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  1. Great chapter Feel sorry for Kyle and Josh. oh no what has Brax got himself into? Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Phoebe's singing was annoying Matt. Hunter finally admitting he hates living in swap. Matt gets to take his kangaroo home yay Update again soon
  3. Dance Academy the movie
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  6. Great chapter Still can't believe Ben wasn't charged feel sorry for Tessa. Update again soon
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  9. great start I look forward to more update again soon
  10. Great chapter Glad Oscar escaped to get Matt a taco well tried too. Good VJ saved Luc then Billie. Oh dear John has gone bonkers Update again soon
  11. Me before you
  12. Lasagna Ice Cream Chocolate
  13. Switched at Birth
  14. Great chapter Andy got away I hope the police catch up to him. Poor Josh I hope he will be okay Update again soon