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  2. As a matter of fact I do, and it's one that QA's already been out and photographed for us - though it's certainly not one I expected to get a request for! Got quite a bit on but will try and get it up onto the site asap - give us a PM if it's not up in time and I can send you the details (I don't imagine it will be out of your way anyway) Always great to hear when the Locations section actually comes in useful for someone.
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  4. Sorry for another late update. Chapter 19 Tabitha is pacing outside of the police station. She walks inside the police station. Tabitha "I lit the fire" Kat "what?" Tabitha "I'm responsible. It was a accident. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I am so sorry" Kat "I will take you straight through to the interrogation room" Tabitha starts getting upset. Kat "should I call your parents?" Tabitha "no" Kat "why did you do it?" Tabitha "I wanted revenge" Kat "against Olivia and Hunter?" Tabitha "no, against Zac. He's the reason I can't attend Summer Bay high anymore" Kat "I heard you parents sent you to boarding school" Tabitha "that was a cover story. So everyone didn't have to answer any hard questions" Kat "I don't really think Zac would do that. He's school principal. It's his job to stay in partial" Tabitha "not when it comes to his son. Hunter has always gotten preferential treatment" Kat "we are not here to discuss them. we are here to discuss your confession" Kat "are you formally on the record admitting to being the arsonist?" Tabitha "no. I only lit this fire. I am in no way responsible for any of the other ones" Kat "and you have proof?" Tabitha "my alibi is boarding school. Its pretty air tight. since I wasn't even here at the time" Kat "how did you get inside the school on the day in question" Tabitha "Zac organised a meeting to discuss things with my parents on the day in question" Kat "so it was purely by chance that you were there?" Tabitha "yes. I was angry with all of them. My parents and Zac. They didn't even notice I was in that room" Tabitha "So I saw the keys to his office in his jacket pocket. grabbed them and took off" Kat "then what happened. Tabitha "I broke into his office" Kat "and then what? took the opportunity to burn down the school. or attempt to?'' Tabitha "no it wasn't like that. I was searching thru the paperwork to find the report on me. To prove Zac kicked me out of the school. But then something spooked me. I heard footsteps coming closer and I panicked. I just ran off and I just the key after I locked Zac's office" Tabitha "when I looked back. I saw Hunter. Kat "you saw Hunter King outside Zac's office" Tabitha "yes" Kat "did he see you?" Tabitha "I don't think so. Otherwise I'm guessing he would of told you" Kat "what took you so long to come forward" Tabitha "I heard someone else was being blamed" Kat "so suddenly you grew a conscious" Tabitha "well when I heard Hunter was getting blamed. I had to clear his name" Kat "sorry, I find that hard to believe, given your history" Tabitha "it's because of our history. I wanted to make amends" Marilyn "call an ambulance" Leah "what's wrong" Marilyn "there's something wrong with John" Leah dials 000 Zac "did he hit his head or something?" Marilyn "not that I know of?" John is taken inside the back of the ambulance to the hospital. Tracey "look that's him? Noel "looks like he's in capable hands" Tracey "they might need our help" Noel "why do you always have to do the right thing. It's annoying" Tracey "If that was you and someone knew information I didn't, about your condition. I would like to know" Noel "ok. one conversation. Tracey "Hi" Marilyn "Hi. Do I know you?" Tracey "no you don't. but I know that man they just took away in the ambulance" Marilyn "you know John?" Tracey "John. So that's his name?" Marilyn "uh.. how do you know him? Tracey "we found him on the side of the road" Marilyn "wait! what?" Tracey "He couldn't remember his own name" Marilyn "sorry, excuse me. I have to go to the hospital" Tracey "how about we come with you and then we can fill in the doctors and nurses at the hospital" Marilyn "ok. Leah and Zac, sorry to have to cut this evening short. Leah "don't be silly. I just hope everything is ok with John. We will be there first thing tomorrow morning" Marilyn "thankyou" Leah "in the meantime keep us posted" Olivia "you told me, you would tell me everything I needed to know?" Mason "I didn't light the fire" Olivia "so who did?" Mason "I don't know" Olivia "so you just framed Hunter" Mason "yeah I found the stuff dumped in the bin outside Salt, so I..?" Olivia "so you decided to frame by boyfriend. What could you possibly gain from doing that?" Mason "is that a trick question" Olivia "So what your saying is that you did it for me" Mason "I did it for us." Olivia "what part of there is no us, aren't you getting. I'm with Hunter, that isn't going to change" Mason "stop living in denial. Your not exactly hard to break up. I mean look how easy it was for me"
