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    Today, the 17th January, marks 30 years since the first episode of the soap aired. 30 years of characters. 30 years of dramas. Explosions. Love triangles. Paternity sagas. Stalkers. We've seen the ups and the downs, the trials and the tribulations of 183 main characters since 1988, and now it's time to celebrate. Not only are we celebrating the series' inception today, but it also marks the first day of material, especially dedicated to such a celebration. It won't come all at once - we've got several features planned behind-the-scenes to commemorate the occasion throughout the year, so be sure to check back. Today, 17th January 2018, be sure to check back in at 11am AEDT (12am GMT) to see our first feature, where we take you on a journey of the show's history, complete with commentary from some very special people, involved in the show. I'd like to say a huge thank you to those people involved, and to @Dan F. And finally, to you, the fans. Without you, there wouldn't be a show, and nor would their be a site. So, despite fear of this sounding like a speech, I'd like to ask you all to raise a glass. Here's to 30 years of Home and Away!
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    Patrick was another one that was debated.In the end, we could only go for so many (and not everything that we submitted made the article). The write-up we did for the custody battle did include the fact that it was against the main premise of the show, but TV Soap had to edit it for publication and obviously chose what they felt was important.One of my biggest problems with it was the way they had Alf being very much Team Ash for most of the year and coming out with lines like "VJ will never be Luc's father" which really did feel like a betrayal of the show's premise.But as you say, at least they got it right in the end!
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    I think it's a shame, that the show has lost its roots. The premise is still valid today - fostering allows an unlimited number of young people to come for a temporary stay which is the norm.
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    As with last year, the BTTB team worked with Australian magazine TV Soap to come up with a list of 'Hits & Misses' of Summer Bay in 2017: http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2018/01/02/2017-hits-misses/ (article contains UK spoilers) A reminder that this list is subjective, and there are no right and wrong answers, but we do believe we've managed to give a general idea of the viewers opinions from over the season! Enjoy
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    These shouldn't be separate - by all means make the show modern, with slick sets etc, relevant story lines to 2018 (and dare I say diversity) , but let's see more Home and Away rather than trying to be Breaking Bad or Underbelly. Let's go back to reforming bad boys rather that trying to redeem criminals. Let's have golden couples who face challenges together rather than recurring partner swapping. Let the truly evil characters be guests. We need more messed up kids coming to the Bay, overcoming normal teenage issues and leaving responsible adults. More heart-warming stories, less shocking stories.
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    Vale is Latin for 'farewell' and is commonly used for obituaries in Australia as an alternative to RIP.
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    They need to work on investing time and effort into building up relationships with the couples and not just have them breaking up or taking a age to get together.
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    The Comings and Goings list was not something we had any input into - the Hunter mention was evidently just an error made by whoever added in the list later on. No need to look into anything with the lack of Matt & Evie either - it didn't say it was a full list, just that it 'included' the following. We did debate with Robbo for quite some time, but ultimately not everything was able to make our final list or indeed the final article. We also had to put it together before the end of the season had played out fully.
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    I think this is the issue. Where do you draw the line between being loyal to a shows roots, being proud of the original premise and simply moving it into modern times with energy and focus; or practically creating a brand new show under the umbrella of an already established brand and cashing in on the longevity of that brand, whilst seemingly turning their backs on the loyal long terms viewers and alienating them. They should have just created a new show set in the Northern Beaches and called it 'River Boys'. Their new promo for 2018 is all about 'come back home' but unlike in previous years they're not talking to the long term viewers, they're talking to those who abandoned the show once Brax and co all departed.
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    This was the absolute heart and soul of H&A. The family photo tradition... usually accompanied by that amazing underscore.
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    LOL. Like the psycho school principal who just called up some shadowy guy and got a bomb. Give me a break.
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    Congratulation to Home and Away on achieving this milestone. 30 years is a very long time for any TV show to run. It really is a tribute to the writers and producers and their ability to keep touch with the original premise and ethos of the show while continually recreating it to move with the times. The show's basis of families and fostering are timeless but the Australian society in which they are set has changed dramatically over those thirty years I first started watching the show in the early 90's when it was the only subject a group of disadvantaged primary school students I was teaching were interested in enough to talk about. It provided me with a vehicle for conversation which I could use to develop language, experience and writing. In the process I became hooked. Over the years there have been storylines I have loved and those I have shaken my head in despair over. Despite all that I am a loyal fan of the show. Happy Birthday!!! .May there be many more.!
