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  1. Yup they're all uploaded by myself (not that BTTB technically owns them of course) Go for it. The Pinterest thing is just a way for people to share pics from the page, like the Facebook share buttons etc.
  2. Hopefully we'll be getting something sorted this year which will make all that sort of information much more accessible.
  3. Answers here again (1418 and 1454)
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  6. Found it, it does state that Ep 1920 (the last one with the '1995' titles) is the last one to feature the logo going into the ads.
  7. Well don't be too harsh, things do get very confusing with 20 year old eps, especially with things like that where the UK used the clean versions of the scenes going into the Oz ads anyway Whilst it seemed to remain on the cliffhangers, I honestly couldn't say whether it appeared going into the ad breaks - it may well have disappeared from there. I was sure I'd seen a note of it down somewhere amongst all the gumpf I've got, but I can't seem to find it now. There is one big change going into 1996 though - the opening episode is the debut of the spontaneously redecorated Beach House with the magic door.
  8. Yes the graphic certainly lasts on the cliffhanger for a while yet, below pic from March 1996.
  9. To be fair, on reading the UK thread, you said you chose to watch an episode in full for the first time in however long it's been. Whether deliberate or not, you happened to choose an ep in a week where the Morgan storyline is coming to a climax. To then conclude that the whole show revolves around the same thing is a bit of a leap. Anyway, Dan Bennett has been reading the thread (yes, TPTB do read the comments on here) and would like to offer up the following response: What's wonderful is everyone's entitled to an opinion. No one would have it any other way. But comments such as: "The whole show is lazy and written as if it's targeting people who are stupid. It doesn't try" is as insulting as it is incorrect. The people who work on Home and Away (and sweat their butts off - 14 hours a day - week in, week out) do so to deliver the highest ratings possible. Because that's the job. Their careers literally depend on it. So there's never a minute they're lazy or not trying. This is the reality: the television landscape has changed. As I've said before: if the show was made exclusively for the die-hard fans, it would be different. But the die-hard fans alone don't make up the audience base. In fact, the die-hards are an incredibly small portion of the nightly audience. The demographics are changing as viewing habits change, and the show must (as it is) evolve accordingly. It's utterly necessary. AND proving to be the right course of action. In the show's 30th year, it's still a dominant force in its time slot. That's unprecedented in Australia, in any genre. So, yes, please disagree and offer opinions - but don't moan about the show not trying, or any of the people who work on it. Lucy Addario is one of the best producers I have ever worked with. The comments are verging on bullying. Per above: opinions on storylines are wonderful. Please continue to deliver them. But character assassinations of the people who make the show are unacceptable.
  10. I'm working on the page for the 2001-2008 location (the grimy one Beau mentioned), and we've got pics for two more SBH locations used after that which will be up at some point. The current one is awaiting photography.
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  12. The second filming location for Summer Bay High has now been added to the site: Summer Bay High School (1996-2001) And so we move from a hospital, to a hotel We did actually have this one on the site around 12 years ago - but as I didn't have the episodes to hand to check through back then, and with the map on the H&A production paperwork I had not actually specifying which exact buildings they'd used, I ended up taking a pic of the wrong side
  13. We do have character counts from around 10-12 years worth of episodes so far, which Matt has been busy collating, and we'll be looking to hopefully get them onto the site alongside a lot of other data this year. With that in mind I obviously don't want to undermine that by posting it all on the forum Just to answer this particular query though - Jack's quite a way down the board for 1994, but obviously he didn't arrive until April. If you only take into account the eps from his arrival onwards, then yes, it seems he's in second place for appearances. Whilst I don't have the most recent stats, it looks as though Jack's also topping the list for 1995.
  14. What I never understood with the whole Alf/Quinn thing was the seeming lack of shock for him to learn he actually had a daughter. If he hadn't specifically stated to Ailsa that he had no idea Mary was pregnant in today's ep, it'd be easy to think that Alf always knew that he had a child out there somewhere, but had just never met her. The way the scene in the store with Curtis was written, it's almost like Alf recognised the name 'Quinn', rather than the surname 'Jackson' - which I presume is what was supposed to have made things click. Perhaps just me, but I always found it a little bit odd. 5 weeks today until the 1996 season begins....