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    We were told a "couple of weeks" by Seven, so we simply passed on the message verbatim. Obviously that's not really an exact window of time. But now that the latest schedules show it to be off-air for at least 4 weeks, we've made further enquiries with another contact far higher up at Seven - who's forwarded our request for clarification directly to 7TWO's programming department. We're awaiting a reply.
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    Neighbours can 'get away with' devoting 30 seconds of airtime to an opening sequence, introducing the actors and characters.
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    Forgot to mention another piece of useless trivia, the week of Shane's death was quite unique in that all five episodes were both written and directed by the same person - Sean Nash (yup that's where Travis' surname came from). Whilst a director always covers the whole week, back in those days writers would usually only do two, occasionally three eps max (it's most often a different writer for every ep nowadays). So to have someone write all five eps, and then direct them, is something that's certainly never happened before now in the EY eps, and I doubt it's happened again since. Oh and he won an AWGIE award for Shane's death episode, which also won an AFI award for Best Episode in a TV Serial Drama, and also wrote the Donna/Andrew ep in 1995 (which may explain the Archie Roach montages in both eps )
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    But don't be an Ash-hole - the person you're talking to didn't make the decision and doesn't deserve abuse....
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    Forums that are for the fans - and where criticisms such as this are not only allowed, but welcomed! I'm not sure "get away with" is the right phrase for some of the following things, but they are definitely differences I have noticed. Stronger feeling of community (even unrealistically so - but it's better than characters who never cross paths suddenly knowing each other one day when the storyline calls for it - e.g. Marilyn and the Braxtons is one that stood out to me once.) It's weird, H&A used to be portrayed as such a tiny, dreary little country town that literally everybody knew everything about everyone. And Neighbours, being in the suburbs, really didn't have that vibe. Now H&A have completely lost (ruined?) the feeling of "Summer Bay" whereas Neighbours, with being confined mainly to one street, has a much stronger sense of this now than H&A's hap-hazard approach. Drama coming from the characters' personalities,for instance how one character reacts to a situation would be a completely different story if it was happening to a different character because their personalities are strongly defined and strongly influence how a character behaves. In H&A (with a very few exceptions), the same dialogue, actions and reactions could be interchangeable between most characters. Non-over the top cliffhangers. H&A feels the need to add too much melodrama. I remember one cliffhanger on Neighbours with an intruder in Sonya's house (in her baby's bedroom) and Sonya banging on the door trying to get in, but the person on the other side pressing the door shut. No guns. No blood. Just a mother trying to get to her child. And it was ssooooooo tense. If this had been H&A, 100% for sure, Sonya would have had to be hit over the head and knocked unconscious before the fade to black. So in general, I think Neighbours can get away with being that little bit slower, that little bit more character focussed, and also that little more creative. Quite often the plots go in directions you wouldn't expect, whilst H&A follows cliches. I think because they have a much lower budget, the writers are forced to be more creative to keep the show fresh and good. Whereas 7 just throws money at H&A and that doesn't make a good show. One thing that I would say "get away with" definitely applies to - is being more cheesy. Neighbours can be cheesy. It isn't always, but people expect it, and usually don't mind it. It's part of the show's heritage. H&A can't get away with being all that cheesy.
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    Thank you Dan for taking the time to get us an official response. I imagine you and the other staff at BTTB have worked really hard to sort it out. Really sad news but at least we know now. I wonder why they lied about it being off air for only a few weeks though? Oh well, it is what it is.
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    Summer Bay could now easily be set in a rough Sydney suburb rather than a small coastal town accessed by dirt tracks. Neighbours seems to get away with more everyday stuff such as relationship ups and down, the Cannings sipping sangria around the pool, Sheila gossiping and any instances of crime being corporate business crime, fraud mainly, whereas H&A feels the need to show almost every episode with someone in a critical condition, an explosion, car crash or drugs raid with machine guns. H&A was once superior to Neighbours but the opposite is true now.
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    The petition has over 300 signatures now.
