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    Well sorry if you personally see it as "patronising", but yes, some people do need to be reminded about discretion. Not all people, just some. Now I'm obviously not privy to the number of phone calls, but I have seen a number of comments on petitions, groups and Seven/H&A's own Facebook pages with people demanding the return of the Early Years to 7TWO so they can continue watching - seemingly oblivious to the fact they've put their international location right there beside it. Some people have even tagged the official H&A and Seven Network accounts alongside BTTB in tweets (now removed) asking us to help "save the early years", attaching direct links to pages that upload the episodes. Just because I say things you might disagree with, or don't do things your way, it doesn't mean that there's the "us and them attitude" that you're continuing to push. Ultimately all I'm trying to do is guide some people on BTTB away from making the same mistakes, for everyone's benefit. Hopefully others can see that.
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    Some folks DO need to be told. And others may need to take a chill pill...
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    I have no idea what people are talking about anymore
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    I don't mean to be rude but nobody cares hearing about so-called contacts and actors with no names. It's boring. If you can't reveal who you're talking about, it's of no interest. And personally even if you did reveal it, I still wouldn't care. I'm not tryng to offend you, you seem like a nice person, but it's just off topic hearing vague descriptions about "contacts" and "sources" doing something that may or may not loosely relate to the topic in hand.
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    Yes but the Seven receptionists have been giving different stories to different people ever since they first went off-air. Remember these are the same people that told us they'd definitely be back within a couple of weeks (whilst simultaneously telling others they were off for good, and others that they'd be back at the end of the year), hence why we attempted to get answers higher up. And on the rest of the forum too if you don't mind.
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    If I'm being honest - this has nothing (and I mean sweet FA) to do with the topic.
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    Wow.The word cancer makes it feel more real somehow.It really doesn't discriminate.Here's hoping he kicks it where the sun don't shine.
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    Ash had moments with both Kat and Tori? Lucky guy! To be honest, I could see a relationship with either of them working and I do still feel a certain amount of loyalty to Ash and Kat despite all their problems. Loved the way Leah was telling Tori she imagined it and then went "Er, hang on..." Nice role for Justin too.And I did appreciate a mention of VJ looking after Luc, I'm grabbing any crumb I can get. I think Leah being frosty towards Maggie has gone on long enough, especially when it's coming from something as petty as Leah being embarrassed that she got caught eyeing up Ben.Mind you, Alf and everyone else might find themselves less well disposed to the Astonis when they find out they're their rivals for the pier purchase.The Diner being leased when all previous indications have been that Irene and Leah own it outright is rather out of nowhere, although the flat has always seemed like a separate property.So, Roo says that she wants to be a teacher and next thing she's arranging teacher practise at Summer Bay High?Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall a bit...
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    Another successful day at Palmy
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    What an utterly pathetic cop-out and whitewash.Real brave of Hunter to own up now, when he's successfully twisted Alf, Irene, Leah, Marilyn and VJ around his finger and got them convinced of the myth of Saint Hunter and willing to come riding to his defence (no doubt Alf will soon be shown the error of his ways, probably by more peace and love platitudes from Marilyn).Real brave of him to own up when all the MacGuires have gone and he doesn't have to face up to them knowing he contributed to Denny's death...a fact the episode pointedly glosses over, adding to the whitewash feel.Once again, the message seems to be that Charlotte was right to kill Denny: If she'd exposed Hunter back then, before people forgot what he really is, they wouldn't have been nearly so forgiving, but by delaying it she made sure he got away with it.Also glossed over is Hunter's own cowardice which we can hardly blame on Charlotte: She's been dead eighteen months and whatever brief moment of conscience he may have felt, he's shown no suggestion of feeling the need to own up to what he did since, except to Olivia, who's too self-absorbed to care.The episode showed what an utter worm Hunter is, still playing the victim: It's Peggy's fault, it's Olivia's fault, they should all cover for him and never mind the people who ended up in hospital or dead because of him.His "confession" to Marilyn was an exercise in manipulation and guilt tripping: Playing at being remorseful when he's only there because Irene made him, spinning it as a "stupid prank" and saying he never meant to hurt anyone which is clearly a lie.He might not have meant to physically hurt anyone but it was an act of malice to punish Leah for getting in his way.Olivia's not much better, a selfish brat who refuses to take responsibility, her tirade to Hunter saying it's all his fault for calling Peggy when she was the one who pressured him into it being so utterly self-centred that I actually found myself on Hunter's side for a moment.No doubt she'll soon be back believing in her childish fantasy that they'll be together forever.So that's it, all Hunter's crimes brushed under the carpet, instant undeserved forgiveness, and who cares about the trail of corpses he left in his wake.He deserves to be in jail.But instead moral cowardice wins the day. Meanwhile, Justin learns a bit more about Scarlett.It's odd that Anderson waited all night after finding out she was doing a runner to make his move: Did he really need back-up? But it's Justin to the rescue! And Leah puts her foot right in it with Kat, who didn't walk away willingly by any means...
