that he just didn’t have that many friends bar Phoebe, and with how their last encounter had ended up playing out Brody could either plonk himself down at the foot of the massive conker tree that housed Phoebe’s tree house/ retreat away from him amongst the branches or Brody could just give her time to break through her whiny mood. Brody didn’t know much about girls other than they were very pretty to gaze upon. But there starts the problems of realising that you end up finding other girls prettier than the rest of them and then you want to hold their hands and kiss them maybe on the cheek or heavens behold even on the lips but to do so you first need to interact with one of their species. Then the drama begins and often well in Phoebe’s case anyways they start to get very, very angry with you for some odd reason. Brody couldn’t deny that he found real life quite the drag and to boot it was also very scary, with all its unseen pesky little gems. So that was why Brody lived most of his life confined inside a see through fantasy bubble of make believe. It was inside this bubble that Brody found that all the characters and friends he dreamt up came to life as hallucinations. So that is what makes this next part feel like just the run of the mill for Brody. Brody was pedalling his way home from the circus looking like the grumpiest most glummest looking clown your ever want to meet. When the echoes from the spooky long grey drainpipe rumbled and shook as the young boy pumped his tiny skinny legs to gain enough speed so he could just go gliding on past the clunking noise of the pipe. Suddenly Brody gazed over his shoulder as his bike skidded to a stop. Out of the drainpipe Brody watched as a zig zagging ziggy wiggy type fairy flew and came to sit on his handlebars. of his bike. Using her wand where a sliver star was fixed to the end of it the fairy blew fairy dust into Brody face, making him suddenly sneeze. The small fairy giggled and flew level with his nose, gave it a quick kiss and then started an odd jingly dance. “Ziggy’s the name oh yes it is. I soar I see I surf the swampy sewerage pipes of SummerBay’s drainage systems. You would be very surprised at what floats within its murky mucky currents of shi…..” “Yes thank you” Brody said cutting her off. No way was he going to allow one of his hallucinations to have such a potty poo poo mouth of such vulgar language. “Oooh I say aren’t you Mr Serious may I ask why soooooooooo serious lets put a smile on that face of yours eh With a tiny winey little magical fairy dust goodness” Ziggy said flying a few metres away from Brody’s face “Oh buzz off you fairy” Brody moaned trying to shoo Ziggy away with his hand. “What did you say to me Morgan? You better watch out or I will start to think you were asking for a knuckle sandwich.” shouted Robbo another fellow circus performer. Brody watched as the muscled goth boy bully came out of the shadows of the tunnel of the underpass bridge where the subway ran beneath. Robbo’s two sidekicks followed behind laughing. Robbo was a Lion tamer ironic really given he insisted he enjoyed it even if he screamed at the sight of one of those man eating giant cats. Robbo claimed his screams were of sheer delight and joy every single time the circus ring master asked if he was going to be able to cope. Robbo brushed this side denying the ring master that he had a heart wrenching fear of cats in general never mind the ones that were likely to eat you. Pussycats were as scary too him But Robbo had to withhold his tough guy reputation he was the town’s bully amongst the kids when all was said and done. Robbo also claimed to have a photographic memory too and was told quite bluntly that yes that would be a very useful skill to have in the circus. Robbo missed the ring master’s sarcasm. Lena Robbo’s left hand sidekick was a young girl, who had taken the job of being someone who enjoyed getting sawed in half but the only problem there was she hated the sight of blood. Zannis Robbo’s right hand sidekick was very good at hiding in plain sight. His fear though was that he didn’t really enjoy the hiding part that came with that role, what if he just faded away forgotten and lost one day. “Talking to yourself Morgan were you?” Robbo asked stepping forwards pounding some grit into his skin of his clenched fist as he advanced Brody. Lena and Zannis followed suit looking very menacing. “Guys come on now let me get passed” Brody said rolling his bike forwards. “We only want to have some fun aren’t clowns supposed be fun?” Lena asked. Eyelashes fluttered as she said this as though she might have been trying to flirt. Brody didn’t know for sure girls were very strange to try and flirt when you are bullying someone was just odd. “Zannis its your turn to mock this loser” Robbo said turning. “Zannis, Zannis where are you? Oh come on now man come out of those shadows stop hiding and stop showing off” Robbo said rolling his eyes. Yeah but tell me the truth you couldn’t see me could ya Robbo my man and yet those shadows were very scary and dark” Zannis said shaking. “I will cut you” Lena said jumping forwards with her flip pocket knife. “Lena babe that’s my knife” “Oh yeah sorry Robbo” Robbo then lunged forward and slashed at Brody’s bike tyres. Brody managed to move the bike back to miss the attended attempt of the knife lunged slash attack. This was a BMX bike and Brody wasn’t going to let the likely hoods of Robbo damage her. Brody was now standing at the wide dark gaping hole of the drainpipe and he found a red balloon in the back of his clown pants, and huffing and puffing he quickly blew it to its maximum size. “What are you doing weirdo?” Zannis asked laughing. Lena removed her hair clip and is just about to pop the balloon when suddenly it goes BANG. Robbo, Zannis and Lena glanced around but Brody was nowhere to be seen. and Brody stayed that way as in gone, missing, faded to nothing more than a memory for the next twenty seven years. There have been other disappearances since Brody’s last known sighting though and a great number of disappearances all of which are all very mysterious.
  5. Home and Away Survivor

    Heath Braxton - 28(+1) Casey Braxton - 28 Kyle Braxton - 28(1-) Ruby Buckton - 32 Phoebe Nicholson - 26 ELIMINATED Darryl Braxton Isla Schultz Ricky Sharpe Tamara Kingsley Bianca Scott Natalie Davison Denny Miller Charlie Buckton Sasha Bezmel
  6. No I have found this year to be quite depressing to be honest.
  7. Release

    Oh and as for Déwei hope he will be released from his toument of making dildos soon I'm finding it hard to come up with a negative to that Oh yes his children being taken away thats a big one
  8. Release

    Isn't just the way you plan to settle down with a good boxset you hit play and then the doorbell goes and then you open the door to a person like Josh Mr downer who ruins your whole evening I normally take Josh's side but oh my I feel for Ben he really is the cat amongst the pigeons He really doesn't realise the drama he has invited into his life with the Braxtons Oh and Josh is one fit fellow running 5k impressive and he wasn't breathless or anything what a champ
  9. Home and Away Quiz

    Thank goodness for that I would be a crap quiz master
  10. Home and Away Quiz

    Yeah but don't you have to win to do that?
  11. A love to last a lifetime

    Is there a reason why everyone's sick? twenty five doctors have been called in I have never seen that hospital so crowded
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  13. PumpkinHead

    Irene was the mother to her dragon so there you go. I don't watch GOTs that closely to get that clever with it
  14. Starved Of Fear

    I think you might be disappointed
  15. Home and Away Quiz

    So 6 out of 10 Not too bad