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  2. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    Yes, I do.
  3. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    Happy 30th Birthday to Home and Away.
  4. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 22: Audrey and Kathy and their tough morning. Audrey was walking to School with Kathy, Audrey left early and they went to the Diner for Breakfast. "This place is the most awesome place for Egg and Bacon rolls don't you think Kathy?" "Yeah, I do Audrey, I love them." "What would you like to drink Kathy?" "An OJ thanks." "Ok." Audrey went up to the counter to order. "Hi Mrs Roberts, how are you today?" "Good Love, you?" "Yes, I'm good thanks." "Oh and also, can I please get 2 Egg and Bacon Rolls and an OJ plus a Berry Tea" "Sure love, I'll bring it out to you in a minute." "Thanks." Audrey went back to sit down. "What did you get Audrey?" "A berry Tea." "Ooh, Yummy." "Yes, I think so myself, we still have 45 minutes till class so I thought I'd grab me self a hot drink." "Yeah." When they were finished Breakfast, they walked to school. "Hey Girls, want a banana?" Anne said in a rude manner putting a banana peel on Kathy's head. Anne and he friends then laughed and walked away. "I wonder who they are?" "Yeah, I don't know Audrey, they look harmless though." "Yeah, exactly, let's just continue our day eh?" "Totally. Let's go in to Tech and then we go to English with Mr. Johnston. Then we have separate classes after recess, so how about we meet up back at the Diner for lunch?" "Sure. And I wish I didn't have my foster Parent as my teacher." "Oh well Audrey, we can't do anything about it and also, please don't muck up, you know he'll get cross as he expects better from you." "Yeah, I know. Just wait a minute, you go into Tech, I'll be with ya in a tick." Audrey then saw a new girl after she had finished talking to Kathy. "Hey, what's your name, are you new?" "Yes, I'm new, it's Corrinne." "Lovely name." "Thanks." Audrey couldn't help but think she knew her, maybe in a previous life, she thought. Audrey then walked into Tech with Corrinne, she was on time, She was Lucky. After Tech She and Kathy and Corrinne walked to English. Audrey then had English. "Hi everyone, we have a new student today, Corrinne. Please make her feel welcome." Mr. Johnston said. "Not if she's hanging out with the two pigs Audrey and Kathy." Anne said. "Excuse me Girls, can you both quit this." Malcolm said. "Yes." Audrey said. After class, Audrey, Kathy and Corrinne rushed to the Diner, away from Anne and her friends. "Hey Mrs Roberts, A Vanilla Coke for me, an Apple Juice for Corrinne and a normal Coke for Kathy Please." "Sure Love." They all went and sat down. "How are you enjoying School so far?" "Yeah, it's good Audrey and Kathy, except for Anne and her friends." "Don't worry about them, they might come around, if not, they can just enjoy each others company." Kathy said. "Exactly." Audrey Said. The drinks came out and Audrey said: "I can never get enough of vanilla Coke." And then they all told jokes and laughed and gossiped.
  5. New theme song for 2018?

    Yes it would, maybe updated fonts etc. and the Credits could be like in 1993 and in colour and then the theme song could be like the 1988 one but slightly more upbeat.
  6. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    He woke up on the wrong side of the bed I think. I based Chapter 21's title off of a chapter in the Mary Poppins book by P.L. Travers made in 1934, the chapter is Bad Tuesday, when Michael gets up on the "wrong side of the bed" and is being mean and get's into trouble, he is mean to Jane and to his younger siblings who are twins, All of them have a Bad day in the books, except for Annabelle who was introduced as the new baby in book 2 or 3 and doesn't go on many adventures like the others. I really wanted to do a chapter sort of inspired by that chapter of Mary Poppins, it is one of my favourite chapters in the book. I am thinking of what to do in the next chapter, do you have any suggestions as to what characters to focus on?
