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  1. I do think the bay could use 2 new families in the future as the show needs to go back to the start. Its fantasy to think they have a Margot as Ramsey street has a lookalike in a way. For Catlin Stacy given her work on PLEASE LIKE ME I would cast her as "Katie" a Surf liferguard who returns to Australia from the States as her family get work in Summer bay and I make her like the sister of someone I knew in Sydney once. I loves sports and of course is chased by the mates. I do not know if she would do H&A yet it be interesting?
  2. Yes It be nice to see some Neighbours do that. I have a wish list yet Margot and Catlin among others are too busy with other things
  3. Ray departure would be the same as Alan or Jackie leaving on Neighbours. Although the show would continue it never the be same. I guess that what he wants to do celebrate that and then tell eveyone "Its been fun"
  4. Spot on If he was to go they loose many fans and it hurt the show. To add from what I hear fans on social media not too pleased not only with H&A but Aussie TV in general with its current stories and talent.
  5. Thunderstorms earlier some later as well into the weekend 86 F
  6. You knows what can happen. You can ask Neighbours how they handled breaking news Actors leaving without notice with everyone thinking they would come back. Ray could decide to leave and Im sure they ask him to stay. Yet working on a series is hard on older actors and even younger ones.
  7. Probably will happen he replaces Alf
  8. I think when he retires it proves H&A a new generation now.
  9. Good on you mate! Social media has its good and bad times and if it wasn't for me being isolated as I live in a rural part of America and in clubs I wouldnt be online
  10. Fans are so cruel on Facebook and I understand new characters are always viewed different than established favs. I agree what were they thinking with that name!
  11. Time have changed I missed the old days the groups are not as good as they were back then
  12. Like Summer bay the one thing I have to deal with is there is NO one I can truly call a FAV.anymore! Things have changed and in the coming season will prove if the current people can keep the shows popular.
  13. They many reason people dont come back age is one I agree as one actor today us at a signing it is hard work being a regular on a series, I think they meant that. times and things have changed and as I told others maybe its best some dont come back as they be shocked at the changes
  14. Thunderstorms later 60 F
  15. Actresses change hair color all the time for roles. NO problem there.