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  2. Home and Away is nominated in Best day time soap and also Best Daytime star. Vote vote vote!
  3. I rather they all be suited for a coffin.
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  6. I don't blame you for speaking your opinion. If you want to know that Ruby got a happy ending, check out my previous fanfiction Outsiders as it will be better than this one, I promise
  7. I miss the 2012/2013 cast so much I started rewatching the 2015 season and up to 2016 season. Its hooking when ýou watch all episodes. Sure it had its flaws but ýou can't say it was dull!.
  8. She was imo the most interesting character the show had left. I don't know I haven't watched in a few weeks. Just very bland ATM.
  9. Great chapter Loved the part when Irene kidnapped Luc. Update soon please xx
  10. This is just too good for words I love how you want the readers to figure out what happens next! Irene kidnapping Luc Update again soon
  11. OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Hagdu
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  14. TV Week Latte Chicken and Lettuce Sandwich
  15. I absolutely love how you continue to break the fourth wall in this story. It's very clever and really makes me laugh! I particularly liked this one! 'Now where were we... Irene, yes, Irene..." hahahahahaha! Brilliant! I have to join you in wondering where on earth you get these ideas from! Totally bonkers! Awwwwww! It all seems to have worked out for Brody in the end. He got to burn an entire coven of witches (except for the key players?) and make out with Ash. What more could he want?! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Eh?! lol! I loved this too! You can't blame Alf for wanting to cut to the chase! Irene has kept him hanging around a very long time this evening! And I loved Alf agreeing to babysit the dragons on the condition that he gets to have a menage a trois! Or rather, a foursome! That's some mental imagery I could do without. This story is just the gift that keeps on giving... even without mentions of 'ripe bananas' (ewww!) And as for my lovely lovely Chris, please make that chocolate that he's falling into... Like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And finally, this is just a fantastic line! So simple and yet so very very funny! LOVE this story!
  16. Thank you for all your comments Chapter 11 It just doesn’t seem to matter the amount of stashes and over dramatic wild lunges Brody has tried. Irene Roberts, Irene Roberts of all people the person that looked so bored out of her noggin wiping tables down at that incredibly greasy fast food diner. Brody would have never guessed that she was skilled at waving what looked to be a nobly piece of tree bark around, then Brody couldn’t deny that he found her firework display quite impressive. But equally he was rather concerned when these bright wisps of fireworks started to shoot out from the tip of Irene’s wand. very strange and bizarre things started to occur almost kind of like witchcraft one could say. Brody has watched Harry Potter and funnily enough what Irene wields in her bony hand pays resemble to the likeness of ,oh lets say for argument’s sake a wand but Brody has so often told Ava his brother Justin’s daughter that magic doesn’t really exist. Well it did but only when he was in the kitchen cooking. Ava had been very strongly insisted that he was wrong. Magic was real Brody had laughed such a Looney tune motion off and moved on from the world of the wizardry world of the boy who lived, never thinking back and maybe wondering if a 7 year old girl might just be onto something? Such silly motions were meant to be shaken off weren’t they? Sadly though that can’t be as easily said about the long coiled rattle snake that has wrapped itself around Brody’s hot and sweaty body right now, Brody Morgan not a fan of warm embracing hugs really and if anything this feeling of the rattle snake’s tight grip around him is only going further to confirm his strong dislike for close human contact. Irene has been crackling all the while and Brody has to wonder as to how she isn’t experiencing like the worse sore throat ever? Like this crazy woman could laugh for the Olympic championships. She hadn’t even paused when Brody had managed to cut her face arms and stomach with the meat cleaver. Irene had just somehow managed to push on through and those cuts had just faded away shocking Brody to his very core Irene Roberts was as it turns out a very fast healer. Brody is now reaching his brink of maybe admitting defeat. These crazy women had outmatched him and worse of all invaded his lovely kitchen. Hopelessly Brody glances around to face the head of the hissing snake. The large rubbery creature had him well and truly gift wrapped with nowhere to go. “Fine ok cool I give up but please you can have your wicked way with me, but before you do. Can I have one last request? Brody asks. Irene and the other two witches stop there wand waving and smile evilly revealing yellow and blacken rotting teeth. “Request yes you may. Then we want endless supplies of pumpkin juices and if you don’t supply our coven with that delicious drink