  7. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 21: Bad Sunday. It was Sunday, David woke up feeling strange, and cheeky and mischievous. He deliberately remained in Bed until 9AM even though he knew Mr. Johnston expected him to be up by 8AM on the weekend. When he walked downstairs Mr. Johnston said: "Do you mind telling me why you have chosen to get up 1 hour late?" "Why should I, we aren't even doing anything exciting today anyway!" David Retorted "Excuse me David, you are normally so nice." "Yeah, and, oh, poor sweet Mal is getting annoyed, ohh, so cute." "Oi, this is not the sort of behaviour I would expect from you." Alf said. "Whatever Al." "Don't speak to Mr. Stewart like that, and do not call him Al, same as do not call me Mal, It is Mr. Stewart and for me it is Mr. Johnston." "Like, who cares! I'm going to watch some TV and you won't stop me." "Yes I will David, how about, hmm, no TV for a week!" "Why are you being so rude today Mr. Johnston." "Hey, stop being rude David, this is not how you normally behave." "Whatevs, I'm going to Yabbie Creek." "No you are not!" David left for Yabbie Creek. "What happened?" Jennifer said. "I am angry, he is going to have hell to pay if he keeps this up, because he will receive the biggest Punishment ever. He is being so rude Jennifer." "Have you ever had to punish him before?" Alf Asked. "No, he normally doesn't be rude and if he does something wrong, I usually tell him not to do it and he says 'Yes, Sir.' and we leave it at that." "Ok." Suddenly, Irene rings the house. "Excuse me Malcolm, David has thrown a rock through a window at the diner, it only narrowly missed a customers head. I have him with me, can you pick him up?" "Sure Irene, I will be there shortly and I am sorry for what he did." When David and Malcolm got home, it was only 11AM. Malcolm asked David: "Why did you do it?" "I don't know, don't care." "Really, you don't care, that is unlike you. You can spend the rest of the day doing chores." "Whatever! What will I do first." "You can scrub that upstairs bathroom you use clean and then you can garden, then scrub my car, and Mr. Stewarts car." "If I have too." Later on, at 1 PM, David was finished Scrubbing the bathroom when he refused to garden and clean the cars. "I'm not doing any more Mal." "I told you not to call me that, and also, Yes you will!" "No I won't!" "Right, go to your room, I will Speak with you in an hour to talk about other punishments, I will follow you up to lock the door, and also, just sit or lay on the Bed and think of what you have done." "Fine then." "Don't give me attitude Young man." David was then locked in his room for an hour, we he was allowed to come out for the talk, he had calmed down a bit he was slightly upset but he realised he did wrong, he couldn't bring himself to apologise though. "Ok, now me and Mrs. Johnston have decided on the consequences you will receive: 1. You will be allowed out of your room, however, you will water the Garden. 2. You will go to bed at 7PM tonight, and you will get up with me tomorrow, at 5AM, and go to school early, you will also remain in my office seated for the morning and you will be in my office for break times talking to me. Also, you are grounded from all Electronic Devices for 1 week and from leaving home besides for school or when we give permission or for work. 3. The going to bed early and getting up early applies for 2 weeks, on Weekends it will be the same. 4. You will not complain once about the consequences you receive and will do as we ask, you will also stop all disrespectfulness and go back to calling me Sir or Mr. Johnston, and you will not have pocket money and you will do 1 extra chore per night. Is that Clear?" "Yes Sir." "Good, now please water the garden." Later, it was almost 7PM and Malcolm said: "Time for Bed David." "Yes Sir. Good night." "Goodnight." "Goodnight David." "Goodnight Ma'am." When David got up in the morning, he chose to get up 15 minutes early and have a shower and get dressed, he put on his uniform, which is the same as his old school, just with Summer Bay High colours. David went downstairs and had breakfast. When Malcolm came down at 5:15 David said: "Good Morning Sir, Would you like me to get your breakfast?" "Yes Please David." "Eggs and Bacon?" "Thank you, this is lovely, I just hope you don't think this will stop you from having to complete the consequences?" "No Sir, I just wanted to say how sorry I am and how much I appreciate you and Mrs. Johnston, are you ok to take me to the Diner at lunch so I can discuss working off the damages?" "I am pleased you are taking responsibility, and, apology accepted, and also, yes, we can go to Irene's so you can do that." David had a good day at School, he did not get out of the wrong side of the bed on Tuesday either.
