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  2. What were the last 3 things you purchased?

    Christmas cards A dressing gown Batteries
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  4. The Summer Bay Doctors and Nurses

    Story Title: The Summer Bay Doctors Type of story:Short/Medium Fic Main Characters: Brax, Ricky, Nate, Hannah, Evie,Matt, Kyle, Billie, Denny, Casey, Josh,Maddy, Indi, Romeo, Oscar, Ziggy, April Brody,Phoebe,Olivia,Hunter BTTB rating: PG Genre: Romance, Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death Summary: 5 lines - The Doctors and nurses at the SBH all focus in different areas but work together as a team to save the patients. Along the way they get to know each other. Will some Romance devolp between the doctors and nurses? Will they stick at it? Chapter 1 (The nurses are at the nurses Stations finds out there rooms from Indi the nursing manager) Indi: Right April you got rooms 1 and 2, Ziggy 3 and 4, Olivia 5 and 6 and Hannah you have 7 and 8 Hannah: Indi who have room 9 Indi: A new nurse who is starting today her name is Billie Ashford Olivia: Ok Who showing her around? Indi: Does anyone volunteer to? Ziggy: I can do it Indi: Ok Thanks Ziggy (A girl walks towards the counter) April: Can I help you? Billie: Yeah I Nurse Billie Ashford April: Hi Billie Im April that Olivia and Ziggy, This is Indi our nursing manger and Hannah another nurse Hannah: It great to meet you Billie: Likewise Ziggy: Come with me i show you where you can put your stuff Billie: Thanks Indi: The rest of you do rounds Olivia: Ok
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  7. Outsider (Repost)

    Ruby's plan so far, visting both her mum's grave and the Braxtons, is a good one ..... a soft landing in the Bay [after the earlier hospital clash with Dr Walker]. Let's see wher she goes next .... definitely some fences to mend/mountains to climb !!! Happy belated birthday !!!
  8. I think Matt lived in his old place before his folks sold up. Bobby/Charlene - Too Close to call. Both Iconic but Charlene is referenced more often these days. Probably would be mates in a crossover. Sue Parker carried on being a bitch into her 40s, whereas Allison straightened out. Mrs Mangel is arguably more Iconic than Ceils. Hard to call that one. Roo/Frank/Bobby. The other triangle was as temp thing.
  9. New theme song for 2018?

    They've made it pretty clear they think it "wastes time" Which is ridiculous. I mean this goes for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is nothing:
  10. Carly Morris

    Im glad someone agrees with me @Summer's Bay
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  12. Carly Morris

    I loved Carly (Sharyn Hodgson). Sharyn played her really well.
  13. Bobby Simpson and definitely Tom and Pippa. Home and Away beats Neighbours any day of the week!
  14. Alison Patterson - Kathryn Ridley

    Allison had some great moments in Home and Away 😂😂 I agree, she should've been a regular. Would love to see her back at some point.
  15. Floss McPhee - Sheila Kennedy

    I really enjoyed Nev and Floss, it's a shame the programming took a different direction and excluded them. Floss really cared about the Fletcher family and had a beautiful relationship with each of them.
  16. Matt really liked Carly but she was too superficial and couldn't get it together for him. When Matt moved back to Summer Bay, where did he live? For those who watched early Neighbours episodes Character wise Bobby Simpson or Charlene Mitchell? Sue Parker or Allison Patterson? Mrs Mangel or Celia Stewart? Des and Daphne or Tom and Pippa? Storyline wise Nikki/Mike/Jane or Roo/Frank/Bobby?
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  19. Still pretty decent though. H&A now gets its buns whipped by 2.5 decade old Simpsons on C4
  20. The show was getting 14 million in January 1994 so in just 2 years the figures plummeted.
  21. Floods, Earthquakes, Shark Attacks, Allegred Ghosts being buried under caravans, Poisoning and s***, Rape, Attempted Exorcisms, Weirded out visions, Michael freaking Palin ... And that's not the half of it 😂 1996 was like wow... But still keeping a healthy 9m viewers in the UK despite ITV whipping out the scissors!
  22. I agree that in 1996 the show did start to go a bit OTT and it seemed to have kept that up onwards. Not like today's standards but I feel the show did become darker in 1996 and it seemed to stay that way.
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  25. Don and Maz worked surprisingly well when a lot of people started thing H&A went a bit WTF in '96. I've said all I need to say about Dennis/Michael and Debra/Pip. Their chemistry was probably best. I'm amazed he didn't have to stand on Thesaurus to kiss her (real and screen wedding) as Dennis wasn't much bigger than Nicolle or Rebekah 😂 Alf and Ailsa were like chalk and cheese as were Donny and Babs. I reckon Barbara was a surf chick who often told him to "Mellow Out, Man" before buckling to study herself. She probably took life less serious than Don before the kids came along. Most of the Golden Era adult pairings were done well. Matt and Carly only really looked good together. Them being partners on that cruise, as Ben was back west with the kids and Tracy was up north, was a nice touch, though. Frank and Bobby was fun. The lightbulb/mistaken sex scene still cracks me up with Frank telling her not to grab him there Alex Dimitriades (Nick Poulos) had a go on Neighbours as Steve George, the realtor who was gonna handle the sale of #22 following Cheryl and Lou's split and ended up stringing Danni along, who later discovered Steve was married (During Neighbours 2nd Golden age 1996-99)
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  27. I seem to remember in about 1996/1997 there was a Oriental looking character in H&A whose surname was Fisher, probably of mixed race, but no relation to Donald Fisher. Anyone else remember this person? I think what got me into H&A all those years ago was the shows focus on younger characters. In the early years it did have a few older ones (Floss, Neville, Colleen, Morag) but it always was focused more on the teens and youngsters. Bobby, Carly, Frank, Stevo, Alison etc.
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