I may just turn you into a donkey because frogs and toads are soooo last century.” Irene crackles wildly causing Brody’s snake to go erect and harden (now come on yes I’m talking to you, yes you the readers of this so called masterpiece of fiction get your dirty minds out of the gutter I’m talking about the snake that’s wrapped itself around Brody and not his…. Well you know his….ripen banana… Oh never mind as you were lets continue on shall we? “Thank you oh, thank you for granting my last request. Yes, yes I have plenty of pumpkin seeds. I will keep you well and truly pumpkin headed for the rest of your lives just please can I have a gingerbread man biscuit?” Brody begs The three witches gaze around bug eyed and with great interest. Gingerbread Men you say? Maud to do remember that house you used to have the one where those lovely grandchildren came to visit you?” “How could I forget those snot nosed delights Brenda? Those little brats tried to roast me in my own oven very cheeky of them I thought Maud says shaking her head. “What were their names of those sweet peas Maud?” Brenda asks as she sniffs the air for any hint of incoming gingery. My grandchildren Hansel and Gretel Brenda I swear if I ever see them again I will stick cracker jacks rockets up their behinds and….” “Oh my Gawdfather get the condemned bearded man his flipping ginger nutted man stop with this memory lane dribble darls” Irene demands tapping her foot. “That’s the thing gingerbread does that not sit right with my inner eye? its very dangerous for us witches its like popcorn we become addicted to its manly form?” Oh yes we do like a good old fashioned ginger nut you can’t really beat them. Brenda says licking her lips. “oooooooh the smell of gingerbread Maud excitedly says clapping her hands with such delight and kind of floats over the gingerbread men cookies and sniffs deeply or rather snorts in their exotic aromas. “Irene darl would you catch a eyeful of this gingery stud muffin?” Maud hoots out very loudly and very girly Irene up until this point within her witchy existence, within the realms of this story just like a certain other very important and essential being to this story me the creator, My gum his got himself quite the challenging plot here hasn’t he? I wonder where he gets these ideas because I don’t know thank goodness I’m ooh wait a minute I’m the creator aren’t I? Soooooo…..errrr writers block anyone?.....Hmmm no Honestly you may just laugh but I do know where this story is going really, well at least I did when I started writing it but you know how it is. You enjoy a few ginger nuts and then you just throw caution to the wind and then you tend to waffle on like this… now where were we oh yes Brody in his underpants no wait… Irene, yes Irene. Up until this point in the story, she hadn’t realised that she has a rather wacko a doddle weaknesses to ginger men or for a better term gingerbread men. Soon as she sees Maud holding one out to her Irene goes weak at the knees, and her mouth starts to water gush really. Maud is right that little gingerbread man is quite the stallion. Brenda too she lunges towards the tasty looking men on their baking tray. “Errrr ladies I have got a kitchen to be getting back too. if your not going to molest me or anything and its ok you can have my last requested biscuit its no worries” Brody turns to the large and scary well less scary snake in truth they had been spooning for quite sometime now and are feeling quite bonded. Brody might just go as far as to say that now because of this experience he may consider himself a less awkward hugger. Irene, Maud and Brenda turn towards Brody and mumble something causing little pellets of doughy gingery crumbles to fly across at him. The large rattle snake drops to his feet and quickly Brody kind of half skips and jumps over the long coiled rubbery hissing creature as its seems to melt away into the depths of kitchen linoleum. It seems with the consumption of anything gingery it breaks witches concentration levels and that is a very important skill to have when you’re an evil spell casting troublesome old hag. Brody runs straight for his trousers, and next to them is his rather long and stringy elastic banded belt. Normally the belt is very handy with keeping his baggy chef trousers well above his ankles Looking at his belt now it suddenly dawns on Brody that it might just be long enough to maybe use as a whip. Ducking down ever so slightly because he still needs to be cautious here, because even though the three witches taste buds are at this very moment caught up in a gingery orgasm of a lot of sighing and moaning and looking like they just can’t get enough of Brody’s fresh gingerbread men, the crazy hags are still blasting at him with what Brody only thinks are popping fireworks. Because now would they really be a collection of some very dangerous spells that might just cause him to oh I don’t know to maybe die? The oven is still alight and burning with its amber orangey glow and the kitchen door has just swung on open, and a very grumpy looking Alf stands within the doorway glaring over at Irene with her new found man. Alf would never have thought that he would come to see the day