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  1. I'm curious why it says Vale Jessica Falkholt on the picture on the main site. Was that her official name?
  2. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    I really enjoyed this article. Thank you to all those involved who put this article together.
  3. RIP Jessica and Lars, Vivian and Annabelle. May you all rest in peace. What an awful tragedy. Praying and thinking of all their family and friends. My heart goes out to them all.
  4. Happy Birthday, Home and Away!

    Happy Birthday Home and Away! Thank you for creating my favourite ever characters and many years of enjoyment. Thank you to Back to the Bay for all you do and look forward to the features throughout the year.
  5. RIP to Lars, Vivian, Annabelle and Jessica. What a sad tragedy. Praying and thinking of all their family and friends as they try and cope with what has happened.
  6. Who thinks Selina and Steven were a good couple

    I was just wondering. Does anyone have any idea if they always planned to reunite Steven and Selina after they broke up in 1996? Or the timing just worked for her exit? I would like to think it was always planned.
  7. Hope she makes a good recovery. Praying and thinking of her.
  8. Steven and Selina - Irene could talk to Alf about what they're up to now.
  9. It was a shame that Ailsa's death was poorly executed. I have considered over the years how else she could have left and I don't know how she could have left without dying though. She and Alf came close before to splitting up, eg. 1999 that I don't know what another way would have been for them to realistically split up.
  10. How devastating. Praying and thinking of them plus all their friends and family. Really hope they pull through.
  11. Were Shane and Angel also living in Donald's house when they started going out?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Who thinks Selina and Steven were a good couple

    It would be great if Ric had had confirming they were back together but I haven't heard anything. Is it possible it's in a fanfic? I'll go and search the whole forum now.
  14. Who thinks Selina and Steven were a good couple

    We never found out any more information about Linn. As far as we know it wasn't his foster sister Lynn.

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