  5. Several threads running. Knew it would come back to bite Ash and by extension Kat on the bum with what happened to Ash and Shanea/Shanei. Surprised he didn't join the dots when she told him what Ash had done, she must have told him Ash was there when the cops took his laptop. The twist was Ash feeling so guilty about what he had done to her, he got himself drunk, bunked off work and then finished with Kat (that's the way it seemed to me anyway) after confessing what he had done as he didn't like the people he and Kat had become, lying, sneaking around and him threatening innocent women. Of course once his new threat had fell flat Simmo plays his ace, he knows where Josh and Andy are (or were last he heard). I couldn't see any reason for him to lie, no sign of them, no deal for him, though why would they both risk coming back home as it were, did he say Mangrove River? What was Kat doing alerting Evie of all people, hardly correct police protocol I would have thought. It couldn't have come at a worse time either for Evie, who as she herself confessed to Kat she was starting to have feelings for Matt, which was pretty apparent to us viewers by their body language on the beach and the nearly kiss and the way they were acting in the Diner earlier, very couplish (I know it's not a proper word, just seemed right) Roo has picked up on it. I felt sorry for Matt when Evie shot off in pursuit. I know what Mason did was wrong ringing AmCam (or whatever it is called, still can't make out what he and Tori call it) anonymously, but wouldn't ND have some sort of responsibility to inform a new employer of a possible new staff member's on going health problem? Nate's role might be physical and his shoulder injury could impede his ability to help a patient thus endangering their life. Took quite a bit of talking from Mason and Justin (was Brody involved?) to change her mind about going to Bali and her mad idea of appearing there under her real name. Had a thought about that, supposing who ever is holding the conference have published a brochure of attendees complete with photos!!!! I can see why she would want to confront Riley and lay some ghosts, hate the closure word, but Justin left a whole lot more behind and not an adult you can explain things to but a little girl. Which of course leads to Raffy, and the fact they all stop talking about the WP thing when she comes in the room. I realise they can't tell her the whole truth, be far too risky, she is only young and could easily blurt it out or let it slip accidently, but did they learn nothing from trying to keep it secret about who her real parents were (though that was more down to Hope than them). They should tell her something. She's pretty sharp though, asking why there are no family photos around and why they all still live together! Looks like her and her new mate Ellie plot something together.
  6. It's strange though because I saw a scene on YouTube which took place just after Charlie's death.It was in Angelo's and Heath was taunting Brax about Charlie and Brax suddenly jumps up and headbutts Heath.On channel 5 though it just looked like a scuffle and the way it was edited I couldn't tell anything had been cut.
  7. Haha! Thanks JT! Couldn't resist poking a bit of fun at her! Glad you enjoyed it!
  8. LOOOVE your wonderful description/appraisal of the hell on earth that is Phoebe Nicholson !!!!!!
  9. Man, there was some carnage from Josh there. In agreeance with Red and the others about Josh !!!
  10. Interesting chapter. Feels like it's really building up to something. Liked all the VJ and Billie stuff (I always like Billie and Ash together), and such a pity that Hunter is soon going to make a mess of things for himself and really disappoint Zac. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.
  11. Who would you like to be principal of Summer Bay High School, we've got most options covered. I chose Sally Fletcher, A long term progressive principal, and Greg Snelgrove, he was kind of good, but wasn't given long enough, I would like to See a principal last at least 5 years
  12. Good that VJ and Billie have sorted things out and that Ruby isn't holding a grudge.
  13. Given the type of people he usually encounters, I was kind of worried Dmitri was going to end up molesting Josh but it seems he's had a lucky break for once.Not so Aaron, who things really don't look good for...
  14. Great chapters. Im loving it, I don't think that it was a good idea for Tamara to tell everyone what Kyle told her. And it seems that Ray really wants to get home which will mean that they probably go for Kyle soon. Poor Kyle finding the snake and having a panic attack. Glad Phoebe is helping him and I hope that he will be okay. I can't wait to read more, please update soon.
