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      All members must follow these simple rules if they wish to continue posting on the forum. If you break them, you may find your account suspended or banned. The rules are easy to follow, and they're here to help maintain a high quality experience for all members. 1) Please use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (capital letters, full stops, etc) when posting. This makes your posts easier to understand and readable by all. We do not allow MSN style text speak. 2) Abuse of any kind towards fellow members will not be tolerated. No personal attacks, racism, threatening, or victimisation towards another user is allowed, either on the board or by PM. Attacking another member for holding a different opinion to you is unacceptable. Please help to maintain the friendly atmosphere that we uphold on the board - this includes ensuring that you do not deliberately bait other members into confrontation. 3) One thread per topic - Multiple threads about the same subject results in confusion and duplicate discussions, so please see if there already is a thread on what you want to talk about (you can use the search function). Try to stay on-topic. Off-topic talking should go on in the General Chat thread. 4) Negative discussion of actors' looks (e.g. "So and so is disgusting"/"minging"/"walking skin cancer", etc...) is forbidden. 5) Multiple accounts are not allowed - Please do not join the board more than once. If you wish to change your username, contact an administrator, don't sign up again. 6) No offensive/inappropriate language - The board is designed for people of all ages, so please do not swear or use strong language of any kind when posting. Any posts considered too explicit, offensive or indecent will be deleted at the moderators' discretion. 7) Only Home and Away related Avatars (icons under your name) can be used on the Forum. They must be of 120x120px and no more than around 25kb in file size. They mustn't contain spoilers for either Australian or UK viewers. If you are unsure whether or not your avatar contains a spoiler, please post in the "Avatar Authorisation Thread" located in the "Comments and Suggestions" board, before you set it as your avatar. Please do not use flashing images as your avatar, out of respect of members who suffer from epilepsy. If you use an avatar or an image created by another member, please seek their permission before doing so and also credit them for their work. Do not pass off another members work as your own. 8) Promotion of other Home and Away websites in the main forums is not allowed, unless it is directly related to a topic in question. If you wish to promote your website, please either use the 'General Chat' Forum or place a link in your Signature. 9) Spoilers should be kept inside the spoiler-zone only. Any spoilers posted elsewhere MUST be in moderation and enclosed in spoiler tags.. We depend on members reporting threads and posts violating this rule. Do so by clicking the "report this post" button, and contact one or more moderators (preferably one that is online, if there are some) to report threads containing spoilers, if more than one post. To keep the rest of the forum spoiler-free, please do not have avatars and/or signatures with spoilers. 10) Images in signatures are not allowed. Please try to keep your signature to no more than 5 lines max and avoid using extremely large fonts, so that the board is kept clean and easy to read. Signatures should also be kept spoiler free. 11) When posting in our Artwork and Creations forum, if you use flashing images in any of your creations can you please not post them directly on the forum. Instead can you please provide a link which clearly states that the image contains flashing. We obviously don't wish to deter members from posting their creations, but if you could do this then it will make things a bit more user friendly. 12) Please do not 'copy and paste' any content, including pictures, from Seven's official Home and Away Website. This is following a request from Seven Network. If you feel that a particular feature requires sensible discussion then feel free to post a link. 13) Due to circumstances beyond our control, please DO NOT post links to episode downloads, links to other sites which provide episode downloads, or discuss where/how to acquire the show online publicly on the forum. This also extends to other TV shows. 14) No spamming is to be tolerated in ANY part of the forum. What we define spamming as: * It is a post(s) that does not pertain to the subject of the thread. * Posts that are less than a sentence are spam, too. Don't do it. We don’t like posts just agreeing with someone. If you don’t have anything to add then don’t post it, PM it! * Posts that for some reason don’t add anything to the ongoing discussion (i.e. posts that express the same opinion repetitively in various topics) * Also please note that double posting is spam, we have an edit post option if you forgot to mention something. * Starting duplicate threads is spamming. * Posting in what's known as text language (i.e. 'i luv adelle, dus any1no ho dies?) is horrible and is considered spamming Members should respect the decision of moderators. However, you have the right to PM any moderator or administrator regarding action taken. If you have any concerns about posts that break the rules or are out of line, please press the 'Report Post' button below that post.
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      Episode Downloads/Asking For Episodes/Viewing Episodes Online

