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  1. How? I don't know what to suggest :/
  2. IMO there would be no market for 1988-1995 after the recent 7TWO repeat, or episodes from about 2007 to modern day, as they were only broadcast in the last 10 years. The market IMO would be for 1996-2006.
  3. Downloading is definitely our most likely option I think, lets hope technology wins for us in this instance.
  4. I'd pay a couple of grand just for 1996-1999
  5. Thanks for the info @Dan F. This bit interests me: I would hazard a guess that if new contracts have to be drawn up for any upcoming early years episodes, those episodes will just never be repeated again. Network 7 literally get no reward for playing those episodes if they repeat them because the ratings will be low on 7TWO anyway and it will be expensive to boot. I don't think we'll ever see those episodes again. How depressing. I think the only chance we have is if Channel 5 decide to start a repeat run but even if they did, they'd probably go for 2000 onwards as they already have those episodes, or from 1988 which we've already seen repeated. Seems like 1996-2000 will forever be lost to us then
  6. Thanks for taking the time to research but that doesn't answer the question about how you know 7 said the early years would never be repeated again after the initial repeat in 2002 or the reasons given, what are your sources? I do agree that action is more important than getting an answer which is why I started a petition but unfortunately there was not enough support to make a difference. We definitely would have needed over 1000 signatures at least to make a difference. I'm still curious as to what the contractual problems are.
  7. Would they have to pay royalties to actors for repeat showings or would it just be built into their original contracts that the episodes could be repeated at any time? What cast changes are shortly coming up which could explain the 'contractual issues'? I'm surprised they got this far into the repeats, 8 years is good going so I'm grateful for that. I hope at some point down the line they change their minds. The petition was shy of 500 signatures, if it had reached 1000 we'd have had something to work with and 7 would have been more likely to change their minds. How do you know that? Thanks Dan for getting an answer.
  8. I found Matt pointless for his entire time, Adam was pointless after the 1st two years (but had potential) and Sam was there mainly as a foil to facilitate other characters' stories. I like some of Jack and Sam's interactions but I'm not that bothered by Sam as a stand-alone character.
  9. Sam maybe, but Sally felt like a regular character to me. It surprises me when people say they think Sally was sidelined as it seems to me like she got a lot of storylines/screen time.
  10. As someone who works in a call centre, I know first hand that those call-takers probably have 0 idea whether it's coming back and like @Shannon Found Skeletons has said, are probably being told it's coming back whether that's true or not. When people ring up, they need to be extremely forceful with their opinions, and ask why it's been taken off. In my experience nothing will change if not, to get through the bureaucracy of call-centres it's really important to talk to the staff as long as possible, and say everything possible to get your opinion heard.
  11. It's not news from people who run that page, it's news from members of the public in Australia who have contacted Network 7. So it's all just as relevant. None of us work in commissioning programming for Network 7 as far as I'm aware so any information is good to know.
  12. I don't know if it's been said in this thread but on the 'Home and Away: The Early Years (official)' Facebook page people have been saying they've called Network 7 who state that the show has been taken off air until the end of the year. They haven't given a reason.
  13. Are there any other ways we can increase exposure?
  14. I imagine it would need to be over 1000 but hopefully it will bump up over the coming days. Has there been any news over the schedules following the already 4 week gap? Can we see beyond that yet?
  15. The petition has over 300 signatures now.