  15. Great chapter Liking all the interactions with all the different characters hmm I wonder why Kat feels like something massive is coming. Update again soon
  16. Sorry about the long wait guys, been on a short holiday but is now back, new chapters will be faster. Chapter 44: The Beach Ellie, Raffy, Dylan, Rebecca, Cody and Sam are all hanging out at the beach Ellie: should we go swimming? Dylan: later, we should play beach soccer Sam: well I didn't bring the ball for nothing Cody: oh your feeling unloved, aren't you cute? Sam: shut it Rebecca: ok so what teams? Dylan: I think it should be girls vs guys? Raffy: sounds like a plan Ellie: okay but then we can switch teams Rebecca: so 10 minute games and first to 5? Dylan: sounds good Another part of the beach Evelyn and Matt are walking hand in hand Evelyn: its such a nice day today Matt: it is Evelyn: so what's the plan for today? Matt: I don't know, what do you think? Evelyn: well we have all day to hang out and do whatever Matt: that's true Evelyn: so we can walk the beach and then go back to your place for a bit? Matt: sounds good Evelyn and Matt kiss Surf Club John is working when VJ turns up John: hi VJ: hey John: where's Billie? VJ: with Ash John: so your bored? VJ: yep John: I don't have any work for you VJ: I wasn't planning on working, I came to use the gym John: oh ok then, carry on VJ: see you later The Gym VJ enters and finds Nate their VJ: hey Nate: hi VJ: so you letting off some steam too? Nate: no, I'm just doing some exercise VJ: you have nothing better to do? Nate: well Tori's at work, so no VJ: fair enough Nate: whats up with you? VJ: Billie is doing my head in Nate: why? whats happened? VJ: nothing.. just pregnancy hormones I guess Nate: arg, hate to break it to you but thats normal VJ: I know, I'm just frustrated and I need to hit something Nate holds up a punching bag Nate: buy all means VJ: I don't have any boxing gloves Nate: well that's just stupid, who comes to a gym without the proper gym equipment? VJ: oi I wasn't thinking Nate: clearly VJ: I'm going to go use a exercise bike Nate: good choice, have fun, I'm going to head off VJ: see ya The Farm House Billie and Ash are watching a movie Ash: so do you feel any better? Billie: well this movie is putting me to sleep Ash: its an action film how is that possible? Billie: I hate action movies Ash: are you sure your my sister Billie glares at him Ash: sorry, I will stop Billie: that would be nice Ash: so hows VJ? Billie: he's good, hes just frustrated about this whole thing Ash: it is overwhelming Billie: yeah Ash: but he will come around Billie: of course, hes stuck by me though everything, I don't deserve him Hunter's van Olivia: is everything ready? Hunter: yep I'm going to go do it now Olivia: good luck and be careful Hunter: I love you Olivia: I love you too Olivia and Hunter kiss and Hunter leaves Summer Bay House Zac and Leah are chatting Leah: hows Hunter been? Zac: good Leah: you and him? Zac: better Leah: so you finally trusting him? Zac: yeah hes turned himself around Leah: yeah he has but I think you helped with that Zac: yeah maybe but he still did it himself Leah: are you proud of him? Zac: I am The Beach Dylan and Brian are on the beach together Brian: should we be risking being here? Dylan: we can't use my house or yours Brian: yes both have people around Dylan: its dark, we shouldn't be seen Brian: we won't be Dylan: I'm happy my parents are spending more time with me and less at work but it means we have less time for us Brian: your parents are more important than me, you know that Dylan: I know, it just sucks Brian: I'm not going anywhere Dylan: I know your not Brian: I love you Dylan: I love you too Dylan and Brian kiss The Farm House Phoebe and Kat are chatting Phoebe: so hows work? Kat: busy Phoebe: hopefully it will slow down Kat: I'm not sure about that, something feels off Phoebe: off? Kat: I feel like something is coming Phoebe: how do you mean? Kat: like something massive is going to happen Phoebe: I hope your wrong Kat: me too
  17. That was quite a funny jump cut when they showed Ash winding up an obvious headbutt only to have Simmo already on the floor the next second, well they not only showed Brax heabutting Hammer a few years but then showed him proceeding to beat Hammers face into Pizza .I was actually really impressed by the makeup on Hammers face afterwards, even though we only saw it for a second (obviously with it being a daytime soap) he really did look like he'd been battered and busted up, whereas in most soaps they have a bit of eye shadow for a black eye and one nostril dripping a bit of blood Havn't watched the latest two episodes yet but good grief how many lives does this Kat have? Her and Ash (trying to resist making some kind of fire/burn quip) are so damn irresponsible and downright corrupt yet it seems like we're supposed to be cheering for them Charlie and Brax style while I personally was rooting for Simmo to out the pair of them in front of everybody, we knew they'd find a way to weasel out of that though( That whole password thing though, my goodness even for a soap that was contrived, they may as well have just given Ash some make believe hacker programme like Tabitha seemed to have) By the by does anybody know the episode number where Charlotte is trying to sell her car to the cheeky bloke?
  18. Great chapter glad Billie is in counselling after all that happened to her. It's good VJ and Billie sorted everything out and are now engaged Nice that Billie visited Ruby for a while I thought maybe Ruby wanted nothing to do with Billie. Update again soon
  19. Great Chapter. Glad Josh made a friend. Oh god Aaron been stabbed, please be ok, Kyle will be devastated if you die on him Update soon please.
