Episode 3050

Australian Air Date: 18th May 2001

The Sutherland family are in a crisis after Dani’s assault. Vinnie worries when Leah decides to go back to work. Nick tells his friends they made fools of themselves.

Questioned Dani following her rape ordeal.
Thirty-fourth appearance, last seen in #3038. Cautioned Rhys about the questionable concreteness of Dani’s position.

Extended Summary

The aftermath of Dani’s assult is affecting everyone. Here’s how it all happened.
Brodie came home to see Kane leave the house. He told her he and Dani were now an ‘item’. Brodie found Dani crumpled on the floor. Shelley and Rhys came home and called the police. Rhys was livid. He went to the Surf Club and had a go at Kane. Luckily Alf and Vinnie pulled him away.

Will got the news from Nick, who said Kane and Dani had been spending time together. He was so mad he had a go at Kane. The police pulled him away. He went to see Dani but she wouldn’t see him. Now Shelley and Rhys are fighting, with Rhys pointing the finger at her. He feels it’s Shelley’s fault, as she was so insistent on helping Kane. Everyone is just looking for someone else to blame. Things could get ugly when they get to court. Kane will be charged, but the thing is, Dani has been spending time with Kane.

On a lighter note, Nick made up with the twins and Duncan. He had a go at them for making fools of themselves. He did apologise for his behaviour and admitted he pulled out because he was scared.

Leah’s return to work may mean one part of Summer Bay will get back to normal. She’s been hearing different stories of Colleen and Alf’s feuding. It’s prompted her to get back into action, although Vinnie thinks she should be at home resting.

Erin Flannery