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  2. Stop, I'm about ready to die!
  3. It's Summer Bay anything is possible he could have been left behind by the possums!
  4. ^ LOL. True but, I don't think Byron came out of thin air for her and Don!
  5. I'm surprised Marilyn knew how it happened, I've never seen her kiss John properly in all the time they've been together!
  6. "How did it happen?" and Mazza's response Alf, You really don't know?!
  7. She reminds me of Nicole Franklin but the Billie/Mink comparison also sounds very accurate Really see a lot of potential in her character, think she is being portrayed very well at the moment and I like her a lot
  8. Yes, beach scenes are always a plus with Kat in them. Now, did anyone really believe Justin would actually leave the bay with Phoebe? No, me neither, not for a minute. Roo being pregnant is obviously a desperate storyline to keep her in it, luckily she has the wardrobe for it already.
  9. I just can't see it myself Maybe its because I just find Kat annoying haha
  10. Dude, obviously you have misinterpreted some things in my posts. My first post was purely "Here is a perfectly valid reason explicitly given in the episode" With the inference that no other interpretation needs to be added. Should I have used Nah, instead of Nope to make that clearer to you, Perhaps? Before you feel all bent out of shape about spoilers that you have deduced based on my comments remember your previous logical fallacies. Example to illustrate (flawed) logic. If you get drunk every Saturday night and you are drunk - that doesn't make it Saturday night.
  11. Pic?
  12. Today
  13. Also having Pia/Kat in one of those rainbow bikinis is always a good thing. Will not lie, one of the best bodies on this show of this decade, if not all time.
  14. Although Im loathe to take any rumor online as fact some things I hope do Happen? . Some pages on FB have suggested Neighbours is planning on bring back former cast given the Dee story recently and of the names mettion one I feel would help the show is to have Elle back as Pippa has not had much luck in the states now and may return. Paul would like That I feel and she reminds me of 2 Aussies living here in the USA. She was also one of my favorite Girl group and sadly the only one that would return. The only other character I warmed to in a way is Xanthe because like other fans she reminds me of Margot who was another member of my former Girl group and if they write her well and give her a medical career path she be like an ex Girlfriend I had in school. Yet after a bad encounter years ago with an ex star I vowed NEVER to have a female favorite again. It easy to invest in a character if they remind of you of something or someone.
  15. I'm glad Kyle has Heath and the other boys in his life. They care about him a lot! Even Andy was looking out for him here worrying that he's lost so much weight and that he hasn't been eating. Understandable though.... He did sound a little more hopeful at the end there though, so that's good! Looking forward to the next update x
  16. Doesn't Tori know the number one rule you can't break the bro code Her family will end up hating each other haha that's what I think and then Tori will be the one who is blamed Brody getting dumped by his girlfriend sucks but getting on the wrong side of his brother and trying to take his girl isn't cool I can't help but feel sorry for Justin here.
  17. Great chapter. Heath must really be dead 😭 Now Smithie has Josh and Kyle! How much more can those two take. Brax is being lead into danger, I can just feel it. I can't wait to read more, please update soon.
  18. Well in your original reply which started this exchange the premise of your post was: 1) My statement where I felt Scarlett fancies Brody (which was why she didn't report him to the police) was wrong despite the events in the actual episode - which I presented in my last post 2) I suggested that was the only reason why Scarlett didn't report him and your reason i.e. she had similar experience was correct You ignored the fact that I said in the very same post it wasn't the only reason and I didn't actually disagree with Scarlett not reporting Brody because she had a similar experience with people on drugs. So I guess your post wasn't perfect either. Your posts have highlighted to me the problem with people who follow at Australian pace that come into this thread and get into discussions with people who only follow at UK pace. Because you are so many weeks ahead you are always going to be aware of something the UK posters aren't. So just to use your previous comments as an example - When you first disagreed that Scarlett didn't fancy Brody you were absolutely certain of that. But in your last post you acknowledged that they could get together. So nothing has happened yet. Now without reading your posts for all I know they could get together in a couple of weeks UK pace but the Aus episodes are more than a couple of weeks ahead of the UK. So basically going by what you've said over the next few weeks nothing will happen between Scarlett and Brody. So whether directly or indirectly you have given something away. I can't speak for other posters but I only follow at UK pace, try to avoid spoilers and have no desire to know what's going to happen ahead of UK schedule. I accept that sometimes I could accidentally stumble across something whether that be online or in a magazine but I want to minimize this. This thread is UK pace only. It even says in the segment of the Forum "UK PACE - NO SPOILERS". Of course this doesn't apply to the NZ discussion thread. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I'm actually going to miss Phoebe. There are times I found her self-centered, self righteous and strongly disliked her. I would even go as far as saying at times I despised her. Even in that episode the way she was acting when she was crying to Kat and Ash about Justin finishing with her. He obviously loved her but was simply being pragmatic.. A year is a long time and people change, if she's on tour with a band and enjoying socialising/partying etc with other people in the industry, she's bound to meet someone eventually. Part of me actually wishes that Justin did go with her because I'm not keen on him. But even if he did I think he probably would have struggled being on tour with her and away from his family. Despite my dislike I do think at times she showed glimpses of brilliance. I remember when Kat and Ash got together and Kat was sneaking back after sleeping with him in the caravan and Phoebe caught her and the way she was acting and the expression she had on her face was hilarious. Probably not a popular opinion in this thread but whilst I don't think she's the best character I do think given how heavily she's featured over the last few years her departure is significant. Scarlett is showing an awful lot of loyalty to Brody given that she barely knows him. Purposely not mentioning his identify when Kat questioned her. I quite liked their exchange - Kat knowing full well that Scarlett was hiding something. So Brody is being charged for vandalism. When I first saw the preview for the episode when this actually happened I thought he was going to try and rob the place. I suppose you could argue it's a good thing he's been caught now before he commits a far worse crime. So that lunch Tori was about to indulge in has gone to waste. Oh and Raffy has found another friend now that Ellie is gone. I can understand Roo avoiding Alf given how he spoke to her the night before but I didn't like the way Marilyn lied to him in the Diner when he was looking for her and then when Roo heard Alf say he would support her regardless she popped up in delight dropping Marilyn in it.
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  21. Tori hasn't taken sides she was just offering her opinion. Thank you. The story is about that. He will in time keep reading. Thanks for reading guys I'll try to get the next chapter up soon.
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  25. Love it. It a amazing fanfiction Brody needs to hurry up and tell Phoebe he likes her
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