Colby and Dean’s rift widens. Robbo finds an unconventional lawyer. Maggie throws herself back into her old life. Roo and Alf reconnect.


Dean proves his loyalty to Colby despite their past. Maggie’s problems escalate rapidly – how long can she hold it together? Brody gets a glimpse into his future with Ziggy.


Ziggy’s confronted by Brody’s long-term relationship goals. Ben and Maggie swallow their pride for the family. Ryder and Coco’s romance causes friction with Raffy. A stranger comes to the Bay.


A shock visitor changes Alf and Roo’s worlds forever. Can Tori convince Ash to help Robbo? Mason and Jasmine have very different impressions about their date.


Ziggy’s surprise birthday party is a huge success. Jasmine and Colby share a moment – could they be more than friends? Maggie confesses her fear the cancer has spread.


Maggie’s life takes another disastrous turn. Dean gives Ash a dangerous solution to his subpoena. Will Olivia & Hunter get back together?


2018 Commonwealth Games Cliffhanger


2018 Spoilers

With arson, a cancer diagnosis, at least one wedding, new characters and farewells, there’s plenty of drama to come when the show returns in the new year. Discover all we know in our brand new 2018 spoilers article.

The truth behind Kat’s exit

In the aftermath of Monday’s dramatic finale, Pia Miller (Kat) took to Facebook Live to talk about her time on the show. View or read Pia Miller’s live interview as she reveals why she left Home and Away, which were her favourite moments from her 3 years in the Bay, and what it was like to play a cop in the show.

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