Tori Morgan

Penny McNamee

Dr Tori Morgan (2016-)
Penny McNamee
Episodes: 6416-present

Birth Name: Tessa Lee
Coby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Brody & Mason Morgan

Occupation: Doctor

A new doctor at the Northern Districts Hospital, Tori was first seen at the hospital fundraiser at the caravan park. She helped out when the event was rocked by an explosion, pronouncing Oscar dead at the scene, reporting that Ricky had had a hysterectomy and, with Nate, failing to revive Hannah. She convinced Maddy she needed an amputation when the blood supply to her arm was cut off and reported that she had an MRSA infection when she disappeared from the hospital. She began looking for a four bedroom house for herself and her brothers and applied for Head of Emergency Medicine as Nate had done, although she and Nate bonded when helping an expectant mother, Andrea Newman, through a difficult birth. She was interviewed for the post, where they brought up the fact she had moved around a lot but gave her the promotion. Her first decision was to okay Chris’ proposal for the emergency department to be named after Hannah.

She tried to help Ricky and Nate with their marriage troubles and looked after Billie when she had severe morning sickness. She was shocked when she had to treat a middle-aged couple shot during a robbery and threw up outside the treatment room, confiding in Nate that they reminded her of her parents, who had died seven years previous. She held drinks at Angelo’s to celebrate her promotion but became awkward when one of the doctors asked her about her previous posting, taking Nate home when he got drunk. She was able to introduce her brothers, Justin, Brody and Mason, to Alf and Ash when they arrived in town and got into a confrontation, then took them to their new home, with all of them wondering how long they’d stay there. She encouraged Justin and Brody to get jobs and convinced Alf to give Justin a trial on the Blaxland. She learned the nurses blamed her for Nate’s marriage break-up, thinking something had happened between them on the night she took him home, but Nate made a speech defending her.

She turned down Nate’s offer of coffee but, after they’d resuscitated Alf together when he suffered a heart attack and stroke, she went round his with a bottle of wine and briefly fell asleep on the sofa. Justin warned her not to get too close to Nate, and when he tried to discuss his feelings about being separated from Casey with her she shut down the conversation, saying they weren’t friends. However, after a chat with Brody about settling in Summer Bay and learning he had bought Angelo’s she repaired their friendship. When Mason joined the hospital as a medical student, she assigned him Nate as a supervisor and asked Nate to go easy on him. When he instead came down hard, Tori accused him of taking his issues out on him while Nate accused her of giving Mason preferential treatment. She was suspicious when she learned Nate had seen Mason with a girl and correctly guessed that it was Lara Adams, his old girlfriend. Mason admitted that Lara knew they were in witness protection, after their parents were murdered by a drug syndicate, but when Tori contacted their handler, Decker, they were told there was no evidence they had been discovered and to stay in town.