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  1. I'm pretty sure Red Ranger has seen upto where I am, and I haven't noticed Selina having a problem with Mandy/Shannon. ETA: I have to say I'm not particularly observant at times though.
  2. Thanks Dan. How do you know all that info! Just watched Selina drinking the can with a wasp/bee in it. After Angel's plane crash that would be my next memory of Home and Away from when I was a child. Unlike the plane crash, the wasp memory is a lot more vivid. Pretty traumatic for a 5 year old child to see that! I presume this was aired in 1996. About to watch the aftermath episode, I wonder if I'll have any more memories! ETA: Funny how things change, I know that my recollections of H&A as a child were the characters of Irene, Donald, Selina, Fisher, Marilyn, Pippa and Sally. I have no memory of Jack who is now my favourite character from the early years.
  3. Haha, on a separate note I keep seeing the mic dangling above the actors heads' in certain scenes, is this a new thing to 1995 or has it always happened on occasion and I've just never noticed?? ETA: After the computer is stolen which holds all the information about who has bought a concert ticket, Shannon asks Jack if 'John Palmer' has paid for his ticket yet
  4. The pig taking Travis' place on the sofa was pretty funny
  5. I'm presuming they don't go ahead with a Jack/Shannon pairing, I'm kind of glad because they don't seem to suit...probably due to their excellent sibling chemistry. I loved Jack/Chloe together. Jack and Selina seem like years ago. Can't say I'm thrilled at Travis' return.
  6. Interesting! So they are a real band then? Jack was very excited about them which I thought was hilarious It's funny how you get little reminders of the era they're in...like this band, and Shannon asking Pippa if they can get a fax machine Jack looked very handsome in his suit His wardrobe has taken a slight nose-dive, I wonder if this is due to the actor putting on weight. Loved his style when he 1st arrived, now he wears baggy clothes.
  7. I am looking forward to Dodge's plot climaxing though (I haven't watched that far yet). The writers are really spoiling the Jack fans aren't they - I feel like he always receives very heavy focus which is great but it's horrible watching him be so tortured Thinking about it though all the young characters are very in the spotlight aren't they. They're doing great with the aftermath of the bush fire though. That band he has recruited for the ferry concert seem very dated now and ver 90s Bless him, he must feel so alone. It's great he's trying to do something to make amends for his actions. The piece of writing he wrote in English about the fire was moving. Nice to see Elizabeth again. I feel like we don't know Kelly at all and suddenly she's in this plot about not coping at work. Perhaps the struggle to write for 20-somethings continues...
  8. I'm still catching up anyway Was Dodge really memorable enough in his first stint to warrant a return? I don't think his 1989 stint was all that. Plus his camp acting finds it difficult for me to take him seriously, not that villains shouldn't be camp of course.
  9. I prefer dark-skin men, they are more attractive so I think Mason and Justin are very good looking men. It makes no sense that Tori is their sister though, unless they had 1 Australian parent and 1 foreign parent. Jack Wilson's actor had a diverse background too, probably why he was nice looking too. What is a POC?
  10. This is true. However, I do agree with the stance that homosexuality should always have been accepted, regardless of the era. Much like Home and Away, society does seem to go forwards and backwards in terms of homosexuality. It was rife in Ancient Greece and pretty much accepted from what we know. Although many of the men who were involved with other men or boys eventually got married. But I think the Greeks were just very fluid with their sexuality. I foresee a time like that again not too long away in the future.
  11. Producing quality TV generally means taking risks and pushing boundaries, which H&A doesn't. You don't seem to understand. It's not depicting Aussie life. That's the whole point.
  12. Yes, of course this was no more acceptable at any other time. I just meant that in 2017, when people are more educated about homosexuality in general and it is no longer a taboo subject which isn't talked about, it's not a time when these network executives should go unchallenged. Dee123 - thanks for the info, it's interesting to know.
  13. Thanks for adding these to the list. I wonder what Channel 5's view would be on the alleged constraints Network 7 has placed on the producers.
  14. Brill, thanks!