Can Robbo save Kat from Novak? Will Hunter’s best laid proposal plans bring him a fairytale ending? Maggie’s mum has a shock announcement.


Robbo takes desperate measures to keep Kat safe. Kat’s pregnancy tips Tori’s world off its axis. Coco takes one for the family – and teaches them all a lesson.


Robbo learns the heartbreaking truth about Kat’s baby. Will being Ash’s rock push Tori over the edge? Alf reconnects with his long-lost daughter, Quinn. Brody takes the first step in getting Ziggy back.


Will Olivia be honest with Hunter about her kiss with Axel? Kat is uneasy, believing that Novak is still after her; Robbo hates having to hide the truth from her.


Robbo finds himself in hot water when the special force detectives bring him in for questioning. Ash puts Tori on the back-burner, jeopardising their relationship. Mick agrees to take the job in WA.


Justin tries to help Willow out of hot water, but will she accept his help? Can Ash and Tori make amends? Maggie suspects that Brody and Ziggy are more than just friends.


Ryder’s relationship with his mum hits rock bottom. Justin grows closer to Willow. Robbo hides his dreadful secret from Kat.


Justin defends Willow. Quinn admits there’s a problem with Ryder. Raffy cracks under the weight of her secrets. Will Robbo leave Kat?


Justin and Willow work together to put Boyd away for good. Ash and Tori struggle to spend some desperately needed time alone together. Will Hunter’s jealousy end Olivia’s career?


What lengths will Olivia go to in order to salvage her career? Will Novak’s body finally be uncovered? Will Robbo’s secret be blown wide open?


The net around Robbo tightens – will he drag Kat down with him? Are Willow and Justin on the same page? Ash searches for evidence against Robbo. Can Olivia and Axel keep things professional?


Quinn makes a difficult decision about Ryder’s future. Will Ash open Kat’s eyes to the real Robbo? A new, confident Coco returns home with a secret.


Kat is determined to uncover the truth behind Robbo’s lies. Is Justin truly on-board with taking things casual with Willow or is he lying to himself? Ben tries to appease Maggie’s concerns about Coco.





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