Alf Stewart

Ray Meagher

Alfred Douglas Stewart (1988- )
Ray Meagher; Max Buckley (Alf Aged 5, 2010); Robert Jago (Younger Alf, 2010)
Episodes: Pilot-present

Parents: Gordon & Sarah Stewart
Siblings: Morag Bellingham, Celia Stewart, Barbara Stewart and Debra Stewart; Colleen Smart (half-sister)
Marital status: Martha Baldivis (1969-1985, deceased); Ailsa O’Rourke/Hogan (1988-2000, deceased)
Children: Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson, Ruth Stewart, Duncan Stewart; Shauna Bradley (stepdaughter)

Occupation: Bottle Shop Owner, Bait Shop Owner, General Store Owner, Surf Club President, Bar Owner, Boat Owner

Alf was a war baby, born in Summer Bay on 7th November 1946. His father, Gordon, would have liked more sons but in the end Alf had to cope with four sisters – Morag, Barbara, Celia and the unseen Debra.

Gordon believed his son should make his own way in the world and told him than on his death everything would go to his daughters. Gordon would not even let Alf come into his successful Boat Yard and Yacht Brokerage business. But Alf benefitted from the way his father brought him up and by the age of 30 he owned the Summer Bay Liqour Store, the Boat Hire Service, the Summer Bay Caravan Park and his own brokerage firm.

Alf married his teenage sweetheart Martha Baldivis on 5th April 1969. They had a daughter Roo who they adore and the family lived in Summer Bay House. When Martha drowned in 1985 Alf was shattered.

After her death, Alf could no longer stand living in Summer Bay House. As a tribute to her memory, he kept the house spick and span; in the meantime, the caravan park worsened into a state of disrepair when sold to the Fletchers. He also lost other businesses.

When Ailsa Hogan arrived in Summer Bay, he went out with her. He was attracted to her, but was unsure of how far he would like his relationship with her to go. Roo hated Ailsa so much, that she went great lengths to find something unsavoury about her. Despite Roo’s hostility, Alf stuck with Ailsa, which Roo later accepted.

They married on the spot in a registry and surprised Roo and Celia.

In 1989, Alf was delighted when he had a son, whom they called Duncan. Unfortunately for him, Ailsa suffered from post-natal depression.

Alf’s sister Celia bought Ailsa’s store and when it burnt down she combined with Alf to build a new grocery and liquor market.

Alf had a few near heart attacks and was constantly told to slow down. Despite this, he still continued his busy life.

In 1995, Ailsa went through a period of depression. Alf tried to help her but she believed that he didn’t love her any more. One night Ailsa was in the kitchen, drugged up on five-year-old anti-depressants, and sees a vision of Bobby appear from the fridge! The ghostly Bobby tells Ailsa that Alf really does love her, after which Ailsa admits that she has a problem and needs help.

The following year Summer Bay was hit by an earthquake. As Alf watched his store collapse around him he sufferered a major heart attack resulting in him needing open heart surgery.

Duncan had an accident on council lands which ended in him being in hospital for a long time. This angered Alf, and since then, he lost interest in the council.

Alf opened a business with Jesse McGregor, who was a crook in his younger days; they opened a bait store which they called ‘Alf and Jesse’s Baits and Bits Store’. However, the place was burnt down by a madman.

Despite his old fashioned ways, he is a good natured person who meant well. He was shocked when a female lifeguard was employed but accepted it.

Alf, became forgetful and short-tempered, wrongly accusing June and Colleen of stealing from the diner when in fact he had misplaced the money. Alf’s behaviour became so much more erratic that Don phoned Morag to come and help with Alf. Alf found Morag nothing more than a nuisance and convinced Don to become his power of attorney.

The diagnosis was, that like his father, Alf was suffering from Alzheimers. Returning to the diner after VJ’s 1st birthday party Alf saw Ailsa in the kitchen. Though Alf thought that Ailsa had returned from the dead, it was clear to everyone else that something was seriously wrong with Alf. Further tests showed the Alf wasn’t actually suffering from Alzheimers and had a brain tumour. Despite pleas from his friends to have an operation Ailsa kept on convincing him not to have it.