  8. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 20: Summer Bay's War on Waste Begins. David was up early, at 6:00 AM, it was Saturday, and, today was the day, the War on Waste begins, well, sort of, the first meeting and flyers go up. "Are you excited for today?" "Yes Mr. Stewart, I can't wait to get this set up, we have to print flyers from recycled paper, we have to campaign for better, you know. I'm about to go to the Diner at around 7:00 before they open. Oh, and The Australian Greens have agreed to support us." "That is good, what is next after this?" "Hmm Mr. Stewart, good question, we need to get people in Council who share our Progressive Vision and want to help the Environment, then we have to get Ms. Coco Astoni Elected for the Seat of Summer Bay, which means we need to campaign for Her to be elected, that means we need to go to Yabbie creek in the next few weeks and raise awareness, we need to unseat Labor." "Ok." "Mr. Stewart, are you sure you can't come to the meeting, I am meeting with Ms. Patterson and Ms. Roberts, and also Mrs. Palmer, and Ms. Astoni." "You know what, I reckon Paul might be able to do a shift at the shop for me." "Yes, if you can get Mr. Roberts to do the shift for you that would be good." "For sure." "Oh, I have to wake Mr. Johnston up, he is coming too." "Ok." David rushed upstairs. "Sir, you need to wake, oh, you are already awake and you are in the shower." David then came back down the stairs, David had chosen to wear one of his new Tailor made Three piece suits and trousers made from Hemp, he saved up his pocket money and the money he gets paid from working at the store, he was wearing his very special Green Tie his Father Gave him and also, a pin, much like a remembrance pin, promoting the Greens. Malcolm then came downstairs in his suit. "Sir, are you ready to go?" "Yes, I am, let's take the Van and go." Alf then said: "I will take my own car Malcolm, I have to ask Paul to work for me today." "Ok Alf." In the Van, David and Malcolm were talking. "How are you feeling about today David? "I am feeling excited and a little bit Nervous Sir, but it is great to have a meeting on what this whole project is about." "That is good David, You know, I think you should Join the councils youth wing. You would do amazing." "Thank you, I will definitely look into it more." They got to the Diner, they all waited for Alf, who was a minute or so behind them. When they went in, David was interim Chairperson/Leader of the Committee and he started talking. "Hello everyone, welcome to this beautiful Place that we all know, it has moved back to it's original location with a nice fresh look. Thank you for getting involved, normally, I don't like wars on things, because generally they fail and they just punish people who might be otherwise nice people, or kill people. However, this War, is one I will support, The War on Waste, and let it be known that we are not just targeting waste, and that we are not going to punish average people, we will educate them instead and introduce new initiatives to support less waste and a better future, with less social and economic inequality, and a better environment for us all. We have to educate people, we have to change things or else, we will not only make the world worse for us, but also for our Children and Grandchildren. To quote U.S. Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein, "The biggest way we give up power, is by not knowing we have it to start with, well we have it and we're gonna use it!" that quote is powerful as it signifies the truth, that if we do not use our powers they get taken away from us. I say Power to the People, because Brighter, Stronger, Bolder futures is in our hands, People, Planet and Peace over Profit! Thank you." "That was Wonderful David, I love your thinking and I share it. It also makes me think back to a couple of years ago, when I decided that I was going to protest, I protested the Diner, and it worked, us the protesters worked the Diner, because deep down, they agreed with what we were saying." Coco said. "Yes David, that was absolutely amazing and powerful." Marilyn said. "Absolutely Love." said Irene. "Now, shall we get to the structure of the Committee, I propose re visiting this in 3 months, if someone agrees can they second it please?" "I second it." Said Leah. "Raise you hand and say Aye if you agree." Everyone agreed. "Now, the position of Chairperson/Head of this Committee/Organisation/Group. Is there anyone who wants to run against me for the position?" Everyone shook their heads no, and so: "I, David am returned as Head, next is the Deputy position, someone who can impart wisdom would be good." "I would like to run, is there anyone who would like to go up against me?" said Irene. Everyone said no. "Next is the Treasurer and if this is ok with you Mr. Stewart, I would like to nominate you for the role." David said. "I accept this role." Everyone, yet again agreed. "I appoint Mr. Johnston as my Advisor if he is ok with it?" David said. "Yes I am ok with it." "Thank you Sir, you have been a very great role model and I just wanted to say how Supportive you have been to me and I truly appreciate it." "Now, everyone, we have important business, I have some flyers with me, pick which one you like." When the meeting was done, it was time to get out there with flyers etc.
  9. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Please read Chapter 19. My Inspiration for some Characters/Scenes: David: Partially based on myself, when it comes to political aspirations and my ideal clothing, I support much of the same things my character does, I made up the character back story for David, as I wanted a backstory. I thought up lot's of the character, but some of his personality is mine. Audrey: Based mostly on my Nanna, she loves Vanilla Coca-Cola, and her friend is also real with that name, however, she, of course is not a teenager, she really does love Elvis Presley, and that reflected on to me, who also likes Elvis. Lynnette: A family Members Name. Everything else made up. Anthony: A family members name. Malcolm and Jennifer: No real life connection, except that the name Malcolm is from Malcolm in the Middle and Jennifer was one of his girlfriends. The Teachers: Let's just say that at least one of the names is a last name in my family and Ms. Smart if you were very clever, is a nod to Colleen Smart. The Argument over the movie scene: My Nanna dislikes Mary Poppins. Alex: A name of someone I know, that's it.
