Evelyn MacGuire

Phillipa Northeast

Evelyn MacGuire (2013- )
Philippa Northeast
Episodes: 5822-present

Date of Birth: 23rd September 1997
Ethan & Sarah MacGuire (both deceased)
Sibling: Oscar MacGuire; Denny Miller (half-sibling) (both deceased)

Occupation: Student

Evelyn was the mutual niece of both Zac MacGuire and Hannah Wilson, whose siblings had married each other. After her mother Sarah died, her father Ethan took her and her twin brother Oscar to the Sanctuary Lodge cult. Evelyn embraced the cult’s ideals and, when Zac visited to say that Hannah was concerned about them, contemptuously dismissed her opinion, saying she wasn’t evolved enough to understand what the lodge was about. She stopped Oscar going to see Hannah when she turned up at the commune and even continued to send Zac away when Oscar was beaten for contacting him. She stopped Oscar running away and soon after was effectively kidnapped by Brax, Heath and Kyle, who took her and Oscar to a motel with Zac.

Evelyn hated being away from the cult and Ethan, continuing to repeat their doctrines. Oscar tried to convince her they had a chance for a new family but she responded by hitting Zac over the head with a vase and running off. She soon ran into Kyle, who took her to the Braxtons’. She bonded with Ricky and agreed to a deal whereby she would go away with Zac and Ricky until after her birthday, whereupon she could choose where to go. She was unimpressed with their hiking trip but found her belief in Ethan shaken when she learned that for years she’d been misremembering Ethan as the one who had brought her and Oscar emergency supplies when they were ill with chicken pox on their fifth birthday, when in fact it had been Zac. She accepted that their reasons for going to the lodge no longer applied but was worried that Ethan would be punished for their disobedience. Although she promised not to co-operate with a kidnapping charge, she called the police and asked them to take her back to Ethan.

Murray took her back to the Bay for a visit, where she revealed she was being kept away from Ethan and the discovery weekend because she had been “contaminated” by the outside world and rejected Zac, Hannah and Oscar’s attempts to persuade her to return to town. She met Spencer when he came to a seminar at the lodge and, on learning he was from Summer Bay, gave him a letter to give to Oscar, warning her brother that the lodge were trying to recruit Spencer. She spoke to Freya Lund, a girl who had been on a discovery weekend and who told her it had been horrible. The next day, she learned Freya had been sent away. When Spencer disregarded her advice, joining the lodge and agreeing to go on a discovery weekend, she asked to go with him and, when Sasha visited, told her she’d try to help Spencer. She met Chris when he came to the lodge to see Spencer and he gave her his phone so she could record the ceremony. As the ceremony began, with Evelyn secretly recording it, it became clear they were expected to marry each other. Evelyn convinced Spencer to refuse but this resulted in Murray having him beaten up. Evelyn tried to get the injured Spencer to safety but they were found by Murray and Ethan. However, Zac and Hannah arrived, after Oscar sensed something was wrong, and forced Murray to leave but Evelyn was unable to convince Ethan to go with them. Her family and Spencer all urged her to hand over the recording she’d made to the police, which resulted in Ethan and Murray being arrested. Afterwards, Evelyn returned to the lodge one last time to pack up her old life before moving in with Hannah and Oscar at Leah’s place.

Evelyn was looking forward to going to Summer Bay High but then Ethan turned up, wanting the twins to come and live with him. Although she was unhappy with Hannah verbally attacking Ethan, Evelyn refused to be separated from Oscar again and accepted his decision to stay in Summer Bay. When they learned from Sasha and Spencer that the Walker farm was being rented out, they convinced Zac and Hannah that they should all move in there. She was chatted up by Matt Page, who invited her to a beach party. Zac agreed to let her go if she took a friend along and she invited Maddy, only to leave upset when Maddy danced with Matt. She convinced Zac and Hannah to let her and Oscar go to the Bay Meets the River music festival. Beforehand, Ethan turned up to again try and convince them to live with him but they told him they had built a life in Summer Bay. Her mood was dampened when she saw Matt and Maddy at the festival. Maddy, who had had her drink spiked at the party, convinced Evelyn that she wasn’t interested in Matt but Evelyn decided she wasn’t interested in him anyway. Next morning, she and Oscar were confronted by Ethan, who revealed he had restarted the cult and was determined to have them join him. He kidnapped the pair, along with Kyle who tried to help them, and locked them all in a shipping container. They were rescued by Zac, Hannah, Casey and Tamara.