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    I believe the bus can hold 27 customers in total, so whilst you won't be on your own, the group sizes aren't overwhelming. You won't go to the studios as they're on the opposite side of Sydney. A reminder for any anyone else who's thinking of booking a tour in the future - if you wish to help out the BTTB site/forum a little bit, please consider booking through our tour page: We're plugged directly in to the official booking system - so whilst there's no difference to the customer between us and the official site, booking through BTTB does give us a small percentage which helps with the ongoing running costs of the site and forum.
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    It would be interesting to know what proportion of the current audience of the show are long term viewers. They are the only ones for whom talk of the show's "roots" have any meaning. Viewers who have joined the show in recent times have probably joined for entirely different reasons and see the show in an entirely different light. I am a long term viewer and have seen the show go through many different phases over the years. Some I have liked, some not so much. I would like to see the show at least maintain a connection with it's fostering and adoption roots but acknowledge that today's society which is reflected in the current show is very different to the late 80's. If a failure to set adoption and fostering storylines in a current, more violent and disconnected Australian society leads to the decline of the show I would be sad.
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    When H&A begun it focused on a fostering family where the children went to a local high school and also featured the rollercoaster marriage of Tom and Pippa. It then featured a local shop and a local businessman and his daughter who interacted a lot with the fostering family. All the members of that fostering family are now long gone and the show itself has totally wiped out all its fostering element. Today it is a dark, heavy thriller/crime show about dangerous criminals committing serious crimes. And that format is 100% detached from its original format. I say out of all the soaps, H&A is the furthest from its roots. Neighbours may be OTT and a bit crazy but to me it still feels like the same show it always was. The premise has barely changed. Same street, families living in that street.
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    Too many episodes for DVD or bluray, so they would stop after a few volumes, stating lack of sales probably. The best they could do would be making it available to stream in all Countries, like google play/netflix/amazon. That would be awesome with all soaps!
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    Just learned that the actress who played Hope Morrison, Raffi’s sister, is fighting for her life after a horror car crash in ZnSW. Jessica and her sister remain in critical condition but their mother and father died in the crash. Please send your prayers and best wishes for her recovery.
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    Just read the article. Excellent. Very comprehensive detail of the shows history. The show started the year I was born. So the show has been on my entire life. I started watching reguarly in the early 2000s. I just loved the reflection and portrayl of Aussie Lifestyle and Family life. Home and Away was always my fav soap from Aussie. So very interesting too seeing each year and the cast. And how it is has evolved over the years.
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    Happy 30th Home and Away! Not even a tweet from the official account or anything on the official site. I realise the show is probably on production break, but I think it’s disgusting. Kate Ritchie, as ever, is a wonderful ambassador for the show.
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    Looks really great! Great job on the feature. *thumbs up* And just wanted to say good job to all the admins and moderators for doing such a great job with this website
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    http://www.backtothebay.net/news/2018/01/17/home-and-away-30th-anniversary/ Here it is people! Enjoy
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    Any places that you'd like to visit that aren't on the official tour, especially for early years fans, are made very easy to find due to the fantastic locations section on this website. I'd have been lost without it when I visited.
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    ABC news here is Oz is reporting a Police Media Release which states that her life support system has been turned off but she remains critical. Backs up what Dan is saying I believe.
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    So sad. The funeral for the family was held yesterday. Jessica remains in a coma on life support. Jessica Falkholt remains critical following family's funeral. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_5706628323001?ref=Net-Header2-skynews
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    If Rebecca's going to turn up in that frame of mind, could be a tense dinner... Lots of other things moving along slowly.
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    I'd actually say TV viewers as well as the general public are becoming more and more stupid as the generations progress. The show is literally soulless. It wouldn't matter so much if the OTT stories were interesting, but it's always the same kind of stuff on repeat, nothing interesting. There are glimmers of hope like Alf & Ryder which is what the show should be IMO, but Ryder will be gone in 3 years be replaced by a clone for the following 3 years, until that clone is replaced after 3 years. There's nothing to invest in. The relationships are so boring that when I caught up after not watching for 2 months I'd forgotten Ash and Tori were even a couple. I'd actually forgotten. That's a terrible sign.
