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    RR1's updates for current character profiles are now all uploaded - with a huge addition to Alf Stewart's profile, which fills in his first 20 years or so with far more detail than we had before, and a brand new profile for Raffy Morrison.
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    Thanks to everyone for all your hard work in updating the site.
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    News Just In: Debra Lawrence who played Pippa Ross on Home and Away from 1990-1998 has won a Silver Logie award. Debra Lawrence has just won a Silver Logie for Most outstanding supporting Actress for her role in Please Like Me. I am watching now at home in South Australia, she went head to head with Nicole da Silva who plays Franky on Wentworth. This is a big achievement as she has never won a Logie before, just to let everyone in the UK and overseas know, the TV Week Logie awards are Australia's most prestigious TV awards and only one out of two awards. There are Silver and Gold, there are 2 gold, one for the all round winner who is one of the most successful personalities. And one for the person or show that is inducted into the hall of fame, They are named after John Logie Baird. Yet Again I congratulate Debra Lawrence on her Logies win!
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    I think Kate's comments might have been taken out of context. It sounds like she's talking about the idea of making a long-term return, and that it wouldn't work for Sally to return full-time. I would be very surprised if she hasn't already been approached to return for the 30th, and I would be shocked if Kate didn't agree to return for a few special episodes. She has clearly made the decision to move on from H&A.
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    And there it is: These days they can't do a Blake and Meg without having the latest semi-criminal type punch the Blake in the face.(Incidentally, people are thinking of Aden and Belle because that copied Blake and Meg as well.Although curiously, the bird reminded me of Bobby.)I don't blame George Mason because there's no other way to play the script that he was given, but Ash's behaviour was pretty disgusting and made it very hard to sympathise with him.His only caring about the effect it had had on himself was in stark contrast to VJ focusing on looking after his daughter.And it was frustrating that no-one seemed to want to tell Ash just how out of line he was: Justin had a go beforehand (which I was relieved about, since the promo made it look like he was egging him on) but Leah prefers to use it as another excuse to have a go at Zac rather than take a few steps to the caravan (or is it half a mile away now?) and tell Ash herself.It made it hard to sympathise with her either, despite some sweet moments with Veej.Not that Zac isn't playing with fire hanging out with Sam, whose promise to stay away from him didn't last long. I think John made a mistake telling Marilyn not to go to the house, her wanting to go was an important moment and should have been encouraged.Incidentally, Angelica, they didn't have Billie did from smoke inhalation because that would have meant John killed her, whereas cancer that was terminal anyway means he just sort-of-maybe made her die a bit sooner. What I'd love to see now is VJ, Leah, Zac, Ash and Irene all put aside any petty concerns and unite to raise Luc the way Billie wanted.It'd be the best tribute they could give her.
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    RR1 has been busy with the biannual character profile updates again, which take all current characters up to the end of the 2016 season, and these have now started to be uploaded. To start with there's a newly completed profile for Chris Harrington, and some updates to Josh, Andy, Heath & Bianca's profiles, and today we start on the current regulars. http://www.backtothebay.net/characters/ I've also today updated the Births, Marriages and Deaths pages with some of the latest developments which have now aired in the UK. Since the last post in here there's also been some further location updates.
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    Three new guest character profiles today: Claire Lewis Vanessa Unley Quinn Jackson Thanks to Matt and RR1 for the Claire & Vanessa profiles respectively (I had a crack at the Quinn one myself) Also two new locations from the Early Years in recent weeks, with thanks to QA for heading up to take pics: Saul's Cult Farm Blaxland Mansion (Morag's Summer Bay home in 1989)
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    Reminded me of a similar scene
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    Given this fic's propensity for ppl being killed, think we should start writing Josh's obituary !!!!
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    Good. They've been coasting to wins for a few years now tbh.
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    (I'm catching up on the show and need somewhere to complain, this seemed like the best place. I used the spoiler tag to make my comment shorter, but there is one small spoiler for UK viewers in there as well as in the text below.) Ash: VJ punched Zac! He is out of control and too violent to take care of Luc! Also Ash: ↓
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    Another Early Years location now added to the site, the Blaxland Mansion that Morag moved into in 1989. Thanks to QA once again for taking the pic.
