2017 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2017 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

24th – 28th July

Monday (7651):
Terese is dismayed to learn that her treatment needs to be stepped up. At the same time, Piper decides to shut down her online profiles but leaves a final defiant message.
Later, out of the blue, a critical response team of armed police raid Terese’s home.
Meanwhile, Dipi is furious to discover that Mishti knew about Yashvi’s date, but is concerned that her new job is impacting on her parenting.

Tuesday (7652):
Learning that the raid was prompted by a hoax call, a horrified Piper realises that the perpetrator was her cyber-stalker.
Later, Tyler receives another text warning him that the matter is not over.
Meanwhile, Xanthe helps soothe Sheila’s nerves about her date with Clive.
Elsewhere, Terese gets nausea during a meeting with investors, with unfortunate consequences.

Wednesday (7653):
Terese fires her assistant after Paul claims she has been spying on her. She offers Paige the job, but Gary is worried that she is still pushing herself too hard.
Meanwhile, Clive takes Sheila to an art gallery, but conversation between them proves awkward until they both admit to a total ignorance of art.
Elsewhere, Toadie learns that Mark has tracked down Willow’s father.

Thursday (7654):
Toadie tells Willow about her father, leaving her with a decision to make.
Meanwhile, Aaron and David’s relationship is restored, thanks to some well-intended interference.
Elsewhere, Steph decides to enter Erinsborough for the Most Liveable Suburb competition on Sonya’s behalf. She bonds with Jack as they draft the application.

Friday (7655):
Mark and Tyler are happy that their brother has found happiness with David. But their mood is soured when Mark gets a text from their mother Fay, who is flying from Adelaide to visit them.
When she arrives, the atmosphere is strained, but it seems to ease when Tyler accepts her apology.
eanwhile, Jack asks Steph out on a date but she declines – for now.

Coming soon:
Mark is curious about his father’s apparent desire to make amends.
Piper learns the identity of her online stalker.
Gary’s solution to help Terese may cause more problems than it solves.
Willow makes contact with her father.
Steph and Jack become closer, but something is amiss.

31st Jul – 4th Aug

Monday (7656):
Aaron has a heart-to-heart with Fay, who also takes a shine to David.
Meanwhile, Russell Brennan has been in contact, and Mark encourages Fay to consider his wish to make amends.
Elsewhere, Gary seeks advice about possible alternative cancer treatments for Terese, who is initially reluctant to listen but later changes her mind.

Tuesday (7657):
Gary approaches former oncologist Nick Petrides, Terese’s brother, who is currently in jail.
Terese has considerable misgivings, but agrees to meet her brother in prison, where he suggests an alternative treatment which he can oversee if he gets parole.
Meanwhile, Yashvi’s date with Evan goes disastrously wrong when he is revealed to be Piper’s online stalker.

Wednesday (7658):
After being struck by Yashvi with his own car, Evan is hurt but not critically. He then attempts to blackmail Yashvi over her part in the events, demanding she remain silent over his online activities.
Yashvi agrees at first, but later breaks down and confesses all.
Meanwhile, Willow agrees to meet her biological father, with Toadie’s help.

Thursday (7659):
Willow’s father Fergus arrives in a wheelchair and the two bond immediately.
Fergus suggests that Willow could come to visit his family, with a view to staying if things work out.
Meanwhile, Xanthe and Piper go on a trip to an adventure park, where they enjoy a cathartic experience.
Elsewhere, the flame that briefly sparked between Steph and Jack is rekindled.

Friday (7660):
After much soul-searching, Willow agrees to go with Fergus.
Meanwhile, Sonya leads councillors on a tour of Erinsborough in her pitch for the Liveability competition. They agree to back the project, but not with Sonya in charge of it.
Elsewhere, after spending the night with Jack, Steph is feeling off-colour and is overcome by a flashback while minding Gabe

Coming soon:
Paul is furious, but is too late to prevent Nick from being granted parole?
Steph is concerned that her mental health problems may be recurring.
Elly makes a pitch for more education funds, but her efforts are undone by a nasty prank.
Karl and Susan return from Thailand, but the atmosphere between them is strained.
Amy proves an unwitting catalyst in breaking the ice between Toadie and Sonya.

7th – 11th August

Monday (7661):
After Terese confides in him, Paul does his best to stop Nick from being granted parole.
Meanwhile, a hallucination makes Steph worry that her mental health problems may be returning. She confides in Mark, whose loyalties are divided between her and Paige.
Elsewhere, Mishti takes drastic action to bring her family together.

Tuesday (7662):
When Paul and Gary argue over her new treatment, Gary is shattered to learn from Terese that she told Paul about her cancer before him.
Meanwhile, taking Mark’s advice, Steph confesses her mental health problems to Jack, but will it derail her new romance?
Elsewhere, Elly finds Mark babysitting Gabe at Paige’s and can’t resist the opportunity to flirt with him.

Wednesday (7663):
Gary’s confidence in Terese is shattered, but Piper and Xanthe intervene to reunite the two.
Meanwhile, a nasty prank by Tia and Kirsha leaves Elly underdressed for an important pitch to the education department.
Elsewhere, Karl and Susan return from Thailand, but what did Karl do over there to incur Susan’s annoyance?

Thursday (7664):
Sonya suspects Amy has a crush on Toadie.
Meanwhile, Yashvi learns who was behind the prank on Elly and takes the rap.
Elsewhere, Elly realises Susan is disappointed in her, but matters improve when Mark encourages Elly to stand up for herself – and asks her out on a date.
Also today, Sheila decides to take on Karl for leadership role on the Liveability Committee.

Friday (7665):
After Toadie makes it clear to Amy that he only regards her as a friend, Sonya raises his hopes of a reconciliation with her.
Meanwhile, Karl’s misdemeanour in Thailand is revealed and he withdraws his candidacy for leadership of the Liveability Committee.
Elsewhere, Steph is hurt that Paige does not want her near Gabe.

Coming soon:
Sonya and Toadie resume their marriage guidance sessions.
Amy’s flirtation with a handsome stranger leads to trouble.
The Brennan brothers receive some shocking news.
Sheila becomes the reluctant keeper of a secret.
Paige suppresses her feelings as Mark and Elly get closer.