John and Jett’s road trip brings up more questions about John’s past.


Nate is forced to choose between his dream job and Tori. Is she worth it? John reveals his suspicions about his father’s death… Could he really be responsible?


Nate makes hasty plans to leave the bay after accepting his dream job. How will Tori take this news so soon after the breakup?


A guilty Brody goes on the run following the robbery. Olivia’s plan backfires when Hunter lets out his rage by driving recklessly. Alf offers Scarlett a van at the caravan park.


John agrees to let Marilyn try hypnotherapy on him in order to uncover his repressed memories. Ash struggles with baby Luc as Kat continues to put her job at the station first.


John finally unlocks his repressed memories through hypnotherapy. Tori and Justin continue to search for Brody. The camping trip brings Ash and Kat closer until things take a turn for the worst.


Can Tori save Baby Luc? VJ tries to pick up Hunter’s spirits, completely unaware that Luc is ill. How will John react to learning the truth about his father’s death?


Will Luc survive? Kat’s inability to bond with Luc is in stark contrast to Tori’s emotional concern. VJ regrets past decisions. Raffy gets a lead on Brody’s whereabouts.

Home and Away 2017 spoilers

WARNING: Major Spoilers Below!

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Custody issues over Billie’s baby?

With Billie likely departing the show early into the new season, that leaves the question of who will look after her newborn baby, Luc.

In early November, pictures emerged of old friends Irene and Leah seemingly engaged in a heated argument, with Leah about to slap her best friend.

With Luc’s father actually being Irene’s estranged son, could the two long time friends be about to come to blows over who takes care of Billie’s baby?

With a possible legal minefield emerging if there is a custody battle, Billie’s brother Ash (George Mason) and Kat (Pia Miller) have both been pictured filming several times with a baby in their arms. Could Luc end up in the custody of her Uncle Marty?

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John in Jail?

Shane Withington & Emily Symons

Emily Symons and Shane Withington as Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer

Scenes filmed in mid-October saw one of Summer Bay’s most trusted stalwarts facing jail.

The scenes, filmed at the ‘Yabbie Creek Courthouse’ location in the Hawkesbury region—saw John Palmer (Shane Withington) sporting a suit and handcuffs!

It’s looking like a busy 2017 for John and Marilyn, with paparazzi shots from Palm Beach showing Marilyn appearing to have suffered significant burn injuries, and John being on the receiving end of Ash‘s temper in a scuffle outside the surf club.

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Brody in rehab?

Jackson Heywood as Brody Morgan

Jackson Heywood as Brody Morgan

We recently stumbled across two videos of audition pieces for a future Home and Away character named Scarlett Snow.

In the script extract provided to auditionees, dialogue indicates that Brody is in rehab after apparently taking $10,000 from Scarlett and subsequently going missing.

Eyewitness at Palm Beach have talked of Brody being seen conversing and buying from drug dealers on more than one occasion, and scenes filmed in the tailend of 2016 have also shown Brody walking around in a clearly distressed state, dropping to his knees in agony with his head in his hands. Below is a video filmed in the last week of filming, showing Brody running from police.

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A Quick Note on ‘Spoilers’

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Unless information can be backed up with a credible source or photographic proof, then please take any of those type of ‘spoilers’ with a pinch of salt. Even when photos are posted, these can’t always be taken at face value unless the person who physically took the photos can confirm what was happening. When so many accounts on social media take photos from fans/press and apply their own tags and ‘spoilers’ on top, this is not always easy.

We at BTTB always endeavour to make it clear when we are merely speculating, and will explain how and why we have reached any conclusions. We also attempt to trace any fan photos back to the original source, or at least someone who has credited the source, before embedding them in order to provide a link to the account.

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