About Back to the Bay

Back to the Bay is the most popular Home and Away website around, with the largest Home and Away Message Board on the internet. We’re here to bring you the latest Home and Away News and Spoilers from across the world, along with Features, Information and Multimedia Downloads.

How did you come up with the name?

“Back to the Bay” was a programme which aired on Channel 5 in the months leading up to Home and Away’s launch on the channel. It was a magazine show which brought viewers up to date with the latest happenings on the soap, and reminded them of what happened just before it left ITV’s screens. When Chris and Jeremai had the challenge of choosing a name for this site, “Back to the Bay” was one of many ideas they came up with, but was the first that was truly liked by both of them. The show’s aim was to provide viewers with the latest news on their favourite Australian soap, and this website has the exact same aim. As a result, we thought the name was pretty appropriate. Plus, it has a nice ring to it!

Who works on Back to the Bay?

We have a large team of ‘staff’, working hard to bring you the very best Home and Away news and information. The team consists of:

Chris Jenkins & Dan Foster
Forum Moderators
Dean, Jen & John
Barbara, Jeremai, Matt & Red Ranger 1
Quiet Achiever

And a huge thanks to former BTTB staff members Anaya, Andy, Bttb-rox!, Cal, Cat, Cerise, Claire, Edward Skylover, Eli, Emmasi, Foxy, Frankie, Jackieleanne, JameyMaria, JosieTash, -Karen-, -Kirst-, Lisa P, Liz, MarMar, Melmarshall858, Mez83, Nicom, NuttyNeighbour, Ryan, Scandal-01, Si-Co, Skykat, Theresa and Valli.

Also thanks to Martin Cash for the 1988-2005 short Episode Summaries, Guest Cast and Trivia in the Episodes section, and previous site-owners Jeremai Smith (H&A Source/BTTB) and Stephen Gilligan (Home and Away.org).

Not forgetting Emily Redman, Eduardo Bearo, Rachel Smith and Matt for helping out with BTTB; and to Anne Hoban, Michael Bertol, Tim De Kock, Raymond Meiksa, Ola Carlsson, Sean Stumpf, Matthew Gilligan, Georgia Madsen, Ric Forster, Kroopa Thanki, Marianne Gilligan, Jenny Gray, Trent Wursthorn, Melissa Cleng, Melanie Foster, Demona, Erin Flannery, Trent Wursthorn, Sarah Lang and Avril Harrison, who all helped Home and Away.org over time.

When did this website launch?

The site launched on Wednesday, 14th January 2004. We re-launched on the 1st June 2004, after merging with Home and Away.org.

Are you connected to the Home and Away Cast or Crew?

Whilst we do have contact with various cast and crew members, this website is 100% unofficial with no affiliation to the show, Seven Network or Channel 5. Consequently, we can’t pass on fan mail, send you autographs or get you a part on the show, so please don’t request this over email.

May I use your downloads/features on my own website?

Sorry, no. The team have put a lot of time into creating all our content and we would like it to remain on our website only. Please do not copy them for your own website, or upload videos to Youtube, without permission. You are of course free to link to anything on our site, or quote us with credit.

How can I get in contact with you?

Please remember that we are an unofficial site with no affiliation to the Seven Network. As such we cannot provide you with autographs and/or memorabilia, get you a part on the show, or arrange cast appearances.

For any other enquiries, you can email us on the addresses below:

Chris Jenkins

Dan Foster

We recommend you copy both Chris and Dan into the email, and one of us will strive to get back to you as quickly as possible.


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