when he would become jealous of biscuit a biscuit shaped flaming man. “Irene you flaming Shelia, now lets cut through the galahs am I going to get my flaming leg over tonight or what? A man can’t sit on his flaming tod all night you know and not feel just a tiny bit rejected I….” Alf stops short when Irene shoves the head of gingerbread man right in his flaming cake hole Irene then holds her next yummy gingerbread man high into the air where the smells starts to waft on through to the other gathered witches outside of the kitchen. Brody hears the insane yelp and the rush of feet run towards the kitchen and he thinks God no he must protect this kitchen at all costs. He grips that trouser belt ever so menacing within his iron grasped fist, and with a very impressive whoosh and a bone crackling snap sends the whipping action of his belt right into a tray of cooling gingerbread men. The force of the impact causes and sends the small tray of gingerbread fellows tumbling into the flame licking heated baking oven. Alf can swear to the great galah in the sunny sky that he can hear the stampede of advancing elephants approaching, and he best mind out of the way he thinks because this doorway to the kitchen seems to be their chosen targets and in the name of every holy that is named Hogan Alf doesn’t want to become fish food….but oh no Alf’s been knocked down and there’s crowd of charging witches piling on through the doors like a group of lemmings and all the pointy noses follow the scent of their favourite food in the whole wide world. THE GINGERBREAD MAN. “STOP YOU FOOLS” Morag bellows out but she can’t be heard over all the excitement and chaos. The coven of witches go forth the pointed noses leading them into the big fierily orangey pits of flame and with that flame comes their doomed fates. The long line of lemming following witches sizzle scream howl and pop and turn to nothing more than blubbing pus. Brody drops his belt looks to the open oven door with a startled meerkat stance and runs for the door. The chef doesn’t spot that Irene has her broomstick stuck out to trip him and that is what he does. Brody goes sailing falling into static chairs and tables as he does so. He catches sight of Tori who seems to have become engrossed with the silverware or maybe that’s a glass ball? Brody doesn’t have time to register anything much of anything other than a small green hopping creature on the ground with huge pouting lips pushed out to help in breaking his fall. First comes the fine bone structure pressing up into Brody face, and then the smooth long blond hair brushing against his face, and then the tongue starts to massage and entwine with Brody’s and then Brody realises as he pulls back for a slight intake of air, that he is indeed kissing the frog legged lover dreamboat of man the sexy Ash, and even though Tori is now gazing upon Ash and even though she’s kind of wishing that she had broken his toady spell instead of Nate’s it very much looks to her that Ash has only gotten eyes only for Brody if the noises of enjoyment of their shared kiss is anything to go by. Tori shrugs as she wanders back over to a crackling Morag who is at this moment in time is desperately in need of witch requirements, and given how cute and innocent Tori looks Morag thinks she’s just the sort of witch she might be looking for. Every innocent and quiet seeming person has a mischievous side to them do they not? Alf has been ordered to stay with the dragons while Irene Maud and Brenda go out seeking revenge for burning of their sisterhood. Irene, Maud and Brenda have come up with a dastardly dirty trick kind of schemes, and to go about achieving this evil deed the three witches dragons would easily be seen so Alf is somehow conned into babysitting with the promise of having the three women’s shared passion later on. But even without that on the bed as Alf so hopes for later on would you argue when stood next to three fire breathing dragons? Plus there was a bonus the dragons could swoop over the water for the old man and grace him with countless mouthfuls of juicy fish for him until the three witches’ returned. Alf laughs as Irene’s dragon Mick as he fly’s high then dips down low and catches the old mans first helpings of fish underneath the moonlit sky quite romantic really. The net lining curtains billow gently as Billie finishes rocking Luc in her arms all is peaceful and calm. Oh who is Billie trying to kid? Wally was still acting quite the wally down the hallway this time the crazy old man was walfing on about spin washes and did VJ realise that Chris was at this moment spinning around time like some kind of time travelling kangaroo jumping and spinning from one time period to another. Billie turns towards the bedroom window The glow from the sliver glinted moon reflects shadows of ghostly shapes inviting them into the room. There’s a sound of a distressed cat coming from outside, but instead of it coming from somewhere down below maybe under the covers of deep undergrowth it sounds to Billie as if its coming from upon high as if it’s flying through the air. Billie tip toes ever so carefully towards the sounds with Luc gently clapping while within her embrace The