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  1. Jeans and a Tan long sleeve top
  2. A cup of tea
  3. Great chapter Not liking Morten at all poor Brody has to choose which Morgan to kill or else Morten will kill them all and make Brody watch. Wonder who that boy Morten killed for Brody was. Update again soon
  4. Poor Kyle I can't imagine my parents being that strict but I would never go to a party and growing up is hard. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Liked that Louise and Callie could visit Kyle and meet his other family. I hope now that Nate has the missing pages he can help Kyle. Update again soon
  6. Hot Chips Chai Latte Hot Chocolate
  7. Great chapter I'm glad everyone knows what is wrong with Kyle I do hope you don't send Kyle back to Melbourne and glad Phoebe told Kyle's mum. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Finally Phoebe tells everyone Kyle's secret I do hope he will be alright. Update again soon
  9. Hope he recovers quickly.
  10. Great chapter oh my Steve this just keeps getting better and on my birthday too! Update again soon
  11. Great chapter wow what a grand opening that was! I can't wait to see were you go with this. Update again soon
  12. Great Chapter Interesting insight to Lara's home life. Liked how Hope was teasing Brody Update again soon
  13. Great chapter Hope the interview with Tori goes well for Raffy. Finally Mason told Tori he's been seeing someone. Oh so Brody was interested in Ziggy first well that's currently a twist. Update again soon
  14. Great chapter Hmm intrigued to find out what Hunter has turned into. Morag as the head witch interesting. Update again soon
  15. Great chapter Liked that Ric and Cassie got reunited with Sally and Flynn Update again soon