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  2. Loved the moment where Casey and Phoebe realised that going back for the photo is exactly what Kyle would do.Smart of Casey and Ray to go back for him, unfortunately Kyle's blundered into exactly the sort of trouble he was hoping not to...
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  5. It wasn't that an easy password, no-one but the Morgan's would have worked it out and it took them a while, it was only when Justin saw Raffy twiddling with the necklace it clicked. Brave or foolish for Justin to go0 back to the house? Maybe he was thinking Turner wouldn't think anyone would go back, unfortunately she was cleverer than he thought. Still it did mean she got nicked! Phoebe has kept the Morgan's secret so has to be given credit for that. In part Evelyn was to blame for getting her fired up about the Charity gig and as soon as music was mentioned it would get Phoebe thinking about a concert, you can understand why she is so enthusiastic, she needs something to get her teeth into and to take her mind off Justin. Don't forget Matt has a interest in music too so he would lean towards Phoebe's idea, at least he did turn Evie round. Phoebe did know that Billie was raped and I also thought she knew the baby wasn't VJ's but the way she has been with her it seems, to me at least, she does think it is. I can see why Ash would have a go at her but she really did try and get Billie to go to the police, but couldn't push her too hard or she would have shut her out. The look on Phoebe's face at the end gave away the fact Billie (and her) knew who the rapist was although it was only when Mick got caught after kidnapping Irene and the police revealed he was a serial rapist. She snuck into his hospital room and saw the tattoo. It's what Ash is going to do with that information that is the big question. I can see Ash's dilemma regarding VJ's grandparents wanting to give Billie and VJ $10,000, Billie wouldn't want to take it, not only because of her guilt but even if it was VJ's that is a hell of a lot of money. VJ himself, for all we know, would be reluctant. Depends what you call pre-meditated regarding Heath killing Gunno, he had the chance to save him but let him go which was more a spur of the moment thing than anything thought out before hand. Decent of Ash to admit his part in it, but then that is Ash all over. Gunno had a problem with Brax because he was friends with Ash and for Gunno that was enough reason to go after the Braxton's. Good timing saved Heath there, but Geddes is no fool so won't give up that easily. It looks like Bianca and Heath are staying in the bay going by her remark to Heath on the beach. Was that an act of bravado by Turner when she told Justin he was a dead man or are there any more Syndicate members out there who weren't rounded up? Whatever it was their secret is out there now, headline news so the police must believe they are safe, hope it's not misguided, takes the pressure off Phoebe to keep quiet. Hope Tori gets Nate to understand why she has been secretive and why she couldn't tell him, it was to keep him safe, though of course Spike had already tried to kill him and that was before they were an item. Wonder what the rest of the bay residents will make of it.
  6. Interesting points raised. Personally I think diversity should be mentioned again and again because it is an issue which has plagued the show for a very long time and continues to do so. It will probably cease to be mentioned once the issue has been fixed. Its lack of diversity is one of the issues ruining the show because as you say, every other soap features gay characters and/or racially diverse characters. In 1988 I imagine it was a lot more controversial to feature gay characters. It isn't 1988 anymore. It's 2017, an era where gay people are universally accepted in the mainstream. The fact Home and Away doesn't feature gay characters implies that it has an homophobic agenda, which has been backed up by an quite a lot of evidence. That's why its absence partly ruins the show but didn't back in the day. The producers obviously want ethnically diverse actors in the show as we have people like Justin and Mason, yet their origin as far as I'm aware has never been explicitly stated on screen. IMO either of these would be massively preferable to the current format, I have no preference either way as to these. I've made no secret of the fact I think Ash should have a gay mate from prison turn up.