      Following a request from Seven Network, please DO NOT ask for Episodes on the forum, discuss/advertise alternative places to download/acquire them, or post links to watch full episodes online other than via the official channels. Any posts which do this will be removed, and persistent posters will be dealt with.
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      RULES FOR FAN FIC FORUMS   08/09/2007

      The fan fic forum has a number of sub forums. These include the 'Northern Districts Library' for completed fics and 'The Vault' for abandoned fics. The general forum is for fics rated G, T and A. ALL fics must have a rating attached to their title. All fics rated R or A/R will be posted in the adult forum which is password protected and members under the age of 18 are asked not to enter. BTTB accepts no responsibility for anyone under the age of 18 entering this part of the forum. Members entering do so at their own discretion.   The ratings system to which we expect authors to adhere is as follows: G: General audience The story contains no objectionable content and is suitable for readers of all ages. Typically this will closely match anything found in the filmed episodes or that which the writer can can be envision being filmed for the show.   Sexual Content for G rating.
      Kisses, hugs, implied sexual relations but no mention of anything clearly sexual.   Violence for G rating
      Think the level of violence you'd see on the show in a non PG episode so a punch, slap or a kick and then somebody appearing badly beaten later but without us seeing the actual beating.   Language in G rating
      What we see generally on the show - so ignore the odd occasions when someone says something and we start a topic going 'oh my god so and so said..' and think in general what the show would have said. So I'd say darn it, blue blazes, flamin' norah etc   Sexual abuse in G rated fic
      Should not appear in a G rated fic.   Slash in G rated Fic
      Slash fics which adhere to the above guidelines can be G rated. ---   T: Suitable for teenagers, Equivalent of PG or slightly above. Mild, or suggestions of, adult content or themes - stronger content, more mature themes, mild language (hell, damn) or moderate violence.   Sexual Content in T rated fics
      Mild descriptions to set the scene or make it clear that two people are having sex. For example:- He kissed her more passionately as he gently laid her down on the bed and slowly began removing her clothes… then stop the description . You can talk about after effects, 'Ric and I, we.. you know".... Cassie blushed bright red, "Really? What was it like?" Matilda asked eagerly, "Weird, good weird but weird.."   Violence in T rated fics
      More of an actual beating could be described , for example somebody lying in a ditch bleeding from the nose, ear etc with clearly broken bones, also talking about pain, after effects and brief descriptions of the beating, ie, 'he was like a mad man' 'I thought it'd never end' etc.. the writer shouldn't really go into explicit detail though   Language in T rated fics
      Stronger language, the sort of thing home and away could get away with showing but might get a few complaints, hell, damn it, bloody hell, etc   Abuse in T rated Fics
      Should be very much implied with no detail, description and only mild references, think Cassie's abuse, Dani's rape as a guideline.   Slash
      Slash which complies with the above can be included in T rated fics.   ---   A: Adult content or themes. Content suitable only for mature teens and adults, may contain sexual references (although no explicit sexual scenes), stronger language, mature themes, and violence more graphic than that depicted on the show.   Sexual Content in A rated fics Sexual references, the word sex, descriptions laying the scene, making out scenes, removal of clothes, his hands moved all over her body, she groaned in anticipation etc. No explicit detail though.   Violence in A rated fics Describing a fight scene, describing a beating, etc. The line here stops at torture, degradation, humiliation etc.   Language in A rated fics f*c*, s**t, bloody etc are allowed as a one off or rare use provided its in character and necessary to the story that the character uses strong language.   Abuse in A rated fics Writers can give more of an idea of what happened, For example... We know her uncle touched her, we see the demons, we see her scared of men, we see her shake when Kane comes in the room, he makes her physically sick etc. references to it are allowed provided the actual act happened off screen (or out of fic).   ---   Adult Forum and R rated Fics. All fics must be rated R if they contain adult content beyond that in A rated fics.   However, NOTE: WE DO NOT ALLOW EXPLICIT OR PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL ON THIS SITE.   Sexual content in R rated fics Pornographic and sexually explicit fics are not allowed. However writers can include more specific description than they do in those fics rated A. It should not be gratuitous and should be necessary for for the storyline. So references to people touching each other sexually,to feeling him shudder as the ecstacy overwhelmed him etc would be okay because this could be portrayed on a late night TV show by showing the characters above the waist, and still making it obvious what was going on (facial expressions, arm movements etc).What we don't need to see is whats happening in step by step detail, if the description is so vivid it explains exactly what happens, whats going where etc ..then its over the line.   Language in R rated fics Swearing is allowed provided its in context, in character and for the benefit of the story. Swearing for the sake of it, out of character etc is not permitted so Sally having a rant and littering every sentence with the F word is unacceptable but Drew hurling abuse at somebody and using swearwords would be okay.   Violence in R rated fics In respect of violence we're thinking in terms of a late night episode so you might show people tied up, their hand being put in acid and them screaming in pain. What we wouldn't see is their flesh burning away etc. There should not be explicit X rated , 18+horror movie stuff which will give the librarians nightmares!   Abuse in R rated fics This should be in context and of benefit to the story, not just for the sake of it. It should follow the same rules as sexual content with regards to what would be portrayed on a late night TV show. So facial expressions, horror, extreme reactions etc. Explicit detail of exactly whats happening is not acceptable.   Slash in R rated fics Slash fics should adhere to the above requirements.     The following is NOT allowed in fics on this site. Explicit descriptions of sex, obscene profanity, horrific violence, stories of an extremely disturbing nature (ex. childhood sexual torture), explicit descriptions of beatings or other extreme physical abuse, including descriptions of spankings particularly if they are of an humiliating nature.   How the adult forum will work: Authors would self rate their fics using the guidelines we provide just as they do now. If they rate their fic above an A they should automatically start it in the adult forum. If writers are not sure they should consult a modertor or librarian for a second opinion. Anything which is deemed unacceptable by the librarians or moderators will be deleted and a PM sent to the author explaining why it was deemed unacceptable.   In addition to this we would like you to put whether your story contains Sexual Content (SC), Coarse language/swearing (L), Violence/Death (VD)   ***We encourage writing warnings when you feel it's necessary.***    
    • Dan F