wind blows stronger as Billie nears the window. She wasn’t sure why it was even open VJ insisting that fresh air is good for babies’ lungs or something. Billie had only nodded and smiled at the time of VJ’s suggestion as she had to just make VJ smile. his smile was just dreamy and she loved it, so it had been window open But little did VJ know with open windows that often meant that unwanted nasty things or creatures can get in It only takes a second and the one thing that precious thing that you hold so dearly can just be whisked away and…….. “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile Oooooooooh Billllllllllllle darls its only Rennie here” Billie glances towards the window Irene can be heard but Billie is unsure of where from. as Billie glances upwards the window suddenly snaps and the glassed panel thunders upwards and then as quick as a flash old bony arms reach on through the opened gap and Luc is pinched right from underneath Billie’s nose. Billie screams as she sees Irene hovering within reaching distance of the opened windless space. But as Billie reaches out for Luc Irene causes the windowed glassed panel to come crashing down causing Billie to fall backwards into the room with pulsing injured reddened fingers from crushing them beneath the window panel. Billie can do nothing but watch Irene turn around on her broomstick and fly away with Luc Maud and Brenda turn and wink towards Billie who instantly starts yelling for the others Her baby daughter had been kidnapped by some very scary looking witches Chris is falling into something very soft and wet as he lands facedown in what he hopes is only the worlds largest mud mask.worse of all this watery substance he has landed in is very runny and very brown and smells like?……you decide readers come on now get interactive
  17. Well, a lot of involved stuff here. Mason seems to be less and less sympathetic towards Brody despite saying he was proud of him last week, he’s gone from the one wanting to go easy on him to the one most condemnatory. Loved the way Brody was trying to convince them not to tell Justin only for him to walk in, see their faces and go “What’s happened?” At least they mentioned the fact the Morgans have been dragged back into drugs. It was fairly obvious that Brody was working with the police and he did the smart thing, and helped them find Zannis after months of him hiding in plain sight. Talking of, I’m surprised he didn’t notice Ben at the arrest scene, given that he was just standing there. The first sign of Ben and Maggie being overprotective, with the result that the previously amiable Ben seems to have a permanent scowl on his face. Best he learns as fast as possible that it’s a great place for families if you ignore all the drug dealers, arsonists, murderers, rapists, gangs and stalkers. Justin was right to tell Ben the truth, most of the town knows anyway. I’m kind of on the fence here. In one way, Brody and Ziggy could be good for each other but on paper there seem many reasons why it’s a bad idea. Whilst Ziggy is going for Brody because she doesn’t think he is a bad boy, she’s pretty much on the rebound and seeing him as the safe option. And what Mason said was right: Brody is using Ziggy as a substitute for drugs and that’s no way to recover. He only turned down Zannis’ last offer because Ziggy was sticking around, when he thought she was gone he immediately got out his phone and nearly called him, and he only threw away the drugs here when Ziggy texted. But Ben and Maggie laying down the law is never going to work. What was with Ben calling Brody a “good kid” anyway? Did he miss the beard? Are they trying to make it sound like Brody’s younger than he is to hide the fact that Ziggy’s about as close in age to Raffy as she is to him? Kat continued to be unreasonable about Tori because really, so what if she’s got a crush? Tori isn’t the type to go after someone else’s boyfriend and Ash isn’t really the type to cheat, even if he did sail very close to the wind with Phoebe. It was nice that Ash immediately worked it out from Tori’s denials and Kat’s suggestion he keep his distance wasn’t wrong in itself (it’s what Tori wants, after all) but the way she said it was.
  18. A dress Tote bag Scarf
  19. Windy and dull, 17°c
  20. Red and navy dress and black leggings
  21. Any scene with Brody and Phoebe together in it. I also did enjoy the moment where Ben destroyed Coco's phone, it was a real shock moment! Evelyn and Matt getting married was a beautiful moment too. Jett watching John and Marilyn reuniting was also a nice one.
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  23. I assume it is the same in Australia as in the UK anyway, but it was just something which I noticed that made me think about something other than the story on screen. If it was blue, I wouldn't have even thought about the plaster. It really is a little thing and in the grand scheme is really, really minor, but it could be explained away by Leah having some normal plasters in her handbag, it just broke my concentration for a minute or so.
  24. Any scene with Billie in but like Luke has said its been pretty boring
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