2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

15th – 19th January

MONDAY (7756)
Tyler learns that the charges against him have been upgraded from manslaughter to murder.
After deciding to return to school and work towards becoming a nurse, Xanthe takes her relationship with Ben to the next level – but Terese finds them in bed together.
Shane struggles to communicate with Kirsha, who retreats into a vow of silence.

TUESDAY (7757)
The Brennan boys decide to sell the boat to meet Tyler’s legal bills. Gary tries to put a group of investors together in the hope of running the vessel as a business.
Aaron is shocked to find out that Rory is still in town, and David discovers that the two have some history.
Gary is horrified when he learns that his daughter slept with Ben.

After a chat with Amy, Shane sets up a meet with an entrepreneur who has expressed interest in his generator.
Gary sees Xanthe and Ben stepping into a lift in the hotel. He follows them and barges into a room, only to find it occupied by Levi Jansen, Shane’s potential investor.
Rory finds a way to spend more time with Aaron.

After hearing about Gary’s behaviour, Terese bars him from Lassiter’s.
Shane drowns his sorrows after Levi Jansen cancels their meeting and leaves town. Later, he confronts Gary and flies out of control, forcing Mishti to arrest him.
Leo is disappointed when Mishti’s work forces her to cancel their date.

FRIDAY (7760)
Amy and Elly’s attempts to bring Mark and Jack together over a game of croquet result in fisticuffs.
Dipi’s accusation that Mishti is putting work before family makes Shane question his own focus, and he decides to concentrate on inventing.
Paul reveals his plans for the future, but Leo seems less than enthusiastic.

Piper gets the offer of her dreams, but has second thoughts about accepting it.
Rory succeeds in driving a wedge between Aaron and David.
Dipi tries to help Sheila on the romance front.
Jimmy succumbs to temptation in his efforts to do something for Kirsha.
Shane gets some bad advice from Leo.
Jack and Paige choose Gabe’s godparents.

22nd – 26th January

MONDAY (7761)
David discovers that Aaron and Rory met up in Paris, and is not sure whether he can believe Aaron’s assurance that nothing happened between them.
Piper is torn – she has been offered a place at a university in Queensland, but wants to stay at home to support Tyler.
Elly brokers an uneasy peace between Mark and Jack.

TUESDAY (7762)
Paul invites David to join the steering committee of the new hospital wing. Boosted by his father’s show of support, David resolves to take control of his life and tells Aaron that their relationship is over.
Desperate to help Tyler, Piper asks Ben to change his statement to the police.
Dipi promises to help Sheila to win Clive back.

Piper apologises to Ben after Xanthe makes her realise that asking him to lie was wrong.
Jimmy tries to help Kirsha by stealing some mini-bar supplies from Xanthe’s trolley in Lassiter’s.
Sheila gets close to Clive by becoming involved in the hospital extension project that he is overseeing.

Steph returns from her Christmas break, but worries that Jack has lost interest when he is not there to welcome her home.
Shane has a potential customer for his urine-powered generator, but acts on some poor advice from Leo that scuppers the deal.
Xanthe comes under fire when Terese discovers that some bottles are missing.

FRIDAY (7765)
Piper sets up an online vlog to help Tyler, which backfires when trolls get involved.
The fallout from the failed generator deal spoils the Australia Day barbecue for Mishti, Dipi and Leo, but results in Shane deciding to finish Year 12 at school.
Terese is delighted when Jack and Paige ask her to be a godmother to Gabe.

Sonya goes to America after hearing some bad news.
Tyler and Piper are threatened.
Someone else confesses to Hamish’s murder.
Amy makes Paul realise that she is not to be taken for granted.
Jimmy admits to stealing alcohol after Xanthe is accused.

29th January – 2nd February

MONDAY (7766)
Terese finds a way to get Tim to remove Piper’s doctored vlog from the West Waratah Star website, but Tyler fears that the damage may be done.
Rory ruins Aaron’s attempt at a grand gesture to try to win back David.
Sonya gets some bad news from America about her sister Zoe, but agonises about leaving Nell just as she is starting school.

TUESDAY (7767)
Aaron is shaken by Rory’s kiss, but lets him stay after it appears that Mick, an obsessed fan from Aaron’s stripping days, has returned.
Sheila is regretting dropping out of school and missing an opportunity for romance with Clive, but Dipi thinks she can help.
Amy is angry when Paul announces that she is to be his project manager before she has agreed.

Rory uses Mick to manipulate Aaron.
Amy punishes Paul for railroading her into project managing the Robinson Heights development.
Tyler and Piper are threatened by an agent of Banks, a dangerous criminal in the jail where Tyler is likely to be sent.
Paige is eager to contact Mark, who seems to have vanished, and takes up Jack’s offer of help.

Tyler follows instructions to spy on Banks’s wife, but she is fully aware of what he is up to. Tyler later receives the surprising news that someone else has confessed to Hamish’s murder.
Paige and Jack bond while searching for Mark in Adelaide.
Kirsha’s first day at school is a disaster, and only gets worse when Xanthe is caught with booze in her bag.

FRIDAY (7770)
Did Fay really kill Hamish, or is she lying to protect her son?
After Xanthe is suspended from school and work, Jimmy comes forward to admit that he stole the alcohol in the first place.
Karl and Susan return from London in a grumpy mood, and Karl is infuriated to discover that the new hospital wing is going ahead, thanks to Paul’s generosity.

Fay admits that her confession to Hamish’s murder was fabricated.
Aaron finally gets the truth from Rory, but is it too late for him and David?
Sheila and Shane take a test, with rather unexpected results.
Amy does Paul a favour, but she also exacts a heavy price.
Dipi learns Kirsha is being bullied at school.