The next morning, they learned Ethan had been killed in an explosion at the hospital. They returned home to find Zac and Hannah kissing. Both Evelyn and Oscar were unhappy with the situation and Evelyn quickly realised they’d slept together, prompting the pair to promise to stay platonic. Despite this, she refused to talk to them and rejected Spencer and Sasha’s offer of support, preferring to hang out with Matt and his friends. When Oscar caught her kissing Matt, he started a fight with him. Evelyn confided in Matt about Ethan and he told her about his grandmother dying but Oscar again turned up and made a scene. After Oscar refused to talk to her, she went with Matt to a party at the beach house. Zac and Hannah tracked her down and convinced her and Oscar they were serious about being a family. She was reluctant to attend the funeral, not feeling able to mourn Ethan, but Oscar talked her round.

When she and Oscar saw Zac hugging Denny Miller, they assumed she was his new girlfriend, only to find that she was actually Ethan’s daughter and their half-sister. However, Evelyn showed no interest in meeting her, telling Hannah she couldn’t see her as anything other than something else Ethan lied about. When Oscar set her up and tricked her into meeting Denny, she walked out in anger and, when Denny tried to speak to her, accused her of lying about who she was. Oscar refused to talk to her and Leah helped her realise she was transferring her anger towards Ethan onto Denny. She apologised to her and convinced her not to leave town. When it looked like Denny would have to move on because of a lack of funds, Evelyn suggested she move into the farm.

She and Oscar saw Hannah with Andy and realised they were a couple. She had to admit that they knew when she phoned Hannah at the house and heard Andy in the background but was unhappy keeping it from Zac. She then heard Zac ranting about how she and Oscar had stopped him and Hannah being together. She tried to offer herself as a buffer between the two of them; however, she got angry when Zac didn’t come home and stole exam papers from his bag to punish him. She handed them out to several of her classmates and when Zac caught Josh cheating, she openly admitted to supplying the papers. Zac gave all the cheats ten thousand word essays as punishment but Evelyn was disappointed when he only gave her a talking to as extra punishment. She ignored his instructions, was scornful about his drinking to Hannah and scoffed in his face when he tried to suggest they forgive each other. Her essay consisted of the words “I must not steal from my uncle even when he’s drunk” repeatedly. Spencer tried to convince her that hating Zac wasn’t doing any good but then she saw Heath punch Zac for sleeping with Bianca. She argued with him at school and Hannah let her stay at home.

After Hannah had a word with her and Spencer dragged her along to the launch of Gina Palmer’s memorial, she made up with Zac. However, she and Oscar then found him passed out drunk in his car and she walked away from the situation to meet up with Spencer. She was annoyed when she learned Oscar had driven Zac home and, when he suspected he had been the hit and run driver who ran over Tamara, told him to keep quiet. She put her burgeoning romance with Spencer on hold and snapped at him after Maddy tried to get them together. After Zac confessed to the hit and run, Evelyn made an unsuccessful attempt to help the family move on by convincing them to go out for a meal. Sasha wanted to write an article giving his side of the story but Evelyn refused to let her see him, although she was unable to stop Oscar telling Zac the truth. She was happy for Zac to take the blame, and shocked when Oscar recorded her arguing with him about it and gave the file to Sasha as proof of what really happened. She hid away at the farm, thinking people hated her for forcing Oscar to lie, and it took Spencer to convince her to get out and about again. She snapped at Josh when he spoke to her at school but later apologised.

Spencer tried to get her to come to the party Maddy was putting on at the surf club and she admitted to Denny she was nervous because she’d never been on a date before. Denny made things easier by dragging Chris along on a double date. Evelyn had a go at Sasha for the article and Matt ended up having a go back. Spencer took her home and they kissed. She was pleased when Oscar got community service but while they were walking he had a panic attack. She summoned John and Spencer and got him to hospital but didn’t know how to deal with him and asked Spencer to talk to him.