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    Which past characters would you like an update on? Not a return just more news on their lives mentioned in passing by someone Like an update on Ric and Matilda would be nice. If Alf mentions going away for their wedding or that they just had a baby or something. With Sally I would like to know what is happening with Pippa. Last time Alf mentioned visiting her it sounded like she was back in Phuket so I assume she is ok? Heath and Bianca and the baby.
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    I agree with 90% of this article and think its a job well done. Strange that Kat and Robbo weren't covering half of the articles, and Kat's exit wasn't mentioned either. Roo's pregnancy was such a missed opportunity. However this has been a perfect recap, and I can't wait for the next one
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    Yes, then when Pippa/Tom and Pippa/Michael fostered another child they did a new family photo and a photo of the new foster child framed the photos and placed them on the mantelpiece. It was their family tradition. This is the kind of thing I miss.
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    Maybe, see my other idea, which is for a best of, maybe they could to solve issues release the whole series as a limited time thing.
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    Great chapters Liked Sally interrupting Matt and Carly Update again soon
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    Small country town means limited options for buying clothes - The men's clothes shop had one dressing gown - every bloke in town had it unless they bought another one from the City.
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    They were boarders, having said they they both grew to see him like a father figure.
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    Excuse me while I ramble a bit but going up to where we left off in the UK: Ash was given interim custody and they're now all basically civil and looking after her together, but a couple of weeks before the break Mick got let out of the psychiatric hospital and they're worried he'll want Luc.Zac went to live with Matt and Evelyn in Vietnam after he and Leah divorced and it turned out he wasn't Hunter's father after all:Hunter tracked down his real father but they didn't exactly click and parted amicably.Nate left after getting a job in the city, Phoebe left to go on tour.Ash and Kat broke off and he's now with Tori.Brody took quite a while to get off drugs but got there in the end, although the family had to sell Salt to fund his rehab so he's now working in the Diner, and revealed it had been triggered because he also saw their parents killed.His dealer, Zannis, caused a lot of trouble for the family but was eventually arrested.Mason dated a girl called Beth who had a terminal heart condition and died when she didn't get a transplant in time.A new family, the Astonis (mum Maggie, dad Ben, late teenage daughter Ziggy and school-age teenage daughter Coco) bought the farm house and also bought the pier, making them the landlords of the Diner, flat and bait shop.Maggie replaced Zac as school principal. Ziggy's had an on-off thing going with Brody and also kept the fact she'd caused Maggie to be injured years earlier during a break-in at the school secret for years until it came out.Coco's friends with Raffy, who moved up a year to be in classes with her, and had bulimia for a while but seems to be better now.John got out of jail and it turned out he'd blocked out the fact his father had committed suicide when he was a boy and his mother had convinced him to make it look like he'd died in a fire to avoid the shame, which was what triggered his pyromania.Jett returned for a bit to help him through it.There was a woman called Scarlett who's been and gone: Her marriage broke down after her son was killed in an accident, she shared the Diner flat with Kat for a bit and looked like she was going to get together with Justin but out of nowhere her husband turned up and she went back to him.Olivia's got an online dress-making business which Irene and Hunter helped her set up.Alf's unknown grandson, Ryder Jackson, son of Quinn, has just turned up after running after from boot camp and Alf and Roo want him to stay with them.Alf, Justin and Scarlett stumbled across an amnesiac guy who was dubbed Robbo and who started dating Kat.We haven't got anywhere near all the answers yet but it turned out he was mixed up with an attempt by some corrupt cops that the now missing-presumed-dead Dylan Carter was part of to kill Kat to stop her testifying.Another guy, Dennis Novak, tried to kill Kat and told Robbo he was his partner, Beckett Reid, but no-one else knows that.
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    It's always the last place you look, isn't it?
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    I was slightly worried about Phoebe being back but she seems to fit in well with the family and I liked her increasing bewilderment that Brax is in China China.(As opposed to a Wedgwood factory, I guess?)So looks like the authorities aren't going to do anything about Brax's message.Going to China and banging on doors is looking more and more like the best option...
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