      Posting Reviews   06/08/2015

      Okay the debate has been going on for a bit now both in here and behind the scenes over whether to disable the post count in the fanfiction forum.   Whilst the majority view is that the posts should count there is a general agreement that nobody wants people to boost their post count by replying to stories they haven't actually read.   We're not discouraging people from replying to storys but we do want to encourage people to post more detailed reviews. This will be beneficial on more than one level. It will help the librarians decipher who is actually replying and who is spamming and it will also benefit the authors.   We appreciate that sometimes you don't have time to give a detailed review for a story and that a quick response is better than none at all but if you're following a story you usually post more than once so I struggle to believe that you'd be pushed for time on EVERY reply you make.   Therefore we're asking people to try and think about their reviews in more detail. We're not asking for long essays or the type of reviews given in the challenges, just pick out one or two points in the chapter that you really liked. A couple of lines of great description, dialogue that gripped you or made you laugh, a character or pairing that is really well written. Anything really that tells the author what they're doing well and also keeps us from thinking people are using this forum to bump their post counts.   For some things to think about in your reviews I'm posting the Review Guidelines devised by Sevenpuddings for the fanfiction challenges. We're not expecting anybody to follow the whole framework but hopefully it will give you a few things to think about when posting a review.   Review Guidelines   1. Was the character believable? Were you able to picture it in your mind and hear the character saying things? Do you feel that the author managed to tap into the character to make it their own? Was the interaction between the characters (if applicable to the story) believable?   2. Were there any lines or moments that stood out to you? Why did they stand out?   3. Did the author use descriptive language and/or emotive language to draw you into the story?   4. Overall, was the story appealing to you? Why/Why not?   5. What do you feel could be improved by the author? Do you have any suggestions for them?     Thank you for everybody's co-operation with this.
    • Dan F

