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  1. The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni
  2. Great ending that was bitter sweet that VJ got Billie back. Zac as a zombie and Kat as a useless cop Thanks for sharing this with us Steve
  3. Great chapters Glad the teenagers told Brax what happened to Kyle as a kid and on the camping trip. Glad Kyle will be okay Update again soon
  4. Glad Skye's team won and even though her dad tried to kidnap her she was helped by her friends. Lovely ending thanks for sharing this with us JT.
  5. Great chapter What a messed up relality with Billie and Luc swapping places. I agree with Lubub that wasn't the end was it?
  6. Great chapter Goats can be scary. Loved Luc's style asking VJ to get a goat. Update again soon
  7. Great chapters Loved the flashbacks Casey was careless and poor Kyle! Liked how Kyle told Phoebe he is sick. hopefully Kyle will be okay. Update again soon
  8. Bowl of hot chips Hot Chocolate Flavoured soda water
  9. Great chapter I liked the flashback didn't like that Tamara was so mean to Kyle but glad they became friends. Update again soon
  10. great chapter Justin insulting Brody's food Raffy wanting to enlarge her boobs Brody living as a bee. Update again soon
  11. Jeans,Black t-shirt and a grey hoodie
  12. Partly cloudy 15°c
  13. Great chapter Poor Kyle being left out of boys night. Loved all the flashbacks Update again soon