  10. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Jett and Monique will be back later, I have made the decision to stick to the core family, plus some other characters, like Irene's family. Chapter 19: The story of how David joined the Johnston's. Flashback Chapter, set separate from the rest of the fan fic. David was walking in to School on Friday, he lived practically on his own, well, his Aunty was out drinking half the time and came back drunk every night. It was a fend for himself story. David walked into the Principals office for his enrolment to Walker view high, he lived in a lower middle class community. David knocked and said: "Excuse me Sir, may I come in to your office?" David looked quite similar, only he was 13 instead of 15, he had and still has, a smart appearance, with no facial hair, Hair kept short at sides and slightly longer at front and in the middle, he had it slicked back like a short Pompadour. He wore a Shirt with a tie tucked into his Straight Black Raw Denim Jeans that were 20oz. most times, but today he wanted to make a good impression, he dressed up in a 3 piece suit made from Hemp with a Green Tie that he received from his father as a gift before he died. He wore nice black shoes and took great pride in himself, he also had lovely manners. His father taught him those manners and was strict but fair. David had a confident posture, one which suggested good spinal health. "Yes, are you David?" "Yes." "Ok, now, your Aunty isn't here?" "No, she is drunk most of the time so she isn't here." "I'm sorry to hear that David, you are nicely dressed." "I wanted to make a good impression, my Father always told me that while first impressions aren't everything, they can show people what your like, or a snapshot per se. He taught me much of what I know, tragically he died last year, and I don't have any other family besides my Aunt." "Wow, you astound me, I like your attitude." "Has teaching always been your career?" "No, I served in the Army just here in Australia for 4 years." "Nice." "Will there be any tests Sir?" "No, this is a Government Owned School remember, so not yet anyway." "We might have a look at your Behaviour and Grades at your last School." Malcolm pulled out a file. "Hmm, you had straight A+'s for 3 Terms last year and then for Term 4 last year and Term 1 this year you slumped, this is common for Young People who have lost a Parent and don't have much family. Your behaviour is impeccable, never a Time out or Suspension. I really think if we work on making your work better we can succeed and have you back to getting straight A+'s. I wouldn't mind having some one on one Tutoring when you come on first Monday Term 3, does that sound good to you David?" "Thank you Sir, that sounds amazing!" "Then it's settled, first Monday of Term 3 it is." "What is the uniform at this school? "The uniform is a School shirt, tie, Blazer and Pants, Jeans are cool if you wish to wear them, you will be interested to know that we do not use any synthetic materials. I saw your three piece suit is made from Hemp, ours are made from Cotton, but still it is better then synthetics." "Yes it is, do you mind taking me to get my uniform now if it isn't too much trouble Sir?" "No David it isn't, it is fine, I have nothing much planned today exactly as we are wrapping up for the term, in fact, why don't you stay for a while and we can help make a plan to get you back on track with your grades and choose your 2 electives for next Semester. I am going to be quite strict with you as I see potential for you David." "Thank you." After the holidays, School went back, David, went to the principals office to speak to Malcolm. "Hello Sir, are you still free to tutor me at Lunch?" "Yes David." "Thank you Sir, I will let you get back to your work." At lunch time, David came back. "Excuse me Sir." "Oh, hello David, please come in." "Thank you." "All of your teachers said wonderful things about how you were doing in class, especially the Global Studies class and your two electives, Debating and Politics and also Student Leadership, all of your teachers said you contributed to class discussions, tried your best, and offered to help other students." "My pleasure, and, yes I love Politics and debate Sir." "I also love politics, it is amazing to think people can make a difference Good or bad, or, do nothing." "Who do you support Sir?" "The Greens mostly." "Me too." "That is good, now what was it you said you wanted to be when you were older?" "A Politician Sir." "Very Good, now I think we should move on to what you need tutoring with, Math, but before that, why do you answer most questions with somebody's name or sir at the end?" "Ok and I was always taught by my Father about manners and to answer questions with peoples name or a title or Sir/Ma'am/Miss at the end, it sounds better too." After David's first week at school, he was having fun and doing well in his studies, he went to see Malcolm though the following Monday Morning. David knocked a little louder then usual. "Excuse me Sir, can I come in?" "Yes David." "Thanks, I have an emergency at home, My Aunt has been even more drunk, she is being rude now, calling me names etc. and yesterday she almost hit me." "I am very Sorry to hear this David, I might have a chat to your aunt." Malcolm went home and talked to David's aunt, she seemed like she