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  2. I can back that previous claim up about them saying they could 'never' repeat them - that was a fair few years back now, and it was either the switchboard or a statement made in a Q&A on the official site. Point is that it was a claim made by those who weren't actually in a position to give a proper answer to the question anyway, and probably didn't make much attempt to find out. The difference this time is, we have an actual person behind the statement, as opposed to a faceless switchboard operator telling people whatever answer they feel like giving today. So personally I wouldn't just dismiss it as a complete lie from the off. The original agreement drawn up for the episodes had a restriction stating how many times they could be aired before a new agreement had to be made (presumably to cover residuals - the money paid to cast members etc.). They've already reached that maximum number for this upcoming batch, so to air them would mean negotiating new agreements and forking out more money. It doesn't appear to be a case of any particular cast changes causing the issue, but I did realise that episodes due to be aired as part of this new batch on 7TWO next month, are the same exact episodes that started off a repeat run on ITV2(?) in the UK back in the early 2000s. If it is indeed the case that the number of runs originally agreed on this batch of eps has already been reached, then that could be part of the explanation....? That's only speculation of course, but it seems quite coincidental otherwise. Whilst we didn't quite reach those episodes, they could well have known it was approaching and decided on an appropriate cut-off point (Shane's death). I know there's been earlier eras repeated before also, but we can't be sure that they had the exact same restrictions as those made for this batch in 1996 and onwards (possibly the beginning of the 1996 production cycle) Now it does seem that a new agreement was reached in Australia last year for repeats, and whilst it only applies for new programming, it has also set up a framework which would simplify the process for re-negotiating contracts for archival programmes.There's an article here that backs up what has been said about old agreements having restrictions on playouts, and this article concentrates what it means for older programmes. Whilst it does mean that such processes are easier, it's still a lot of work for a show like H&A, which would require what I imagine to be a sizeable payout.
  3. Having been away, I'm not going to respond to other comments that have made in here recently and instead concentrate on the important stuff. With 7TWO not responding, I went higher up still. As a result, we finally have an official reason as to why the transmissions have stopped...which at least is one of the things we wanted... but the news alongside it isn't good at this moment in time. http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2017/06/22/home-away-early-years-update/
  4. If it's on your own profile then it should just be a case of clicking the Options dropdown at the bottom of the post. If it's a comment on someone else's then I don't believe you can delete them yourself. If it's absolutely vital for something to be removed then it can be reported to a mod as a last resort.
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  6. We were told a "couple of weeks" by Seven, so we simply passed on the message verbatim. Obviously that's not really an exact window of time. But now that the latest schedules show it to be off-air for at least 4 weeks, we've made further enquiries with another contact far higher up at Seven - who's forwarded our request for clarification directly to 7TWO's programming department. We're awaiting a reply.
  7. Maybe they're gradually re-SORASing her... after the initial SORAS and de-SORAS too far into the other direction... so by the time she leaves she'll be the age she was supposed to be all along At least they got the time of year right....that's something I guess....however small
  8. Don't keep encouraging him please... more than enough about certain storylines was said at the time. You can also debate all you want about real-life convictions with each other via PM, but lets not have any more of it in here. It has nothing to do with the episodes and only leads to tasteless and potentially libellous comments being made.
  9. 'Edit to Add' With funerals and other big events, it's not just a case of ringing up all the actors and telling them to come back. Sometimes they can't return, sometimes they don't want to, sometimes the budget simply doesn't allow them to be asked in the first place. In this case, I believe Bruce Roberts was in the UK at the time anyway - so Nick couldn't have been able to attend the funeral even if it was on-screen (which I imagine you'd have been just as angry about). At least having it off-screen meant that Shane's family were there, even if we didn't see it. Well that's a matter of opinion. As someone else has pointed out, those scenes weren't about the dialogue. The most important bits were perfectly audible.
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  11. Forgot to mention another piece of useless trivia, the week of Shane's death was quite unique in that all five episodes were both written and directed by the same person - Sean Nash (yup that's where Travis' surname came from). Whilst a director always covers the whole week, back in those days writers would usually only do two, occasionally three eps max (it's most often a different writer for every ep nowadays). So to have someone write all five eps, and then direct them, is something that's certainly never happened before now in the EY eps, and I doubt it's happened again since. Oh and he won an AWGIE award for Shane's death episode, which also won an AFI award for Best Episode in a TV Serial Drama, and also wrote the Donna/Andrew ep in 1995 (which may explain the Archie Roach montages in both eps )
  12. I honestly couldn't work out if Plugger's dancing was supposed to be a parody, it was like something out of a Kevin & Perry sketch! He seemed to be the called upon actor for thuggish stuff in that time, he played the guy who Jack & Joe crossed paths with in the milk bar last year, as well as the one who hassled Shannon and hit Damo at the drop-in centre when Alex was introduced. Talk about typecast! Different character names each time though - Davo, Spook and Plugger.
  13. To bring this conversation up again, I just happened to come across what could be the final appearance of that mythical door, so have finally got a shot of it - it's visible in Colleen's farewell episode in 2012.
  14. Personally, I've always found it to be one of the best sequences in the show's history. Actually taking the time to see the news spread across the town and see everyone's reactions to it, without having to hear the same conversation multiple times over (though you can actually hear a fair bit of it if you listen carefully...through headphones... ). Those sort of scenes showing people's initial shock, rather than cutting away just before they're told, can be a bit of a rarity. The later bit with Don telling Nick over the phone, with Angel trying to block out his voice was also very well done, I think we've all been there at one point. I've always loved the scene with Damian arriving too, Angel's switch from anger to relief when she opens the door to find him standing there.
  15. Interesting idea, they are noted down as repeats though so I'm not sure. Still, it'd be an odd choice to bump Early Years when there's so many other repeats of arguably less significance on the channel (even more so if the other MDM ep showing later in the day ends up being the same one).