  7. I appreciate the response. The reason why I threw the word 'male' in there as well is because these three terms have been used in this thread before and it's something I've seen in numerous places besides this forum. IMO people will often use these separately or in conjunction as a way to discredit people who simply offer a different point of view. Some of them don't even have to mention the "ist" or "ic" terms, just saying you are a straight white male is enough to imply one or all of the three. And it has reached the point where if someone says you are a straight white male it is often synonymous with being viewed as sexist and or racist/homophobic. It's a way IMO to force compliance and make anything said by the individual from that point onwards completely null and void. Unless there is overwhelming evidence to suggest any level of prejudice using these terms is counter productive because once they are used all the time it makes them effectively become meaningless and does a genuine disservice when someone really is a victim. I agree that females aren't a problem in this show. But not everybody here sees it that way judging from some of the comments I've read e.g. some female characters are portrayed purely as love interests. Now that's fine and that's their opinion but I don't think the male characters are particularly seen in a positive light either. Back to the whole crime thing again. The issue is IMO that some of the male characters are often given a free pass because they're hot. I'm not judging people for this and again I think this is absolutely fine but I do think this is relevant because a lot of people here react to how certain segments of the forum on aggregate view certain characters. It's obviously not all posters but when you have people making allowances for some characters but sticking the boot into others some people will often look to the writing where I feel more often than not it's frustration at the double-standards portrayed by some. I mentioned diversity because it is very frequently brought into this thread. I don't think it's relevant here because I'm not sure H & A really has had diversity. So as mentioned in my last post if you haven't had something to begin with then how can not having it be ruining the show - This is the subject of this thread. I think it was very wise whoever started the Diversity thread separately. Personally I'm not against it in H & A but I don't care much for it either. Why? Not because of racism/sexism/homophobia but because I experience it in other soaps - Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation St and even Neighbours. What would be interesting to know is if some of the "die-hard" fans had a choice of going back to the golden days of H & A with no diversity or keeping the current format and introducing diversity which would they choose? I suspect the former but I can't be 100% sure.
  8. What gets more up my nose is that there hasn't been a permanent cast member with a physical disability/Wheelchair in nearly 30 years (and don't give me the set restriction/sets are too narrow crap either! Prisoner managed to have two physically disabled characters 30 years ago and that set would have been MUCH worse!)
  9. Oh dear! now Casey's in danger too! Still, I can understand him wanting to go with Ray, they don't know if they can trust him. Looking forward to the next chapter to see what happens!
  10. Chapter 53 At the Car Park The last item was placed in the boot of Aden's car when Phoebe turned round to her friends and Ray and asked: "Where's Kyle?" "What do mean where's Kyle? He stood beside the car isn't he?" Casey asked his brother's girlfriend. "No he isn't!" "Oh no! You don't think he's taken off to look for that picture do you?" Maddy suggested to the others and Ray. "He wouldn't, would he?" April asked Casey and Phoebe. Both teens looked at each other then answered at the same time: "He would!" "We have to after him then!" Tamara said quickly. "No you certainly will not!" Ray shouted. "What if he gets hurt? You said he was in danger!" Evie said to Ray. "I said you lot won't go after him I never said anything about me not going and getting him and bringing him back!" Ray told them. Casey looked at Ray and said: "Considering the fact that we don't know anything about you and also there's the fact that this might be part of the plan to get Kyle, I'm coming with you as after all he is my brother!" Ray looked at the teenager knowing perfectly well that none of them had any right to trust him after following Kyle for the past couple of days answered: "Fine but you do as I say. Got it?" "Yes!" Phoebe looked at Casey and told him to bring Kyle back safe and sound otherwise she would hurt him and Casey knew that she meant that so he promised her that he would do his best. With that Casey and Ray headed off in the direction they assumed Kyle had taken, leaving the other teens in the car park worrying about their friend and trying to calm Phoebe down. "He'll be fine Pheebs just you see." Sasha said to the worried girl. "Sasha is right Pheebs! Casey and Ray will find him and bring him back then we'll leave so Kyle will be safe." Matt said agreeing with his girlfriend. "We don't know that though what happens if this person finds Kyle before them two do?" Phoebe asked her friends. "It's not going to come to that." Evie said to her. "Do you think we should call Brax considering he might be able to help us?" Oscar suggested. April took her eyes away from Phoebe and glared at Oscar then said: "What would the point in that be? Brax will never get here in time. So right now the best chance Kyle has is Casey and Ray finding him and then us leaving as quickly as possible." Knowing that April was right the teens stopped talking