Maddy turned up at her house with Spencer and Josh for an impromptu study group, but she ended up laughing with Josh about the other two. The two of them got on well before exams and she spoke with Denny about the fact Denny had feelings for Casey. She admitted to Spencer she had feelings for someone else. When she and Josh were told to do self-portraits that revealed something about themselves for art class, they decided to do each other’s assignment. Evelyn worried that her jigsaw-like portrait of Josh gave away the fact she liked him but Hannah reassured her he wouldn’t notice. However, Spencer realised after overhearing them talking about the assignment. She asked him not to say anything and when Josh queried her she denied it. She was pleased to do well in her exam and celebrated with Josh and Spencer. When she saw Josh and Maddy had fallen out, she thought she was in with a chance until Josh told her he still loved Maddy. Evelyn passed the news on to Maddy, along with a warning that she’d be waiting for them to fall out again, and watched from a distance as they reunited.

However, when Maddy was focused on Roo being in hospital, Evelyn invited Josh back to her place. They found a stray horse and took it back to her neighbour, where they shared a kiss. Evelyn thought at first they were going to get together, especially when they shared a second kiss at the bus stop, but Josh told her he couldn’t leave Maddy. Despite this, she ended up helping Josh look for Andy when drugs were found hidden under his caravan and begged Spencer and Chris to keep quiet about them for Josh’s sake. She was unhappy with Andy herself though and tried to talk Zac out of moving out. She had a go at Maddy, telling her it was her own fault she had to repeat a year, and told Josh she couldn’t be his friend. However, he then turned up at her house injured, having been beaten up by Andy’s suppliers. She looked after him and berated Hannah and Oscar for believing that Zac, rather than Andy, was behind the drugs.

Meanwhile, Maddy had begun to realise that something had happened between Evelyn and Josh. Evelyn denied it but Josh told Maddy it was true, then told Evelyn he wanted to be with her and kissed her. She ended up arguing with Maddy in class during a loaded discussion about the text and people acting as though they’d done nothing wrong. She continued to be angry with Hannah for siding with Andy, excluding her from a family meal with Zac. She tried to stop Oscar spending time with Maddy, worried she was using him for revenge, and was furious to find out they’d slept together. With the family once more in danger from Andy’s associates, Evelyn ended up hiding out at the farm with Casey, Denny, Hannah and Josh. She was furious to find that Hannah was still seeing Andy and accused her of putting them all in danger but Josh told her Andy wasn’t as bad as she thought and she apologised. She and Josh spent the night in the same bed and Hannah was furious when she found out. Casey took her and Denny to the Braxtons’ for safe keeping when someone delivered a dead possum to the farmhouse but she and Josh ended up being kidnapped by Cody Dalton. After being held overnight, they were freed when Brax and Andy arived and paid off the dealers.

When she found out Josh was feeling out of place among the Braxtons, she arranged for the two of them to spend the evening with Casey and Denny so the brothers could bond. However, she felt uncomfortable when Casey and Denny disappeared off to bed together and ended up spending the night in Josh’s bed while he slept on the sofa. Afterwards, she told Denny she was worried Josh would break up with her if she didn’t sleep with him. After seeing him talking to Maddy, she told him how she felt and he was find with it. She tried to support Oscar over his image problems but when she went to the gym with him she ended up trading insults with Maddy, who gloated about the fact Evelyn hadn’t slept with Josh. Evelyn blasted Oscar for discussing their relationship with her and made a show of accompanying Josh back to his place for Maddy’s benefit. She told Josh she wasn’t happy about him spending time with Maddy.

She was excited about Year 11s being allowed to attend the school formal until she found out Josh didn’t want to go; he admitted he was worried he couldn’t afford to treat her and she told him she didn’t mind, convincing him to go with her. However, Josh didn’t turn up to meet her so she went on her own. She ended up talking with Spencer and nearly kissed him but was interrupted by a phone call telling her Josh had been kidnapped and Casey shot. She went to support Josh when they heard Casey died but he walked away from the farmhouse after an argument with Andy. Finding Josh withdrawn, she asked Maddy to speak to him. She accompanied Josh to the funeral but was frustrated by his refusal to open up to her and followed him down to the beach. There, he admitted he had slept with Maddy, prompting Evelyn to storm back to the wake, slap Maddy and accuse her of taking advantage of him.

