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  2. When did H&A become more dark?.

    I feel like the River Boys era started the trend of integrating bad characters into the main cast. You have always had troubled teens that commit crimes (eg Tug, Shane, Jack etc) but now they're including adults who commit crimes and sometimes get away with it. We have characters like Ash where it's unclear whether they're a good or bad character.
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  5. Week of Monday March 26th

    I emailed channel five today and they got back to me pretty fast saying they are planning some special episodes for the 30th anniversary but have not finalised them as yet. So wait and see I guess. At least they are doing something. Find it strange Seven did nothing. As for the gap. Who knows. Makes no sense.
  6. What were the last 3 things you purchased?

    TV Week Coffee Deodorant
  7. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    How did Kat end up back here?After her farcical impression of a police officer in the previous season, she actually seemed to have picked herself up and done a recent, or at least honest, job this season.Yet here she is on the wrong side of an investigation again and desperately trying to protect a boyfriend who's got himself into a tight corner.And the crazy thing is, aside from what seems to be wilful blindness this last few weeks (I've no idea why she doesn't seem to have clocked Robbo lied to her about his whereabouts and despite having it explained to her why he's a suspect she's still acting open-mouthed about it), I can't really fault a decision she's made.(Are we meant to assume the defendants in the case were found guilty, by the way?Kat had a comment about their sentences last week but it was a bit vague.)Kat does have a bit of a point buried in the loyal girlfriend diatribes:We might know Robbo was involved in Novak's death, but Shepherd does seem to be focusing entirely on him rather than looking into anyone else involved with Novak.Still, I've no idea how he managed to dodge an assaulting a police officer charge:Are they holding out for the bigger one? Continue to colour me insane but I'm quite liking the more bantery relationship between Ben and Ziggy, especially her pre-emptive "Shut up!" after admitting she'd been with Jarrod.I'm not quite sure why Maggie is suddenly acting like a manic Shipper on Deck for Ziggy and Brody.Brody's eventual assessment was interesting:He's jealous but knows he has no claim on her. So, redesigns and re-named aside, we still have no idea who bought the gym off Kyle and Ricky, although at least they did actually mention an off screen owner rather than doing something silly like pretending John's usually in charge.Seems we'll be seeing a bit more of it with Mason and Willow in charge.I'm guessing Mason's half-a-medical-degree gives him enough qualifications to run it.Down to earth with a bump for Justin after his afternoon of passion with Willow...
  8. Week of Monday March 26th

    The actual anniversary date has long passed though, so it doesn't make sense, like the way Neighbours had 2 special episodes over a 2 week gap. Isn't the storyline they're referring to in the article airing right now in Australia? It would be an interesting idea if they could have the same story play out simultaneously, but I can't see how that would ever work on two different timelines. They might be able to get away with it for an isolated scene or two, or a completely standalone episode where e.g. Pippa and Sally returned to the Bay to reminisce. Sounds like the article is mixed up, but that's nothing unusual....
  9. Week of Monday March 26th

    I honestly don’t think they are clever enough to pull that off
  10. Week of Monday March 26th

    I gave my thoughts on the gap in another thread a week or two back so can't be bothered to repeat it here. As for the storyline, I wonder if it's the same as Neighbours' 30th anniversary when they were still two weeks behind but arranged to have the beginning and end of the anniversary storyline coincide with the UK and Oz anniversaries.
  11. Week of Monday March 26th

    That Radio Times article has caused quite a bit of confusion, we contacted Channel 5 to query it a couple of weeks back, but no reply. C5 have given different reasons for the gap in the past, so take any explanation with a pinch of salt. I very much doubt it's 'in the contract' as the gap has been as little as a couple of weeks in years gone by, and the NZ gap is significantly shorter than the UK.
  12. Week of Monday March 26th

    Thanks. Seven really don’t treat H&A with any kind of respect
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  14. Latest UK Episode Discussion

    Was a quiet and quick renaming/refitting of the gym, perhaps they use the same people they use on other soaps when there has been a make over, sometimes overnight. Yes Red, I was wondering if we'd missed the scene where Justin decided Ziggy was going to be his apprentice. Maybe like most apprentices that is where you have to start at the bottom, sweeping up. Of course Jarrod had to turn up with his bike which had suddenly 'developed' a funny noise. Not a very wise move taking the Triumph for a test drive. Don't trust him Ziggy, he's only there because I reckon he's heard about Brody, a case of I don't really want you but I don't want you to have anyone else either. Justin rumbled Jarrod wasn't just an old friend after Brody dropped by and there was that atmosphere. Good for you girl pulling away like that. Ziggy soon forgave Brody about him blabbing to her parents. Good boost to Brody's confidence having Terry praising his food and telling him he hadn't been critical of his food, it was his attitude, wasn't Brody on drugs then which made him blow up at Terry? Maz played a good game there. Be great idea if he could get back to chefing at Salt, he wouldn't be under the same pressure as he'd just be working there. Ben was appreciative and encouraging. Talking of the Diner by the looks of it Maz is running by herself until Leah and Irene get back. Now Shepherd and Vincent are back they'll shake things up. Obviously being a city cop he wouldn't get the fact that as Kat lives in a small town Kat would know most people living there so the fact that it was the Morgan's reported the discovery of Novak's body shouldn't be that much of a stretch. Although as he said he can't suspend her he did take her off the case, I suspect there will be a word in McCarthy's ear, which would be the right thing, her boyfriend is mixed up in it so personally involved. Was Robbo turning up an attempt to head Shepherd off at the pass? Didn't we see Robbo burn his clothes, well his top, after dumping Novak's body so what the CCTV will show won't be the same clothes he had on earlier. Things seem to escalate from the scenes we saw with that tussle with the cops.
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  19. 1996 Episode Discussion

    can people please stop commenting on this thread? every time I see a new comment i keep thinking the reruns are coming back.....
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  21. Week of Monday March 26th

    They said in an email that Seven want them to maintain a gap. It is in their contract. I guess so Australia can show episodes all over the place without the risk of Channel five catching up. But even then I would be happy if it was taken off air a few weeks here or there. Two weeks behind would be no problem I would imagine but I guess what Seven says Five must do! I have emailed Channel Five to see if I can find out any information. Will update you all. Not long now for us here. The final weeks of 2017 are airing! :-)
  22. What were the last 3 things you purchased?

    A belt Runners Suitcase
  23. What was the last Movie you watched?

    The Railway Man
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  25. Week of Monday March 26th

    I wonder why that is, have they given a reason? Could be down to Seven and not Five
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