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    Just a quick note to say thank you to Ludub, JosieTash, Jarliefan, Kristen, pembie and Kellicopter for your support throughout this fiction. Comments are always welcome and you helped keep me going!
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    Guys I had such a good day! I met another aupair in the area who's going back to the UK in 2 weeks. She'd lived in the area for a couple of months and hadn't yet got as far as Palmy. She's not a Home and Away fan but I told her that it's still such an iconic thing to do and people will be jealous. So we went to the beach and they weren't filming, sad sad. But we sat and played in the sand for a bit (bare in mind I had a 2 year old with me), and went to the park. About 11 we said we'd head up to the Boathouse for lunch.....THAT'S WHY THERE WAS NOBODY AT THE BEACH, DUH. Haha. So we got there and the catering vans were setting up for lunch, the only parking space was next to the portaloos. We saw Scott filming from inside his car with an unknown blonde chick on the outside looking in the window. And then while we were having lunch Maz and John filmed something outside of the diner. (Thinking about it now, that probably would have been a great time to walk down the pier!). BUTTTTT while I was in the queue to order a cuppa for me and my new friend, I turned around and Scott was in the queue behind me! I kind of had a mini heart attack and then asked him for a picture. He was so so nice and probably gave me more time because he wasn't bombarded with people, it was just one on one. (LOL at the photo bomb!) So yeah. That happened. I also saw George having lunch meaning he may have been filming after we left, but I had nap time to get home for, and I was already quite high on life.
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    To be honest I think Alf was a much stronger and more interesting character when he wasn't considered a 'linchpin' and was just one of the cast in his own home living his own life - with Ailsa. My interest in Alf has never been the same as it was when Ailsa was alive and he ran his own businesses, which sort of suggests to me that the writers haven't successfully been able to develop Alf as a character in his own right and have sort of allowed his longevity and 'linchpin' status to carry him. They could have done so many other things with Alf over the past 17 years but he's just felt very unsettled Imo which is why he's never been a strong enough reason for me to continue watching, I don't feel attached to him whereas I used to feel like I knew him, I don't anymore because he's just been badly, or boringly, developed over the years. His relationship with Ailsa allowed us to see multiple sides to his character which gave him a lot more depth. Losing Fisher also damaged the flow of his character and contributed to him drifting. I think he gained his 'linchpin' status around 2005 but it was further cemented when Sally left in 08.
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    Leaving aside the issue of whether or not someone's horrible for being upset if you post something they told you in private all over the internet... Regarding the "might be coming back in November" issue, I agree with what Skylover just said. It sounds as though it's currently on the level of "A friend of a friend who knows someone says it's coming back" rather than there being anything from an official source.So, the best thing would be to make discreet, polite enquiries through official channels about the possibility of the show returning.If the answers are vague, then it seems unlikely.But if we get confirmation from enough people, then it may well be true.
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    Someone on Facebook is saying that they rang Channel 7 and were told the show is coming back in November. If it's another lie that is truly despicable
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    I've been missing the re-runs so much I've gone back to the start of 1994 and it's actually really nice to re-watch them all again. The show is so innocent and feel good during that era, it's pure escapism. I'm gutted that 7TWO ended the Early Years but also that they ended them on such a sad note with Shane's funeral!
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    Ironically, it felt like a true end of the era too. 2005 took the show in a whole new direction with the Stalker, the paternity storyline and the need for big stunts, murders etc. I became less and less engaged and I eventually gave up after Chloe's death. I'd been drifting out ever since Ailsa's death (I still watched it, but I didn't care if I missed episodes etc.), but 2001-2004 still had some good moments and memorable characters. I feel like the 2004 finale would have been a good ending for the show. Perhaps the producers could have created a new soap which has similar values to what we've seen since (if that makes sense!). However, my vote would go for episode 2855: this was the final episode before the Sutherlands arrived. We had a number of classic characters back reminiscing about the early days and IIRC, we saw Pippa walk through the empty house for the last time being all teary (I might be wrong, it's been years since I've watched it).
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    Understand that completely There are some characters that I care about a lot, (so only I'm allowed to be cruel to them ) As I said, not quite sure why Brax drew the short straw in this story. (It's normally Ash) I think I just thought it was all a bit too neat and tidy if everyone made it out alive, but I also didn't want to kill him... and I really didn't want to write a scene with Brax in some basement somewhere being used by Mick Harris So, this is where we ended up... There are lots of great stories in here! You should have a dig around
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    That's Bevan Lee for you.
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    I have to agree with Red on this. It's the best way for Brody to destroy his relationship with his brother. And why is everyone assuming that Phoebe has feelings for Brody? Even if she does, to some extent, she's with Justin for a reason. Brody just marching up to her and announcing that he wants in on the action might not go down so well with her either... Just my two cents...
