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  2. Thanks Sarah Insane is one word for it glad your enjoying it Yeah I wasn't keen on Man Of Steel either and wasn't sure about the questionable motive for Batman and Superman to end up helping each other in B VS S.. It was quite funny though I thought.... Oh yeah back to this story I'm not sure what word you can say to describe this madness now and it was meant to be a based around The Walking Dead to begin with but that's gone abit pants
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  6. The Vinnie idea seems to be a popular one, it makes me think that it may actually happen. I know that Dan Bennett stated something in his interview about not neccessarily using ideas that fans suggest, (or something along the lines of that) but I actually have this feeling that this will happen. Especially because right now Leah and Zac's marriage is definitely on the rocks and hasn't been running smoothly for a while so him coming back for Leah would be great and ideally perfect timing, not just for the 30th Anniversary and the fact that Vinnie is a popular past character but it is also perfect timing.
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  8. I like your idea for Vinnie
  9. Very good
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  11. I find it interesting that Was good to see shane wake up, and angel has not lost the baby. Losing both of them at once would have been quite cruel and too much to cope with for Angel. strange to see fisher being so drunk that he doesnt remember what he did, I always thought he was a teetotaller, didn't he get really upset when they spiked his drinks at a party a while ago? so funny how the beach house is totally different, and no one has even mentioned it I will miss those lovely green depression glass dishes across the shelf. I also love that big old lead light cabinet in the lounge room at travis' house.
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  13. LOOOOOVE this !!!!! Insane is too soft a word for it Althougfh i'm not really a fan of the Man OF Steel, loooved that Kyle's back story mirror'd said Kryptonion !!!!!
  14. 1837 Good that Fisher knows he wasn't responsible for Shane's accident and that him and Marilyn are going to be good friends from now on as well. Travis didn't deserve to get dumped by Kelly, she doesn't even know if she has HIV yet. Curtis please dump Chloe shes annoying. Shane woke up
  15. Oh yes . I am sure George is a lovely man. He had his moments. But yeah generally he over acts.
  16. You forgot George's tendency to over act in dramatic scenes
  17. He's a disposable character from the Braxton era. His hot head temeperement is funny. What you talking about man! Tell where he is man! That woman is a control freak man! *Stop spitting in my face man*.
  18. Great chapter liked VJ comforting Billie. Poor Evelyn the brother/sister bond between Evelyn and Hunter was sweet. Update again soon
  19. Great chapter Glad Casey managed to find Kyle Good thing that Ray's plan worked Update soon please xx
  20. Great chapter Kyle is so brave to tell the police everything Update soon please xx
  21. Great chapter Riley and Tessa do make such a amazing character Liked how Tasha and Tess had moved on from the past Update soon please xx
  22. Awesome chapter Liked the interaction between Roman and Ella Update soon please xx
  23. Great chapter Loved the scene between VJ and Billie Liked how Hunter was there for Evelyn. Sounds like Zac has been abusive towards her Update soon please xx
  24. Great chapter Wow this is insane but I love reading this fanfiction! Update soon pleaseeee xxx
  25. Thanks for the comments guys! Let me know what you think of this. Chapter Six "I think you need to leave" Phoebe didn't know how to react, it wasn't that she was fearful, it was simply that she didn't realize Brody knew where they lived or who she was. "Now isn't the right time" Brody raised his eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. "You cannot deny my right to see her. She is my sister" "Who you've never met" Phoebe sighed. "I don't know how you found us..." "You moved to my town, a small town, I was bound to find out. Let me see her" Phoebe silently wished Justin was around, he would be able to deal with his brother. All that she knew was it wasn't safe for Raffy when she was younger so Justin had taken her away for protection, Phoebe didn't know who Raffy was in danger from so she was always cautious about who she let into Raffy's life encase that sense of danger had not gone away. "I understand she is your sister but until I speak with Justin you need to leave" "Who do you think you are?" Brody questioned her. "One of Justin's hookups that is left to raise a thirteen year old. That kid deserves to be with actual family" Phoebe raised her eyebrow clearly offended by what Brody has said. "Who do you think YOU are?" Phoebe glared at him. "I am more then just a hook up, I'm his wife. We've been married for seven years, you should know that since you were sent an invite to the wedding! A wedding you never came to so I never met you. I don't know what kind of person you are so I'll ask you once more. Leave. I'll contact you once I've spoken to Justin" Phoebe shut the door in his face and took a deep breath. Though she had never said it to Justin this was something she feared, if his siblings turned up what was she supposed to say to them. She didn't know if she had just done the right thing. Phoebe wished that Justin was here so that he could tell her what to do. /~/~/ "I called mum, told her I was staying the night since Kat's at work" VJ told Billie as he walked towards the couch where she was curled up. He was lucky that his mum understood that he was just friends with Billie, best-friends and she trusted him enough to stay at home with her. "You don't need to stay" VJ sat down. "I do, Bil, you haven't stopped