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  1. Although Im loathe to take any rumor online as fact some things I hope do Happen? . Some pages on FB have suggested Neighbours is planning on bring back former cast given the Dee story recently and of the names mettion one I feel would help the show is to have Elle back as Pippa has not had much luck in the states now and may return. Paul would like That I feel and she reminds me of 2 Aussies living here in the USA. She was also one of my favorite Girl group and sadly the only one that would return. The only other character I warmed to in a way is Xanthe because like other fans she reminds me of Margot who was another member of my former Girl group and if they write her well and give her a medical career path she be like an ex Girlfriend I had in school. Yet after a bad encounter years ago with an ex star I vowed NEVER to have a female favorite again. It easy to invest in a character if they remind of you of something or someone.
  2. That's were many Shows are filmed around Epping .and surronding areas yet Palm Beach as to be the most noted and popular TV spot Down Under. with Ramsey Street.
  3. Yes that helps with making the fans feel they in the bay which they are. I think Palm beach is my favorite spot Down Under I go!
  4. Yes Some do not take kindly to posts. Yes H&A loved in NSW as Ramsey Street more popular overseas like the UK
  5. I can relate!!! Been there many times.
  6. I understand many people hate her yet some thing wasn't her fault. she tried and begged people to stay. There blame to go around.
  7. Im very pleased to hear that. good on you.
  8. One holiday "Black Friday' they made us come in 2 hours early give up half our lunch hour and wrote me up because although I was clocked back on time I forgot to tell one of the bosses I was on break as it was a hectic night and they wrote me up and it help get me fired weeks later. One mean boss I hated as he was the one who got me fired the shift complained and had him removed for awhile and he had "friends" made a few calls and got his position back and let everyone know he was there and nothing they can do!!!! Life so unfair. last time I was there hes still treating people like (Censored!)
  9. AS I though they want to do more BLUE HEELERS like stories.
  10. I had those too. They had one set of rules for some and others for you! Nice you brought up Norman as one of my former contacts knew him personally from the early H&A years and others seen him at events.
  11. 2-4 years would be a good run in my opinion as a friend here in the States suggest that the perfect limit. yet fans of course would love to see people stay forever! And actors find other things as a actress from Canada once told me in a reply "There is more to life than acting!"
  12. (NEW CROSSOVER story idea) Hello, I am working on a story idea that would combine both the H&A current cast and some Neighbours in a crossover comedy like story. I at 1st was going to do something like BLUE HEELERS yet I though something less dark would be more fun. as the 2 main characters in the adventure will NOT be related to anyone in the 2 shows I like to hear who you think I should use the most and who be fun for the newcomers to come in contact with?
  13. I think it makes them feel better to do so! I know of whom you speak of. What Hypocrites!