Kat investigates Patrick’s past in the Army. Ash is fed up with Irene’s ‘control’ of Baby Luc. Just how long can Olivia and Hunter play house in their new dump?


After the break in, will Olivia and Hunter stay in their new house? VJ finds out Zac’s dirty secret. Ash gives Irene and VJ an ultimatum about custody of Luc.


VJ, Hunter and Zac struggle with Zac’s infidelity. John and Marilyn don’t have a great rapport with their appointed defence lawyer. A blast from the past for Phoebe.


Morag and Marilyn don’t want John to accept the Prosecutors plea bargain. Morag sniffs out an uneasy Roo’s young, handsome secret.

Phoebe’s friend Donna hasn’t given up on her friend’s music career. Tori can’t bring herself to give Nate bad news. Morag asks James why Roo’s hiding him away.


Tori’s decision to fire Nate has professional and personal repercussions. As his family grow more concerned with Brody’s behaviour, he makes a risky move. Phoebe receives the offer of her dreams.


Will Brody’s brush with the cops set him straight? Phoebe worries her potential music career in America will tear her relationship apart. Can Zac and Leah fix their broken marriage?


Seeing the chaos surrounding Luc, Ash decides he’s got to do something about her custody situation. Leah’s unlikely to forgive Zac any time soon. John and Marilyn prepare themselves for John’s trial.


Roo continues to hide her romance from her friends. John must make a difficult request of VJ before his trial begins. Kat’s blindsided by Ash’s bid for custody of Luc.

Home and Away 2017 spoilers

WARNING: Major Spoilers Below!

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A new family

The Astoni family are set to arrive in Summer Bay in June-July, making them the first regular, nuclear family to be introduced to the bay since the Sutherland family – nearly 17 years ago.

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Custody issues over Billie’s baby?

With Billie likely departing the show early into the new season, that leaves the question of who will look after her newborn baby, Luc.

In early November, pictures emerged of old friends Irene and Leah seemingly engaged in a heated argument, with Leah about to slap her best friend.

With Luc’s father actually being Irene’s estranged son, could the two long time friends be about to come to blows over who takes care of Billie’s baby?

With a possible legal minefield emerging if there is a custody battle, Billie’s brother Ash (George Mason) and Kat (Pia Miller) have both been pictured filming several times with a baby in their arms. Could Luc end up in the custody of her Uncle Marty?

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John in Jail?

Shane Withington & Emily Symons

Emily Symons and Shane Withington as Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer

Scenes filmed in mid-October saw one of Summer Bay’s most trusted stalwarts facing jail.

The scenes, filmed at the ‘Yabbie Creek Courthouse’ location in the Hawkesbury region—saw John Palmer (Shane Withington) sporting a suit and handcuffs!

It’s looking like a busy 2017 for John and Marilyn, with paparazzi shots from Palm Beach showing Marilyn appearing to have suffered significant burn injuries, and John being on the receiving end of Ash‘s temper in a scuffle outside the surf club.

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Brody in rehab?

Jackson Heywood as Brody Morgan

Jackson Heywood as Brody Morgan

We recently stumbled across two videos of audition pieces for a future Home and Away character named Scarlett Snow.

In the script extract provided to auditionees, dialogue indicates that Brody is in rehab after apparently taking $10,000 from Scarlett and subsequently going missing.

Eyewitness at Palm Beach have talked of Brody being seen conversing and buying from drug dealers on more than one occasion, and scenes filmed in the tailend of 2016 have also shown Brody walking around in a clearly distressed state, dropping to his knees in agony with his head in his hands. Below is a video filmed in the last week of filming, showing Brody running from police.

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Yet more departures…?

It seems a few more favourites could be set to leave Summer Bay in 2017.

Phoebe Nicholson

We can confirm that Isabella Giovinazzo (Phoebe Nicholson) has left the show.

Rumours first started of Isabella’s departure when she was pictured filming a scene with James Stewart (Justin Morgan) outside the surf club, which saw Phoebe saying an emotional goodbye to Justin before driving off in her station-wagon, guitar on the back seat.

Once filming wrapped, Isabella was seen hugging various crew members and having photos taken with them.

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Zac MacGuire

Ada Nicodemou and Charlie Clausen as Leah Patterson and Zac MacGuire

Ada Nicodemou and Charlie Clausen as Leah Patterson and Zac MacGuire

Meanwhile, rumours are still circulating of Zac MacGuire’s (Charlie Clausen) impending departure from the show. With both of Leah’s previous husbands having died, could the ‘Black Widow’ of Summer Bay’s curse strike again?

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Arrivals and returns

Morag Bellingham


We can reveal that the much-loved character of Morag Bellingham will be making another return to Summer Bay in 2017. Cornelia Frances, who has played the feisty character on and off since 1988, commenced filming at Palm Beach in early October, in scenes with Shane Withington.

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Jett Palmer

Images courtesy of the Official Home and Away Tour

Images courtesy of the Official Home and Away Tour

Jett was last seen in November 2015, having returned from boarding school with his girlfriend Skye Peters.

After it was revealed that Skye was having issues with her abusive mother, she ended up staying with Jett’s adoptive father John after Jett returned to boarding school. Her departure with bad boy Tank Snelgrove left John reeling, and feeling like he had failed in his role as Skye’s guardian.

Earlier this month, Will McDonald, who plays Jett, was spotted filming alongside Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) on Palm Beach, and, while not yet officially confirmed, it’s understood that Jett is returning in a guest capacity and will be on screen around May-June next year.

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A Quick Note on ‘Spoilers’

Please remember that some of things stated in this article are only speculation based on what we can see in the photos. Certain H&A fan pages on social media are presenting their own speculation as fact, with the consequence of misleading information being spread around the internet. A lot of this has later been proven completely false, which has caused a lot of confusion with fans.

Unless information can be backed up with a credible source or photographic proof, then please take any of those type of ‘spoilers’ with a pinch of salt. Even when photos are posted, these can’t always be taken at face value unless the person who physically took the photos can confirm what was happening. When so many accounts on social media take photos from fans/press and apply their own tags and ‘spoilers’ on top, this is not always easy.

We at BTTB always endeavour to make it clear when we are merely speculating, and will explain how and why we have reached any conclusions. We also attempt to trace any fan photos back to the original source, or at least someone who has credited the source, before embedding them in order to provide a link to the account.

Any information that we do state as fact is, and always has been, from reliable sources.

Home and Away in 2016: A Year in Review

As the 2016 season draws to a close, we take a look back at the changes on- and off-screen, the big events that took the Bay by storm and what’s coming up in the season final.