Raffy Morrison

Raffaela Morrison (2016-present)
Olivia Deeble
Episodes: 6506-present

Date of Birth: 5th June 2003

Parents: Atticus Decker & Kate Lee (both deceased)
Adoptive Parents: Ali Morrison (deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Tori, Brody & Mason Morgan (all half)
Adoptive Siblings: Hope Morrison

Occupation: Student

Raffy was first seen when Justin Morgan went to an address given to him by the Morgans’ witness protection contact, Atticus Decker. There, he found Raffy and her older sister Hope, Decker’s nieces. Justin’s arrival was followed by that of Ash and Kat and, even less welcome, by a group of thugs working for Spike Lowe, who attempted to kidnap the sisters. Justin and Ash stopped them taking Raffy but weren’t able to save Hope. With Decker in a coma, Raffy tearfully revealed she had no family so the trio took her back to Summer Bay, where she began staying with Kat and Phoebe at the farmhouse.

Hope was rapidly found and, with Decker in hospital nearby, Raffy insisted they stick around. She soon got to know Justin’s siblings Tori, Brody and Mason, often spending time with them and their dog Buddy, and decided to enrol at Summer Bay High after first making use of their library. She had an awkward start with Ellie Page when she innocently pointed out a number of mistakes in her school project but they soon became friends and Raffy helped Ellie with a plan to set her brother Matt up with Evelyn. She told Hope they should stay in Summer Bay whatever happened to Decker, who had slipped back into a coma after an attempt to get him off life support failed, eager to keep Hope away from the dodgy characters she was in debt to.

When Decker came round, he told Hope and Raffy to stay in Summer Bay. Hope was then arrested for credit card fraud and, upset with Kat who had been the arresting officer, Raffy moved in with the Morgans. However, when Hope was let out on bail, she suddenly grabbed Raffy and dragged her off into the bush, where she fell down an embankment. Raffy flagged down Nate, who got Hope to hospital. There, Hope told her not to trust the Morgans. As a result, Raffy was cold towards them when they turned up and went round Ellie’s, where she asked Roo and Matt if she could move in. Roo took her back to Justin and Brody, but since she still didn’t trust them Justin arranged for her to move back in with Phoebe.

Kat told her she was wrong about the Morgans and when she went to see Hope, Hope claimed she’d been off her head on painkillers at the time and had no idea why she said it. Raffy went to hang out with Justin and Tori but then found DNA results indicating she was related to them. They explained to her that they had the same mother, Kate, and that Decker was her father, who gave her to his sister to raise. Upset, Raffy ran to Hope and told her she wanted to leave. However, when Hope stole money from Salt to fund their escape, she was arrested and remanded in custody. Raffy was allowed to spend time with her at the farm before sentencing. There, Hope told Justin to look after her and Raffy moved back in with the Morgans.

However, Raffy didn’t feel like she belonged, as the Morgans had secretive discussions and failed to answer her questions. After a visit from Ellie, she stole $200 from Justin’s wallet and ran off to the city to look for Decker, leaving behind a note simply saying “Sorry”. She returned a week later and admitted to Ellie that she hadn’t found him. Despite both Ellie and Irene trying to convince her the Morgans cared about her, she tried to bluff Justin and Brody by claiming she’d met Decker and he’d told her everything. They quickly saw through the deception and did their best to make her feel like part of the family: Brody taught her how to cook some of their mother’s old recipes and, when she pointed out none of the family photos showed Kate clearly, Justin gave her a framed photo. However, she was suspicious when she realised it was a print-out rather than a proper photo and, checking Justin’s laptop, she found it had been taken from an old news article which said that the Morgans’ parents had been killed in a drive-by shooting, not in a car crash as they’d claimed, and that their surname was Lee. When she confronted Mason, he tried to claim they’d changed their name to avoid press attention but eventually the Morgans admitted that their parents had been murdered by a drug syndicate and they were in witness protection. She ran away again and nearly told Kat but Phoebe stopped her and took her back to her family, angrily telling her she was putting them in danger by spreading the story around.

When Decker returned, Raffy was upset that he hadn’t come back to see her but with prompting from Justin and Phoebe they finally spent time together as father and daughter and he told her how hard it was to let someone else raise her. When Kat, whose interest had been piqued by Raffy’s visit, turned up and tried to interrogate Justin about his history, Raffy put a stop to it by walking into the room and acting innocent. However, not long after, Decker was shot while meeting with Kat and died of his injuries. Raffy hid at the farmhouse with the rest of the family while Justin and Kat delivered the evidence against the syndicate that he’d gathered. When the news arrive that the syndicate had been convicted, Raffy was left with mixed feelings, still too busy mourning her father to feel happy, and worried that, with her new siblings talking about going their separate ways, she would be left behind. However, when an unflattering newspaper report on the trial resulted in Salt being vandalised, Raffy defended her family to a group of locals trying to stir up ill feeling against them. Her family supported her when she delivered the eulogy at Decker’s funeral, after which she told Nate that Tori had gone away to a conference when he came round looking for her.

She went to the hospital to check on Justin after he was stabbed and later found him collapsed at home after he developed an infection. She and Ellie were paid by Justin to tidy up the house and she helped Tori get ready for her date with Riley, although she wasn’t happy when Tori considered moving to the city with him. She was the most enthusiastic about Phoebe moving in. When Matt and Evelyn wanted Ellie to move to Vietnam, Raffy told her that since they weren’t her legal guardians they couldn’t make her go. She was left out when the family discussed Mason bringing home drugs he’d confiscated from a punter at Salt. She spent Ellie’s last full day in Summer Bay with her after she decided to go to Vietnam after all and had her stay the night to give Matt and Evelyn space after their symbolic wedding.

She asked Brody to give her a lift to Yabbie Creek and was shocked when he sped away from a police spot check with her in the car, convincing him to pull over. When Tori told her not to give Brody any money, she realised he was doing drugs. After Buddy was hospitalised, she found a drugs wrapper which Brody insisted was an old one. She remained suspicious, especially when she saw him trying to take the Xbox. She was delighted to meet her niece Ava and helped Justin and Phoebe take her to the beach. She hid Brody’s new credit cards, worried he was lying about not still being on drugs, but Mason told her he had passed a cocaine test. She insisted on organising a farewell party for Phoebe and Justin, although her façade of inviting Justin to Salt for a family meal was soon seen through, and she and Tori arranged for Ava to be there, which contributed to Justin deciding to stay.

She was sent to stay with her friend Michelle when Brody got worse again, unaware he had tried to pawn her necklace. She and Mason found Brody when he ran away from Scarlett Snow’s place and she later receive a personally-made birthday card from Hope. She was initially unimpressed when Justin, Tori and Mason surprised her with a belated birthday dinner, feeling it wouldn’t change anything, but after some straight talking from Justin she ended up enjoying herself. She convinced Lena to help them look for Brody when he went missing after robbing Scarlett. She wanted to help when Brody was released on bail but the rest of the family felt she shouldn’t be around him so she went to stay with Ash and Kat. She tipped Kat off when Ziggy Astoni stole her wallet and befriended Ziggy’s sister Coco when Alf introduced them to each other.