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  1. I had one of the Early Years books, I can't remember which one it was now. It's been so long.
  2. Willow Harris - Sarah Roberts

    Willow Ranger Harris??
  3. Dan, would you please be able to post that article in the News and Articles thread. It's just way too small for me to be able to read here.
  4. I have read a few of Judy Nunn's books. 'Pacific' is a good read.
  5. I love that photo! Cheers for sharing it.. 😊
  6. Bevan Lee Article

    I haven't been able to find an online link, unfortunately. Apologies for that.
  7. Bevan Lee Article

    There's a fascinating read in today's edition of the West Weekend about Bevan Lee, who used to be a producer of Home and Away. It's not centred around Summer Bay at all, but if you want an insight into the man who created a lot of the storylines and gave us a lot of old school scenarios, you'll check it out.
  8. Who liked Rachel and Hugh storylines together?

    He was a guest character played by Roger Corser.
  9. Hell's Kitchen Australia

    I'm pretty sure it was Wounded Australia - for Aussie men affected by war.
  10. Hell's Kitchen Australia

    Home and Away alumini Debra Lawrence took the crown as the winner of Hell's Kitchen last night beating Gaz from Geordie Shore to take out the honors. The $50 000 prize money she is choosing to split with Gaz so they can both give it to their chosen charity. Debra's Charity was Ovarian Cancer Australia. Among others through the series, she went head to head with Lincoln Lewis who is also a former son of Summer Bay and Sam Frost who is yet to make her appearance on the show.
  11. AWGIE Awards 2017

    Cheers Dan, I appreciate your article and the extra info on Faith McKinnon.
  12. AWGIE Awards 2017

    Thanks c120701. I appreciate that ?
  13. AWGIE Awards 2017

    Episode 6510 by Faith McKinnon won the Serial Award and Kelly Lefever who has previously worked on Home and Away won a Lifetime Achievement Award.
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  15. Johnny Ruffo brain tumour

    Brain tumours are nasty things. Hopefully they caught it in time. God speed x