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    Here Leah seems to veer between being nasty to everyone in sight and being the reasonable one.Obviously she's got a split personality.It makes it very hard to view her as the victim in her marriage despite her being cheated on: I wouldn't exactly say she drove Zac to it but she's been using him as her punchbag for weeks.Hard to see why attempted homewrecker Sam could be classed as a victim either, she tried to take advantage of the family's grief and it didn't work out for her.So I actually feel most sorry for Zac despite him being wrong to go there with her, and found Matt's rant at him annoyingly self-righteous.That's probably unfair but it feels like the whole town's been lining up to kick Zac when he's down and Matt's just the latest one.Meanwhile, VJ (and Leah but like I said, split personality) needs to accept that asking for help doesn't mean he's failed and that Luc having more people in her life who love her can only be a good thing, if Ash can accept VJ as the father which he seems to be having trouble with.They need to work together here, not tear lumps out of each other.I hope VJ doesn't quit his job because that really won't help anyone. While it was a bit insensitive, I accept Kat had her job to do where John was concerned.The whole "arson causing death" thing is ridiculous though: The cancer killed Billie, not the fire.I really hope that's the police chancing their arm and it's going to get laughed out of court, because I'm laughing and not in a good way.John needs to fight the charges though, there's pretty mitigating circumstances.
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    Haha 😆- It's never too early for Tim Tams or any type of chocolate!! Let Maz eat whatever she likes; I think it's lovely to show her as she is portrayed in these Early Seasons of the show!! The character arcs and the depth to which characters are explored and written as human creatures with all their quirks and foibles and and histories that everything else that makes them who they are really shows a programme making it's its mark on the Australian landscape, quite cleverly .. As a long term viewer, I do prefer longer running story arcs to be used to bring hard hitting issues of the day home to the viewer.
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    Totally. Wrecking Don's marriage, making him penniless, and giving Marilyn off-screen cancer just to bring Don back? There was absolutely no need for any of that, he could plausibly have returned without that and they could still have done interesting things with him. I appreciated the continuity with Celia's engagement ring. But giving it to Heath - a thug - and Celia actually comparing him to her war hero fiance Les whom she held on the highest of pedastals? Because they are both "fighters"? That was a ****ing stretch. It makes me think the current show shouldn't even try with continuity. Cos they kind of get the right sort of idea in a round-about skewed way... but then they end up completely ruining it in the end. Will And Gypsy is another one.
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    To be honest, it feels like Zac's in a lose-lose situation here.If he tells Leah, then their reconciliation would be over.Keeping quiet means it's going to come out later on with the same result.It was a stupid decision and now he's pretty much living on borrowed time, which is a huge shame.By soap tradition, Leah suddenly decides to stop being a cow right afterwards.Irene being away seems to be the new Alf being away: Last time she was out of town Hannah and Oscar died, this time Billie died, and if she'd been around things might not have escalated between Zac and Leah.Alf's had his eye off the ball somewhat and I really didn't like him having a go at Zac here.No sympathy for Sam:As I said a while back, Zac was never going to leave Leah for her, no matter what happened in a moment of weakness. Really not bothered by Tori and Riley, although I think things were innocent between him and Evelyn.(Evelyn would be 19 now, I guess?Not sure how old Riley's meant to be, although old enough to have been a doctor 7/8 years previous.)Some nice stuff between Matt and Evelyn, especially Matt's self-deprecating "I'd literally be stopping you from helping needy children." Neither character's really been a favourite (I did like Evelyn a lot around the beginning of 2014 but went off her when I realised what an utter cow she is a lot of the time, although she's been okay since getting together with Matt) but it does feel like we're losing a lot of characters whilst keeping the ones I wouldn't mind getting rid of.I'm not sure about them taking Ellie, I guess she'd go to school in Vietnam and is probably young enough to miss a year of standard education without too many ill effects but...