  20. Thank you so much for the comments, Ludub and Red Ranger 1, Kristen and JosieTash CHAPTER FIFTEEN Four weeks later... It had been four weeks since Billie returned to Summer Bay. She had moved back in with VJ and Zac, Leah and Alf. Billie and VJ had been working things out between so they promised they would be always honest with one each other and that there would be no more secrets neither lies when they found a way to get through it together. VJ told Billie he will be always there for her and the baby no matter whatever happens but VJ told Billie that he will love the baby and treat her like she was his own. Mick had confessed to attacking Billie so it was enough to keep him the psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life and he would never be coming out forever. Billie had been attending counselling sessions to help her come to terms with everything that had happened in her life lately and she had began to attend a victim support group for victims of sexual and rape so Irene decided to go with her as she wanted to share her story about what happened to her when she was younger. Billie and Irene developed a close bond considering they were victims of sexual abuse and their connection to Billie's baby. Billie would make sure to make every effort to involve Irene and let her be a part the baby's life as the grandmother. Zac and Leah had come around in the end when they got their heads around to everything when they forgave Billie and gave her another chance. Three weeks earlier, VJ took Billie out on a romantic weekend to the lighthouse where he proposed to her so she happily accepted it and then they announced their engagement to their families and friends who were happy for them so they celebrated the young couple's engagement with a party at Salt Restaurant. VJ and Billie began to make wedding plans so everything seemed to be going well for the young couple as they are looking forwards to their future together and settling into parenthood when the baby arrives in two months. 10th November 2016... Billie stared at her mobile so she sighed quietly as she hadn't heard from Ruby for four weeks since she reported Richard to the police. Billie had left text messages and voicemails for Ruby but no respond. She decided she would pop over to the city and visit Ruby to see how she is coping and that she would tell her she doesn't blame her for what her uncle did to her. VJ decided to come along with her for the drive to the city for support and she agreed letting him come along with her when they went to the city together in VJ's car. A hour later.. Billie and VJ arrived at the apartment buildings. "Here we are. Ruby lives on Floor 3." said Billie. "I can't wait to see her again. It had been four years since we last saw her. Me and Mum, Mr Stewart and Roo, John and Marilyn, Irene." said VJ when he and Billie went into the lifts so they went up to Floor 3. Billie took a deep breath when she felt VJ's hand grasp hers. "You okay, babe?" said VJ. "Yeah I am fine." said Billie giving her fiance a reassuring smile when they walked down the hallway to where she used to stay with Ruby for a week and then Billie knocked on the door but no respond. Billie knocked on the door again. "Hello? Ruby, are you home? It's me Billie." said Billie. Suddenly, the door opened and there stood Ruby. "Hey Ruby." said Billie. "Billie! What are you doing here?" said Ruby. "I thought I should come over and visit you, and see how you are doing." said Billie. "I am doing good. I am sorry I hadn't replied to your text messages and voicemails for a while. I was just in shock that my uncle had attempted to rape you. I didn't want to believe it at first. I am so sorry, Billie. I can't believe he did that. I was so angry with him and broke his nose telling him what I thought of him since I learnt what he had done when he told us he was the reason why you went back to Summer Bay." said Ruby exhaling deeply. "Hey it's not your fault, Rubes." said Billie hugging a distressed Ruby. "Ruby, do you remember VJ?" said Billie gesturing forwards the young brown-haired man standing beside her. "VJ?! Oh my goodness! Is it you?! Wow you had grown!" said Ruby when she and VJ hugged one each other. "We got back together since I returned to the Bay. We had sorted things out. I had been seeing a counsellor and attending a victim support group." said Billie. "That's great." said Ruby. "And by the way, we are engaged." said Billie showing off her engagement ring. Ruby let out a loud high-pitched squeal that echoed around the hallway and the whole apartment building would have heard her when VJ and Billie clasped their hands to their ears raising their eyebrows. "Oh I am so happy for you,guys!" said Ruby hugging the young couple who thanked her. "Come in for a cuppa of tea and a piece of homemade chocolate cake so we can catch up with what had been happening in the last four weeks." said Ruby. "Sounds good." said VJ. "Hold on. Is he still here?" said Billie quietly looking around fearfully as if she is expecting to see Richard walking over. "No. Not anymore." said Ruby coldly. "Eh?" said VJ. "It is a long story. I will tell you both when we sit down for some tea and a piece of chocolate cake. Come in then." said Ruby when she stood aside to let VJ and Billie walk into her apartment so she closed the door behind them.