After collapsing at a play in his honour Alf went under the knife. Whilst on the operating table Ailsa showed Alf what the bay would turn into without him around. As Alf flatlined, Ailsa gave Alf the choice of joining her in the afterlife, or returning to Summer Bay. As the surgeons called time on Alf’s death his heart springed back to life. Alf was determined not to let his vision turn into reality.

Aftere a few months living with Don in his new home up in the Whitsunday’s, Alf returned to the bay reinvigorated and started to make sure the events in his visions didn’t come true. First of all he told Hayley what he had seen of her future with Josh West and she soon broke up with him. He was also worried about Seb, who was now in his care after he had decided to stay in Summer Bay after Don had left, was going to have an accident on Noah’s motorcycle and did everything he could to ensure that Seb would not ride a bike.

Unfortunately some of the things in Alf’s dream did come true. He had saw that Sally and Flynn had lost the baby in his dream, and sure enough, when he returned from the Whitsunday’s, Sophie had miscarried Sally and Flynn’s child, however her and Blake’s survived.

Alf soon found new romance for the first time since Ailsa had died with Colleen’s daughter, Maureen. After a comical first date in which they continously turned up in the wrong outfits, there relationship lasted a couple of weeks before they drifted apart and Maureen soon left the bay.

Alf worst fears almost came true when Seb was hurt by Kirsty and Kane took off on Noah’s motorcycle. The police soon came a-knocking, asking Alf to identify Seb. However, Seb wasn’t dead. Someone had stolen the bike off him, with all Seb’s identification and had crashed fatally.

Alf continued his ownership of the boat throughout this, working with Scott and Kane. Unfortunately, on one trip two American tourists went missing when on a driving trip and they were thought to be dead. After Scott and Kane came back ashore they went looking for the the couple and found the man on the shore. A brief struggle ensued when the man tried to take them hostage.

Alf’s son Duncan returned in 2004 and started causing chaos around the bay. First of all he got Jade hooked on drugs and then he drove a car off a cliff with Seb on the bonnet. Alf and Morag managed to get Duncan off the charges, however when Duncan got hold of Tasha’s secret and blackmailed her into giving him the money to allow him to go to New York, Alf announced he no longer thought of Duncan as his son.

Alf sold his remaining half of his diner in 2004 to Irene, whom Tasha had bought if for, though Alf continued to live in The Diner flat and concentrated his efforts on his boat The Blaxland. He later wewnt into business with Beth Hunter by buying a halcf share in Noah’s Bar.

When Dani Sutherland was convincted for the attempted murder of Kane Philips and sent to prison, she was befriended by ‘The Guv’ who seemed very interested in Summer Bay. It transpired that The Guv was actually Viv Standish, Alf’s Stewart’s very first girlfriend. Viv confided to Dani that she was dying and wwith the help of her botfriend Scott they managed to reaquaint her with Alf and she was released in order to spend her dying days with him in The Bay. Before she died though she told him that he was father to a son Owen Dalby and Alf very soon realised that his son was in fact the violent father of resident bad boy Eric Dalby, who Ric had accidentally killed. With Ric going on the run Alf was determined to find him and form a bond with his grandson. At first their relationship was strained and Ric decided to live with sally and Flynn rather than Alf but they eventually forged a relationship and became close.

Soon after, yet another Stewart was to be reunited with Alf when, on a regular trip to see his daughter Roo in New York, he met and became aquainted with his grand-daughter Martha whom Roo had given up for adoption eighteen years earlier. To Alf’s delight Martha decided to follow him back to The Bay in order to meet her australian relatives.

When Alf turned sixty the residents of The Bay came together to organise a huge party for him with a number of familiar faces including his sisters Morag, Barbra and Celia, his son Duncan, foster children Sarah Thompson and Mitch McColl amongst others, returning for the big day. The party was a huge success with Sally delivering a rousing speech about ‘Mr Stewart’.

Chloe Richards, back in The Bay to escape a violent boyfriend, gave Alf, Martha, Ric and Kim a lift home from the party but their car was forced off the road and they were all taken to hospital where Chloe died and Martha was left seemingly paralysed. A furious Alf went on the rampage in order to find the culprit and was horrified to discover it was in fact Jesse McGregor, spurned by Chloe, who had drank too much and accidentaly run them off the road. Alf refused to forgive Jesse, even though he handed himself into the police. Luckily Martha made a full recovery, evetually recovering the use of her legs.

