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  1. Honesty seems to be lacking anymore sadly. People could if they want too.
  2. Yes I know how you feel I disagreed with an Aussie on Facebook yesterday and his reply was "Let it go mate!" Some people need to have an open mind and listen even if they disagree. Slade your getting into an area I use to here in America about Die hard fans. Yes every show has them. and when you pick and choose who a "perfect" fan then it creates hard feelings among fans. Who to say what a perfect fan is?
  3. True There is alot of blame to go around. Its not the fault of one person yet when you built something around one character and something happens it changes things sometimes not for the good Im not happy with Poorly written shows either. Being unrealistic I think many accept as long as their favorite character around as many fans would like to see their hero get screen time? That how I feel. I am not a fan of reality shows and violent crime actions and I dislike Pack to the Rafters for other reasons
  4. As in life there is always room for improvement. Your right working on a hit show is Hard. as a scifi fan I go to conventions here in America and talked to many actors and some very well known. they discuss the business and being a "star" in the words of one of my American heroes is " Its Not always Sunglasses and Autographs" Many actors cannot handle that and one reason some are not working now,. I do think sometimes a better word for lazy would be taking the fans for granted as others have done.Your Right neighbours has it faults yet its moved on to some fun such as what I watched today and to add I see Summer bay turning in MT Thomas as I do watch Blue Heelers. We here in America have accepted Medicore TV as well.
  5. Bad writing is everywhere. There is nothing wrong for wanting the show to create good Characters and stories for them to work with. I know its going to be hard to get a Logie star like Lisa McCune yet others could have. Edward your so right. I know what its like to follow a franchise here In America out of devotion yet sometimes things has to end.
  6. Your really want to talk crime read the Aussie media My God Melbourne a bad place and people pick on Sydney. IF they wanted to be real they be more crime in Ramsey Street.
  7. Its a sad thing they and other shows have to kill a character off to get those numbers.
  8. I have agree and even Neighbours is sometimes yet not as bad. One thing going for Ramsey Street is they have better characters now and as some of you have said they staying longer. A little comedy wouldn't hurt H&A and Although I disappointed with both I am grateful for some who were good in the past. It would not hurt Summer bay to copy as i think with all the TV WEEK Press they get they feel being Number one they must be doing something right!
  9. That's all You hear on the Facebook fans wishing it come back. It has!
  10. Well to answer your question it seems someone at CH 7 wants to bring back BLUE HEELERS as Facebook fans post all the time. Here is my post about what wrong with the Bay and goes down to Ramsey Street as well. Your right the show lost their heart and Soul. Casting talent and writing good stories is what they need yet as much as we would love to have our wish list of actors we have to be real. In 2010 CH 7 tried to lure a Neighbours actor to work in Sydney and they turned it down because Family didn't want to relocate which I hold NO hard feelings over that as its the official reason yet some actors now do not want to do TV anymore? Among the problems the soaps have are losing people to the USA. as I was told. Its the dream of many to become popular and jump at the chance to do Hollywood. Yet some Aussie would never leave which is great. AS you said Edward Skylover at least Neighbours has been keeping their cast which Im pleased they doing as I suggested to work at making the actors happy so they commit longer. "The longer people stay the more the viewers invest!" Yes you always have your "hotties" both male and female. what lacking is someone to stand out like a Sally or Charlene. Your right without Alf and some locations its a new show like a reboot as we say in America. At least Ramsey Street has the houses even though the people change. for both good and bad. Bad writing again is one issue I take everyone to task for. both the show and casts. Yes I use to love Blue Heelers yet I moved on and the old saying be careful for what you wish for as I wanted more cops on Ramsey Street and Summer bay. I think I wished too much!!! I feel bad some people are gone and could care less if others came back. the old days are gone and only saved online. What could they do? Well casting new people always a challenge and maybe they get a sexy Taylor Swift like hottie running down the beach. I love to see one day they find another young Melissa George or Simone Buchanan like actress who could have Their past success. You think most of the Cast now would be given H&A good press yet that leads to them wanting to jump to other things Movies & USA? My advice to the Bay is to cast a couple who move from the city to the bay with 2 pre teen kids and for a change have a happy ending? My advice for Erinsbough would be to Keep what they have and allow them to enjoy if they willing to work. It be nice to bring people back yet I worried the Dee storyline will have fans begging them to do just that and look how that is is being handled, It seems when they bring people back they mess it up. In Fairness there alot of things that went on we fans do not know and I do think had some casting been allowed and people stayed thinsg would been different yet like real life things change and we have to either accept or move on to other shows as some fans have.
  11. That can be said for other shows as well.,Sadly things have changed over the last few years. I do not see it getting better
  12. As someone in Sydney once told me "Nothing last forever" I know I have find memories of past seasons yet in the past years with other shows there nothing that interests me now. It be great if they could get Rebecca Gibney or Lisa McCune to guest yet as long as Shows Down under and here in America want to make Reality stars and allow bad writing both shows and fans are going to suffer.
  13. I really Feel sorry for Channel 7 & 10..................Really without getting into leaking spoilers They have tried to improve both the hit soaps., One thing they need to accept is they NEVER going to be another Kylie........................YEt its human nature to recreate what worked in the past. Oh the "what could have been" My god I wished people would have taken roles................Yet actors are human beings and they have their priorities. I agree with you. Ramsey street seems to have more humor........good group of people I only had one bad encounter and the same with Summer bay. As I told Facebook they do not need to bring back Blue Heelers both have! Watching the current episodes You had a death in the bay while on Ramsey street you having amusing conflict between Neighbours so which is more enjoyable at the moment.
  14. Yes they always get things wrong when they try to copy each others stories. Sometimes they get lucky. As I told some in Melbourne once they need to hire better writers yet they work with what they have.