  21. Oh no its at this point I would like to tell you I like Aaron but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to him. So I'm pretty prepared for this to end badly for him.. Josh has had his time of suffering now its Kyle turn me thinks The clue being that Dimitri gives Josh a lollipop.. I did find that amusing while in all the chaos of a prison riot Josh and Dimitri share and bond over lollipops
  22. Loved this chapter, it sounds like Aaron has been stabbed, I really hope that he is going to be okay, What if he dies? it's his last day and not only that. it would break Kyle if e died, I really hope he pulls through. It's nice that Josh has a friend, I can't wait to read more please update soon.
  23. Awesome chapter Whoa I wonder what happened to Aaron...? Sounds like he must be stabbed. Nice that Josh has a friend Update soon please xx
  24. Great chapter nice Josh has a friend even if it's just for a short time but I hope not. Poor Aaron! I look forward to more Update again soon
  25. Thanks again everyone! Your feedback is always appreciated Really hope you like this one! WARNING: VERY ADULT THEMES! Chapter 17 Josh gasped in pain, and coughed and spluttered, as the heavy weight of Vasily’s body was rolled off him. He turned onto his side and cradled his broken ribs as he struggled to draw breath. “Oh God!” he groaned, in a laboured wheezing way, “Oh God!” “No time for pray!” said Dimitri, grabbing him by the back of his shirt and dragging him up onto his feet, “We have to get out of here!” He pulled Josh’s arm around his neck, ignoring his cries of pain, and began dragging him along the hallway. “Come on!” he grunted, as he carried him, “Move feet! …Little Fish help?!” They were stepping over dead and bloodied bodies as they went. “I can’t!” grunted Josh, as Dimitri trailed him along with his legs hanging limply, “I can’t! …Please?! Just put me down!” Every step that Dimitri took was sheer torture, sending sharp bursts of pain up through his body, and making it hard for him to breathe. “Please?! Dimitri!” he begged, crying out loudly with each step, “Please?! Just… leave me here! …I can’t! …Stop!” “No!” said Dimitri, picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift, “I help Little Fish!” “Gnnnnrrrrrr!” cried Josh, as Dimitri began to run down the stairs. The pain in this new position was even worse! Something that he hadn’t thought possible! Dimitri’s shoulder was putting direct pressure on his injured ribs and he couldn’t really breathe at all. As they turned the corner onto another corridor of cells, Dimitri stopped in his tracks, and watched the four young inmates running towards them. There was a momentary standoff as the other group stopped and stared at Dimitri in an anxious and frightened sort of way. He was well-known in the prison as being part of the Russian gang, so it was obvious that they were more than a little worried about what he might do. After a moment, he stepped out of the way, and nodded for them to move on, so they filed past him slowly, and then charged down the stairs. The alarms were still sounding loudly, and lights were flashing all along the corridor above their heads. The prison was going into lockdown so they had to get inside a cell as soon as possible. “Come on!” he said, picking up speed and running down the corridor, “Nearly there!” “Uhhhh!” groaned Josh. The pain was unbearable and all he wanted was for it to be over, to slip into unconsciousness, and not be here for a while. In fact, he didn’t care if he never woke up. “Stop!” he cried through gritted teeth. “Okay, here here!” said Dimitri, slipping inside a cell and setting him down on the bottom bunk a little too roughly. He lay on his back, panting in a shallow kind of way, and gripped at the sheets with both hands. He had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. What if Dimitri had amorous intentions like Alexei, and had brought him back to his cell to have his way with him, broken ribs or not?! “What now?!” he gasped, keeping his eyes clamped shut and shaking a little. “Now, wait” said Dimitri, sitting down on the floor beside him, “Now we wait…” “Wait?” asked Josh, talking through gritted teeth, “Wait for what?!” “For noise and lights to stop” he said, patting him softly on the knee, “It stop soon… Until then, we hide… It safe in here.” He turned and looked outside the door. There was a blur of green as two inmates ran past at speed and clattered their way down the corridor. There was still a lot of shouting and screaming going on too, along with the blaring of alarms, and warnings being made over the Tannoy. It sounded scary out there! “Maybe friends of Little Fish come back” he said, sounding hopeful, “Maybe they come look for you?” “My friends?” asked Josh, wondering who he meant. Alexei had insisted on calling himself his ‘friend’, as had Vasily, and they’d done nothing but hurt him. Who were these ‘friends’ he was talking about?! He opened one eye and glanced sideways at him. He couldn’t understand what was going on “Yes… Friends” said Dimitri, nodding at him and giving a little smile, “The boys… who like to kiss each other.” He giggled a little, closing his eyes, and making a kissing shape with his mouth. “Like this!” he laughed, kissing the back of his own hand in a childish and exaggerated way. “Kyle