crying" Billie shifted to face him, wrapping her arms around her legs. "VJ, you don't need to stay. I'll be fine. I'm okay" "How about we talk?" He knew it was going to be hard but he wanted to know what had happened. "Who is the father?" Billie turned her head to look out the window, for the last few weeks she had been dealing with this herself but last week it seemed to really hit home when she found out about the pregnancy. She didn't know who to talk to but today it seemed to all come crashing down. "I don't know" VJ raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean you don't know?" "I don't know. I didn't see who..." Her voice trailed off. Shock came over VJ's features as the words registered in his mind. "Bil..." He didn't know what to say. "I...have you told Kat?" "No!" Billie exclaimed, shaking her head. "No. I don't want to tell her. She has enough to deal with and this...I don't want anyone to know. I want to move on and forget about it" "Billie, you cannot just ignore this. You need to contact the police..." "No!" Billie threw the blanket off her legs and stood up. "I don't want anyone to know. They'll see me as weak..." VJ could see that she was getting worked up and he stood, gently taking her by the arm to spin her back towards him. "Hey, you're not weak, no one would see you like that" He pulled her into a hug when he noticed the tears starting to fall. "I'm right here" "I don't want anyone to know VJ" "Shh" He soothed her, his heart breaking as he listened to her sobs. "We'll figure it out. I promise you" He held her tight, at eighteen he wasn't exactly sure how to deal with it, he wanted to tell an adult, Kat especially but he would respect Billie's wishes for now. He'd help her as much as he could. "I got you" "Don't leave me, VJ" /~/~/ April stood in the doorway of Bianca's room, looking at the woman she thought to be a mother, she was sitting in bed with her laptop. "Bianca" She called out her name, wanting to attract her attention. Heath had told her that the best thing to do would be to speak to Bianca about Liam, she wanted to take his advice. Bianca looked over at the doorway, surprised to see April standing there, she was supposed to be in bed. "Hey, everything okay?" "I want to talk" Bianca closed the lid of her laptop over, patting the bed beside her. "Come here" April crossed the floor and crawled up on the bed beside Bianca. "I am doing the student/army pen pal program through school" Bianca nodded, moving her laptop to the bedside table. "I remember" "Heath...that's my penpal. I talk to him about everything, well most stuff and he told me that I should talk to you about what is bothering me" April played with the edge of the blanket. "Liam was the first man I really depended on, the one I thought was going to stick around. He married you, had kids with you. I thought that he would be like a father" "Oh April" Bianca brushed April's dark hair away from her eyes. "I know this has hurt you, just like it has the kids but I...I never meant for this is happen" April sighed. "The worst part is I thought he was a good guy, he was going to love you and treat you right because you deserve that Bianca. You've given up so much to raise me, and you work so hard to provide everything especially since you are a single parent. I thought Liam was a good guy" "He's not a bad guy April, he just has no sense of responsibility" Bianca never wished to bad mouth Liam to April or the kids but she also didn't want them to go around worshiping him. "I have known something was bothering you, why has it taken Heath to convince you that you should?" April shrugged. "I don't know" April moved so that Bianca could wrap her arms around her. "I'm sorry I've been a bitch" "Language" Bianca warned, running her hand through April's hair. "Good thing you came to me tonight, one more time of you yelling at the kids would have landed you grounded" Bianca teased her a little. "I know this is hard April, but you have me and you always will" April hugged her. "I know. I love you Bianca" "I love you too, honey, more then you will ever know" /~/~/ Hunter woke up to the sound of his door shutting softly. "Evie?" He yawned, leaning up on his elbow to switch the lamp on beside his bed. He squinted at the sudden brightness, making out her figure, she was standing beside the door with her arms hugging her body. "What happened?" He flung the blankets back when he noticed her tears. Evie pressed herself into the wall. "He's drunk" Hunter walked towards her, he saw the redness on her cheek. "Where is he...I'll..." "He passed out on the couch" She brushed her hands over her cheek. "He called me Leah" Hunter sighed, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I think it's time to tell someone, I think we should tell Leah" Evie let the tears escape her eyes, clinging tightly to Hunter. Since Leah had kicked him out Zac had started drinking again, this time more the he had previously. He was becoming aggressive, at first it was verbal now it was physical. "I'm scared" For the first time she admitted to Hunter that she was terrified of what was going to happen next. Hunter rubbed her back, they were close, like brother and sister but since Leah and Zac had split they had forged a bond that made them feel closer. "Let's watch a movie, in the morning we'll go see Leah" Evie pulled back to look him in the eyes. "Can I sleep in here?" Hunter nodded. "Yeah, I'll take the floor. You want me to get you some ice?" Evie shook her head fiercely. "DON'T go out there" Hunter heard his hands up in surrender. "Woah, okay, I won't. Come on, let's get you settled" Up until the split, he had idolized his father. The man had everything he wanted for his future, now he just hated him. He hated him for everything he was doing to Evie, how he had kept them away from Leah and Matt and VJ. He just hated him. /~/~/
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