She rudely rejected romantic overtures from both Josh and Spencer and denounced Maddy as a user. She then admitted she was worried Josh had gone to Maddy because she wouldn’t sleep with him; he assured her that wasn’t the case but they seemed no closer to sorting things out. When she heard Jake had been murdered, she stormed round to complain to Josh about him not filling her in only for him to turn her away, and Denny suggested he might not know where he stood. She suggested to Josh that they be friends. They got on well on an art excursion until Josh got jealous of her spending time with guide Cal Jackson and they ended up in an argument. However, she softened when he showed her a sketch he’d done of her.

She acted as Maddy’s confidante when she was sacked from the gym but when Josh kissed her she ran off. She admitted she was worried about taking things too fast but when Josh arranged a romantic picnic for them she kissed him. However, soon after Josh told her Maddy was pregnant with his child. Evelyn initially planned to stand by him but Denny convinced her it would be too hard and she broke up with him. She felt down afterwards so Denny invited Sasha, Phoebe and Chris over for a girls’ night, where Evelyn comforted Denny for feeling good for the first time since Casey died. Spencer confided in her about his experience with internet predator Keith Potts and she convinced him to share the story over the school PA system.

Fed up of being viewed as the sensible one, she stayed late at Angelo’s when Denny and Oscar went home. Matt encouraged her to be spontaneous and they ended up taking a night time swim fully clothed. She spent the night on his sofa but Sasha came to the house next morning and found her wearing one of Matt’s shirts. She tried to get Josh to come to a party at the beach house but refused to let him talk about the baby, prompting him to leave. She then let slip to Spencer that Maddy was pregnant. Sasha walked in on her playing Twister with Matt and Chris and accused her of being after Matt. She apologised to Sasha the next day and they cleared the air.

She was angry when she overheard that Oscar might be the baby’s father and tried to bully Maddy into having an ultrasound to confirm it until Alf stepped in. She seemed more interested in letting Josh off the hook than the possible consequences to Oscar when he seemed prepared to keep quiet, but accepted that telling Josh herself would mean betraying Oscar. Her interest was piqued when Oscar told Josh himself and she waited for news. When she learned Maddy wasn’t pregnant, she assumed she was lying despite Josh and Oscar telling her it was down to wrong test results, and accused her of playing with people’s lives. She spent an evening at Angelo’s with Josh, where Denny encouraged her to try and get back with him, and the next day they met on the beach and kissed. However, she was left confused when Josh cancelled their first date, saying it wasn’t the right time for them to get back together. She went on a coach trip to the city to support Phoebe’s launch and saw Josh following them shortly before the coach crashed.

She was taken to hospital with minor injuries where she reunited with Josh on learning he had been coming after her. Denny then told her that Hannah might never walk again and she broke down in tears. Josh and Matt arranged an afternoon together to cheer her up, where Sasha spoke about her fears when Dexter was in an accident. She remained depressed and Josh encouraged her to speak to Zac. She was delighted when Josh painted a mural on the side of the surf club for her and joined in with a protest to stop it being removed. They were forced to stand down but Josh revealed he had already photographed the mural. She expressed sympathy to Maddy on learning she had cancer, accepting her dating Oscar, and agreed to help Spencer with a fundraiser to help teenagers with cancer. However, she began to regret it when Spencer gave her and Josh a long list of tasks. Despite this, she joined Spencer in making the successful proposal to Zac.

When Josh passed his driving test, she went out for a spin with him and wanted to go all the way in the back of the car. He turned her down, saying he didn’t want her first time to be like that, leaving her thinking he didn’t want her. However, when she went round to talk to him, he dragged her into his room which he had set up with flashing balloons and they consummated their relationship. Her good mood after spending the night with him for the first time tipped Oscar off and she was pleased when he got protective. She was initially annoyed that Andy had taken Hannah, who had yet to recover the use of her legs, out in a boat, where she had nearly drowned in an accident, but accepted he wasn’t to blame. She confided in Hannah about sleeping with Josh and they bonded over it.

