Ziggy Astoni

Sophie Dillman

Ziggy Astoni (2017- )
Sophie Dillman
Episodes: 6681-present

Parents: Ben & Maggie Astoni
Sibling: Coco Astoni

Occupation: Waitress

Ziggy first appeared running into the toilet at a community centre in the city and asking Brody to hide her. It turned out the person she was hiding from was her father Ben, who had had the police in touch saying Ziggy had stolen a neighbour’s car. Ben had covered for her but was frustrated to learn that Ziggy and her boyfriend Jarrod actually had taken the car for a joy ride. Ziggy had refused to go to uni after leaving school and been fired from a job as a waitress for hitting a customer that she insisted had groped her. Ben and her mother Maggie decided the family needed to go and visit Maggie’s mother Diana. Ziggy tried to refuse to go but acqueised when Ben threatened to tell the burly Mr Anderson what she had done to his car.

Ziggy met Brody a second time when they stopped at Summer Bay, filling him in on her situation. When the car broke down, they were forced to stay at the caravan park. Ziggy dragged her sister Coco out to Salt and stole Kat’s wallet to pay for their meal, only to be arrested when it turned out Kat was a police officer. She was let off with a warning. Ben had to stick around for a week to repair a water tank he had damaged and, eager to avoid one of Diana’s lectures about the proper way for a lady to conduct herself, Ziggy voted to stay with him.

Ziggy was less than thrilled when Maggie insisted she and Coco join her on a tour of the town with John and Marilyn, especially when she found out John had recently been convicted of arson. When Ben and Maggie decided to stay another week and Jarrod failed to answer her calls, Ziggy stole the Salt van to get to the city, unaware Brody was asleep inside. When he woke up, he refused to drive her to the city or let her hitch-hike but did cover for her with Kat and talked her into going back to the Bay. With the rest of the family wanting to stick around for the rest of the school holidays, Ziggy accepted she could go a bit longer without seeing Jarrod and went for a swim with Brody.