and Aaron?” asked Josh. He still couldn’t quite get his head around all of this. How could he not have seen what was plainly right in front of his face?! How did everyone else know when he didn’t?! “Friends of Little Fish really nice!” nodded Dimitri, somehow sensing the question that was on Josh’s mind, “I like them… They nice… Not mean.” He turned to look at Josh and gave him a toothy grin which looked a little threatening because of the ragged and nasty looking scars around his mouth. “I work in garden sometimes… They not know I see them.” He smiled and bit his bottom lip in an embarrassed sort of way. “I see them kiss once!” he giggled. He made the kissing face again and kissed the back of his hand making funny little noises. Josh couldn’t help smiling a little. Dimitri’s explanation was very childlike and it was hard not to be disarmed by it. “They nice” continued Dimitri, “They… kind.” Suddenly he frowned, pulling his enormously muscled arms around his knees, as he began staring at the ground. “Most people not nice to me…” he said, “They laugh at me!” He put his hand to the side of his face, looking a little lost in thought, and ran his fingers gently over the deep scar lines. It had obviously been very traumatic. “Sometimes” he said, “…they hurt me…” “They hurt you?” asked Josh, eyeing the nasty scars on Dimitri’s face. He couldn’t help grimacing at the thought of being held down like that, and having someone slash a knife through his mouth. The pain must have been horrific! Dimitri nodded and pursed his lips together a little angrily. “They think I stupid… They think I not listen…” he said, furrowing his brow in a sad kind of way, “But sometimes I not remember… My head not work so good… I forget things… I make mistakes… Vasily say I stupid… and I bad…. But… but… I not bad! …I try!” It was then that he realised. Dimitri wasn’t the monster that Alexei was, or the cruel bully that Vasily was either! He was somewhat of a gentle giant. And he was a victim himself… What was he even doing in a prison like this?! He clearly didn’t belong here! “I not like Alexei” he said, sort of blurting it out and turning to look at Josh, “I hate him! …He bad man!” “I know” sighed Josh, giving him a sad little nod, “He’s a very bad man”. There was never a truer word spoken. “You know?” asked Dimitri, tilting his head at him with a look of suspicion, “You know Alexei is bad?” He tentatively reached over, raising his eyebrows in a way that asked permission, and then pulled gently at the neck of Josh’s shirt. He flinched a little but he let him do it. It was clear that he wanted to see the bite marks on his chest. “He hurt you?” asked Dimitri, looking a little tearful, “He make you do things?” Josh looked up at him in a startled sort of way. He hadn’t expected that Alexei would have raped one of his own. Or that he would have targeted someone so large and physically imposing. He hadn’t expected this! “He do things?” asked Dimitri, looking away again and staring at the ground, “He… do bad things?” Josh nodded. To his surprise, he began to cry, like a floodgate of emotion had simply burst open, and his whole body began to tremble. “Yes” he whispered, hardly making himself heard over the noise of the alarms outside, “He hurt me.” It was the first time that he’d said it out loud in those exact terms and he was surprised at the feeling of release. He couldn’t stop shaking. “Me too” said Dimitri, nodding at him in a sad sort of way. He lifted his own shirt and showed him the white outline of a bitemark on his chest that must have been at least a few years old. “He very bad!” he said, nodding decisively, as he stared down at his own chest, “I glad he gone!” He turned to look at him again with a little smile. “You make him go?” he asked, looking noticeably impressed, “Vasily say you make him go.” Josh nodded in reply and wiped at the tears rolling down his cheeks. “Yes… I made him go.” he answered, with a weak little smile. “Good!” smiled Dimitri, producing a lolly from his pocket and holding it out to Josh, “We be friends…” He tilted his head at him again with a look of interest. “Your name is really Fish?” he asked. Josh snorted a little and took the lolly out of his hand. “Josh” he wheezed, “My name’s Josh.” “Josh and Dimitri” giggled the larger man, as he popped a lolly in his mouth and held it between his teeth, “Josh is nice name!” Josh smiled to himself as he looked at the large man in front of him. He was quite the sight, with his steroid induced muscles and natural bulldog looks. Combined with the scars on his face, and his child-like demeanour, he was a walking contradiction. It was like someone had taken a four-year-old and fed him nothing but growth hormones for years! “Where are we?” asked Josh, glancing around the cell that they were in. It was the mirror image of his own cell, with the bed on the opposite side, and a cleaner newer looking toilet unit in the corner. There were cartoon type drawings and pages ripped from a child’s colouring book all along the wall. He didn’t recognise them or any of the other little keepsakes on the bookcase unit. He didn’t know this cell. “It my cell” said Dimitri, “Mine and Vasily’s… This my bed… and that one is bed of Vasily.” He smiled proudly, and then furrowed his brow as though he’d suddenly remembered