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  1. If it works for ratings why would they. I remember debating with one of my sources that one Aussie actor didn't want to play the baddie and turn down roles because of that yet later on did. Some enjoy being evil? I rather see the opposite we need heroes
  2. Yes Villians are now the victims?
  3. As a Aussie member of one of my clubs said "For every bad Aussie there 10 good ones" after I told her some of the issues I had with some in Queensland and Melbourne.
  4. Given that Upper Middle Bogan has ended Watched the last episode over the weekend I would think Banas might be available? Libby off working Dan happy with Adam San happy with Emma and her revenge and Tucker back in the USA according to twitter Kym wont be back Its possible like with Banas as she has friends on the show to bring back Buchanan as i heard rumors yet as much as they would be the biggest cat fight in neighbours history with Libby Steph and Sam in one room it never happen. So like H&A I miss the old days and what could have been
  5. Having seen some of the new episodes I must say that Im glad Alf still around times have changed as life. People do too. The new characters just do not impress me yet I still love the location and have a fondness for the show. I guess that keeps it going .
  6. You would think. I heard that too.
  7. When read the Aussie news and there crime stories posted some I think wow that happen on BLUE HEELERS.
  8. Then see that on the bay? Yes Its routine anymore
  9. So true Im thinking they want to show the beach life in NSW more than anything else based on what I been told.
  10. Would it hurt if they tried to show some equality!
  11. yes so true they had an Korean Student on Ramsey street for awhile years ago. Summer bay is your typical Hottie Headquarters if you want to drool over Bikinis and Topless mates. as the bloke told me when he visited the set. Nothing wrong with that sterotype of Aussie culture. which does exist however not all Aussie are alike and it be nice to see some realism now and then.
  12. No does not. Things have changed over the decades. Aussie storytelling. I once told this to someone who knew the star of RUN REBECCA RUN which was a kids film about a young girl in Sydney who disappeared and ended up trapped on an island with a illegal immigrant from South America that jump ship. she escapes and he begged her not to tell and she wanted him to stay In Australia. In the end she gives a wonderful speech and the goverrment allows him to stay and she gets her Birthday gift.. In REAL Australia he would went to jail and been deported. YET.............. an idea for H&A as many Down Under are redoing classics One of the female cast (Pick Your fav) gets lost in the bush and runs across an illegal deserter from another nations Military who wants to live down under and he keeps her prisoner and as with the 80s kid film saved her life when she put into danger while Alf and the others with the police search. She ends up escaping yet do not want to tell on him until they force her to and she begs for him to be forgiven and helped. depending on the mood of those in summer bay It can only be guessed at what happens? ITs unlikely any Logie winners or A listers from the USA will return yet I still wish the show success as I do what left on Aussie TV now.
  13. I wonder if H&A or Ramsey Street would consider giving Josh Thomas a guest role if things change in the future. Although Ramsey Street did allow those characters they were some who did not like it,
  14. Im so sick of those stories, MY god that's one reason an Aussie Icon not working!!!