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  2. Bevan Lee Article

    Thanks that is good to know, Love his show A Place to Call Home does anyone know what he thinks of the show from 2011-present? How could I contact Bevan Lee?
  3. Bevan Lee Article

    It would be nice to do another one, as I don't think he works for H&A anymore?
  4. Bevan Lee Article

    Could Back to the Bay do an interview with Bevan Lee someday? I would love to know what he thinks of the show now compared to the 80's/90's and even early 2000's
  5. How Many Bedrooms is Summer Bay house

    there must have been one downstairs and one upstairs.
  6. How Many Bedrooms is Summer Bay house

    I have always wondered if Summer Bay House had more rooms than they show, since upstairs seems bigger then downstairs, could there be a bathroom downstairs? What about a study. The outside always seems bigger then the bottom, maybe it's time for them to show us the whole Summer Bay House, even if just for a while, it seems sometimes that there can be 6-8 people mostly not sharing rooms, while other times like now in the show, it is 3 people.
  7. Have you noticed a change in Home and Away this year? I have noticed a change, especially with the Morgan's and Astoni's, I love the Astoni's just wish Maggie would be shown more at School too.
  8. Home And Away prequel idea.

    I love this idea, I think you could also have it be expanded into a bigger series, it would last either a few more episodes or a few seasons even, you could show the Fletchers/King family. I love your idea overall.
  9. Yes, I think so, maybe not besties though.
  10. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

  11. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 14: The last Diner renovations are complete. Part 2. Pippa walks into the diner. "Hello, the upgrades look amazing, nice to see this area will be opened now that the upgrades are done!" Pippa said. "Yes love it is nice." Irene said. Then, as they were about to open, they all saw Bobby and Ailsa. "Hi Guys." Bobby said. "Hi, Bobby." Pippa said. "Hello everyone." Ailsa said. Just as they were about to continue the conversation Alf walked in. "Ailsa!" Alf said. Alf had to catch his breath. "Hello love." Ailsa Said. They were all creeped out besides Pippa. "I see this place is back to its original look. I like it." Bobby said. "Me too." Ailsa said. "Why are you two here. Why am I seeing Ghosts?" Irene asked. "It's ok, we want you to see us, and we are just checking on this place, we have been for years now." Bobby said. "Ok, a little creepy, but glad to know you have been watching and you like it." Leah said. "Yes, we absolutely love this new look, its similar to the old but with a modern twist. We are going to continue to watch over this place and see you and give feedback." Ailsa said. "Strewth! I cant believe it. Ailsa, were you there when I had my heart attack? my PTSD?" Alf said. "Yes love. Pay attention to your PTSD, if you aren't careful it could be triggered and made worse. Also, get involved even more in the community, your health will be great, and listen love, don't worry about our Grandchild, Roo's Son, he will be fine, tell Roo that I hold no grudges and that even if I couldn't admit it at the time, she is amazing, a far cry from her Teenage years." Ailsa Replied. All of a sudden, Alf's first wife Martha arrives. "Me and Ailsa are friends. You are doing a great job with everything. I love You." Martha then disappears. "We have to go for now but we will be watching on and popping in occasionally." Bobby Said. "Goodbye for now!" Everyone said. "Goodbye for now! talk soon." Ailsa and Bobby said. It was time to open,. "The Bayside Diner is now Open!" Leah and Irene said as they cut string with scissors. When they got inside, Irene called Olivia to come and work. "Hi Olivia, we have so many people here at our re opening, Can you come down?" "Sure Rene, I'm bringing some special guests with me." "Ok Olivia, I cant wait to see who they are. I will see you all when you get here." Irene went into the Kitchen. "Did you get Olivia to come? "Yes I did, and she's bringing some special guests. any guesses Leah?" "No Irene." Said Leah, who knew what guests were coming. Olivia walked through the Doors and so did the guests. "Whoa, I can't believe you guys are here!!!" Irene Said. BONUS: Who can guess who the Guests are, HINT: they are coming to stay for a holiday not for good at this stage. I will reveal all soon, but for now, please guess.
  12. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 14: The last Diner renovations are complete. Part 1. Irene and Leah were at the Diner ready to celebrate their Grand unveil of the rest of the Diner that was cordoned off, The Diner has a feel that is like what it was in the 80s and 90s, it is renamed back to The Bayside Diner, it also has ethical products too. They were so excited about the move back to The Diners original location. "You hold this side and I will hold that side." Said Irene as she held up the sign, which was almost the same as the original one. "Ok, It's up, woohoo!" said Leah. "Want a Milkshake or would you like a Coffee/Tea." "A Coffee please." "Ok."
  13. Favorite original character?

    I picked Pippa, but it was a little tough
  14. Do you think Home and Away needs a refresh? A new Theme Song? then vote. Lets tell Home and Away what we want. You can vote for more then one thing in Question 1. I will state right now that I am voting for more family stuff. Please don't deride people for their opinion, very unlikely though, as this forum seems really nice.
  15. Should Jessica Mauboy sing the Theme song?

    I might contact Jessica Mauboy and see if she would upload a version to YouTube or send it through to Home and Away, I hope that next year they bring back the theme Song and make it a 30 second to 1 minute version with new vocals, not the ones from 2007/8-9, lets all write letters to Home and Away asking for it to come back and ask for a bit more fostering, they say Irene fosters but she doesn't, she cant, all of those Teens choose to go there.