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  1. Couple of tweets from the press conference:
  2. Latest 5★ episodes (UK)

    Different place Though the bridge at the location the Morgans visited was seen not too long back in one of the Early Year eps from 1996 (where Shannon went for her failed meeting with Katherine).
  3. Is there a spin off this year?

    Not that we know of - can't be 100% certain, but there's been no news released about any commission this year.
  4. I've merged the three similar threads into this one - in future please try to utilise existing threads such as Quick Questions or, for topics like this, The Set Thread.
  5. The Location Thread

    A location from 2005 uploaded earlier, the psychiatric facility that Irene was sent to as a result of Corey Henderson poisoning her. With thanks to QA for taking the pics.
  6. The Book Thread

    Just finished Magpie Murders followed by The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz - both highly recommended. He's been one of my favourite TV writers for the best part of 20 years (creator of Midsomer Murders, Murder in Mind, Crime Traveller, Foyle's War) - and whilst he's written a load of YA books that I haven't read (the Alex Rider series etc.), and new official Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels, these are pretty much his first proper stand-alone adult novels. Also read Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan which was OK, though saw the twist coming pretty early on.
  7. New look forum!

    For those that didn't get the message on the forum before it went offline (or for those who don't use Twitter) the several hours of site/forum downtime was due to our hosts moving us to a new and improved server. Whilst we haven't had any service updates as yet, we're presuming that everything is now switched over as planned, so the forum has been turned back on. However if it does disappear again later on then you'll know why
  8. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    There was apparently a map of Gosford amongst Robbo's possessions.
  9. That's correct, well, correct back in 1988 in any case. Neither the downstairs bedroom or the attic room were seen after the first year or so - the rarely seen door to the downstairs bedroom has been removed from the set completely, whereas I think the attic room is presumed to still exist but not really mentioned. Something in my mind is saying that Alf might have been in the attic room for a bit after he first moved in, but we've never seen any way of getting to it. I've now got visions of Alf scaling the exterior walls with his cup of cocoa. That's an interesting one that I must have missed, I'll have to try and track it down.
  10. Technical Issues

    Yes there were issues earlier. It's safe for you to assume that when it goes down, it's down for everyone. If in doubt you can try isup.me which will confirm either way.
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  12. New look forum!

    It's showing up that you have 'liked' RR1's latest comment in your fic, if that's the one you're referring to...?
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  14. Technical Issues

    The main reason is to prevent spoiler posts/threads appearing on the forum index and accidentally spoiling international viewers who don't read them. If they don't enter the password for the Oz/Spoiler forums, then they won't see anything pop up from there. Of course it also acts as an incentive for people to sign up and join in the discussion Any joy with the activity streams now we've had the update?
  15. New look forum!

    I think the issue is that some people aren't seeing the heart icon in the first place - as I mentioned, tapping on the heart on a touchscreen will activate the submenu to let you choose the emotions anyway. I'm not really sure myself what the issue could be, whether certain browsers/devices are blocking it for any reason, but will flag it up for @Chris J to see if he can find out whether it's a known issue. It's the same green that we have on the navigation bar on the main site, though we're experimenting a little at the moment anyway so it may, or may not, change again