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  1. I think Home and Away started in Australia in 1988. When did it start in the UK please?
  2. Thanks @j.laur5 I hadn't realised the order of events. Why did he burn down the house?
  3. I'm 35 and Sally is at the most 3 years older than me. I think it would be too soon for her 40th.
  4. Did he burn down the house to destroy the evidence that Charlotte killed Denny? I never realised that until today.
  5. On Roo's profile Bobby is described as her niece. I believe they were cousins.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Is Lucinda Luc?
  8. I believe Steven leaves as well. (It was February 1997 in the UK.)
  9. I remember hearing in Inside Soap at the time that Sally's boyfriend Tim was going to become permanent. Maybe that was the plan if Sally had taken over the house when Pippa moved away.
  10. Thanks @Red Ranger 1 Also to @c120701 for your help earlier.
  11. Irene had a surrogate baby for Finn and Barry, the baby is Paul. Paul went missing. Finn became pregnant not long after Irene, the baby is Mark.
  12. Thanks everyone. I hadn't realised there was a fire - is that when Marilyn was electrocuted?
  13. I'm sorry if I've asked this before. What is in the space attached to the Diner now where the Den used to be please?
  14. I was never a big fan of Casey but if I got a chance to see the episodes now she might not be so annoying. In an aside, though Edward probably knows this, Louise Crawford now plays the on / off role of Ellen Crabb in Neighbours.