something. “You know that my brother is dead?” he asked, looking a little scared, “There no-one to look after me… not anymore… I all alone.” He hugged his arms around his chest and began to rock back and forth. “I not want to be alone” he said. “You won’t be alone” said Josh, figuring that it was probably a good idea to keep him onside, “We’re friends now, aren’t we?” “Yes” said Dimitri, smiling up at him with a big wide grin, “We friends!” ***** “Are they still there?!” whispered Kyle, as they crouched behind one of the serving stations in the mess hall, “Can you see them?!” “Shhh!” warned Aaron, popping his head above the level of the counter to have a quick look. There was a large crowd of skin-heads gathered at the door to the mess hall. He could see that they were well armed and that there were about twenty of them. He sat back down and put his finger to his mouth to tell Kyle to be quiet. He held up both hands to indicate ten, and then did it again, and mouthed the word ‘twenty’. Kyle’s eyes widened and he blanched a shade paler. “Twenty?!” he mouthed back at him, “What are we gonna do?!” Aaron grimaced and made a little shrug. What could they do?! They’d have to wait it out. He looked at the small paring knife that he held in his hand and glanced at the one that Kyle had managed to find under one of the kitchen units, and shook his head. They might as well have been unarmed. They weren’t exactly mighty swords, or even particularly sharp knives, but he supposed that they were better than nothing. At a glance, the men on the other side of the room had managed to arm themselves with a selection of worrying looking weapons and were currently standing with three of their victims in pools of blood at their feet. It didn’t look like they were the friendliest of chaps! Kyle looked at Aaron as they sat there cowering in fear and wondered how on earth this could have happened on his last evening in the prison. They should have been back in their cells by now! They would have been lying in each other’s arms on their make-shift bed, trying to take advantage of their last night together, and doing their best to prepare themselves for the big farewell tomorrow. Now it looked like the prison might be in full lock-down for at least a few days so the chances of Aaron being released tomorrow were probably pretty slim. Was it bad that he was actually a little grateful?! Maybe they’d have each other for a day or two more?! Aaron glanced at him and smiled and he wondered if he was having similar thoughts. Aaron reached for his hand and gave it a little squeeze. “We’ll be okay” he mouthed to him as quietly as he could, “They’ll move on soon.” Kyle nodded and lifted his hand to give it a little kiss. As scared as he was in this moment, hiding here, and hoping that they wouldn’t get killed, he couldn’t help being glad that they were still together. He just wondered what had happened to Josh. Suddenly there was a clatter, followed by panicked shouting, and then the group of men started to cough and splutter. A canister of tear gas had been fired through the door and a cloud of thick noxious fumes released within a matter of seconds. They were pushing and shoving at each other, and blindly staggering towards the door in the hope of getting away. Kyle stuck his head above the counter to see what was happening. “Tear gas” he whispered to Aaron. They were far enough away not to be affected but neither of them wanted to take any chances. “Let’s go!” mouthed Kyle, pointing to the door closest to them. He was hoping they could get back to their cell without running into any more trouble. They decided to crawl so as not to attract any undue attention. The clouds of gas had also begun to fill the room and it seemed like they might have a better chance of not getting a lungful at a lower level. Kyle grabbed a couple of aprons off the counter and gave one to Aaron. They balled them up and held them in front of their faces to try to keep from inhaling the fumes. Once they reached the door, Kyle tentatively pushed it open just a little so he could peek through and check for danger. “All clear” he whispered to Aaron, “Let’s go!” They got to their feet and snuck through the door. Out in the hallway, the noise level was astonishing. There were alarms continuing to sound, announcements being made over the Tannoy, and the screams and howls of injured inmates. The corridor was empty but for a couple of lifeless bodies at the end. They began to tiptoe their way along the corridor, stepping over debris, and trying to be as quiet as possible. Kyle led the way. They weren’t too far from their cell. It was only to the end of the corridor, down one flight of stairs, and then along the hallway to the right. Kyle reached behind him and took hold of Aaron’s hand. If everyone knew already that they were gay, then he really didn’t care if they saw them holding hands. He wanted to make sure that they didn’t get separated. Aaron took his hand and held it tight. They made it to the top of the stairs and peered down into the stairwell. “It’ll be okay” said Aaron, nodding for him to go ahead, “We’re nearly there.” He had the little knife held tightly in his other hand. He was scared. There was something a little eerie about all of this. Where was everyone?! They’d seen about eight dead bodies so