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  1. So excited!
  2. Is he trying to sound American? I've noticed it too. Bless him.
  3. I don't know her
  4. I imagine their husbands feel jealous being married to such successful actresses. Which is stupid.
  5. What a horrible thing. Nobody should have to go through this kind of thing, especially at the hands of a partner. Poor Melissa, I feel terrible for her and I hope she gets through this, she's such a talented actress.
  6. Basically if no UK channel airs the show, it will end altogether!! So please please everyone sign the petition! It's already at 9,000 signatures.
  7. Petition has over 6,000 signatures so far, please sign!
  8. Hi guys, It has been reported that Neighbours could end as Channel 5 and Fremantle Media are struggling to come to a deal. Please sign the petition below if you would like to support Neighbours from being axed.
  9. I like the Travis/Steven/Kelly household as a group but I find Kelly to be the weak link. The scene where Kelly revealed to her sister that her fiancé had just died was almost farcical, as the actress was holding back laughter. Having said that some people do react like that in high-pressure situations. It reminded me of the blooper from when .
  10. I've just watched Melissa George's Who Do You Think You Are? episode. Was really interesting, I highly recommend!
  11. What lovely news about Debra!
  12. Don't want to sound horrible but the 2nd Roo is better-acted.
  13. It doesn't matter that most viewers wouldn't remember her, Alf is in the Bay so it'd be good. I also say re-cast. If not they could always get one or some of her kids to come and see their grandfather Alf.
  14. I've loved Quinn, she's a breath of fresh air. Very well-acted too. Kelly on the other hand, well, the less said about her the better!
  15. Yes, I agree, Quinn was great, bring her back!