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  1. It was literally his exit storyline, he left the week after the accident. http://www.backtothebay.net/characters/mikey-dunn/ A great character, but the Script Producer herself actually told me what went down - "I did introduce an autistic regular character in Mikey but was asked to take him out as he made some of the suits uncomfortable. The audience had no problem – the executives did."
  2. It missed out in the above contest - http://www.socialshorts.com.au/drama/
  3. They've recently had a short production break and now they should pretty much be continuing their usual schedule until mid-December. Mon-Wed are the best days for catching them filming on location, though the schedule varies from week to week so no particular day can be guaranteed for filming specifically at Palmy. If you are considering the tour, which is by far the easiest way to see various filming locations as a first-timer (e.g. you may get to see some of the houses), then you do have the option of booking directly through BTTB - http://www.backtothebay.net/home-and-away-tours/
  4. A bit of a different location today - the Blaxland!
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  6. Continuity was always a little iffy, but we can generally say it was the mid-1960s that Don arrived in the bay.
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  8. 3455
  9. Well sorry if you personally see it as "patronising", but yes, some people do need to be reminded about discretion. Not all people, just some. Now I'm obviously not privy to the number of phone calls, but I have seen a number of comments on petitions, groups and Seven/H&A's own Facebook pages with people demanding the return of the Early Years to 7TWO so they can continue watching - seemingly oblivious to the fact they've put their international location right there beside it. Some people have even tagged the official H&A and Seven Network accounts alongside BTTB in tweets (now removed) asking us to help "save the early years", attaching direct links to pages that upload the episodes. Just because I say things you might disagree with, or don't do things your way, it doesn't mean that there's the "us and them attitude" that you're continuing to push. Ultimately all I'm trying to do is guide some people on BTTB away from making the same mistakes, for everyone's benefit. Hopefully others can see that.
  10. We saw her dead body (Irene stayed with her for some time after watching her die and Alf joined her) and we saw her funeral
  11. Though can I just point out that non-Aussies ringing up asking about the Early Years on an Australian channel really isn't going to help the cause. I know it's been mentioned before in here and the comment was brushed aside, but please think about it.
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  13. Yes but the Seven receptionists have been giving different stories to different people ever since they first went off-air. Remember these are the same people that told us they'd definitely be back within a couple of weeks (whilst simultaneously telling others they were off for good, and others that they'd be back at the end of the year), hence why we attempted to get answers higher up. And on the rest of the forum too if you don't mind.
  14. I think John was probably just rounding down to the nearest 5 when he said "45 years ago" as we often do in conversation. The continuity with John's age has actually been correct, the birthday which some remembered as being his 50th back in 2011 was actually his 52nd (though he wanted Gina to tell people he was 49).
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