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  1. Apologies for the very long post ahead but I digress. I just wanted to convey my feelings and emotions about modern Home and Away and how I feel the producers are ruining it. I’m sorry if I go over points I’ve already made but I want to vent my frustrations all in one go and let go of the harrowing disappointment I feel about losing a show I love. A show which continues to be ruined week after week, month after month, by the people in charge. For me the thing that ruins modern Home and Away is the fact it has lost its heart and soul. Why does defined characterization have no place in the modern show? Why is casting beautiful people the most important thing to the show and realism is sacrificed to suit this? By this I’m talking about VJ. I’m sorry to bring it up again. The producers obviously loved Matt Little and wanted him in the show. But it just wasn’t realistic at all. They had set their heart on having Matt in the show but there are other characters he could have played. Ruining a legacy character wasn’t necessary. I’m sure there are plenty of beautiful actors between the ages of 16 and 18 who would have grabbed the opportunity to play VJ. As a result I feel robbed of a character I’ve watched growing up on screen. It’s like he left and an impostor is pretending to be him. Matt Little is so obviously 22 or however old he is now. To rub salt in the wounds they had him embroiled in this awful ‘not the daddy’ storyline at the mere age of 17. Not that 17 year old characters shouldn’t have storylines like that, but it just once again highlighted how the writers had thrown away VJ’s coming-of-age years in order to have him in adult storylines. Where does Leah’s character go when Matt inevitably tries to crack Hollywood? Years of story material rushed through in order for short term gain and to have Matt Little play this legacy character. I understand VJ and Billie have a fair few fans, but I’d hazard a guess there are just as many people, who, like me, can’t take them seriously. Characters are treated as instantly replaceable by the writers. I know actors can’t be chained down and a lot of them want to try and crack the USA but this wouldn’t matter if the show runners tried to make the show consistent and run smoothly. Do they try and keep any actors for long? Neighbours seems to have some young characters stick around for 5 years or more, why doesn’t this happen on Home and Away? Have the producers just been unlucky? And if they have, why don’t they try and lure back some former characters to bridge the gap? They think plonking a new beautiful person in a random house in the Bay is enough to distract the audience. I am willing to suspend my disbelief, but when there is not even 1 household in the whole show which is believable, it starts to become grating. Granted bringing back Heath and Bianca was a good move in some respects. Good for the 2011-2014 audience. The problem is that the show didn’t bring them back because it respects its history, but because it’s under some kind of weird illusion that the viewers are obsessed with the criminal aspect of the show. What about before 2011? How are we supposed to believe in characters who act as if they didn’t exist before 2011? The past is only mentioned if the writers want to force some of the long-term characters into a story about being in danger. Penn’s vendetta against Alf Stewart in 2010, because of ‘something he did in the past’, Irene’s son and his vendetta against her because she gave him up at birth. In theory Irene’s sexual abuse story could have worked. But they messed it up again. This was a story which could have produced story material for years. Instead any potential gain was thrown away in favour of short-term hysteria. There could have been a 2 or 3-month storyline about Irene having an alcohol relapse because she’s been forced to confront past demons, leading to a recovery and subsequent search for her long-lost child. Mick and Irene could have re-connected over the space of a few years. Instead they decided to have Irene relapse for a week and for Mick to be a crazed lunatic for a week, ruining any long-term potential. The backstory makes sense. It shows why Irene turned to drink and why she had such a volatile relationship with men. But over-the-top drama was the main priority here, just like it always is with the modern Home and Away. They don’t want to tell a good story. They don’t believe the show’s viewers are intelligent enough to watch decent storytelling. A lot of the characters are there in name only. Alf, Irene, Marilyn, John, Leah, Roo. As many older characters are forced to work in the Diner as possible because the writers don’t understand how to do anything else with them. Hell I even saw Alf Stewart searching for potential bushfire victims in the season opener this year! I know this is something he’s done since day dot but he’s getting on a bit now and it’s horrible to see him forced into the OTT dramas of Summer Bay. To counteract my negativity I do want to mention that I think Duncan’s return was beautifully written. His American wife was cast with an actress who could believably portray an American accent. There were a few months of Alf re-connecting with his son, the introduction to Alf’s grandchild, Roo being involved in things she should actually be involved in, like her brother and fathers’ lives, rather than worrying about people she’s not even related to. For me Duncan’s return represents what Home and Away should be – characters and their families, their pasts, the present and their futures, their mistakes, their fears. How they’ve grown as people. Georgie Parker should be the star of the show. Summer Bay House is known to have a central matriarchal figure and Roo suits this role perfectly. Leah is shoe-horned in to the house due to the actor’s longevity with the show but Roo is a more developed, interesting and well-rounded character – or at least – she could be, and she carries a lot of history. Georgie