Maggie Astoni

Kestie Morassi

Marguerite Astoni (2017- )
Kestie Morassi
Episodes: 6682-present

Parents: Richard & Diana Walford
Siblings: Kate Walford
Marital Status: Ben Astoni (1997–present)
Children: Ziggy & Coco Astoni

Occupation: Teacher

Maggie was first seen arriving at her home in the city after her younger daughter Coco was suspended from school. She spoke to her husband Ben about the difficulties they’d been having with their two daughters, both of whom had been going off the rails, and convinced him they needed to go and see her mother Diana, even though Diana seemed to believe Maggie had married beneath herself. However, a short stop in Summer Bay resulted in the car breaking down and them having to stay at the caravan park while it was fixed. Maggie noticed Leah eyeing up Ben at the Diner and cheerily explained he was her husband; however, the embarrassment caused tension between the two of them.

A series of calamities involving Ziggy stealing a wallet and Ben damaging a water tank saw them having to stay in town another week, with Maggie reluctantly to go on to Diana’s without Ben. She tried to convince Ziggy and Coco to look around town and booked them on John and Marilyn’s bus tour. Although an encounter with a snake and the discovery that John had recently spent time in prison for arson brought things to an abrupt halt, Maggie was enchanted with the farm house, which was up for sale, telling Ben it was the sort of place she’d always dreamed of owning, although they quickly noted the girls would never agree to moving. However, after Ziggy had made an aborted attempt to run back to the city, the family decided to stay in Summer Bay for the rest of the school holidays.