Realising that Maddy had no friends for support after breaking up with Oscar, Evelyn went to see her at the hospital and found her in tears, having been told her chemotherapy wasn’t working. She took Maddy back to the farm to cheer her up but things got awkward when Oscar and Matt showed up and Maddy left. Evelyn also tried to help Matt, who was going out and getting drunk, but he sent her away. When she tried to talk to him again, he kissed her. Nevertheless, she took Josh to look for him when he disappeared from school. Josh overheard her and Matt discussing the kiss but quickly forgave her, although he remained at odds with Matt. She was annoyed when the school arranged an excursion to the war memorial in Canberra for Anzac Day in the middle of study time and inadvertently upset Alf by describing it as a waste of time, unaware he was a war veteran. Even after finding out, she continued to make dismissive comments within Alf’s hearing at the memorial but after a closer look she joined him in putting a poppy in the memorial wall. When the group spent the night in the trenches, she helped look after an ill Alf. Afterwards, she took part in the town’s Anzac Day commemoration.

On learning Matt had gone missing again, she and Josh tracked him down in Mangrove River where he was getting drunk with his old crowd, but they ended up in another argument. After Matt had sorted himself out, Evelyn arranged for him and Maddy to study together. Deciding they would make a good couple, she invited them over and sat them on the sofa together to watch a romantic movie but they didn’t show any interest in each other. She then took them camping with her and Josh and arranged for them to share a tent, but all they did was play Candy Crush. When Maddy found out what was going on, she blasted Evelyn and Josh, thinking they were only doing it because they felt sorry for her having cancer. Evelyn felt guilty and wanted to do something nice for Maddy but Roo told her Maddy just wanted to be treated like normal so Evelyn and Josh surprised her at a chemo session for a study date. When she realised Oscar still liked Maddy, Evelyn switched her matchmaking attention to them, getting them to play Twister together at a party to celebrate Maddy’s chemotherapy working.

She arranged a surprise party for Josh’s 18th birthday but when he turned up early he walked out. However, he later returned. Evelyn was roped into helping with surf carnival preparations in order to distract Denny from her break-up with Ash. When the news spread that Brax had been declared dead, Evelyn was unable to comfort Josh so went to Andy and convinced him to talk to him. At Leah and Zac’s engagement party, she and Oscar gave them the money Leah should have paid for their first kiss. She overheard that Hannah had slept with her ex Sean Gleeson and demanded she tell Andy. When Hannah couldn’t bring herself to do so, Evelyn reluctantly agreed to keep quiet. However, Josh then found out and told Andy, and was angry that Evelyn had known. Evelyn  went home and started packing her bags, and ended up yelling at Hannah and calling her a tart, prompting Hannah to slap her. She spent the night on Leah and Zac’s couch. Josh forgave her and they attended Jett’s farewell party together.

Zac and Oscar tried to get her to talk to Hannah, but when she continued to make snide remarks Hannah snapped and said she’d given up her life for them, prompting Zac to decide both Evelyn and Oscar should move in with him. She later apologised to Hannah. The house then burned down and they relocated to the caravan park house. She worried that Josh was spending too much time studying and, when she learned he was taking drugs to keep awake, forced him to flush them. She initially refused to believe that Josh had been knocked down the stairs by an intruder until VJ backed him up. When Roo told her a student had been hospitalised after taking a designer pill, Evelyn quizzed Josh who denied knowledge. However, she was then threatened by his dealer, Damo Adams, who made it clear Josh had bought from him again. Although Josh went to the police, she admitted she wasn’t sure if she trusted him. When she learned Josh had been taken hostage by Damo, she rushed to the house and was relieved to find he was all right, but still broke up with him.

When Zac’s previously unknown son Hunter turned up, Evelyn suggested having him over for a family meal. Shortly after, she was being driven by Leah when the brakes failed and they narrowly avoided hitting a tree; Evelyn and most of the other teens wrongly suspected Hunter. She helped Josh prepare an application to do his HSC at adult education but turned down his offer to stay for dinner. Oscar took her along to a party Chris was throwing but she left after arguing with Josh. When Matt started bullying Maddy, Evelyn realised it was because he liked her and convinced him to back off. After attending the town’s Ed Sheeran concert, she and Josh exchanged apologies and wished each other luck with the exams. She and Maddy asked to see the video that had got Josh into his HSC course and she found it was a stark and deeply personal drugs warning video. She and Oscar took Denny out for a farewell breakfast when she was planning on going travelling.

