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  1. Homecoming

    Hmmm... Rebecca vs Matt. I wonder who has the greater leverage? I notice Sal is still using her birth name (Copeland) as opposed to her Mother's maiden name (Keating) or her adoptive name (Fletcher)
  2. Homecoming

    LOL @ The Alison stuff. The LAST person you'd wanna see in Summer Bay while buying Johnnies! (Beside Celia! 😂) Brought some much needed laughs. And Frank, Married people still use rubbers! 😂 Stevo's "Frrraank" was in with the character. This Rebecca definitely seems like her 1994 form (Danielle Carter) Jane Hall or. Belinda Emmett would seem too sweet to pull it off.
  3. What can we expect from the 30th anniversary?

    Even if Kate is embarrassed a little about it at least she hasn't bitten the hand like some other actors who left soaps who see them as "beneath them" (Holly Valance, Peter O'Brien, etc).
  4. What can we expect from the 30th anniversary?

    Erk. Boomph. You're right. Plus Leah's almost died on like 4 occasions In the last 5yrs!
  5. Homecoming

    Nice use of "Anything for You" (Gloria Estefan was red-hot around this time and this would have taken place around the time she was recuperating from that bus crash that nearly killed her) Intriguing with the Matt stuff. Bobby and Carly's themes are going through my head as are "Have you ever been alone?" while reading.
  6. Homecoming

    Great. The Caravan Park Kerfuffle seems believable on screen, I can just see the rest running as soon as Sal gives out a bloodcurdling scream. Complete with Perjanik Doom Piano 1. Followers by that tense string arrangement followed by a light cymbal before the break /freeze frame I can also see Roo smirking like the cat that got the Canary. The sane smirk Nirag gives off when she's being devious. Matt sneaking in and out.. Understandable but at this point in time he and Carls would be 19-20 (despite her still being at school, giving Y12 a third go). Could have been real awkward if Sal had one of her nightmares and wanted to get in with Carly, though.
  7. Homecoming

    If this was 1994 Rebecca, she would have probably put Frankie's windscreen through! That said, Frank was a King-Sized prick at Dinner.
  8. Homecoming

    Ooh... It's about to get good. I can just see Don giving Danny that serious look he gives whenever he calls a Guardian down to the School or suspects Blake/Shane/Jack/whoever of some general Malarkey! Seems like Narelle's a proto-Irene letting waifs and strays with problems crash at hers 😁
  9. 30th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Box set?

    I reckon a Braxton Boxset would work online ala C4's Hollyoaks' greatest hits, while the older EPs be put in physical boxsets ala Neighbours.
  10. Homecoming

    Ailse MUST be short-staffed with Matt playing kissies with Carly and Bobby caught up in this love square/quadrangle/whatever to call on Lance! 😂 I suppose the McPhees are too busy running SB House and the Park, so Why not? Lance was able to take orders in the army after all and made Sarge. 😁
  11. Homecoming

    Yep, there's crazed Danny. You better lock your door Sal or have Frank, Floss or Lance no more than 10ft away! Nice moment between Frank and Stevo. Interesting use of Rebecca, I see her with either Jane Hall or Danielle Carter's head at this point.
  12. Homecoming

    Yeah, Sal is scarily dependent on Frank. Well he probably did protect her from bed bugs, boogeymen and vampires and whatever nonsense kids think is gonna get them in the night...Let's hope he can protect her from fruitcakes with bad hair and cheap suits! 😁 Nice we've still got Rational Barbara here. Keeping Lance, Marty and the McPhees had made this work. Stevo and Frankie bumping heads ala the pilot only this could end in biffings... Alison on form as ever. Wouldn't have said that to Bobby or at least with Bobby present because she knows what she's capable of!
  13. 30th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Box set?

    Be warned, like with every soap, there'll be long stretches of crap to go through with that idea. If H&A started out bi-weekly then yeah, it could work. I do and it's a big waste of money. Two eps that were already shown on TV and this special ep aside from City filming has nothing that couldn't have been shown in a regular ep. However, the Extras (cast interviews) salvage it somewhat. Hearts Divided seemed to be a better endeavour. It was one of the first DVDs I bought.
  14. Homecoming

    Maybe we'll get a rematch of their off-screen punch-up (Frank admiitedly crowned Brett one when he went to visit Roo in the City)

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