and waited patiently for the other three to get back. Chapter 54 In the middle of the bushes – inbetween the teens' and ray's campsites Kyle was searching the floor to find the picture with the torch on his phone to help him see. When suddenly there was a noise from somewhere around him and he started to shine his torch around until the light fell upon a pair of legs. Kyle gulped as the pair of legs moved further towards him and stopped. "Hello Kyle, long time no see. Are you going to just stand there or are you going to give uncle Derek a hug?" Derek asked Kyle with a grin on his face. "Why the hell would I hug you after what you did to my mum?" Kyle half shouted as he asked his uncle that question. "Because I'm your uncle silly and I haven't seen you for awhile which by the way is very upsetting as I missed you Kyle." "Don't lie, you never missed me. Also you lost the right to call yourself my uncle over eleven years ago!" "Now that hurts Kyle truly." Derek said to his nephew. Kyle stopped speaking and looked around noticing that every direction was blocked by people he can only assume were his uncle's friends. He then saw an opening in the bushes that wasn't blocked, completely forgetting about the picture, Kyle makes a break for it towards the lakes. "Was it something I said?" Derek asked his gang members as Kyle ran away. In the middle of the bushes – on the way back to the teen's campsite Casey and Ray were silently but quickly making their way along the footpath that lead to the place that had just housed the campsite. Casey breaks the silence and asks Ray: "I need to know!" Ray stopped and looked at Casey: "Know what?" "The full story! Also why you decided to help us." "Look no offense, I know Kyle is your brother but is not really my place to tell you why this guy is after Kyle, it's his. To answer your second question, the reason why I decided to help you is because I see a lot of myself in Kyle and I also thought it was wrong to hurt someone who is completely innocent." "Kyle won't tell me, that's why I asked you and well thank you for helping us." Casey replied then continued walking on. At the lake 20 minutes later… Kyle had just arrived at the lake and made his way over to the pier. I need to hide but where? Come on Kyle think! This guy wants to kill you like he killed your mum so hurry up and find some place to hid. Oh I know if I go in the water and swim to under the pier but with my head and body still completely covered by the water he'll not find me. After all Derek doesn't know I can swim yet which is something I can use to my advantage. After quickly thinking of where he could hide, Kyle jumped into the lake and made his way to under the pier just as his uncle Derek and his thugs arrived. "Everyone start searching for the brat, it's not like he could have gone far with us on his tail the whole time!" Derek shouted to his gang. From his hiding spot Kyle was still able to here Derek shouting for him to reveal himself. Why didn't I listen to that Ray when he said that he would find that picture and post it to me because now I'm in serious trouble with no way of escaping. He's going to realise that I might actually be in the water soon and then he'll send his thugs in here and they will see me. Then Derek will kill me! Behind the bushes surrounding the lake Casey and Ray had been on the path back to the campsite when they had heard people shouting for Kyle and had decided to follow them. When they realised where they were going Ray pulled Casey into some of the bushes and had motioned from him to be quiet while they watched Derek and his gang searching for Kyle. "I can't see Kyle anywhere." Casey whispered to Ray who was still watching the scene in front of him. "I know, neither can I." Ray replied realising it would be no good telling Casey to stay quiet as he obviously wasn't going to pay attention to the command if he didn't the first time. "The only place I can think of where he could be hiding is the water." "Well we better do something then because Derek is heading towards the pier." "I know we have to but what?" Casey asked Ray. "I think I might have idea." Ray told him. "What is it? I'm all ears, promise." "Well what if we lead Derek away from the lake for example I could run all the way around to the other side of the lake." "Then what because I don't think that's really going to do much in this situation." "Well if you had given me a chance to finish I would have said that once I'm round there I will make as much noise as possible and then run off further into the National Park and hopefully Derek will think its Kyle and will follow after me which will give you time to get Kyle and head back to the others at the car park. "Once we get back to the car park what do you want us to do because I'm assuming Derek isn't to stupid and will figure out that it isn't Kyle he's chasing. Then he'll back in the direction of us and the car park" Casey asked Ray. "Well do you remember passing what appeared to be an abandoned building before you eventually got here?" "Yeah why?" "Well head for that and I'll meet you all there when I know it's safe for me to leave. Then we can call for help or head to the nearest Police Station and I will tell them everything." "You would really hand yourself in for technically being apart of this?" "Yes as I hope my kids will see that I'm doing the right thing and it will hopefully teach them to learn from my mistakes." "I didn't know you had kids so thank you for helping us and I think they will be proud of you for wanting to help us." Casey said to Ray "Anyway you better go and we will see you soon." With a quick 'thank you' Ray headed off to distract Derek from his search for Kyle, while Casey lay in wait behind the bushes to make his move.
