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  1. As a matter of fact I do, and it's one that QA's already been out and photographed for us - though it's certainly not one I expected to get a request for! Got quite a bit on but will try and get it up onto the site asap - give us a PM if it's not up in time and I can send you the details (I don't imagine it will be out of your way anyway) Always great to hear when the Locations section actually comes in useful for someone.
  2. Went back the double-checked, but no it wasn't the same.
  3. Can we not have another thread turned into a producer debate please. The main purpose of the thread was to discuss ideas for the 30th.
  4. Well the first that was heard about it was indeed when it was released, so it's just a case that no-one's really brought it up in discussion if they did read it. http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2016/06/09/second-home-away-ebook-published/
  5. Think it's pretty clear that they're checking out the male surfer who passes by them. Just like Jack and Damo did with the familiar girl passing by them in the 1994 titles.
  6. The About Me tab in my profile might give an inkling The Selina/bee episode would have aired in the UK in January 1996
  7. It has happened on a number of occasions in previous years - back in the day you never would have noticed, as the old CRT TVs always had a bit of overscan which meant around 5% of the image was cut off around the edges. Whilst monitors in the studio would usually have compensated for this when filming, they would have known that any little mic drops or edge of sets that were visible would likely never be seen on-screen by the audience at home, so it often wasn't an issue. Of course once LCD screens and the like came in, which do show the whole image, it was a different story
  8. Yup, well they were, more info here
  9. Incidentally, now that someone's mentioned them, one of the band members is the real life brother of Jay Laga'aia (Elijah) - when you look at them it's easy to see which one
  10. Not at the moment as it's quite insignificant. Once there's some more updates to be added... ...it'll be updated in one go.
  11. We appear to have made it to our teenage years... BTTB turns 13 years old today!
  12. Oh, we're back on this again despite my previous warning, that's nice. Before we move on, a hypothetical situation for you Old H&A Fan: You're a 16 year old male, a middle aged man makes it clear that he is sexually interested in you. He deliberately walks in on you when he knows you're getting undressed, then again when he knows you're naked as you're stepping out the shower (still see it as 'just a laugh'?). He creeps around outside your bedroom window, and you repeatedly make it clear you're not interested. Then when he knows you're alone in bed, he comes in and tries to slip under the covers with you saying he'd like to "get to know you better". That would be OK with you would it? You'd just say "Sure thing, hop in"... ? In reality, whether the other person is male, female, young or old, the situation is the same - if you're not interested, they should leave you alone. His name is Matt (but you knew that already)
  13. I should point out that if this does indeed just become a duplicate of the Diversity thread, with people posting the exact same posts in both threads as well as the Producer thread, then it will be merged. But to add a few minor ones to your list: Peter Fraser (Lachie's dad) & partner Walter Douglas Dawson (Irene's computer tutor, played by Ivar 'Barry Hyde' Kants) & partner Max Stefan Hubert (manager of a local restaurant that Leah temporarily worked at) & partner Mel Desiree Upton (kissed Gypsy in the Drop-in Centre) Chris Fletcher (a planned storyline with Seb questioning his own sexuality after kissing Chris was vetoed) Dean Silverman & partner Gareth
  14. Was good to see you back Clare, I do remember you from the 'olden days' of course
  15. The main one from those two years would have been Flynn's sister Ashley I guess (now there's a profile I need to find a better pic for....). Only other drugs related stuff I can think of offhand would be Sam and his weed in 2000, but it wasn't really a big addiction storyline as such.