far, and there’d been one inmate badly injured, and crying out hysterically for help on the other side of the floor they were on. But otherwise, the corridors were empty. Was everyone else already in their cells?! Kyle started to lead him down into the stairwell and glanced back over his shoulder a little fearfully. He tread as quietly as he could, placing his foot carefully on each step, and holding his knife in his right hand, ready to slash if he needed to. With a sigh of relief, they turned the corner on the little landing and the way was clear. There was no-one there! They picked up the pace and walked the last few steps quite a bit faster. Now for the final stretch! Just one long corridor and they’d be home and dry! They walked as quietly as they could along the corridor, glancing at the doors of the cells as they went. Most of them were closed, but a few of them had open doors, and frightened looking faces peering out of them. “Kyle?!” said a loud and excited voice as they got near to their cell, “Aaron?!” “Dimitri” said Kyle, grimacing a little. Now was not the time for this! They knew him to be a gentle soul who really meant no harm. He may have been part of the Russian mafia but that was an accident of birth, and not really a choice. He worked with them in the garden, and he often came and asked them silly little questions, and tried to tell them jokes with limited success. They liked him, but right now all they wanted was to get past him, and home to their own cell eight doors down. “We’ll talk to you a little later, okay?” he said to him, in a coaxing sort of voice, “You should go in your own cell until things calm down.” “But your friend!” he said, grinning at them in that toothy kind of way, “Your friend… Josh… He here!” “Josh?!” exclaimed Kyle, peering past Dimitri into the cell. Josh was lying on the lower bunk and looked a terrible shade of grey. “Josh, are you okay?!” he asked. Josh opened his eyes and gave them a very weak smile. “Hey” he said, sounding breathless and wheezy, “What happened you guys?” Dimitri walked back in and sat down on the floor again with a happy little smile on his face. They had a pack of cards out and they’d clearly been playing ‘Snap’. “Ah, you know” said Kyle, giving a nervous little laugh “We’ve been around.” He was certainly relieved to see Josh, but he was also pretty concerned by his appearance. He didn’t look too well at all! He glanced at Aaron and widened his eyes in a ‘what do we do now?’ kind of way. It was pretty clear that Josh needed a doctor, or more accurately, he really needed a hospital. “Dimitri’s been looking after me” wheezed Josh, “He’s been keeping me busy with his cards…” “Has he?” said Aaron, smiling at Dimitri, “That’s very kind of you.” Suddenly Josh’s eyes widened in fear, and he gave a startled jump, but before he could speak, two bald headed men had appeared behind Kyle and Aaron. “Here’s a couple of little homos!” sneered a voice right behind Aaron’s ear, “Turn around, fairy!” Aaron and Kyle glanced at each other in fear, but began to turn around slowly, coming face to face with a couple of tattooed skinheads. Both of them had visible Swastika tattoos on their necks, and one had a tattoo of a skull and crossbones, right in the middle of his forehead. Aaron clenched his fist around the knife in his right hand and got ready to use it if he had to. The man in front of him was simply staring him down, standing too close, and eyeballing him in a very aggressive and threatening way. No-one said anything… Suddenly what sounded like an air-raid siren went off, followed by an announcement over the Tannoy. “Lockdown will come into operation in two minutes. For your own safety please ensure that you are inside your cell at that time. Any inmates not in their cells will be severely reprimanded.” Then the lights went out for a moment and when they flicked back on again, the two men had already fled along the corridor. They could hear them laughing loudly as they went. “That was…?” said Kyle, searching for the right word before turning to look at Aaron. He was bent over and clutching his stomach. “Oh, my God!” he exclaimed, “Are you okay?!” “Yeah, I’m fine” groaned Aaron, as he stood back up again “Bastard just punched me in the stomach.” He winced a little and shook his head at Kyle. “Just knocked the wind out of me!” he said, sounding a little breathless. “Are you sure you’re okay?” asked Kyle, leading him into Dimitri’s cell and watching him lower himself onto Dimitri’s bed by Josh’s feet. “You don’t look okay?” he said, glancing at his stomach in concern. He had his arm pulled across his abdomen. Suddenly the door closed and the bolt slid into place. Automatic lockdown had come into effect. “Yeah… I’m… fi…” he began to say, but as he took his hand away from his stomach, he saw the blood. He looked at his hand in confusion and then looked up at Kyle. “I’m… I’m…” he stammered, as he began to slump forward, “I’m… f… fine…”
  26. Yeah I remember back in 2011, I used to watch episodes every night. Because we were so far behind. These days its like a week. Although I still watch nightly from Aussie pace haha.
  27. True! That's right. I remember in the past, we used to be 6, 4 and 2 weeks behind Australia, haha. Did you remember?
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