She met a stranger, Tank, on the beach and exchanged numbers with him. She got dressed up for their date but he took her swimming. She dismissed the opinion of Josh, who knew Tank from his HSC course, when he told her Tank was a loser, especially when Josh went for Tank while he was demonstrating Evelyn how he was expelled for fighting, believing Tank was attacking her. Tank gave Evelyn a paddleboat lesson where they kissed. After she’d introduced him to her friends, he took her out for a risky high speed drive which ended in her kissing him again. They went up to Jump Rock where she told him of her mother’s death and he told her that his mother had died, his father had kicked him out and he lived with friends. Evelyn was willing to jump with him but instead they had sex for the first time. She admitted to Maddy that they hadn’t been careful so Maddy took her to get the morning after pill and Tank looked after her when it left her nauseous. Tank took her to meet his friends but she was uncomfortable to be taken to a messy share house full of rough types. She left after one of Tank’s friends’ girlfriends told her he had commitment issues but Tank insisted he wouldn’t cheat on her and she refused to believe Maddy’s claim that he had flirted with her.

At Leah’s prompting, she suggested they cool things until after her exams but Tank broke up with her. However, she then saw Tank in an argument with Greg Snelgrove, the new principal, and saw him with a bruised face; he told her Greg was his father and hit him. Evelyn told Leah, then went back to Tank’s place and slept with him again. When Leah and Zac tried to ban her from seeing Tank, she went along with Tank’s suggestion that they pretend to break up. She agreed to try and sneak away from Maddy’s 18th birthday party to see him but Maddy convinced her to stay; Tank then showed up with a group of friends who trashed the house. However, she refused to believe Tank had invited them and revealed she had had his initial tattooed on her hip. She found herself banned from seeing Tank and grounded, but on learning he’d been thrown out of his share house for reporting a friend who had accidentally injured James Edmunds, she sneaked him into her room. When she played innocent with Leah the next morning, VJ told Leah what was really going on.

Evelyn ran away with Tank but was shocked to realise that he expected them to be gone for good. Although they had make up sex, she was shocked to find a knife and balaclava in his things. Tank admitted he had robbed a service station. Evelyn pretended to be fine with it, then tried to take the car but Tank stopped her. She managed to get hold of his phone and send a message to Josh before running out into the woods. Josh found her and took her home. When Josh was found badly injured nearby, Evelyn realised Tank must have done it and received a serve from Andy. Tank claimed he’d planted a bomb at the school and Evelyn went to meet with him. He admitted he’d seen his mother murdered by a mugger while his dad did nothing, and she comforted him until Zac, Greg and Emerson arrived to take him into custody.

However, Andy then told her Josh’s life support was being turned off. She went to the hospital to say a tearful farewell only for Andy to change his mind when he saw Josh move his hand. She took turns with Andy keeping vigil over Josh but collapsed and was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration. She rushed back to the hospital when she heard Josh had opened his eyes and promised to help him through his rehabilitation but he responded by writing “YOUR FAULT”. She went to Andy for comfort and ended up spending the night on his sofa. She then went back to Josh and insisted she was staying, having to be dragged away by Hannah as Josh became increasingly distressed. She asked Andy to give him some podcasts without letting him know they were from her. She accompanied Maddy and Oscar to a schoolies party but ended up leaving early for a meal with Andy at Angelo’s. She also accompanied her friends to the school formal but it was marred by the absence of Josh and Maddy and Oscar breaking up, although Zac gave her a consolation dance back home.

She was furious when Oscar went missing after Maddy’s harsh break-up, although she later accepted Maddy hadn’t meant for it to happen. She sensed Oscar was in danger, then worried when she couldn’t sense him anymore. She was relieved to be reunited with him. However, she was devastated to receive the news that Denny had died before leaving town, and her online conversations had been with an imposter. She was instrumental in talking Leah and Zac out of postponing the wedding, presenting them with the mugs Denny had left as a wedding present. After being a bridesmaid at the wedding, she was shocked by the news that Charlotte had killed Denny. She opened up about her confusion to Andy and kissed him, after which she went to the beach alone.

