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  2. Three new guest character profiles today: Claire Lewis Vanessa Unley Quinn Jackson Thanks to Matt and RR1 for the Claire & Vanessa profiles respectively (I had a crack at the Quinn one myself) Also two new locations from the Early Years in recent weeks, with thanks to QA for heading up to take pics: Saul's Cult Farm Blaxland Mansion (Morag's Summer Bay home in 1989)
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  4. Two Stones by Walking on Cars
  5. No it's on a private estate and can't be seen from the road, though the caravan park and the garage are just about visible.
  6. Reminded me of a similar scene
  7. Knew I'd seen a good example of it somewhere, took an age to find again. You can see the inside of the canopy properly from this angle: That's a repost from a H&A fan account on Instagram, unfortunately I don't know which cast/crew member posted it originally as they didn't credit.
  8. Another Early Years location now added to the site, the Blaxland Mansion that Morag moved into in 1989. Thanks to QA once again for taking the pic.
  9. Yup, though back then the very front of the canopy above the steps did have a 'floor' so to speak, so it wasn't quite as obvious. When you look at it long enough though, you do realise that the 'windows' at the front are pretty much at floor level compared to the rest of the upper storey
  10. That's right, it's very difficult to notice on-screen due to camera angles, but if you stand underneath it then you'd just be looking up into a void. You can just make it out in some of the stock shots:
  11. It was back in 2015, in 6302, but here's a couple of shots of the landing and what used to be the girls room. The master bedroom has been seen quite frequently in recent times too but I don't have any wide-angle pics of it handy - it's in tomorrow's (Thurs) UK ep a fair bit. They wouldn't be able to do one on the exterior as it's actually just a hollow canopy. No there's not really anything to see up there now other than vegetation (see it in the background below) - nothing said on screen about it.
  12. As confusing as it's become, yes that certainly was the wrong side That was quick off the mark, was in the middle of typing it out Yup, another location added which has been seen recently in the Early Years eps - Saul's Cult Farm And you're right about the shack, it's still there in fact.
  13. Marilyn also mentioned the block of flats when she admitted to crashing Don's car into the fence outside. You're right, I've got a couple of eps missing from around those weeks so I don't know if it's the ep of its actual debut, but there's definitely a scene where he reminds Rebecca to remove her shoes as it's a new carpet.
  14. I guess they felt there wasn't really a need at the time, given Don was living on his own in a block of flats anyway, and perhaps studio storage was limited after introducing Travis' house as a permanent set. From memory, I'm pretty sure Don didn't move into his new house until just after the earthquake - which of course had freed up some space on the canvas by getting rid of the Parrish house and Stewart Store (not that the latter had been used much anyway). And at that point they also knew they'd have Rebecca, Casey and Marilyn eventually joining him so it was more of a worthwhile investment.