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    Yay! Can't wait, I'm so excited. Happy you are writing it sooner than you intended.
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    Good ep. Ziggy.... Needs a kick up the bum! Coco is a damn whiny brat. Almost as bad as Serena Bishop during Neighbours 3rd Golden age, or a young Hannah Martin during its Silver age. Ben and Maggie are decent enough. Ben has a touch of the Tom/Rhys/Joel about him. It's about time we had a warm Mummy-like lady again, Beth was the last real "Mum" type. Her understanding of John's illness is medal worthy. Rolling car reminded me of something that would go down in TEY. I think the town is secretly holding them hostage. Kate's ghost appearance actually worked, reminded me of storytelling of old (i.e. Joey's visions of Saul in 1999) I think Brody should REALLY start worry when Buddy starts talking back to him ("C'mon, Take us for a walk, mate!")
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    Thanks! I think that one kind of snowballed. I thought that Morag and Celia would probably come back, and if they're there then why not add in the much-neglected Barbara, and then maybe Don Fisher would come as well...So in the end, they all turned up together, which is kind of fitting in a way. I was staggered sinceI had that idea in my head from a very early stage because I needed to put a positive spin on Alf dying...and then I completely forgot to write the scene and ended the chapter with Morag announcing Alf had died.Then quite a while later I suddenly thought "Oh my god, I forgot about Rabbit!" so I re-wrote the end of the previous scene and added that bit on.I really wanted to have her as a little girl but reality ensued and I realised she'd have to be older.But I still gave her the same cheeky Rabbit attitude. I am surprised at how much Geoff and Melody scenes I included, that chapter ended up being very heavily about them.But I guess when you've had the idea in your head for seven and a half years, you want to get a lot of it out and their relationship did need the opportunity to build slowly.As I think I mentioned, at an early stage Evelyn and Matt's break-up was meant to be it and at one point she was meant to still be with Spencer, but then I was watching them in the show and I thought "Aww, they work so well together, I can't really break them up for good", and it gave me something else happening in the present day.I possibly could have done with a scene of Josh and Spencer being persuaded to help out but that would have spoiled the surprise.I think after Skye turned out to be pregnant, it mollified Spencer a bit and he's able to be at least grudgingly happy for them while probably wondering what exactly Evie sees in him... No, that was just me being a bit silly! I figured it's ten years in the future, and given that Marvel is making movies about superheroes so obscure even I haven't heard of them (seriously, Guardians of the Galaxy?), I wanted to show them really trying to push all the D-listers on the big screen.But if I chose someone like Ka-Zar or Sub-Mariner then everyone would go "Who's that?", so She-Hulk kind of stood out!
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    Hmmm difficult one. I think being 20 mins from Palm Beach would be more exciting if I'd have actually been by now It will happen though.
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    Huh.To be fair to the show, I think they have done a good job in the last year or two of taking characters who'd been part of the furniture for a long time and giving them something to do.So I don't think characters are as over-used and under-used as they have been in the past.That said, I think Ash and Kat are good candidates for the most prominently used characters.You can pretty much guarantee that at any time of the year there's some big drama built up around them. Most underused I would have to say Mason and Raffy.Most of the time they're just lumped into Morgan family scenes as the ones with the least focus: They contribute well enough but they have very little in terms of storylines that are actually about them. Mason's had a few short-lived relationships and that's about it.Raffy...to be honest, I'm struggling to think of any storyline that's given her much screen time.Even when the Morgans discovered she was their sister, it felt like a storyline that was about her but didn't actually feature her much.
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    No not as yet they don't have a clue where this baby is coming from I imagine them both just thinking wooo what a fun idea but no forward planning haha Might as well be a baby stork on the way Haha sometimes there are no words to be said in this life are they? Thanks I feel very proud that I have rendered you speechless While I have this story planned out I added the Raffy scarecrow part in especially for you JT I was hoping you would show up
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    It sounds more like they just don't trust you anymore and are irritated that you broke their trust, which isn't surprising. You can't expect people to be kind and generous to you if you gossip about them. Hope it returns in November!
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    LOL! I was just trying to think of the simplest thing that a woman would have no clue about. I mean I had to google what to do to fix it, but my step dad's a mechanic so has always done everything for me so I feel like that makes it okay
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    I reckon it's Lara!! She could have been in prison too for being dodgy AF. And Mason would know who she is.
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    Thats true the worse that could happen is he might be desperate for the toilet
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    I think Billie has far more pressing matters to worry about than Dr Beeson losing her job Nate and Tori can go amd whistle with their judgement Drinking in the long run will make VJ feel worse never the answer think of the hangover haha Again I can't help but find this all very amusing sorry if I'm not meant too
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    I always hated Blue Heelers. One of the most overrated shows in Aussie history. All Saints was fine, i guess.