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  3. 1996 Episode Discussion

    I was watching Shane and Angel's last week together and the foreshadowing in the episode before he dies is so poignant and sort of underlines what it is I used to love about the show. There was always an emotionally endearing under current, the music during that scene when Shane tells Angel that 'he'll never leave her' is so 'on point'. I hope these episodes return soon!
  4. 30th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Box set?

    The way forward is uploading to the internet and cashing in on the money the uploads would earn through advertising over time. Releasing box sets is a very old fashioned and expensive way to release the show now and probably wouldn't be worth it considering only a very small percentage of fans would purchase them.
  5. It's not unusual for them to re-create the theme for promotional purposes, they did it back in 1999 too:
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  7. I think it's fair to say she was unusually chirpy considering she was at Ailsa's wake. Leah had also grown quite close to Ailsa during 2000 so for them both to be giggling was just distasteful and disappointing.
  8. Almost everyone knows what Home and Away is and have at least watched it at some point, so from that stand point yes it probably is the most iconic soap. We don't look at soaps the way a lot of British people seem to do though, I doubt the general public would refer to it as 'iconic'. The TV industry over here doesn't really look at soaps as legitimate drama either, there is/used to be a snobbery about soaps for whatever reason.
  9. Ailsa's death was one of the worst and most cold exits for any character let alone a series favorite. They completely wasted what could have been one of the most memorable deaths and I think they did that because about six months earlier they had just killed Ken off, they probably didn't want to concentrate on a death all over again - but Ailsa's could have been a lot more in depth and emotional.
  10. I can't stand Angel

    I think all of that has been totally blown out of proportion.
  11. I can't stand Angel

    I think the writers gave Angel a bit of a personality shift in 1995. Or maybe they were reverting back to what they had in mind for the character when she first arrived - where she seemed a little more argumentative and strongly opinionated. Angel was so likeable during 1994 and I loved watching her screen time with Shane - but by the middle of 1995 I agree that she had become quite annoying. Watching it for the second time round with more of an adult perceptive I think she had the symptoms of someone who is clinically depressed, but obviously that was never addressed on screen so if you're basing it on what was shown on screen I see it like the car accident/being paralyzed gave her control issues and she felt defensive and always needing to protect herself from any possible hurt. She was pretty infuriating the way she treated Shane and I wish they had given him more of a backbone so that there was a balance, instead of just accepting her unreasonable attitude towards him, but Angel really overshadowed Shane during 1995 which I disliked. I think towards the end of 1995 they pulled back on Angel's over the top reactions and she became a lot more likable again thankfully, I think they managed to turn her around by 1996 and she was a lot more balanced, stressing where she needed to stress, but being reasonable & caring (back to how she was in 1994). But overall I do agree that her flipping out became tedious and irritating during mid 1995.
  12. Diversity

    That's pretty pathetic. I assume the 'suits' are mostly not creative and just deal with commercial TV as a business and the corporate world is littered with inflated egos, ignorance and arrogance (Imo) so it's not surprising really. They were obviously out of tune with what viewers actually wanted to see.
  13. To be honest I think Alf was a much stronger and more interesting character when he wasn't considered a 'linchpin' and was just one of the cast in his own home living his own life - with Ailsa. My interest in Alf has never been the same as it was when Ailsa was alive and he ran his own businesses, which sort of suggests to me that the writers haven't successfully been able to develop Alf as a character in his own right and have sort of allowed his longevity and 'linchpin' status to carry him. They could have done so many other things with Alf over the past 17 years but he's just felt very unsettled Imo which is why he's never been a strong enough reason for me to continue watching, I don't feel attached to him whereas I used to feel like I knew him, I don't anymore because he's just been badly, or boringly, developed over the years. His relationship with Ailsa allowed us to see multiple sides to his character which gave him a lot more depth. Losing Fisher also damaged the flow of his character and contributed to him drifting. I think he gained his 'linchpin' status around 2005 but it was further cemented when Sally left in 08.
  14. 7TWO Transmission Discussion

    It sounds more like they just don't trust you anymore and are irritated that you broke their trust, which isn't surprising. You can't expect people to be kind and generous to you if you gossip about them. Hope it returns in November!
  15. 7TWO Transmission Discussion

    I'm enjoying going back to 94, definitely would love to have continued with 1996 and beyond though - there was a lot to look forward to and I really wanted to re-live the show cruising through the late 90's, would have been so nostalgic.

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