has been loyal to the show for 7 years but Roo only seems to be there to deliver lines or have a dud relationship from time to time with someone who has ‘an exciting secret’. What happened to the fiery and manipulative character who made huge mistakes and left in the 80s? On the one hand I’m glad to see Roo has developed since her troubled days in the 80s. On the other hand - don’t get me wrong I don’t want her to go and stamp on Ailsa’s grave - they have an opportunity here to really explore her very flawed character. What happened to her between 1989 to 2010? Does she miss Frank? Does she regret giving up Martha? Why can’t Martha be re-cast? Jodi Anasta is obviously not going to return and the character returning would give Roo something to do. I know H&A has never been a show to focus too heavily on the older characters but there’s no reason why they couldn’t cast an attractive, young actor to play Martha (if that’s really what’s so important) while in turn giving Roo something to do at the same time. Following on from this point, I’m just saying that Home And Away can do both things at the same time – it can use the current model of focusing heavily on attractive young cast members and focus on characterization at the same time. Back in the day you had Jack, Shannon and Selina, the young beautiful characters, but Irene and Pippa didn’t suffer for it or get sidelined. Their connection to those characters enhanced and developed them as characters as well, particularly Irene. John, Marilyn, Irene, Alf, Roo etc all have rich histories and connections to an abundance of past characters; Nathan, Damian and Finlay Roberts, Irene’s sister Wendy and nephew Nelson, possibly his children if he has any and her own grandchildren. Alf has Ric, Quinn, Martha, Duncan, Shauna, and many others. What happened to John’s daughter Shandi? Leah doesn’t mention her former stepson Ryan anymore. Did her marriage to Dan ever actually happen? Does she ever visit Vinnie’s grave? The show seems to have a false perception that respecting and exploring its history cannot happen at the same time as focusing on the here and now. These are not separate things. They really can exist together and they really can help the current show flourish. Believing in the characters and the writers characterizing them as real people will surely make the audience feel a lot more connected to them and make them want to tune in regularly. Home and Away has become an Australian version of Hollyoaks. A conveyer-belt of attractive people with no personality, no quirks, no charisma. People reading lines and getting stalked, attacked, or trapped in a bushfire every other week.
  2. I very much enjoyed Duncan and Caroline Stewart, and Irene's brief relapse into alcoholism but I haven't enjoyed anything else since 2013. I love Roo but the decent older characters don't do enough to make me love the show.
  3. I agree. Roo should be the main focus of Summer Bay house.
  4. It is a sad day, and I feel quite emotional, but I am starting to wonder if 2017 is the year I give up modern Home and Away. I know it may sound sad the show is just so terrible now.
  5. Yes, Georgie is one of the best ever actresses. She makes the worst writing work because she is so talented. Love her.
  6. There is room for no Jack in the Bay other than the original Kat is actually one of my favourite current characters, I think the problem for her is they focus on the recycled plot of policewoman loves criminal which is not original in any way. If they focused less on her career dilemmas she'd be a thousand times better. Charlie was alright, I guess they both have their strengths and weaknesses.
  7. This sounds excellent, can't wait to get to those episodes.
  8. Not strictly from the early years era, but I found this Rebecca Breeds (Ruby Buckton) interview interesting. Blake Dean (Les Hill) interview! Apparently he was offered Neighbours at the same time as Home and Away! New info to me.
  9. I have fairly vivid memories of Don and Marilyn from my childhood. Maz has kind of been floating around without a purpose until now. I did find the whole pig storyline hilarious though.
  10. The combinations seem to get worse as they go along. I was re-watching some of Jack/Selina's relationship the other day and it seems like years ago. You can even sense the awkwardness from the actors in the Jack/Sally relationship. I remember someone saying Sally doesn't get a look in much during the 90s but from what I can tell she has got a fair portion of storylines so far.
  11. Thanks Dan !
  12. Hi I was just wondering which episodes (in particular episode numbers) people would consider 'big' episodes in 1994 and 1995. I'm currently labelling my episodes and want to put a note on any big episodes. Things like 'Selina's bee sting' I've already labelled, I've got Jack's arrival (1st Apr 94), I'm just wondering which episodes other people would class as 'big'. Thanks in advance
  13. Jack and Sally together seem really disturbing, not sure why.
  14. Thanks Dan! That's not actually very long before his eventual exit then, and it's quite a big chunk of time. Interesting...
  15. Loving the show. The contrast between Shane and Damian was always strong during Damian's time as a permanent Summer Bay resident, but it's odd to see just how different they have ended up - though I love that their friendship is never forgotten. I'm enjoying Travis so much more this time round. Perhaps it's because he looks like he's had a wash and a shave I have to say I find it odd that Dodge's girlfriend is the same actress who played Vicki Baxter; who is just about as memorable as Dodge, you'd think they'd have chosen another actress. Also weird to see Rebecca Fisher turning up in a Travis storyline before being Rebecca Fisher. I can already tell I'm going to like that actress though, she seems to have good screen presence. I haven't missed Shane and Angel all that much. I'm late to the party but I've also enjoyed the Stewart/Ross feud. Found it entertaining.