didn't care, and he heard her swear at David for being 1 minute longer then she said he could be with his friends at the shops. Malcolm then turned to Jennifer his wife and said that he was concerned about David. His wife said: "We have been considering Fostering for a while now, and you seem to have earned David's trust, and I would like to meet him first of course, but I think we should foster him." "Really! I thought the same thing." "I would like to meet him tomorrow after School, I will pop in to your office and meet him." The next day, after school, Malcolm brought David into his office, to meet Jennifer. "Hello Mrs. Johnston." "Hello David, how are you?" "Good, you?" "Good." When David left, Malcolm and Jennifer talked, they both thought it a good idea to alert the department of families to the situation and to put their hands up to foster David. They were given the Green light to foster David and they just had to get David to agree, they met with him one Saturday at the School. "How would you like us to foster you?" "Yes Sir, I would absolutely love it." "We thought you would be happy didn't we Malcolm?" "Yes we did Jennifer." When they got home, they spoke to David. "We need to lay some ground rules." Malcolm said. "Ok." "The Rules are: 1. No staying out past 4:30 pm on a school night, and 6PM on the weekend. 2. Your Bedtime is 8PM on a School night and when you reach 14 it will go to 8:30PM, where it will stay until you are at least 16. You will get up at 5:30AM every School day and be ready by 6:30, when we will leave for school. 3. Have Fun and be respectful at all times and apologise if you are ever rude and also, do what we ask of you unless you have good explanation, failure to do that may result in consequences 4. Never steal or do anything illegal. 5. Last but not least, you will be expected to do the dishes once every 3 days, do your own laundry, wash the car with me and Jennifer once a month, help clean the Bathroom and also, keep your bedroom in nice shape, with your bed made well and also, just general cleaning as well as Homework and other things I or Jennifer ask you to do, I will check these things are done and once you have done these things you may use electronic devices like TV's and Tablets, Computers etc. Extra jobs will earn you pocket money from things like doing the dishes more often for $1 to cleaning the car on your own or other things for $2 or smaller things for $0.50. The consequences for not doing what we ask of you include, doing extra Homework I set, doing a half hour jog/some exercises around the block to blow off steam/calm down, Groundings, no Pocket money, no using a chair for 30 minutes if you swing on the chair and also, being locked in your room. And, very importantly, have fun. Do you understand the rules and consequences and agree to them?" "Yes Sir, I agree to these rules, thank you again for taking me in, and Ma'am, that goes for you too, you have been very supportive also."
  11. Paul's sons David and Leo.

    In 2017, it was found out that David and Leo are Pauls sons, it was kind of silly to me, because Paul and their Mum had not much to do with each other, if anyone it should be Scott. I saw a video on YouTube where it says 1985 vs. 2017 and they actually used old footage that was really Paul talking to another character to show him and their Mum and was a crazy thing to do, they absolutely had nothing that would imply it back then, and it seems weird to me to do this, They should have made it be Scott's at least that would have been slightly realistic.
  12. 30th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Box set?

    Maybe, see my other idea, which is for a best of, maybe they could to solve issues release the whole series as a limited time thing.
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  14. I would love a boxset with all episodes from all seasons of Home and Away on DVD and Blu-ray, may be even Blu-Ray 4k, with corrections and other things, I know this would be hard to do, but it would work and people would pay lot's of money. Neighbours did this with the first couple of seasons. Home and Away could release it per season if necessary, like a new season every 6 months or so, then just add every season once the new season starts. This would be edited together so we obviously don't have ads and we have Closing themes for all Episodes and Opening themes where applicable. They could also add special episodes and things which went on the cutting floor as part of original episodes where possible so we get to see things like Alf's 60th birthday episode as intended, and we get to see more old characters. I would love a few extra episodes explaining the past for characters or what happens after some of our favourites left the Bay. If necessary, they could release episodes together like Episode 4000/Alf's Birthday, iconic births, weddings, funerals/Deaths etc. Plus a few funny or heart-warming episodes, these would be in full if possible, with theme songs and all, these would have the bits that got cut put back in if possible.
  15. Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Thanks, I love writing for characters that have left and I love to imagine what they are now up to, I wish sometimes they would show us what they are up to off screen in a special.

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