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  1. Homecoming

    So Ben's in the mix now... Hmmm. Also, I can just see Danny boy jumping up and down on that bed cursing Don's name while laughing like the Joker right before commercial! 😂😂😁 I dread to think what he'd probably do in the sink! I guess Stevo's at the "I wanna stick it in everything" age. Go Pip! She shut Celia DOWN. Frank , you silly ******** ..
  2. Homecoming

    Anyone calling Bret a rich MF would be justified 😂!
  3. Why was Lachie replaced with James?

    James was initially a one-ep throwaway character (the dinner party where it was made evident that Peter /Diana was a front for Peter being in a homosexual relationship with a family friend) like his and Lachie's other two siblings (Edward and Elizabeth, neither of whom were heard of/from again), so when Richard Grieve quit, the writers had to act fast by recasting James and making him a regular.
  4. Homecoming

    Kinda saw this coming... Great way to build to it. In the modern product, Frank and Bobby would have probably got it on in that stall! (Right after she'd slapped him)
  5. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    Coronation Street has outlived Crossroads,, (Take the) High Road, Brookside and Family Affairs. The British soaps would be easiest to attempt to watch from start to present day as most of them were bi-weekly to start with as opposed to 5 nights (except for special circumstances. Hell, Hollyoaks was only WEEKLY (with the exception of its second ep which aired in the same week) until its second year
  6. Homecoming

    Sooo.... Brett's about to put it ON Bobby. Matt's putting it IN Babs and Poor old Lance is about to be put OUT of a job. In Matt's defence, Barbara before she went bonkers, was the best looking Stewart sister 😁 Marty on form as ever. Morag's back on the first broom from the city, I see. The fuse is lit and it's about to go BOOM! This new Rev seems like a standup guy.
  7. Homecoming

    Danny's nuttier than Squirrel Crap! The opening theme from Psycho is rolling around in my head. You know, that slow Violiny bit (famously Sampled by Busta Rhymes). Don has quite a bit to answer for, too. Ouch for Bobby, Going home after THAT is about as bright as having a Starving Raccoon guard a roast dinner but its IN character with her. Mazza in the mix... Nice. I wonder if Soph, Karen, Blake or Adam will pop in anytime in the next couple chapters as it's 1990 in this universe.
  8. Does anyone else want a break from crime?

    The stolen loaf of bread comment made me think of Les Mis (2012) where Veljean has the first sing-off with Javert 😂
  9. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    I understand you represent the older, jaded viewer and waved the white flag around '99 but as long as 5 and 7, sustain decent viewership in the UK and Oz, respectively, it's not going anywhere. Even though the modern show is maddening, there are the odd patches of decency. Besides, I don't wanna think of Ray, Lynne, Ada and Emily standing in the dole queue (unlikely but you get my drift)
  10. Does anyone else want a break from crime?

    Kim was confirmed as 15 in episode 3 of Neighbours when she went to visit her family doc to go on the pill. She lied about her age when she met Paul who was all of 22.
  11. Does anyone else want a break from crime?

    We know Andy and Josh got collared , offscreen. They obviously didn't get very far. I reckon Andy surrendered and told Josh to run and thought better of it as a cop was about to shoot or Josh having more brains decided "They're gonna get us eventually" and was the one who suggested the surrender. I have noticed Red does carve Neighbours up just a teeny bit more...
  12. Homecoming

    Seems you like Gloria/Miami Sound Machine as much as I do! The songs actually would fit the show and its tone at this point. Then again the up-tempo stuff like 1-2-3, Conga, Dr Beat and Rhythm is Gonna get you fit with the whole Summer Bay vibe too. Ya Yeh Goh! Nev had better watch his back, and Floss too! Consult that Tarot and fast! 😁
  13. Does anyone else want a break from crime?

    ^ They do live in the old Ramsay house, after all!
  14. Homecoming

    I can just see Nev been aghast right before the commercial break/freezeframe looking at those butchered pics like some of those hammer horror flicks! The "Heeeeeere's Danny!" Moment is coming... 😄 I'm intrigued as what Macklin's up to.
  15. Homecoming

    That's what I was thinking. He nearly speared Morag, there's no telling what he could do! Hide ALL the sharps!

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