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    Ok, I think this has gone on long enough. The fact of the matter is, like it or lump it, Channel Seven isn't going to bring back The Early Years if they don't believe that it's doing well with viewers (to clarify, we don't know why The Early Year have been taken off air - it could be a simple transference issue from analogue to digital). Fair - there's three or four people that are having a discussion about it and attempting to muster together support to do something about it online, but three or four people does not a reason to bring the show back make. However, how does it look to the Seven Network when they see that there are viewers outside of Australia (in the UK, the US, across Europe) watching the show, meaning that it's been accessed through means that are, most likely, illegal? We, here at BTTB, are committed to cataloguing the show's past, present and future, and bringing you news of upcoming characters, stories and events - not only for the fans who love the show and wish to recap on things, but also for the hard-working H&A crew who use our website as a way to keep tabs on what's happened in the past. If I'm being 100% honest, we, the team, have been contacting people far higher up than any letter is going to make it. And, as for 'experience' in the field, trust me, the BTTB staff have expertise, so please, before you insult us and allude that your experience is above ours, at least put those claims on the back-burner until you've done all your research. Now, signing the petition is a great idea, and sending letters may be a good start - it worked with bringing A Place to Call Home back after it's cancellation and three years later, it's now filming it's fifth season. We, the team, are working our hardest to get you the answers that you want, but as RR1 said - if you think we're going to lead some crusade against the Seven Network to bring back The Early Years, you're sadly mistaken.
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    We, the Home And Away fans who wish to see the episodes back on 7TWO, are all on the same side! And I'm sure BTTB are doing their best to investigate why they have been taken off 7TWO and when they will return
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    Sally's whole character is plagued with loss and I think the point is that she finds it hard when someone dies - simply because of how much she's lost already. She craves stability and eveytime someone dies it reminds her of her mortality and I think she finds it threatening - essentially right up to her late 20s when she leaves the Bay she's a lost kid craving a sense of safety and belonging.
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    While it is sad for us fans as a whole that the repeat episodes have been cancelled, I would also like to thank Dan F and the BTTB team for the hard work done in investigating the issue.
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    Please sign the petition. https://www.change.org/p/seven-network-make-channel-7two-bring-back-home-and-away-the-early-years/c/644056199
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    I think it's very important to realise that the staff of this site work very hard in order to maintain its high standard. If you feel especially strongly about the repeats I'm sure BTTB would be happy for you to lead a campaign for them? I also think BTTB has a good relationship with the show which is why they could be hesitant in launching some kind of campaign. Going by Channel 7's website, here are contact details for anyone wishing to contact/complain - I would strongly urge any members to phone this number if they reside in Australia. Phone - (02) 8777 7777, fax is also available (02) 8777 7180. The postal address is Seven Network, PO Box 777, Pyrmont, NSW 2009. I don't feel it is the sole responsibility of this site to campaign however I do agree with @Shannon Found Skeletons that we as members should fight to keep the repeats going if we can so if anyone has the time to phone/write to 7 I think we can be happy knowing we have fought for what we believe in. ETA: I have found no email address but the site I was reading says 7 often do not respond to emails.
