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  2. What on earth has that got to do with anything I said, or indeed this thread? The only part that was in response to you was the first bit about listing out all the eras, which has been discussed at length in other threads (at least one of which you created yourself), and I was simply trying to contain discussion to the purpose of the thread (the status of the transmissions on 7TWO). So once again, the 'censorship' card doesn't work. After that I just addressed possible reasons that had been brought up about why they would take them off (if they were to stop them altogether). I don't know what you're trying to achieve by shoehorning talk of your research into this thread (other than the obvious), which I've never argued against or even discussed with you—but I'm not too worried about a single sentence in an article I wrote nearly five years ago to announce Alan's death. So why you're trying to insinuate that I have some sort of vendetta against you because of it, when I really don't give two hoots, is completely beyond me. Back to the topic in question. I realised that, others have said just that in recent weeks though and I thought you may have been referring to them
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  6. Sorry, I wasn't suggesting that the next bit isn't worth watching! Whilst the teen group that we should see coming in in the latter half of 1996 aren't as well-remembered as their predecessors, I agree that there's a lot of good stuff in that period. My thinking wasn't so much about the quality of the episodes as the fact that this period is seen as something of an end of an era so might be viewed as a natural stopping point. But hopefully it isn't!
  7. It's not rare for TV stations to say they plan to continue showing something and then not do so. It's quite common and is a way of minimizing complaints (If they announce they are removing a show they will be flooded with complaints. If they quietly remove it with vague promises it will continue, in time people will forget about it and they will get less negative feedback). The fact that it's been removed for seemingly no reason is for me cause for concern. Edit to add - in fact I just found out 7 did this very thing when they originally repeated the Early Years back in 1999. They took it off after a few years for "a break", promised viewers who wrote in that it would resume, but it never did.
  8. H&A and Neighbours are always swapping actors so we may one day see Toadie in H&A or Leah in Ramsay Street.
  9. Again opinions are being censored. Dan F I may be wrong but I feel you are not keen on me, maybe because contrary to the obituary article about Alan Bateman on the main BTTB site, I have since found out the 100% truth that H&A was in fact created long before late 1986 when Channel 7 wanted a new show to fill the gap left by Neighbours, and that H&A was an already extant idea which was then rejigged into a 5 day a week format. That is the 100% truth. Bevan Lee and Alan Bateman said so. I have found many sources and would win this case in a court of law.
  10. I do think the bay could use 2 new families in the future as the show needs to go back to the start. Its fantasy to think they have a Margot as Ramsey street has a lookalike in a way. For Catlin Stacy given her work on PLEASE LIKE ME I would cast her as "Katie" a Surf liferguard who returns to Australia from the States as her family get work in Summer bay and I make her like the sister of someone I knew in Sydney once. I loves sports and of course is chased by the mates. I do not know if she would do H&A yet it be interesting?
  11. There's a whole other thread for discussion of what constitutes the 'early years' and various other eras anyway. Rights wouldn't really come into it (all those stories from years gone by were poppycock, they own the rights to their own show so they can do as they see fit), and one would hope they wouldn't make scheduling decisions on the basis of a couple of posts from people who've said "all the good bits are over" and it's not worth watching any more. Viewers can make their own minds up in that respect rather than blindly following others - whilst 97-99 does, somewhat unfairly, suffer in the shadow of the famous 95-96 seasons, there's still some great stuff to come. Maybe viewers who were young at the time will see the episodes in a new light 20 years on and appreciate them for what they are. Anyway, at this point they've said it'll definitely be back, so we'll just have to wait and see.
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  13. On a TV show Nick Knowles asked "Ray Meagher played Harold Bishop in Home And Away" True or false? The answer was false obviously Nick then said "He played Alf Roberts in Home And Away". Nick pronounced Meagher phonetically (it is pronounced Marr) and Alf Roberts was actually Coronation Street. I can understand why he got mixed up as Alf Roberts and Alf Stewart from their 2 shows were both grocers, both big men and both grumpy.
  14. I feel the early years started to end in 1990 when Tom died, Pippa had a head transplant and Lance and Martin left etc, etc and that exodus of originals culminated in 1993 when Bobby died. By then we had fresh blood such as Shangel, Damo, Sarah, Tug etc. I feel 1996 was the end of a second era for the show as it paved a way for the 3rd. 2000 started the 4th. I hope they do carry on the early years repeats.
