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  1. Thanks Beau. I've always wondered. Selina, Shannon and Jack talk about their past but Curtis never seems to. As a teenager Curtis seemed quite a one dimensional character to me. As an adult I can understand him more. They just didn't seem to develop his character or backstory as much as the other teens.
  2. Was it ever revealed / hinted at what happened to Curtis's biological parents?
  3. The casting agents obviously had a limited budget that year or the actors who could have taken Travis's place were demanding too much money!
  4. I do feel bad about Jack losing Chloe.
  5. I'm still on about 1762 so still catching up.
  6. Your whole class in 1997 knows you fancy Adam Willits.
  7. Thanks Red Ranger.
  8. Thanks Beau and RedRanger. I have an Early Years fanfic idea but I wanted to check something with a mod first. Who is best to PM please?
  9. Steven and Selina first saw each other onscreen in Episode 1739. (They might have passed each other when he lived in the Bay before but we have no way of knowing the answer to that.)
  10. Happy birthday BTTB! I've been a member for nearly twelve years now - it doesn't seem that long! I usually dip in and out of the spoilers section but I've always kept up to date with the website. A valuable source of information for anything I want to know. Thankyou for all the wonderful hard work that everyone involved puts into the website and forum. I really appreciate it all. Am I allowed to provide a virtual cake for everyone to enjoy please?
  11. Sorry this is two questions. When did Pippa and Tom adopt Sally? Why did she keep her name as Fletcher instead of change it to Ross?
  12. I remember that Claire (not sure of the spelling) still had some episode sunmaries on her computer fortunately so she was able to repost them.
  13. Shane Ammann and Kristy Wright (Curtis and Chloe) used to date in real life.
  14. Hi Dan. I'm afraid I'm not so good at remembering people. Some i know from other forums. I've married and become a Mum since I was last regularly on here. Happy to make new friends anyway! Also my 6yo son is convinced 1990 was the olden days! I'm trying to set him straight on that one!
  15. When Michael and Pippa first met was Michael as keen as Pippa on taking in foster kids?