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    Slade I couldn't disagree with you more!! The only part I do agree with is Leah treating Zac like crap. Hopefully not, the reason I opened this thread is because I feel the show deserves positive feedback when people are enjoying it and I am enjoying it at the moment and wanted to let that be known after being negative about it for so long. I don't think Irene has done/is doing that. She wants to be there for Luc because VJ let's face it is too young to be a lone parent and Leah and VJ were struggling, plus the fact she wants to keep Luc away from Ash which truth be told is the best thing for her, he's an ex crim with some deluded belief that he can cope with a baby when he's the least qualified for the job. I love the way the storyline has cleverly brought together a lot of key H&A characters like Irene and Leah, with Marilyn and Roo there as supporting characters. I do think Leah was unlikeable before Zac cheated on her but since he cheated on her I feel she's gone back to being her likeable self but there has been a lot of believable conflict going on between Irene and Leah which I think there would be given the situation. Not that I advocate violence but you expect VJ not to be violent to the man who was causing homocidal bushfires and his cheating step-dad?? Plus like I said before he's too young to be looking after Luc and good on the show for depicting the struggles of being a young dad. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. All these characters are human and are having human struggles. This is what I've been wanting the show to do for years. They weren't all trying to screw each other over - possibly with the exception of Ash, whose whole character is based on hotheadedness, impulsiveness and barbarity. I still find him entertaining nonetheless. The other characters weren't prepared to screw each other over - the family officer picked up on Irene's vibes and when pushed, VJ was the one who admitted that he shook the cot. Wow. So normal families aren't entertaining anymore? I think the Morgans are great and now the chains of the suffocating witness protection story have been removed they are really flourishing. They're the kind of family which would be very successful in Neighbours, perhaps Home and Away fans aren't accustomed to normal characterisation anymore? As for Raffy, they're just looking out for her. Maybe they should start pimping her out or something to be in line with modern H&A Olivia and Hunter are the best and hottest couple on the show IMO, Hunter is the best! Love him and her. And I love how similar she is to Chloe. Love this story - we're hearing Roo talk about her past and Martha and her regrets about never being able to be a good mother - I had reservations about this story but I think it's working brilliantly and bringing some great drama for someone who has been ignored and sidelined for far too long. I am massively impressed that Roo, Leah, Irene and Marilyn are no longer talking extras in the Diner. They are having their own dramas and bloody good dramas at that. This is the H&A I've been longing for so I hope it stays like this.
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    Thanks for the hard work you do Dan on behalf of us H&A fans.
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    Too true. Apart from Aden's case, has she ever won anything else?!
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    A big push from dedicated fans? Just ones who were too young to remember Chloe, I assume.
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    I agree, I think it definitely brought out the worst in both character. I found myself disliking both Sally and Jack during their relationship - I thought it was pretty horrible to watch and it just felt uncomfortable and jarring because the actors have zero romantic chemistry Imo. Basically Shane and Angel's story is a romantic tragedy. Started off so innocently and ended up hellish. I didn't quite pick up on it originally and I just loved all of the twists and turns back in 95, but this time around seeing it from Shane's entrance all the way up to his death I've found it all pretty frustrating & depressing to watch it fall apart since they got married. It's been addictive though and for the most part it's been well written and acted. Melissa George has done really well over the past few episodes.
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    Just as I was getting to enjoy the show again after years.
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    You're forgetting only guest characters/extras would die. Main characters would be "critically ill", possibly told they might not walk again, and then be out surfing 2 days later.
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    In Thursday's Neighbours a (was it a lawn mower or something) rolled into the lake in a hilarious storyline and Tyler fixed it. In H&A a lawn mower thingy rolling into a lake would result in it detonating a hidden mine or unexploded war bomb, causing a huge explosion blowing up half the lake and leaving many critically ill and/or dead. Neighbours can get away with comedy as well as everyday stuff.
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    Prob just a cool coincidence but there is exactly 95 episodes with the original theme tune in 95.
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    It is interesting when you look at the storylines they tackle, and how they tiptoe around others. I think HAA has done well in portraying drug addictions, and pregnancy and abortion and all the various outcomes. I think this is due to the fostering background and underpinning as over the years characters have been placed in these circumstances for a range of reasons such as feeling like they unable to look after the children due to a variety of reasons (e.g. age, income and a typical family units). I think this is good as it shows a range of atypical family units and socio-economic situation and resolutions. In saying this HAA hasn't tackled homosexuality well as it has typically jumped on the lesbian villain stereotypes or left things exceptionally vague. HAA has a large number of ring-in or unrelated characters which can both open and close storylines in many ways. Neighbs does family unit things better and IOM is better in character driven rather than plot driven arcs. We empathise with characters through relations to others and are able invest with them as they stick around longer and are well integrated (there is atleast 1 character in every RS house and one off the street who has been there longer than your typical 3yr contract). This is why they do gay/bi characters well, as they are (mostly) more than just their sexuality. The best example is Steph, who is a mother who has lost access to her kids, has killed someone, been to prison, runs a small business and struggles with mental illness as well as being deeply involved in her friends storylines too. Her central characteristic isn't that she likes both guys and girls, a quality I think that wouldn't be the same if a LGBTI character was to arrive in the Bay.
