2017 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2017 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

20th – 24th Nov

Monday (7736):
Mishti confronts Gary and Sheila about their alibi for the time of Hamish’s death.
Meanwhile, Mark worries the gnome may be found with Tyler’s fingerprints on it.
Elsewhere, Aaron feels guilty after receiving a text from Rory.
Also today, Terese learns why Gary terminated their relationship.
Finally, Amy’s foray into online dating proves a disaster.

Tuesday (7737):
Terese is hurt that Gary went to Paul for help instead of her, but she decides to forgive him.
Meanwhile, Paul suggests to Courtney that they elope.
Elsewhere, Mishti is invited to rejoin the police, but her family have misgivings after what happened in her previous job.
Also today, Mark takes a terrible risk to protect Tyler.

Wednesday (7738):
Paul gets cold feet at the courthouse. Courtney suggests he should invite his children, but will he go ahead with the wedding?
Meanwhile, Paige discovers that Mark has been keeping secrets from her.
Elsewhere, concern increases about Kirsha’s hearing, but she freaks out when Karl recommends steroid injections.

Thursday (7739):
Mark and Paige reconcile, but Jack hears about the argument. Concerned for Gabe, he asks Mark to promise he will stay away from his son until the Hamish murder investigation is over.
Meanwhile, Toadie’s stint as a talent contest judge causes embarrassment when Sheila gives Karl a piece of her mind.

Friday (7740):
Unaware that Mishti is back on the police force, Mark condemns himself by confessing to tampering with evidence.
Meanwhile, back from his ‘honeymoon’, Paul learns that Courtney has told no-one what happened.
Elsewhere, when Terese and Gary return from a brief camping trip, she offers him a trial in the Lassiters kitchen.

Coming soon:
Under suspicion for Hamish’s death, Mark takes Tyler on a search for the truth.
Steph gets a little help to make the Flame Tree Retreat’s launch a success.
Piper’s recent ordeal catches up with her.
Toadie and Sonya embark on a new path.
A secret from Sheila’s past emerges.

27th Nov – 1st Dec

Monday (7741):
Mark is suspended and questioned by the police.
Meanwhile, Paul tells Tim the truth about the wedding in an effort to help Courtney.
Elsewhere, without Amy, Steph struggles to organise the Flame Tree launch.
Also today, Gary’s first day in the Lassiters kitchen is a disaster.

Tuesday (7742):
Mark and Tyler search the bush for Louise.
Later, the police find Tyler’s boat further round the coast, but there is no sign of Louise.
Meanwhile, Paige is concerned about Mark’s recent behaviour and questions their relationship.
Elsewhere, the launch of the Flame Tree Retreat is in danger of going wrong, until Lyn steps in.

Wednesday (7743):
Mark persuades Paige not to end things. A milestone moment for Gabe gives him a chance to demonstrate his commitment, but as a result, Jack feels sidelined.
Meanwhile, Piper suffers a panic attack when she dives into a swimming pool.
Elsewhere, Sonya and Toadie tell everyone but each other that they would like another child.

Thursday (7744):
Piper refuses to see a doctor, but struggles to put her trauma behind her.
Meanwhile, Elly’s celibacy pact with Amy proves a challenge. A call from Nick, who hopes to be released soon, presents Amy with an additional problem.
Elsewhere, during a rehearsal of her solo performance, Sheila reveals that she was bullied at school.

Friday (7745):
Amy questions the wisdom of a reunion with Nick, but then she learns the identity of the mysterious benefactor who is helping to get him out of jail.
Meanwhile, Xanthe arranges a reunion between Sheila and her nemesis.
Elsewhere, everyone hopes that Kirsha’s hearing is improving, but what will the hospital test reveal?

Coming soon:
Will Angie spoil Toadie and Sonya’s big day?
Will Sheila let her nemesis ruin her chances at the Variety Show?
Paul’s behaviour drives Terese to issue him with an ultimatum.
Paige and Piper make a shocking discovery.
Gabe is kidnapped.

4th – 8th Dec

Monday (7746):
Kirsha knows that the damage to her hearing is permanent, but Yashvi offers support and Shane is determined to help.
Meanwhile, Piper comes clean about her panic attacks and takes steps to overcome her fears, with Tyler’s help.
Elsewhere, Yashvi invites Toadie’s mother Angie to the Christmas party, not realising that she is the last person whom Sonya wants to see.

Tuesday (7747):
Angie arrives and discovers that Toadie and Sonya are back together. Nobody told her and she is furious, but she mellows after Dipi gives her a piece of her mind.
Meanwhile, Sheila’s performance at the variety show turns out to be a triumph in more ways than one.
Elsewhere, Terese has had enough of Paul’s behaviour at work and gives him an ultimatum.

Wednesday (7748):
Paul is tempted to call Terese’s bluff, but Leo suggests that a compromise might be a better way to settle things and an uneasy peace is agreed.
Meanwhile, Amy discovers that Lyn is feeling miserable and unwanted, so she approaches Steph in what turns out to be a step towards rebuilding their friendship.
Elsewhere, David and Leo receive an eviction notice.

Thursday (7749):
Paige and Piper discover some shocking new evidence about Hamish’s death.
Meanwhile, having bought the apartment adjoining the penthouse, Paul has joined the two so that his family can live together. Will David take up Paul’s offer, or will he move in with Aaron, as agreed?
Elsewhere, Karl is angry about losing out to Susan over the Liveability prize, but Paul has an intriguing idea.

Friday (7750):
Paige is frantic when Gabe is taken from his pram.
Meanwhile, with Louise eliminated as a suspect, Tyler realises that he needs to come clean about his involvement in Hamish’s death.
Elsewhere, Christmas Day sees much rejoicing in Ramsay Street as Sonya springs her surprise on Toadie, a ceremony renewing their wedding vows.

End of 2017.