  15. I think we should start a petition if it doesn't come back on. It's too early yet though.
  16. Ah yes, I forgot about the mention of Phoebe's mum, someone who we don't really know much about despite Phoebe having been on the show over three years.So Phoebe's off on tour and meanwhile the Morgans have a whole heap of other trouble to deal with.Brody narrowly survives his brush with the law, I'm surprised they didn't slap him with a dangerous driving charge at least.I'm assuming RBTs (mentioned by Kat in the previous episode and several times here) are Random Breathalyser Tests.I guess it's good that Brody admitted the truth to Justin and that he didn't realised how quickly he was going to get hooked, but given that he's already tried to quit once and failed, it seems optimistic to act as though all's good just because Justin got rid of one fix.Mason works a lot better when he's winding up Justin: I like the character but there were moments in the previous episode where Orpheus Pledger didn't really seem to know what note to play a scene on. So Leah's back and seems ready to attempt a reconciliation with Zac...but then the episode ends with her kicking him out.It's very frustrating and again I find I sympathise more with Zac than Leah.I don't want to trivialise what Zac's done (although frankly it was such a ridiculously out of character moment, wholly inconsistent with his actions both before and since, that it's hard to do anything else) but Leah getting on her paranoid kick and acting as though Sam's a threat to her marriage when Leah's probably thinking more about her than Zac is just makes me want to yell at her.I am at something of a loss as to where Zac could even go, Irene's place is a bit full and he doesn't have any other family around.A caravan?John and Marilyn's?(On the subject of which, were exactly has VJ been if not at the house?Hanging out with Hunter and Olivia?Apart from a couple of scenes with Hunter last week, it feels like ages since we've seen him with either of them.)
  17. Yes I sipped tequila I stopped mid shot I don't think I have ever downed any drink of any kind in one go always need to take a short break lemon juice should only ever be used for pancakes oh and fish otherwise it is just to sour haha
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  19. That's okay! I forgive you One and a half?! Please tell me you weren't sipping tequila?! It's a drink so foul that you have to try to fool yourself into thinking it wasn't so bad, by licking salt first, and drowning it out with lemon juice after! Yes, they could do with a holiday, couldn't they?
  20. Given that a lot of people have been saying recently that what they think of as "the early years" is coming to an end (I'd have said they ended in the early 90s but that's another discussion), it's possible that 7Two have decided to drop the show and considered the end of the "Shangel Era" a good bookmark. Or it could be that we're all fretting over nothing and it'll be back in a month or so.
  21. This is scary. Why would they be removed for no reason? What is being shown instead?
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  23. Kat sure does think alot of herself The question is has she ever had any credibility or is that only in her mind Maybe it is good she's poking her nose in like a dog in heat I want to see her suffer I'm starting to wonder if Dimitri is even a cop How dare he toy with me bringing out his lollipop again. Well hopefully Kyle and Josh are off to La La La land for awhile there with the drugs they were taking. At least they will be happy for awhile I guess My god they do need some kind of happiness haha I have never smoke joints or played russian roulette before but I have tasted tequila I only managed a shot an half so Heath having five my goodness I think he will be caught once Cavlin finishes dreaming about his bacon sandwich that is Sorry just reading this now.. I have been having a busy grand time of it aswell.
  24. just a thought and hear me out i can't stress enough that this is NOT fact but does anyone think A it's a rights issue or B it's not rating well anymore?
  25. So Tori's excuse was she couldn't fire Anna as it would look like she was favouring Nate who she is in a relationship with and nobody knows about it, well to fair as it was so on and off none of the staff could keep up as to if they were an item or not. I'm guessing the nurse who was earwigging Tori and Nate's conversation filled in Anna who doesn't work in ED so that is why we've never heard of her before. But she should have come clean to Dr. Chung as to why she couldn't chose between them which she could have kept to herself. I was surprised over Nate's overreaction, it wasn't anything personal and wasn't Tori's decision, just the messenger, but we all know what happens to them. There wouldn't be any reason why he couldn't get another job, his bring made redundant wasn't a reflection on his work, it was a financial decision. On balance Tori did put across a good argument why it should be Anna, she is only part time and costs more than Nate who we know is the only doctor there whatever the emergency. Doctors shouldn't operate/treat members of their family/friends but how many times have we seen them do exactly that! Both Tori and Mason are doctors so why haven't they seen what is wrong with Brody, especially as Mason as already been mentioned knew what Lena was up to when she first asked if he needed anything to help him relax. Maybe because she isn't on the scene anymore he thinks the problem has gone away. Don't know why the police had set up that road block but unless they were planning to body search each driver/passenger no valid reason for Brody to panic, he hadn't used before driving to Yabby Creek. Now he's driven off like a maniac with Raffy, fair enough if he wants to wrap himself around a tree but he's got an innocent kid with him. That guy that pitched up was Lena's dealer which ranks up the stakes a notch. I think that is the first time we have heard Phoebe mention her mum. Full marks to Justin by encouraging Phoebe to follow her dream and take up Donna's offer to go on tour with her, though she voiced her concerns to Kat. Neat little mention of Kyle when she told Justin what happened last time she had the opportunity of touring and what it did to their relationship. Don't know when she's making an appearance but as seen in the trailer Leah is back this week.
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  27. Good to know I can still surprise you! Yeah, I'm not sure how they'd ever really get over this. It would be like having been to war. It doesn't bode well, does it?! Aww, thanks! And thanks to everyone else for their feedback too! As always, much appreciated!
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