When Josh West arrived back in town Alf was convinced he was bad news and the two quickly came head to head in the campaign to be Mayor. Unfortunately for Alf, Josh was willing to play dirty and set Alf up so it looked as if he had been taking bribes. Elected as Mayor, Josh wasted no time in putting his plans into action, Project 56, a bridge right through Summer Bay, would essentially decimate the town but Alf refused to go down without a fight, delivering a rousing speech about the ‘spirit of summer bay’. Despite his and Morag’s best efforts though and with a corrupt Judge overseeing his trial, Alf stood no chance in getting off the false charges and was sent straight to Prison. Whilst in there Alf managed to do good and tried to reach out to a fellow con but Alf was released and the guy he was trying to help was left inside. A free Alf was ridden with guilt about not being able to help the guy and for months after was a changed man. He was quiet, withdrawn, snappy and jumped at the slightest sound. Luckily he had several heart to hearts with his sister Morag and eventually came through the other side.

When Sally Fletcher’s husband Flynn was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Alf was there to support her and her family, including grandson Ric. Before Flynn eventually passed away he shared a quiet moment with Alf, asking him to look after his family for him. Alf took him at his word, moving into the Caravan Par House to support Sally and he has lived there ever since, bringing together the two original characters under one roof.

Over the next year or so the majority of Alf’s storylines revolved around his family, including the many trials of Ric and Martha being lost in The Bush in the aftermath of her failed wedding. When she was finally found safe and well Alf decided to fly personally to New York to deliver the news that she was safe. He was devastated when Sally was brutally stabbed by Rocco Cooper and was around to support his grandson Ric as he was wrongly imprisoned for Rocco’s subsequent murder.

He received a phone call saying that his sister Celia had had a stroke so he flew once again to her aid. In his absence his granddaughter Martha fell off the rails after terminating a pregnancy by a man, Alf had disapproved of. alf was horrified to come home and find Martha living in The Diner flat and working as a Dancer in a Strip Club.

He caught Cassie twice in trysts with Jules and was there for Martha when she admitted her despair over her abortion.

His main story for the year came when Jack pulled him over for a routine breath test and discovered that his license had expired. When his family began nagging him to get it renewed he reluctantly admitted to Martha that he thought he was possibly going blind; that his father had had glaucoma and that it was hereditary. His family eventually convinced him to have tests but he failed to show for the first appointment despite being dropped off outside. When Ric convinced him to head in and apologise he was relieved to hear that his problem was only cataracts and that he only needed a small operation to fix things.

His eyesight almost caused him to lose everything when accidentally knocked down Little Pippa because he couldn’t see her. A furious Sally blamed him and threw him out of the house forcing him to live on his boat. Fortunately Pippa recovered and Sally forgave him, allowing him to move home again.

2008 saw a huge year for Alf as Sally made the decision to leave the bay. Unable to cope, Alf kept his distance from her before she sought him out and they said an emotional goodbye with him asking her to call him Alf and Sally replying “You’ll always be Mr Stewart to me, Alf.” The next key event saw a time capsule left by his mother he discovered and the revelation that Colleen was actually his sister. Although initially shocked Alf later saw how much it meant to Colleen and made an effort towards her, causing a misunderstanding where everyone thought they were getting married before the truth was revealed.

Ric’s turmoil over Matilda saw Alf re-open the bait shop but he was left to run it alone when Ric left for Perth. He was devastated to find out that Martha had cancer but there was a happy occasion when Morag finally got married. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last and Alf had to support her when Ross developed alzhiemers.

New arrival in town Bridget, set her cap at Alf and though initially reluctant, they began seeing each other. Things started to not add up though when Bridget took money for advertising which never materialized. Confronting her, Bridget lied that her cancer had returned and he later took her side when Rachel turned against her.

He was gutted when Bridget announced she was leaving for cancer treatment in the states and asked her to stay to support him in the aftermath of Jack’s funeral. She agreed but Rachel wasn’t pleased and revealed the truth about Bridget, leaving Alf devastated and humiliated. Hugo came to him with a business proposition but after being burnt by Elliot and Bridget he refused on Roman’s advice only to later change his mind and allow Hugo to set up a dive business out of the bait shop.