      The OFFICIAL 'Home and Away' Tour - Book Here!   03/10/2016

      The Official Home and Away Tour is one of the easiest ways to take in some of the show’s key sights, while learning more about the locations and the show’s history. With hundreds of locations dotted around New South Wales, you could easily spend days working your way around the state, and a tour is the perfect option if you’ve only got a few hours to spare. Flamin’ Galah Home and Away Tours Since 2013, Flamin’ Galah have been Back to the Bay’s preferred tour partner, offering a unique tour of some of the most famous ‘Summer Bay’ locations throughout Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches. In 2015 Flamin’ Galah were proud to join forces with Channel Seven to launch the Official Home and Away Tour. Soak up the Summer Bay lifestyle and re-live your favourite scenes while you explore, photograph and discover the “home” of Home and Away – one of Australia’s finest beaches. As well as the golden sands of Palm Beach itself, you’ll see numerous other exterior filming locations including the Summer Bay Surf Club, The Pier Diner/Alf’s Bait Shop, the Braxton House and the iconic lighthouse on the headland. As a bonus, you’ll learn lots about Sydney and the beautiful natural surrounding areas, taking in views of national parks, coastal inlets and multi-million dollar real estate. The tour will be run by an expert Home and Away tour guide—ready to fill your tour with exciting stories, gossip and interesting facts about the show—and you may even be lucky to spot some filming. Die-hard fans will never forget the thrill of watching Home and Away being created and the possibility of being up close to their favourite actors. When and where? Lasting just under 4 hours, the tour departs Mon-Weds at 1.15pm from outside the Museum of Contemporary Art on George Street, The Rocks, Sydney. The tour finishes around 5pm in Manly, where you can get a ferry back to Circular Quay in your own time (and at own expense). A typical tour itinerary Tours start at The Rocks, Circular Quay The bus travels to Palm Beach Wharf via Terrey Hills. From Palm Beach Wharf, the tour drives around to Palm Beach. You then get some free time around the beach area and the Summer Bay Surf Club. If the cast are filming, you can watch, take photos and maybe even meet the cast. The tour heads to Station Beach where you take in the Pier Diner/Bait Shop, before heading down to the southern end of Palm Beach to visit the rock pool. The tour then takes the scenic roads to Whale Beach, Avalon Beach and Bilgola Lookout, passing filming locations such as the Braxton & Palmer houses and many spectacular views along Sydney’s magnificent coastline. On the way to Manly, your tour guide will point out areas like Fisherman’s Beach where the old Beachside Diner is located and the River location at Deep Creek Reserve, where Michael Ross drowned whilst saving foster son Sam. At the final stop, you can explore the world-famous Manly Beach and enjoy one of Sydney’s finest tourist destinations. Soak up the bars, the restaurants, the shopping, the beaches, the lifestyle, and to top it all off, you can take the ferry back to Sydney across the spectacular Sydney Harbour (at own expense). Will I see the cast? The tour only runs on the three most likely weekdays to see filming, Monday to Wednesday, but with filming schedules varying from week to week, it can’t be guaranteed that you’ll see the cast in action on Palm Beach. However many tourists are lucky enough, and some even get the chance to meet the cast and get their autographs. Interested? Tours cost just AUD$99 per person and depart Mon-Wed at 1.15pm. Click below to place a booking through Flamin’ Galah Tours. Please note, when you place a booking, Flamin’ Galah will check availability and get back to you with confirmation as soon as possible after you have placed your order. Payment will not be taken from your card until availability is confirmed. Click Here to Book a Tour

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