2017 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2017 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

25th – 29th Sept

Monday (7696):
Realising that Tyler is essential to his escape plan but is committed to his job at the garage, Hamish attempts sabotage to get him fired, which causes a nasty accident.
Meanwhile, Leo is furious with Amy for being so manipulative, but he patches things up with Mishti and they kiss.
Elsewhere, Yashvi admits her role in promoting Ben’s work to stop him from getting into trouble.

Tuesday (7697):
As Tyler blames himself for the accident, Hamish consoles him and comes up with an extremely generous financial offer.
Meanwhile, Toadie is making progress with Sam, his therapist, but it seems that Sonya knows him too.
Elsewhere, Susan detects tension between Terese and Gary, but Terese has enough concerns with the additional news that Courtney is issuing her.

Wednesday (7698):
Terese learns of Courtney’s difficulties and considers paying her the full amount, until Paige warns her that infidelity guilt is causing her to make bad decisions.
Meanwhile, Sam advises Toadie to take things more slowly with Sonya.
Elsewhere, Hamish romances Sheila to distract her when she starts asking awkward questions about an old phone she sees on the boat.

Thursday (7699):
Hamish gets an unwelcome surprise when his partner-in-crime Louise unexpectedly shows up while he is in the midst of working his charms on Sheila.
Meanwhile, Yashvi’s first day at work with Jack goes badly when a large amount of cash goes missing.
Elsewhere, Shane grabs a chance to show his mower to a TV audience, but the machine hurtles out of control.

Friday (7700):
The repercussions for Shane are severe, as the mower manufacturer cancels production and he is sacked from the role as head of Liveability.
Meanwhile, Yashvi finds herself in big trouble – until Ben comes to her rescue, explaining to Jack what really happened.
Elsewhere, Mark and Elly’s relationship reaches crisis point.

Coming soon:
Hamish drives a rift between Tyler and Mark, who is becoming more suspicious of him.
Toadie is unhappy to discover that his therapist is an old flame of Sonya’s.
Leo’s relationship with Mishti comes under threat.
Jack and Steph take a major step.
As her wedding draws closer, Terese continues to wrestle with her guilt.

2nd – 6th Oct

Monday (7701):
Terese confides in Susan, who then decides that she is no longer comfortable about conducting her wedding.
Meanwhile, Paige is shocked to learn that Mark and Elly have split up, and she seems to have alienated both of them.
Elsewhere, drowning her sorrows, Elly gets tipsy at The Waterhole and kisses Leo, not realising that Dipi has seen what is going on.

Tuesday (7702):
Terese is still plagued with wedding doubts. After Susan offers her some advice, she is tempted to confess all to Gary, but cannot bring herself to do so.
Meanwhile, Hamish tries to drive a wedge between Tyler and Mark, subtly goading Mark to the verge of violence.
Elsewhere, Dipi has suspicions about Leo and starts doing some research into his background.

Wednesday (7703):
Toadie is shocked to discover that Sam and Sonya were once more than just friends.
Meanwhile, Steph and Jack are unsure of where their relationship is going, but Steph indicates a serious commitment when she asks Jack to accompany her when she goes to visit Adam in Sydney.
Elsewhere, Mark’s suspicions of Hamish grow, while Tyler considers changing his name.

Thursday (7704):
Toadie accepts that Sam was unaware that Sonya was his wife when they began their counselling sessions, but cannot help feeling threatened by his presence.
Meanwhile, Jack has some doubts over Hamish’s donation to the centre and asks Mark to seek clarification. Mark visits Hamish on the boat, but things go badly.

Friday (7705):
Hamish plants the idea in Tyler’s mind that his brother has anger management issues.
Meanwhile, Terese overcomes one problem, but another returns as she hears that Paul is returning to Erinsborough – on her wedding day.
Elsewhere, Piper invites Ben and Kirsha to step in as the musical act for the wedding, little realising that Xanthe is still carrying a torch for Ben.

Coming soon:
Terese’s wedding day takes a disastrous turn.
Paul is back in town, but the real surprise is the identity of his companion.
Lassiter’s has a new owner.
The wellness centre’s first donation is unsolicited and highly embarrassing.
Things heat up between Hamish and Sheila.
Toadie and Sonya are on the verge of getting back together, but fate intervenes.

9th – 13th Oct

Monday (7706):
The news that Paul is back in town weighs on Terese on the day of her wedding.
A vivid dream seems like an omen, but little does Terese realise that Paul has moved on. Will she go through with the ceremony or confess to Gary?
Either way, Terese is in for a double shock when she discovers that Paul has a new fiancée – and who that fiancée is…

Tuesday (7707):
The street is reeling from Terese’s bombshell.
Fate deals another blow as Terese learns that Mr Udagawa has sold his interest in the hotel to Paul.
Meanwhile, Paul explains that he met Courtney at the airport and the chemistry was instant. His children struggle to deal with his engagement to such a young woman.

Wednesday (7708):
Paul announces a revamp for Lassiter’s, with Courtney in charge of the project.
Terese wants to walk away, but Sheila insists that she stay and fix the mess she created.
Meanwhile, Steph and Amy are excited about the donation drive for the wellness centre, but matters backfire when their first donation is a box of medicinal cannabis – as witnessed by the press.

Thursday (7709):
Amy pleads with Tim from the West Waratah Star not to report on the medicinal cannabis.
Meanwhile, Toadie regrets ending his sessions with Sam, and tries to find out what is going on between him and Sonya.
Elsewhere, Shane does his best to stop Sam getting the new school counsellor job.
Also today, Hamish has a tryst with Sheila at the hospital.

Friday (7710):
Sonya reaches a crossroads when Sam confesses that he still has feelings for her, and Toadie issues an ultimatum in response.
But as Sonya decides who she really wants, she slips and knocks herself unconscious.
Meanwhile, David and Aaron are starting to doubt Hamish, who has another session with Sheila while stringing along the increasingly insecure Louise.

Coming soon:
Toadie is unaware of what has happened to Sonya and assumes the worst.
Amy resorts to desperate measures to save the wellness centre.
After receiving an ultimatum from Louise, Hamish takes drastic action.
The community pulls together after the Diwali celebrations are threatened.
Leo becomes suspicious of Courtney.