He received word that Duncan was getting married bin Vegas and arranged for Pippa to come and cover him with Irene away and Roman in hospital. He was unimpressed by the tacky ceremony when he returned a few weeks later. He returned just in time to be at Irene’s side after she was arrested for Lou’s murder. He worked hard with the surf club to get the winter surf carnival and was gutted when a severed hand on the beach and a shark attack, meant the carnival was lost to the town.

He went on an expedition with Hugo and miles to catch the shark but instead they uncovered Lou’s body.

In early 2010, Alf ended up caught up in the race riot that burnt down the Diner. The experience left him disenchanted with life in Summer Bay for a while until some words from Miles and Irene, a fishing trip with Tony, the fact that people like Martha and Aden had managed to pick themselves up after tragedies and even a chat with Nicole inspired him to carry on. He also had to carry the burden of being the only person in town aside from Angelo to know of Hugo’s continued survival and the fact that it eventually becoming common knowledge led to Martha leaving his life seemingly for good, leaving him in charge of her farm. He was bolstered by the return of Marilyn, who he quickly invited to move into the caravan park house, but shocked when she told him she was dying. He was very uncomfortable when Marilyn introduced him to her ventriloquist’s doll Mr. Oddly, as the result of a bad experience at his fifth birthday party
and made several attempts to get rid of him. When Marilyn decided to burn the doll, he took great delight in lighting the match.

Alf became uneasy about Penn Graham, especially when he learned Penn was the son of Tulip O’Hare, a woman he had had an affair with over twenty years previous, shortly after his wife Martha died and when Tulip had recently lost her daughter. Tulip died of an overdose shortly after Alf broke the affair off and Penn blamed Alf, swearing revenge. He pestered Alf, breaking into his room and planting photos of Tulip everywhere and vandalising the house. Alf kept tightlipped about his past with Penn, only telling Miles, so he appeared guilty when Penn turned up dead. He was delighted when Roo returned to town but bothered by her secret conversation with Gina. When Roo told him the truth about trying to help Martha and Hugo, he gave his blessing. At John and Gina’s wedding reception, he was arrested for Penn’s murder. He spent six weeks in jail on remand before being released on bail. When Will admitted he had killed Penn, the charges were dropped and, after accepting John had done a good job running the surf club in his absence, Alf left to travel the world on a six month backpacking tour.

He returned to the aftermath of the bachelor and spinsters ball and made a deal with Romeo to let the latter run a tour business with the Blaxland. He clashed with Harvey Ryan when he revealed Alf had never bought a permit for his mooring and unsuccessfully tried to convince the council to let him keep it. When he learned Harvey would get the mooring, which he had installed himself, he and Romeo removed it. After Harvey lost his boat in a storm, Alf agreed to him joining Romeo in the business and, parly because he was dating Roo, ignored Romeo’s claims he wasn’t pulling his weight in the business. He later considered selling the Blaxland to him and rejected Romeo’s ultimatum to choose between them, although Sid convinced him to delay signing the contract and he cancelled the deal when Roo worked out he’d been conning them. He then decided to stand for council against Harvey.

However, he lost the election, unaware that the mayor had rigged the vote. Despite this, he worked with Harvey, along with Gina, Elijah and several other residents, to raise funds for a school Miles and Sally were planning to build in Thailand. He went over there to help with the construction and, when he returned, had to endure a treatable form of malaria.

Alf spent the next several months dealing with the chaos surrounding Roo and Harvey’s wedding and the arrival in the household of Spencer and Maddy. When Sally returned to town, Alf was pleased to see her but realised something was wrong and she admitted that her daughter Pippa had an incurable genetic condition, mitochondrial disease. Alf tried to buy the house in order to get her the money to go to a clinic in the United States along with Roo, Marilyn and Harvey but was refused a mortgage so put the Blaxland up for sale in order to afford the deposit. It was bought by Harvey’s friend Winston Markman who was happy for Alf to carry on using it. The amount was bolstered by an anonymous donation of $80,000 from Brax, who Alf obliquely thanked, when Bianca and Heath set up a fund in lieu of wedding presents. Alf had a hard time coping with saying goodbye to them, especially when Pippa asked him to witness her will, and told Sally he’d be out fishing when she left. After avoiding their farewell party, Roo convinced him to say goodbye to them.