  11. Kat Risteska
  12. On that note, H&A could be considered to have an inconsistent or negative attitude when it comes to representing certain parts of modern society, but I don't think it could ever be accused of representing women in a negative light (I'm not suggesting this is the point you're making). H&A has had many strong female characters over the years who really have led the way, e.g. Pippa, Ailsa, Sally, Leah, Irene, Marilyn, Morag, Bobby, Roo... the list goes on and on. I would tend to think that the series has actually had much stronger and positive female than male characters in general over the years. If anything, I think more male characters have been represented as shallow, flawed and weak (not forgetting that the majority of "villains" have been men). But is diversity (or lack of it) actually actively "ruining" the show? I don't know. It is an issue, but I don't think it's the main issue why the series is being "ruined". Given how crime-ridden Summer Bay is, if they brought in new characters (from whatever background) chances are they'd be represented negatively, which would probably be more damaging for the show than ignoring the issue altogether.
  13. Well, Ben is proper psycho, isn’t he?! Tessa's been through a lot in a very short space of time so I think counselling is a very good idea. Feel bad for Riley too. Things just seem to be going from bad to worse. Looking forward to the next chapter x
  14. Matt has a Girlfriend just before he gets with Evelyn. She only appears in two or three episodes. Does anyone know the name of the actress? Thanks
  15. Isla is such a wonderful, charismatic person!
  16. I wasn't actually referring to you directly. But it's all been implied in various posts. 'Die hard fans' are supposedly a minority and it's assumed that changing the format would only be because of their complaints, implying they are the only ones who don't like the format. It's just not the case. It doesn't matter anymore as soon I'll one of those people who fall into the category of 'former viewer' so my comments will be irrelevant.
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  19. Great chapter Can't blame Tessa for freaking out when Riley wrapped his arms around her. Hope she does get counselling. Update soon please Xxx
  20. Of course if we look through out the forum separate to this thread and notice which parts viewers say the like and dislike for example Chris' exit was well liked, Josh and Andy's wasn't based on viewers posts. The former is old school home and away, the later is the "new and improved" that this thread is lamenting.
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  23. Great chapter Glad Jessica is charging Ben. Felt sorry for Tess freaking out when Riley walked In on her in the shower Update again soon
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  25. "Sign here Mr Hawkins," Jessica announced the next afternoon. Riley was signing the paper as Ben barged into the police station. "I can't believe you're letting him go, he attacked me, remember," Ben announced. "No, you attacked my girlfriend," Riley snapped. " Mr Cartwright, I'd like you to stay and answer a few questions," Amy announced. " Why, I've done nothing whatever Tessa Lee tells you, she lies," Ben snapped. "Tess is not a liar," Riley said then left the police station. "Jessica, I can't believe you let him go," Ben snapped sitting down in the interview room. " You almost raped Tess. I am charging you with assault," Jessica said. " It was just a bit of fun Jessica. Tess is being a drama queen. She's been asking for it," Ben announced smiling. " You need to front a judge. You could be looking at some goal time. Six month," Jessica announced. " Well it wont go that far. I'm rich you know. I can bribe the judge. I've got out of a rape charge before," Ben announced. Tess was in the shower as she felt arms wrapped around her waist. "LET GO OF ME!" Tess cried. "It's me honey," Riley whispered. Tess looked at Riley. "Sorry Riles," Tess whispered. "Hey, I'll go if you want," Riley said. "Do you mind? I'm sorry Riley," Tess whispered. " No, I'll go and make dinner," Riley said getting out and reaching for his towel. He left. Tess started crying. " I can't lose Riley after everything," Tess whispered crying harder as she sat in the corner of the shower. Riley was making dinner as Jack came in. "How's Tess?" Jack asked. "Tess is in the shower," Riley replied. Tess entered the kitchen with her dressing gown on. "Feeling better baby?" Riley asked. Tess nodded. "Jack, can Riley and I talk alone?" Tess asked. "Sure, I'll go check on Nina and Ava," Jack replied, then left. "I'm sorry about before. I'll give you space," Riley said. " I can't lose you," Tess whispered. "That's not going to happen, I love you Tess. Some counselling might help," Riley said. Tess nodded. "I love you to Riles," Tess whispered then put her arms around his neck. Riley kissed her forehead
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