She and Andy tried to put the kiss behind them but Andy told her that Hannah knew. Evelyn told Hannah that she had initiated it and was delighted when Josh regained his sight, going round to spend time with him. However, he saw a message on her phone from Andy about the kiss and they promptly fell out, with Josh announcing he was leaving town. She attended Denny’s funeral in the city, then went round to see Josh after being accepted into uni only to find him in the arms of one of his TAFE friends, Louisa O’Brien. Soon after, while putting sun tan on, she noticed a lump on her breast; she snapped at Josh when he tried to apologise to her before confiding in Leah. She went for a biopsy with Leah, Zac and Hannah supporting her; initially she tried to keep it from Oscar but he soon found out. The lump was benign but the experience prompted Evelyn to suggest she, Hannah and Oscar all be tested for the BRCA gene. Josh invited her to a party during orientation week and, after she had blown her top at Matt and Maddy for their bickering and helped get Chris and Hannah back together, they reunited.

She returned from a trip away with Oscar to learn Zac had been charged with Charlotte’s murder. Hers and Oscar’s gene tests came back negative but Hannah was positive and Evelyn insisted to her that she needed to have a mastectomy, after which she, Oscar, Josh and Andy got the house ready for her to return from the operation. She worked out that Skye had a crush on Oscar and told him and the other teens, then made a thoughtless comment to Skye, resulting in her blowing up at Oscar. She welcomed Zac back on his release and quickly deduced that VJ and Skye were only pretending to date to make Billie and Oscar jealous.

Wanting to get her tattoo of Tank removed and having received vouchers for a hotel for her birthday, she convinced Josh, Maddy and Matt to spend a night there with her. During the trip, Josh proposed to her using an improvised ring made from champagne wire and she happily accepted. However, on their return they learned that Zac was trying to get parole for Tank, who had helped him in prison. Evelyn was furious and told Zac if he did she’d never forgive him, even though she knew Tank was in danger in jail. However, when she visited Tank and he apologised but didn’t expect forgiveness, she accepted he had changed and told Zac she was fine with him helping Tank so long as he stayed away from them after being released. Instead, he was instructed to stay with Greg, and turned up at Evelyn and Josh’s engagement party as Skye’s date. Evelyn realised it wasn’t deliberate and talked Josh out of reporting him. However, when VJ told her he’d seen Skye kissing Tank, Evelyn tried to warn her off him. She wasn’t mollified when Skye revealed that it was Evelyn that Tank had feelings for, prompting her to alert Josh and Oscar.

She suffered only minor injuries when the hospital fundraiser was hit by an explosion but went into a panic when Josh, Hannah and Oscar couldn’t be found. Although the first two turned up apparently unharmed, Oscar was found dead. Evelyn fainted at the news and insisted on going to the hospital to view his body. She then heard that Hannah had also died from a head injury. She broke down in tears at the funeral, then asked Josh to marry her the next day. However, Leah and Zac halted the ceremony, telling her if she went through with it the marriage would always be tied to her grief, and she admitted to Josh that she’d been trying to ignore the fact that Oscar wouldn’t be at their wedding.

She was the one who recalled Maddy had a second account when she ran away from the hospital, allowing her to be found. She thanked Skye for letting everyone know Tank had caused the explosion only to find out it was actually Andy. She attacked Andy, having to be restrained by Josh, and was angry to learn that Alf, Leah and Roo had already known. She decided to defer uni and asked Josh to go travelling with her but was angry to realise he had forgiven Andy, although she still let him comfort her. She tried to support Maddy after her amputation and was upset to hear Matt and Maddy were planning to leave town, prompting Josh to promise her he wasn’t going anywhere. She told him she was okay as long as she had him. Grateful for his support, she thanked him by sleeping with him in a caravan, only for him to admit that he had killed Charlotte.

Although Evelyn’s first instinct was to walk away from him, especially since he had let Zac go to jail, she quickly came round and supported him when he went to the police station to confess…only to find Andy had already done so. She convinced Josh to keep quiet and took him camping to get his mind off Andy’s bail hearing. However, Josh got angry and accused her of wanting Andy punished because of what happened to Hannah and Oscar, prompting Evelyn to admit she was scared of him. However, when Josh was arrested for giving Andy a false alibi for the murder of Jake Pirovic, she talked him out of confessing to killing Charlotte and tried to blackmail Kat into keeping quiet, saying if she didn’t back off she’d let everyone know she covered for them. She bailed Josh out but he had difficulty getting on with things as normal and she realised he couldn’t let Andy take the blame. They ended their relationship and she let him confess before admitting the truth to Hunter. She was upset when Josh refused to see her and was comforted by Mason.