He had a hard time accepting Maddy’s relationship with Josh Barrett, who had been in the car when his brother Andy ran her off the road, and reported him to the police, only for him to be released as soon as it was established he wasn’t driving. Maddy asked Alf to let Josh stay in a van when he found himself homeless but Alf refused. Maddy instead hid Josh in her room and when Alf found out he threw him out, causing Maddy to run away. Shortly after she returned, Alf went to visit Sally and Pippa in the States but returned when he learned Harvey had gone missing at sea. He objected to Josh again on learning Andy had spiked Maddy’s drink but some pointed remarks from Nate prompted him to reluctantly accept him and invite him to dinner. He welcomed the pair back from the Bay Meets the River music festival and returned home with Roo and Maddy to find Harvey waiting for them.

Alf tried to repair Roo and Harvey’s marriage but ultimately Harvey’s experiences while missing caused them to break up and him to leave. He had trouble coping with the discovery Josh and Maddy were sleeping together, trying to ban Josh from the house, but ultimately accepted they were old enough. He employed Denny Miller as his new assistant at the bait shop and began to see her as a surrogate daughter. He was briefly hospitalised after eating risotto that Chris had made with poisoned mushroom.

He then had to deal with Roo being hospitalised with an infection immediately after returning from holiday, and was glued to her bedside as she lay comatose. When Nate asked him about where she had been, he discovered she had left Las Vegas, where she had supposedly been staying, weeks previous. Maddy found her passport which showed she had been to Peru, and Nate was able to give her the correct treatment. He argued with Roo about her keeping her travel plans secret but made peace with her when she explained she was fed up of people knowing her business.

When he learned Andy had been dealing drugs out of the caravan park, he threw him out, saying Josh could stay if he went quietly. He supported Denny at Casey’s funeral and gave Maddy a serve on learning she had slept with Josh after Casey’s death. He gave Marilyn away when she married John and accompanied Chris in going to help Spencer when he was lured to a motel by internet predator Keith Potts. He and Zac took VJ, Spencer and Matt away to help them over recent events. He supported Maddy and Josh when they revealed they were accepting a baby. Then Maddy admitted to him that Oscar might be the father, and when an ultrasound showed she actually had cancer he arranged a visit from cancer survivors Irene and Marilyn to reassure her. After taking her to the hospital to begin her chemotherapy, he went home with Roo to get her things.

They learnt that Maddy had disappeared and Alf helped supervise the rescue operation when several residents were injured in a bus crash. He talked Roo out of following Oscar to the city and supported Maddy when she returned and began chemotherapy. He shut down a protest led by Josh trying to stop a mural that he had graffitied on the side of the surf club being removed. He was interested when John talked about setting up a war memorial in Summer Bay but felt dispirited when Evelyn came round with details of a school excursion for Anzac Day and dismissed it as a waste of time. He admitted to Marilyn and Roo that he had never been to the war memorial in Canberra, and still had the ashes of his grandfather who died in World War I, so Marilyn suggested he go on the excursion as a chaperone. He was depressed by the teenagers’ continued ambivalence but ended up placing a poppy on the wall with Evelyn’s help. Afterwards, he joined the teens in spending a night in the trenches. The experiences at the museum and in the trenches caused him to suffer flashbacks and after wandering off during the night he was found collapsed and rushed to hospital. The doctors confirmed he hadn’t had a heart attack but did have an irregular heart beat. He got talking to Tom Knight, a World War II veteran in the next bed who felt guilt about losing his plane crew and about being estranged from his son. Later, he was told that Tom had died. Roo smuggled him out of hospital to attend the Anzac Day service the youngsters had put on, where he scattered his grandfather’s ashes.

He returned home without a diagnosis and ended up snapping at Maddy when she energetically welcomed him back. When he had another attack while looking through Tom’s things, Nate suggested PTSD but he refused to accept it and walked out of the hospital. Roo tried to convince him to see a counsellor but Irene’s attempt to give him a lecture just made him dig his heels in. He snapped at Maddy when he saw her with a photo of Ailsa before breaking down in tears on the beach. Maddy told him that he wasn’t weak to accept help for PTSD any more than she was for cancer and he went out on the Blaxland for a bit to clear his head. On his return, he apologised to Irene but walked out of his first counselling session with Maria Carmichael without really saying anything. Roo brought Maria to the house and after chatting to her for an hour he accepted it was helping and agreed to see her again. He led the SES in searching for Leah when she wandered off into the bush after being diagnosed with an aneurysm. He continued to have counselling sessions with Maria at the house but found it difficult to talk about those who died. When he had a panc attack, he got Roo to call Maria and made a step forward by admitting he felt ashamed that he’d survived. He blew a stack at John for organising the surf carnival without him, but when Marilyn stood up to him he admitted he was fed up of being mollycoddled and agreed to do it together. He led the town in a toast to Brax when he was declared dead. He told Jett how much he’d miss Marilyn when it looked like she might leave town and attended Jett’s farewell party.