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    As far as I'm concerned no page is more reliable than BTTB on the matter so the news from that 'official' page means nothing to me.
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    It's a series called Take the High Road and the network was STV, I had a message off STV on Twitter inviting me up to the headquarters. So all the members on the forum chipped in so I could afford the trip for myself and my mum. It was a great day and I'm just glad I managed to make a difference
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    The improvement over the last 2 years suggests that it might not have been Lucy who had been damaging the show but Louise.
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    Official Facebook pages might be a way to get the point across.
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    Currently, we are doing everything we can at the moment to find answers for the loyal fans.
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    H&A seems to be drifting back towards its roots a bit. 2017 has been the first good year so far for a long while. A lot of the storytelling is probably down to the writing team and script editors, not just Lucy, John and Julie.
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    I have to admit the Morgans are very likable in comparison to certain character a few years ago.
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    Since Billie's died I have found it all abit pants really.. The Luc story I don't actually care that much about... The Brody drug story happened far too quickly with little reason for him to turn to drugs I feel The John story well I don't know if that makes all that much sense doesn't in my mind anyway
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    Yeah it was obvious from the start the initial statement was just Seven fobbing off a viewer feedback request. As I said at the time, this is what TV companies do, so that interest dies down and possible complaints are minimized by the time they admit something's not coming back. I'd have pushed the issue and made further inquiries immediately if it was me. Still - good that you're doing this now! Thank you for your hard work. And technically "a couple of weeks" is an exact window. If they had said "a few" that would be ok. But a couple means exactly 2. So they have already lied about it once. As I said this happened before with the Early Years when they repeated them in 1999. They took it off air, promised it would return, and it never did. I'd really say it's time to fire up a campaign to keep The Early Years on air. At the end of the day, an overreaction is better than waiting until it's too late.
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    I love your username
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    No I really don't know who shot Andy but I'm going with the wild twist of it being Josh back for revenge maybe?
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    I honestly couldn't work out if Plugger's dancing was supposed to be a parody, it was like something out of a Kevin & Perry sketch! He seemed to be the called upon actor for thuggish stuff in that time, he played the guy who Jack & Joe crossed paths with in the milk bar last year, as well as the one who hassled Shannon and hit Damo at the drop-in centre when Alex was introduced. Talk about typecast! Different character names each time though - Davo, Spook and Plugger.
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    Personally, I've always found it to be one of the best sequences in the show's history. Actually taking the time to see the news spread across the town and see everyone's reactions to it, without having to hear the same conversation multiple times over (though you can actually hear a fair bit of it if you listen carefully...through headphones... ). Those sort of scenes showing people's initial shock, rather than cutting away just before they're told, can be a bit of a rarity. The later bit with Don telling Nick over the phone, with Angel trying to block out his voice was also very well done, I think we've all been there at one point. I've always loved the scene with Damian arriving too, Angel's switch from anger to relief when she opens the door to find him standing there.
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    There's a whole other thread for discussion of what constitutes the 'early years' and various other eras anyway. One would hope they wouldn't make scheduling decisions on the basis of a couple of posts from people who've said "all the good bits are over" and it's not worth watching any more. Viewers can make their own minds up in that respect rather than blindly following others - whilst 97-99 does, somewhat unfairly, suffer in the shadow of the famous 95-96 seasons, there's still some great stuff to come. Maybe viewers who were young at the time will see the episodes in a new light 20 years on and appreciate them for what they are. Anyway, at this point they've said it'll definitely be back, so we'll just have to wait and see.
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    I very much doubt you have worked in that department, your ego seems to be very high. I certainly wouldn't join a forum and within 2 weeks demanding how things are run! Just leave things to BTTB. It's not important, people dying in Manchester, people I knew that's important. your not an admin or a moderator so until you are, I suggest you just keep your mouth closed and leave it to the professionals