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  1. Haven't read either early years or the more modern ones, know. She apparently went crackers and tried to get Don's life's savings by poisoning him.
  2. Carly failed as she had her rape trauma and boozed it up towards the end of the year and got mixed up w/ the city crowd. Matt did leave town temporarily and presumably dropped out or sat his exams elsewhere and bombed out. Alf and Ailsa did have a couple of mild separations (1995) over the proposed timeshare development and 1998 (over Duncan's accident on council land and Alf being obsessed wanting to sue the crap out of the council) but never really split up. Alf just temporarily moved out. All I got from Megan is that she was total cow who wanted to rub her wealth in Carly's face and even her hubby Julian had had enough and basically cut her funds off demanding the credit card back. Morag and Roo must have wrote each other at some point. They're still pretty close in the current product whenever old Morgue (as Lance calls her) pops in. Barbara is referred to by Rebecca in 1994 but not by name. She returns two years later with a new head, unmasked as Don's secret poisoner, than rocks up at Alf's 60th Birthday party recast back to her original actress as if Nothing happened!
  3. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    LBH, IF an SO is gonna settle near families even in a remote backwater like Emmerdale, it's bound to cause ructions. That said,That story was an excuse for Scott to flex his muscles (never did like the character, thought he was a bit of a ******, third-rate poundshop Mitchell Brother wannabe). Anyhoo... Back to H&A They should have explored this bastard pedo Uncle backstory a bit more with flashbacks of a Young Irene and Wendy. Sort of like Cassie and her Uncle Ben. Flamin' Astonis should be Alf's new catchphrase everytime Ben or one of the Girls gets up his nose! Sort of like Reverend Lovejoy's "Damn Flanders" on the Simpsons.
  4. I won't spoil it for you, but It involve's Matt's brother, Shane Wilson. Nope, Carly flopped out early into her second go around after being stirred by Vicki Baxter and promptly began working in the diner for the next two years. I think Bobby was SBH's only successful regular to graduate in the class of '88 (Matt confirmed he didn't get his HSC in a later ep, I think around the time Maz went for hers, Roo tanked). It was mentioned Carly did do a few TAFE courses in the early part of her marriage to Ben, though. Banjo was a great addition.
  5. They did get some screentime together in 2004 during Floss' return (the one where she believed she was dying and wanted Flynn and Sal to "ease her pain" but was found not to be dying), There was a brief subplot where Max Sutherland (who was like a surrogate grandson to Colleen) and Henry Hunter (who had since moved into the caravan park with his mother Beth and siblings Kit, Robbie and Matilda when Beth got together with Max's Uncle Rhys) tried to milk them both for benefits and presents in some sort of "Granny War" that went down in the tail end of March that year. Read the 2004 summaries.
  6. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    This is almost like that Frank Bernard storyline on Emmerdale in 2004, where Pearl's son came to village to stay with her for two weeks on parole (did time for raping a neighbour.) A lot of people (rightfully) took against it and either shunned or harassed him. Scott kicked 7 kinds out of him because he thought he'd harmed his sister Donna (went to see if she was okay after falling off her scooter). The Ironic thing is while the Villagers held Frank in contempt, they were more disgusted with Scott's actions (which got him a 12 month suspended sentence). This lead the ripple effect of Pearl and Len leaving the village for a bit, contemplating settling in Cheshire near Sean and Tara.
  7. 7TWO Transmission Discussion

    I'm surprised some of us TEY fans over there haven't stage a coup, jacked a tank and stormed the streets of Sydney in protest! I bet some of the lesser known actors are probably cussing "Where are my Royalty chequse/Repeat fees? I've got Family/Kids/Debts/etc!"
  8. I reckon while Colleen was still around living in Lance's old mobile home (which later had an interior revamp and was ultimately replaced), they'd have made great Neighbours had she come back to settle in the bay.
  9. Probably the audience currently would rather see Guns and explosions for the 500th time rather than Grannies reading tarots in their vans.
  10. They were cordial enough but Frankie boy had more scenes with the Fletcher mob. Don stepped aside on the day of Sal's wedding (the non-one to Keiran) telling her he could usher her up the aisle no further and turned the honour over to Frankie and Stevo. Frank spent of his 2002 return talking to Floss who foresaw impending doom (The storm and shipwreck which left several characters stranded). Oh, god. The Danny Farmsworth story. It was laughable in places The chipmunk-voiced threat to Morag, his wig out on the beach where he ends running off in almost comical fashion (it's suppose to be serious but that wide shot where he legs it after hearing the voices looks so ridiculous) also that hair and that cheap suit! His fashion sense was terrible even for the 80s The miscarriage put the wheels in motion for the arrival of Sam who would be prominent for pretty much the next decade.
  11. Quick Questions

    I guess. Everyone else just had lengthy guest stints!
  12. Can't really level the blame at Frank for that, Summer. If you wanna have a go at someone, go for that lying, cheating no good son of a beachball Chris Reynolds!
  13. I guess she had to do what was right for her but remained on good enough terms with cast and crew so they presumably invited her back. I think one of the most unsettling things to watch was the end of that pregnancy arc where she suffers the beginning of the miscarriage in the diner and is rushed to hospital by Matt and Don. Now I can't picture the whole Don/Punk scene without hearing the opening notes of Michael Jackson's "Bad" in my head. Hee hee!
  14. Nope, Pippa didn't attend the funeral. Though both women DID the return the following year. Pippa on video saying hello to Sal and Ailsa during the whole Alf Brain Tumour arc of 2002-03. I can just picture Nicolle ruining takes while the director is pulling his hair out but forced to laugh. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a bit of a cut-up on set herself! Greg (Matt) and Mat (Adam) had a rep for clowning around on set screwing up takes, too. Nope, she had her first son toward the end of the stint or thereabouts.
  15. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    I'm just imagining Harry Hill skewering the explosion if he was still doing TV Burp. Harry: Justin bears the brunt of Deadly Flatulence on Home and Away this week! *Clip of explosion and Justin sent flying* Harry: Cor! That's a spicy one! *waves hand* (God, I could have supplied him so much material for that show)