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  1. Yeah I remember back in 2011, I used to watch episodes every night. Because we were so far behind. These days its like a week. Although I still watch nightly from Aussie pace haha.
  2. Yeah it normally returns in NZ, a week after OZ. IT's returning in OZ on the 30th. So a week later makes sense in NZ. Around the 6th of Feb.
  3. Why Him and Vanilla Sky. Always thought Vanilla Sky was very underrated. Why Him ehhh lol, Cranston carried it.
  4. Brax comes to mind Haha. But yeah to extend on that. Also punishing well meaning characters. But rewarding the crims. But yeah ^ hope that changed.
  5. Yeah from a kiwi I've noticed Aussie life. I mean back in the day we had Zoe the Stalker. I mean even in 2008 one of my fav seasons from the show. You had Johnny Cooper. Etc. But they always balanced it out with depicting Aussie lifestyle and culture. I guess lack of balance, pacing, and consistency is the main issue. The pacing tends to be over blown. When you have that harsh thriller music tone. And at the end some individual is getting beat to the ground. To the point your like, am I watching Blue Heelers, Underbelly, or Home and Away? It would be great if they brought in a Family this season. Who weren't criminals, or on the run, or in Witness Protection. Who are just an every day Aussie Family. Like The Holdens or The Walkers. So it balances it all out.
  6. Well no but I was more referring to the racy content, they have been depicting since 2011. Your right they did that stuff ten odd years ago. But they have been pushing their own boundaries, in terms of the format. I agree with the fact, that their are families like The Braxtons and The Morgans who do exist in Aussie towns e.t.c. So I don't think its unrealistic to depict them in a show like Home and Away. But H and A should be a sleepy, backwards, beach town. I just think balance and consistency is the key. They did develop their format since 2011, on that Braxton Formula. Like the day they all invaded the beach. Since then the community feel has returned gradually. But it's not an over night fix. Home and Away though is in a lot better place then it was around that 2012-2014 awful periord. And on the point of Diversity. Move this post if it should be moved to another thread now. But as for the Psycho Lesbian Trope. I don't think it was ever suggested Tabitha was obsessed with Olivia, because she was some frustrated Lesbian. OR they were reinforcing that trope. I simply think it was established, she had a sister with Cancer from what I Recall. So she could of been from a psychological perspective, latching onto Olivia. And obsessing about her. Like the scene where she undressed. Was unnerving. Malinged almost. But she did sleep with Hunter, so who knows where the showrunners were heading with that one. And I guess the show could have a few LGBT characters. But you know they could also have a few Aborigine characters. But has been said after Charlie and Joey. They may be shy about the whole thing. You know portraying diversity in any form. So don't get me wrong. I would love Diversity on the show too. I just think its a complex issue.
  7. in not sure I agree with that. H and a have been taking risks and pushing boundaries since 2011. That was a big part of The Braxtons. And now The Morgans. That and the racy content. I said before I think the content is fine, the rating should prob be M. To reflect the current content. It's not exactly PG anymore. Not that I expect a rating change or anything. So I don't understand that comment. If anything they are not depicting Aussie lifestyle correctly. I agree with that. I think H and A do depict Aussie life most of the time. It prob lacks balance and consistency. I still maintain I prefer a H and A that feels like it's a show in 2017. A lot to do with that. Is the set designs and the environment. Compared to Neigh Bores. Where it feels in terms of its set designs. Are stuck in the nineties. I'm not saying H a A is perfect. Far from it. But later end of 2016. Things improved. I would like to see the Fostering Aspect return. As for Diversity. I still maintain yeah it's important. But I don't think it should be their main priority or anything.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Why does it matter? H and A only obligation is to deliver quality tv. I don't think they are under any obligation to show diversity or progression. Sorry but I just think people take this show way too seriousley. Sorry but it seems that way too me. Alot of these tropes that H and A depict, they did not create. You see the Psycho Lesbian, or the Psycho Teenager e.t.c. In many shows, so I don't think its fair to isolate Home and Away soley. But that's just my opinion. I think for a show that has been only nearly three decades. It's doing fine depicting Aussie life and culture in 2017, which it now is. I don't think the show is as bad as people always make it out to be, but thats jmo.
  10. Irene also enjoys monopolising people around her I've noticed. Particularly Olivia. So yeah immature.
  11. Oh won't somebody think of the children? . I can't say any of Those storylines occurred to me until now. But I can understand if it has bothered ppl.
  12. I loved the Tabitha Olivia Storyline, Storyline of 2016 for me. Portrayed by two very talented young actors. I get the Lesbian undertones with the undressing. But that scene was one of the most indileable scenes they have done in years. One can look at that at being maligned or something. But I felt it was someone who was in control of someone else. And from a psychological point of view, was very deep in subtext. Like Olivia was broken in a prison, and had no control. I thought it was very well done, but that is just me. As for the diversity talk. IT well happen, or it won't, were hitting a wall here. And while some may think the show is unwatchable. I don't think 2016 was that bad. It was pretty good at times. I Think if you compare it to the past as a tradationlist, and one's individual interpretation reflects that. I get that. But for a show in 2017, I Think H and A is realistic. Unlike Neighbores where it feels its stuck in the nineties, its almost unwatchable.
  13. I never said that. I am just saying I get the show need more diversity in the show. But I Don't think the show should be looking at casting characters/actors simply for the sake of having an LGBT Character, or an Asian, Pacific. Maori. Aboriginial e.t.c. For me personally does not bother me. I never said it is hard for actors to play gay or straight characters. I am just of the opinion H and A are not equipped. And have prooven in the past, they suck at it lol. I mean we got a taste of it with Charlie and Joey, I know i am bringing that up again. As that is the last time they attempted at any diversity in this show. And it fell flat on its back. Charlie a confused straight woman, Joey Gay. Diddn't work. So I Guess they need to cast a character, who just happens to be Gay. The one from neighbors, sorry name escaping me is a good example. The Brennan. So I am just saying their is alot to consider. From the shows point of view.
  14. Australia Open coming soon :D.