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    I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you! I think Alf had sort of guessed by the questions Kat was asking Nate, within Alf's earshot to boot, not privately, about the symptoms people may have with John's condition, he after all would know about that and how they can affect people so we'll allow Kat admitting John is no. 1 suspect. What he did next was wrong by telling Leah and of course as always happens VJ just happens to walk in as did Ash. Naturally he storms off to the hospital leaving Kat with no choice but to tell John what they had found at the scene and that he would be questioned. John himself asked why the tumour wasn't picked up on the last two occasions he had been in when admitted. Nate gave the same reason why Billie's wasn't spotted. Easy for us to say that people wouldn't buy the excuse he didn't know he was doing it, John didn't believe it, but it finally dawned that he could be responsible when he couldn't remember what he had done once Alf had gone home. Poor Maz was shattered, but as yet isn't blaming him and is sticking by him. Did I hear right that Kat said there was evidence he was at the scene of two of the three fires, is that excluding the one at the schoolies night? I think Maz made the right decision not to got to Billie's service, I know only the family and friends were there but there would have been looks and whispers. Leah seemed to have done an about turn about letting Ash in the house when he arrived back from his trip. His having a go at VJ regarding Billie's last wishes may have been OTT and his 'you've no right to decide what happens' was wrong, at least legally, VJ was her next of kin so it was his right. Leah, this time, did the right thing by sticking her oar in and asking Nate to speak to Ash about how Billie being taken of hospital didn't hasten her death. He was able to tell Ash the facts from a medical point of view and he was able to forgive VJ. I think I heard Nate or it may have been Riley say Billie had had her cancer for a number of years but was slow growing so symptoms wouldn't have shown until the smoke inhalation exacerbated them, also it wouldn't have shown on previous x-rays unless they were looking for them. I thought the ceremony was lovely and for once half the town and assorted strangers didn't turn out just her new family and her friends were there. All of them hugging, apart from Hunter who refrained from hugging Olivia, nice moment between Hunter and VJ when he squeezed his shoulder. VJ's eulogy was as it should be faltering but heart felt and Ash's song was touching. I loved that shot of Ash and VJ scattering Billie's ashes in the surf and the hug between them was very moving. it was strange the way Irene suddenly showed up without any explanation as to why it taken she so long to be reached. I was like Brody when he saw Riley talking to Evie, but I don't think there was anything in it, wouldn't she be a bit young for him? Mason as usual played the decent guy by telling Olivia to go and talk to Hunter who quiet rightly in my eyes told her to back off. Hunter did do his community service for the fire at Leah's and he wasn't a serial arsonist. I know we should cut Leah some slack but I'm on team Zac. She is making it all about her, she actually accused Zac of making it all about him, and how aggrieved she is about him not telling her Sam was back town and he'd met her, in the great scheme of things that is small fry. Now is not the time, they should be pulling together as a family. She is cutting him out, refusing to let him help, pulling her hand away at the service, brushing off his 'I need you'. He could have turned to Alf, Irene or Evie but they are all too close to what has happened to Billie so someone removed from the family makes sense, but did it have to be her? Yes she is ready to listen and lend a shoulder and lots more besides to cry on. When she opened the door to her motel room the expression 'Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly' was in my mind. She made the first move by putting her hand on Zac's and not making excuses but he's vulnerable and she knows it. I'm glad Justin decided to tell Nina why he didn't turn up to see Ava, though it meant he had to tell her the truth. Justin then made the heart breaking choice not to pursue his seeing Ava so to keep her safe as he couldn't guarantee that she'd be safe. Hopefully Nina will let him at least write to her so he can give her some reason why and so she knows her dad isn't cutting her out of his life because he doesn't love her. It is good to see the older characters getting their teeth into meaty stories I'm sure they can handle the fact they aren't upbeat, much more interesting I would have thought from an acting point of view.
