Coco Astoni

Anna Cocquerel

Coco Astoni (2017- )
Anna Cocquerel
Episodes: 6682-present

Parents: Ben & Maggie Astoni
Sibling: Ziggy Astoni

Occupation: Student

When Coco first appeared, arriving at the family home in the city with mother Maggie, she had just been suspended from school for cyber-bullying. She protested that she had only joined in with something other girls had started and was upset that Maggie hadn’t stuck up for her. Her father Ben put an end to things by dropping her phone into the garbage disposal. She found herself dragged along on what was supposed to be a trip to see her grandmother. She was unenthusiastic when they stopped in Summer Bay, although was instantly taken with VJ when she saw him on the beach. When the car broke down and they had to spend the night there, her sister Ziggy dragged her out to Salt and then got arrested for stealing a wallet.

When Ben’s attempt to make a quick exit from Summer Bay saw him damage a water tank and have to stay in town to repair it, Coco was the one least enthusiastic about staying with him, probably because she’d been hoping to get computer access at her grandmother’s. Maggie took her and Ziggy on John and Marilyn’s bus tour but she felt car sick, which contributed to the tour being cut short. When Ziggy tried to run away to the city and Ben and Maggie went to look for her, Alf introduced Coco to Raffy. Despite an awkward start when Raffy queried her confrontational behaviour online, Coco soon warmed to the younger girl and confided that the girl she had posted a comment about, Sophia, bullied her and she could only stand up to her online. Having made a rare friend in person rather than virtually, Coco now voted in favour of staying in town for the school holidays.