He welcomed Zac and Leah’s family into the house after their home was burned down and met Roo’s new boyfriend James Edmunds. He organised the search for Billie when she went missing from the hospital. He went to a dinner at the beach house to get to know James but was left suspicious when details of his story of moving to Sydney didn’t match up. He warned Zac he was in danger of losing Leah when he began spending all his time with Hunter. Soon after, he went to visit Don in the Whitsundays.

He returned to help an amnesiac Marilyn and continue his investigation of James. He was annoyed when he learned Roo and James were engaged and James warned him that if he didn’t give his blessing he’d be out of their lives. Alf asked Morag to look into James and told Roo what James had said but she dismissed it. He got information from Morag and when Irene told him Roo and James were getting married that minute he interrupted the ceremony with the news that James had never worked at the hospital in Blue Mountains. James explained that he had gone under his middle name there but it was enough to halt the wedding. Alf began to soften towards James when he was injured trying to stop an aerosol can exploding but when he learned that he was married and Roo knew he ordered him to stay away from her. He was disappointed that Roo wanted to stay with him but made up with her after she and James broke up.

He was drafted in as a makeshift celebrant when John and Marilyn renewed their wedding vows and was quick to turn on Charlotte after she stole Hunter’s trust fund and was fired from the school for sleeping with Matt, refusing to let her talk to Hunter. He counselled Maddy over her feelings for Matt and Oscar, and organised the search when Oscar went missing. When the body of a young woman was found in a shallow grave, Alf believed it couldn’t be a local since no-one had been noticed as missing, only to receive the news that it was Denny. Hunter and Olivia tipped him off to the fact that Irene was drinking again and he poured her vodka away. He consulted with Chris and Evelyn on how to stop Leah and Zac postponing the wedding. He tried to stop Charlotte’s outburst at the wedding before learning she had killed Denny.

He learned the following morning that Charlotte had been killed and later that Hunter had burned down Leah’s house but still broke up an altercation between him and VJ and offered Hunter his support. He did however apologise to Billie for the town’s treatment of her. He contacted Morag when Zac was accused of Charlotte’s murder; the accusation resulted in the house being vandalised but Alf talked Leah out of moving out and faced down a lynch mob at the caravan park. He turned down Ash’s suggestion of setting up a workshop at the caravan park on insurance grounds but pointed him and Andy towards a lock-up that could be used as a garage. Soon after, he left town to help Seb look after an injured Don.

He returned in the aftermath of the explosion at the caravan park that had killed Oscar and had to break the news to Zac and Leah that Hannah had died as well, as well as supporting Maddy when she had to have her arm amputated. He was the one who worked out that Josh and Evelyn were planning to elope. He organised the search for Maddy after she ran away from the hospital and just failed to find her at Oscar’s grave. He then defended Roo to Tanya before Maddy was found at a motel. He tried to reassure Roo when she found she hadn’t done the proper safety checks prior to the explosion. He disapproved of her taking sleeping tablets and was concerned when, following Maddy’s departure, she not only got through a prescription quickly but took Maddy’s medication as well. Matt told him that Roo was hiding what pills she was taking and they staged an intervention, after which Roo gave him her pills.

Tori convinced him to take Justin along as a mechanic on a trial run of the Blaxland and after initial conflict they got on okay. However, then the boat broke down and Alf suffered a heart attack. Justin managed to summon help and he had surgery to insert a stent. He seemed to recover but then passed out again, having suffered a stroke. When he recovered again after a visit from Marilyn, he had lost some of the movement on his right hand side. He refused to let Justin work in the bait shop, insisting it be closed until he could run it himself and then demanding Roo close it when he learned she had hired Justin after all. He insisted on discharging himself from hospital, then took his bad mood out on everyone, especially Roo. After a lecture from Matt, he rehired Justin and apologised to Roo.