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  1. Hopefully if a series ever does mental illness again they do it justice! Not asking for help not good.
  2. Yes the writing is important. Sadly some actors want to get away from the past. I was told someone "PUT RAMSEY STREET IN THEIR PAST" which is why I dismiss rumors of a return. Actors want to do other things and times have changed. Kate and others are not the little kid they were back in the 80s as I told someone in Melbourne . You have to have a good reason to bring them back just for ratings yes understand? yet if they have no purpose rather than appear in a scene why bother?
  3. You quoted "Why is it that the likeable female characters becoming less likeable in the last few weeks!" OH how true. From what I hear in real life Aussie girls are not as nice as before. Im hurt at some including an ex friend in Sydney sister who ignored my Birthday wish.last year.
  4. Good question!
  5. Yes any actor willing to stay that long is going too as half that the normal screen time for most actors now, as they either want to go to the states or do films rather than TV work.
  6. Yes mate. I agree I love to see Elle again, I do think given how important he and the older cast is they form what I call the Triangle group of what keeping the show going. I wished they could do better yet its not his fault some actors think they too good to work on Ramsey street or Summer Bay. Xanthe What a lucky girl! IF I was compared to Margot considering Robbie the Gold standard of success now I would play it for all its worth. I love to have her working with Karl and letting him teach her about a future in a medical profession. The show suffered in the past by allowing alot of things to happen. It does seem like they trying to make up for it.
  7. Sadly its a habit among show ( Not only H&A) to TRY to incarnate former characters with current ones . Nothing new there.
  8. Yes if it happens it be a one short event to boost the anniversary.
  9. It seems the show does not want to have a Good character as a regular. No shock there. Paul being such a important part of the show Its about time he into a storyline again. Although I do not have a favorite anymore I do have respect for some of the cast including him as he does his job and had great ideas. Xanthe's medical career I hope if she chooses that it takes her places. to some many would say off the street! I do not think she that bad. I know she reminds some of Margot in a way?
  10. I am betting CH 7 talking to her about that right now? For a few epsiode visit. Guest roles are what many want now.
  11. Its easy to say lets bring someone back. Yet would they fit in as you said?
  12. My take is both and she not the other star to feel that way. Things have changed. I agree. As I tell fans be careful what you wish for as yes we would like to see our favorite people return yet if they given a bad story line it makes the effort a waste of time and creates hard feelings. It happens all the time as II protested to Ramsey Street when they brought Sam Fitzsgearld back for the last time and ruined her. No wonder she never been back and I have a feeling why it happen. Success depends?
  13. Among many others. I like for people to be honest. Its hard to read "never say never" knowing people are NOT coming back. Like I told others that PR from shows. very few actors are going to say how they really feel and upset fans.
  14. I disagree with that. ANY past actor would be welcomed back. I Think Gerard right she might mean she does not want t work for a long time maybe just a few episodes? Someone I knew talked to her and like all Icons she has the ability to decide to work when she wants.