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    Does Lindsey count? So, the cancer cluster claims another victim.I am grateful to the show for giving Billie a "good" death.After the number of throwaway deaths we've had in recent years, when rumours first circulated that she was being killed off I half-expected her to be murdered by her rapist. So I'm glad that we got a chance for Tessa and Matt to act their socks off, as I hoped they would.The only real bad note in the whole thing was Leah being a cow to Zac: Does she really think that's the most important thing at the moment?I love that VJ, who's pretty much officially the nicest person on the show at the moment, just wanted to be married to her, and that Ash was the first person to step forward and help.I do wish they'd got married the first time round rather than the baby lie being dragged out: They deserved a marriage, not just a wedding.But I loved that she got to say her vows, in a truly heartbreaking moment.I was slightly uncomfortable about Billie sending Ash away, it felt like she did it because he knew he'd stop her leaving the hospital, whereas VJ would never refuse her anything.And yes, they got their Blake and Meg moment, right down to Billie's identical last word.(I said that if it happened now they'd get married!)For someone who didn't have a lot of love in her life, she was loved at the end, completely and utterly.At least she had that. But however good the execution was...they still killed Billie.I could accept it if they'd written themselves into a corner and Tessa quit and they had no choice but to kill her off, but it's been suggested, not least in Dan Bennett's interview on the main site, that Billie's character arc was planned out in advance.Which suggests someone actually sat down and went "Let's bring in an essentially decent and likable character, spend two years subjecting her to constant torture and misery, and then kill her just when she has a chance to be happy", which seems excessively cruel to the character, the audience and to VJ, widowed while still in high school.(They just beat Aden and Belle's record for shortest marriage.)Alternately, those of us who like Billie have got it wrong, and, much as her rape felt like a rather nasty punishment for lying about Nate, we're meant to think she got what she deserved for framing him and lying about the baby's paternity...which I feel even less comfortable with.There are times when it feels like the happiest endings go to the people least deserving of them, and the people who actually seem to have earned a happy ending end up being thrown to the wolves.There are also times when it feels like character who actually bring something unique to the show get axed prematurely (Oscar, Skye, now Billie) while bland cardboard cut-out characters (Nate, Phoebe, Hunter, Olivia, even Ash and Kat to an extent) stick around for three years plus as the show struggles to find a reason for them to exist.I'm being hypocritical here, I've always said that if you plan to kill off a character and when you get to that point you don't want them to die, then you should do it, because it means you'll get the right reaction from the audience.But it's hard not to feel cheated that the show built up VJ and Billie as a family only to rip it away.And it's hard to see how the show's better off without her.
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    I have to agree I think Ash is past his used by date
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    Why is it that the likeable female characters are becoming less likeable in the last few weeks. While I am glad, the Riley thing is all wrapped up quickly, I can't help but feel that Tori has gone down in my estimation since it started. Given how reticent she has been with trusting Duncan and Nate, and how level-headed she normally is, it is seems ludicrous that she could trust Riley so quickly. Especially to the extent where she was going to leave her family to be in. While I agree that 8 years is a long time, and it would not be unusual for him to have changed in that time, I do feel she gave him the benefit of the doubt too easily. I do feel it is a shame that Riley had to sink to being the cartoon villain who was willing to destroy Nate's career to keep him away from Tori. That's twice where Nate's career has been jeopardised by his acquaintance with Tori (the Careflight being the first).Nate is no angel, but I hope he doesn't go back easily to Tori after this. Do the Morgan brothers know about Nate's history of infidelity? I assume not, as Riley has the excuse that his infidelity was a 8 years ago. Nate's trespasses have all been very recent. Leah is becoming insufferable. Firstly with her treatment of Zac. But now her air of superiority when it comes to Luc. Yes, she has experience of looking after a baby (albeit over 15 years ago). But she seemed determined to put down Ash no matter what. And antagonising Ash can never be a good thing. And it looks like Irene may start to put ideas in Ash's head about how to change the situation.
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    Great chapter Kyle freaking out while the baby tries to bond with him. Justin having a breathy and shouty voice that no one understands Heath freaking out thinking the baby is a zombie. Update again soon
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    Was it just me, but when Sam was in her runwear on the beach, I thought I almost thought she was Charlotte incarnate when seeing her from behind. I hate how they have basically made Leah and Zac act out of character to push this affair storyline. I am not sure why the writers felt the need to go down this route - coupled with John's new pyromaniac tendencies - I feel like the writers are really ruining the older characters. And I am sure Irene's reappearance means that she will too be ruined once everyone starts fighting for custody over Luc.
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    The other reason why I don't want Sally back as a regular is because she would just become like Leah/Roo/Marilyn/Irene who are on the show just as a shoulder to cry on for younger characters or a room to stay at .
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    Dimitri has always reminded me of John Coffee from The Green Mile Or maybe the BFG not so much now.. So you mean to tell me that kind slightly wacky lollipop man was all a trick? Aww I liked him mainly for his random Willy Wonka lollipop givings yes but still I am surprised I was going to make a rubber ducky shower joke here...But I won't Kyle and Josh goodness What a exhausting prison sentence this is. New nightmares all the time now they have gummy toothless Mark to dream about too. haha This Nikolai sounds like a lovely fella too Enjoyed my little mini catch up
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    Norman Coburn is coming back as a man who pretends to be Donald Fisher and tries to scam people out of money by saying he needs cash for cancer treatment and his real name is Andrew Somers. The Dee storyline in Neighbours has inspired this new plot. Ray Meagher says "It is a terrible storyline and a total disregard to H&A history".