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Thousands of summaries (both short and extended) and scripts of past Home and Away episodes.

27 years of Home and Away Episodes

We now have short episode summaries for every single episode of Home and Away that has ever aired, from the Pilot episode back in 1988 right up to present day. These are complete with airdates and, for many episodes, guest cast info. We also have a large amount of extended summaries, which we endeavour to update on a weekly basis with the latest Australian episodes. For those of who who just want to know everything, we've also got a number of Episode Scripts, word-by-word accounts of the episodes.

So in short, we have everything a Home and Away fan needs. To get started, select what you want from the links on the right. If you don't know where to begin, just head to Episode Summaries and navigate from there.

  • Episode Summaries
    Thousands of summaries from the pilot episode right up to the present day. Some episodes only have brief synopses, while others have detailed summaries of every event.
  • Year Summaries
    Our year summaries give a detailed roundup of all the major storylines from a selection of years gone by.
  • Latest Australian Summaries
    Detailed summaries of the latest episodes uploaded just hours after they air, often containing pictures and details of scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. Just navigate to the current month in Episode Summaries.
    Latest Ep: Thursday 16 April
  • Episode Scripts
    Full, detailed Scripts are available for a number of our episodes, providing word-by-word accounts of the episodes.
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